7 Fifth Chakra Feng Shui Tips To Help You Follow Your Personal Truth!

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“I’ve trusted the still, small voice of intuition my entire life. And the only time I’ve made mistakes is when I didn’t listen. 

It’s really more of a feeling than a voice—a whispery sensation that pulsates just beneath the surface of your being. All animals have it. We’re the only creatures that deny and ignore it.” ~ Oprah Winfrey in O Magazine and on Oprah.com

Oprah is a shining example of building greatness from one’s personal truth and clear communication. She listens to her “whisper.”

Do you listen to the whisper/voice/ feeling that says it is time to take an action? What if the action you are prompted to take is absolutely illogical, scary, dramatic or “out of character” for you?

The area of the body energetically that resides in the the area of your throat (otherwise known as the Fifth Chakra) is the area that is balanced when you are fully expressing yourself and living your personal truth. I have recently experienced sore throats, grinding my teeth at night, a stiff neck (totally frozen, totally weird)  and super-out-of-character sinus pain.  If you believe in the energy dynamics underlying physical issues (Caroline Myss breaks down the theory behind these energetic areas of the body and their meanings right HERE) , this means that my Fifth Chakra has gone out of whack.  Kicking it back in gear made it possible for me to follow my own whisper and voice.

Other signs that the Fifth Chakra might be out of whack? Tooth problems, thyroid issues, earaches…having writers block, fear of speaking or lots of miscommunication in your life.

Are you presently unexpressed as a person, unable to follow your truth or somehow blocked from being able to say how you feel?  This Fifth Chakra feng shui really helped me… and I hope it helps you, too!


1. Add some blue.  I actually have a dress I wear that is deep blue.  I call it my “confidence dress.” It works!

sage wands

2. Clear the air. Burn some sage.  Open your windows. Vacuum.  Often the verbally “unexpressed” stuff in your life  collects and hangs heavy in the air.

3. Use some high vibe aromatherapy. Sandalwood.  Bergamot.  Frankincense.  When I say “high vibe” aromatherapy, I am talking about selecting essential oils that come from excellent sources and have not been diluted physically or disrupted energetically. When people tell me that essential oils don’t really “work” for them, I often learn that they are using distilled, processed oils that are being marketed as aromatherapy but don’t really have the vibrational properties that they should. Living Libations makes very “Hi-Fi” essential oil formulas.   You can check them out HERE. 



4. Mint.  I just got a very special peppermint bush yesterday from a dear friend who is very intuitive, and it could not have been an accident!  Mint tea, spearmint tea, growing some mint… brew up some mint to open up this energy.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, mint is cooling in property.  Cooling off is a good way to settle down and become a bit more introspective and in touch with your emotions.



5. Turquoise. Ah, the folklore surrounding turquoise is nothing short of magical (you can read it here) and the stone itself adds both earth and water element.  The great thing about gemstones is that you can wear them on your neck, directly on your Fifth Chakra (throat) to remind you to keep opening up and speaking your mind.

6. SPEAK YOUR MIND. Got a problem? Express yourself!  The more you are willing and able to express yourself, the more you lean into the flow of your personal truth.

7. SING. Yep. Driving around singing along to songs on the radio is a great exercise to keep you energetically open in this way in your life.

Enjoy your unique and thrilling voice, and listen to those whispers that tell you when to make a move toward amplifying that voice of yours!  xoxo Dana


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