Handira Mania: My Moroccan Wedding Blanket Lust!

Handiras, or Moroccan Wedding Blankets, are the most divine mix of texture, shine, culture and symbolism with a multitude of uses. Guys, prepare to be wowed, and to transform your bedroom, old sofa, ottoman or even bare floor into something magical!

Beyond Marrakech

Add a little pink into the mix for flavor…or grab some colorful cotton and transform your bed for a season, like this:

Tabletonic Handira

And the colors are endless, though whites with blingy bits predominate:

From Morocco With Love's colored cotton handiras in rainbow rich tones

And, you can get handira pillows that are smokin hot and so cool:

From Morocco With Love handira pillows!

Or go to over-the-top excess with a fiery red full-scale handira that can thoroughly create a room in and of itself!

Beyond Marrakech

What do you think?!  I, for one, never thought I could have such genuine emotion toward a blanket!!!  Oh, and if you click though all but the first pic you can buy said handira stuff.  Yes, very very thrilling if you need more texture and depth and emotion in your life!

xoxo Dana

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