Creative Lifestyle Must-Have: The Artist’s Way!

The Artist's Way

Creativity is everything in life- from breathing and eating to speaking and performing even the simplest tasks– its all an act of creation. You can chose to be rote and fall into habit, or you can choose to tune in and turn on a whole exciting new way to do anything artfully.  Artfulness is a high vibration of activity. At a high vibration, all sorts of magic-feeling alchemy can happen.

For those of you who haven’t heard, I am teaching my first feng shui’d creativity course in March, and its a very big deal that I owe to Julia Cameron.  I actually would never have the career and platform for self-expression that I am so grateful for had it not been for the book The Artist’s Way.  Whether you stopped creating art because of fear, suppressive voices in your environment that tell you that you are just dreaming… or perhaps due to simple exasperation… The Artist’s Way will open the doors to a whole new realm of creativity if you engage it!

I’ve done The Artist’s Way book/course 8 times cover-to-cover.  Its never failed me.  

Some things I’ve accomplished in the process of the book over 8 times through— starting to study feng shui (!), blazing through screenplay drafts, connecting to people I’ve dreamt of working with, designing jewelry and selling it in a big way (I never really knew I could!), starting my Tumblr, starting THIS blog, developing better relationships, writing a novel, hosting internet music shows (again, never knew I could)…and stripping life of drama… amongst many many other things prompted by this creative energy “accessibility” course of a book!

I’ve run online groups through The Artist’s Way. Ive seen intensely brilliant successes.  If you have not read The Artist’s Way and have not done the exercises, I implore you to grab a copy!  If enough of you express interest, I just might run another “online group” of Artist Way’ers doing the exciting 12 weeks of creative excavation she outlines so succinctly. (*Let me know, I will definitely consider doing it again!)

Walking in this world

In other news, I just got myself going on Julia Cameron’s Walking In This World, the follow-up to The Artist’s Way.  Amongst the very revelatory tasks,  one of the exercises in the first chapter is DO NOTHING.  As in, turn on music, turn off other electronics, lay down and breathe.  Do nothing. That’s it. Plain and simple.  Its funny how little we are apt to do something so easy…and how great it feels!  The chapters to come- covering everything from setting boundaries to being authentic to having a sense of camaraderie are right up my alley. I will be back to you soon with an update on how this book lands as I move through it.  In the mean time, hop over to Learn It Live and register for my free feng shui’d creativity course right HERE!!! xoxoxo Dana