4 Ways To Energize Water!

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Today, buzzing with excitement over The Rice Experiment (you can see it here!) by Dr. Emoto, I thought it would be fun to share a few of the ways I’ve seen and experienced water “energized” to fill it with intention.

The idea behind energizing water is quite simple: your intention is put into some water.  You then drink it or take a bath in it and, in essence, you imbibe your  intention and all of its energy.

Whether or not it is scientifically true that you can actually change the structure of water (or its energetic properties) with your intention, this is fascinating to me on many levels for the following reasons:

  • actively deciding to live with more intention
  • acknowleding your power to make decisions that change the physical universe (which is definitely true, though many of us live on automatic during over 95% of the day)
  • recognizing that we actually do have the ability to support our emotional and physical healing (and this also has been proved)

So, placebo effect or not, this is a very layered way to layer your life in purpose.  If you are looking for a new ritual to add a little va-voom to your day, why not try some energized water? 

Here are three fun ways to “energize” water:

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1. Put a name on your water.  Here in Los Angeles, the “labeled water carafe” is a staple at health foodie restaurants and New Age water shops.  You can put a piece of masking tape on a water bottle and add your intention to the water by labeling the bottle with a Sharpie. You can even just spend a few minutes thinking about what it is you are creating more of in your life while holding your water before you drink it.

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2. Use water to help you solve your problems. In the Silva Method of meditation this is called Glass Of Water Technique. I have had a lot of fun with this one.  Essentially you drink half of a glass of water before bed while thinking of a situation you intend to solve, and determine that in the morning you will wake up, drink the other half of the water and the solution will appear.  So far, it has worked a few times for me. A few other times I forgot to drink the water in the morning!  That said, HERE is more on this form of water “energized.” 


(energy muse)

3. Drop a pure white quartz in your water and make a gemstone essence.  Now, I will start by saying that I would not, under any circumstances, drink anything that a rock soaked in without thoroughly checking with a homeopath/doctor to be sure that I am not doing anything toxic to myself.  Some minerals and gems are poisonous.  There’s the disclaimer!

What I find to be safe and really fun is to drop one of my big white quartz crystals into a bathtub.  I let it sit for a bit before I get in, and give the tub a good stir, too.

I just did this last night.  I happen to love it.

Quartz is a stone that we use in many scientific applications in everyday life.  

We are essentially electric, energized beings.

It makes some sense that quartz can interact  with our energy.

When I feel done with the bath, I let the water drain a bit while I’m still lounging, imagining heavy thoughts and negative streses going down the drain.  Afterward, I put my quartz in the sun to get re-energized by Nature.

Am I assigning supernatural powers to a stone?


This is my way to simply acknowledge the energy of nature and the ways that we can interact with nature in harmony.  Our geometric structure, atomically, is even in harmony with that of trees and plants and crystals!

4. Infuse your water with organic fruit and herbs!  It really is as easy as it sounds!

There are so so many ideas to energize water, energize your food and energize your environment, but today I felt compelled to share this amazing concept because it is really filled with mindfulness and gratitude.  You can even use this water to feed your plants! Whether you energize your water or simply just drink more of it throughout the day and treat yourself with more kindness, water is a life-giving force that can invigorate your whole being.

Have fun!

xoxo Dana

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