Pink & Orange Decor!

pink orange


Embrace color and your world becomes much more colorful. Today’s decor inspiration comes from ripe peaches and nectarines bursting with sunshine and juicy sweetness.  Welcome to my pink and orange decor roundup that pairs  two colors that are infused with fire to create a multi-layered, resonant, warm glow. 

pink orange balloons

Sweet stuff.  Pink and orange intuitively belongs in the sunshine.  This is a great pairing for patios, yards and gardens.

pink orange


The union jack, here hacked in a proud pink and orange.

amanda nisbet


Amanda Nisbet is one of my favorite designers, and for good reason: are you not enraptured by this color scheme?!

pink orange


Informal and unexpected pink and orange in the casual dining area.  I WANT that lamp, and I rarely want for anything!

pink orange living room


Subdued pinks and apricots create a less “in your face” color pairing that still has a buzz to it!

Color is something you should never be without…! xoxo Dana


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Pink Caffeine (@MyPinkCaffeine) July 3, 2013 at 1:56 pm

Pink and orange decor is so beautiful and a great summer theme. Love it!

danaclaudat July 3, 2013 at 11:49 pm

yay! thank you!!!

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