Revamp Your Old Dresser

DIY dresser


Dressers and chests of drawers are essential, but they are not always beautiful.  Due to the general size and function of a dresser, it is hard to imagine camouflaging it in a home.  Chances are, it will always be prominent in a room, so why not make it extraordinary and personalized?!  Here are a few lovely DIY dresser ideas to inspire you to turn that old or unattractive dresser into something awesome!

striped dresser

A Girl And A Brush created a nautical striped dresser that is an instant classic.  The navy and white stripes, just like in your own wardrobe, mix with just about anything color-wise! THIS is a great DIY for a Goodwill furniture find.

ombre dresser

House & Home’s ombre dresser makeover is a snap to do on a very simple dresser (IKEA hackers, this is an easy breezy one!) but the gradient of color creates a spectacular effect.

warhol dresser

Home To Decor presented this fabulous “pop art” dresser covered in a Warhol flower poster.  HGTV has extremely easy instructions right HERE to create this out of any poster you’d like!

You don’t have to be a crafty wizard to personalize old furniture and make it something fresh and new.  A few extra tips for success:

Pick a series of dry weather days (humidity and rain make a simple project never-ending because the paint & glue don’t quite dry properly!), move your piece into a well-ventilated area and I always suggest protective goggles- a few dollars at the hardware store but well worth it when dealing with sanding and spraying and the like.

Happy dresser remixing! xoxo Dana