Feng Shui Q & A: Feng Shui And Plants In The Bedroom

A reader asked the question:  ” I currently have a few plants in my bedroom and I feel like they enliven my space while being relaxing at the same time. I was thinking about adding more! Is there a reason why I shouldn’t?” 

My answer:  

Houseplans are tricky business in bedrooms.  Yes, nature is a beautiful thing.  And a small plant or two can certainly enhance just about any environment and clear the air.

However, plants are active.  They are growing, synthesizing, stretching, catalyzing… and this is not the greatest energy to sleep with in close proximity.  It is very positive and creative to add wood (and plants!) to a space, but too much of that energy contradicts the calm, serene, rejuvenating energy of a bedroom. When you have things growing while you are sleeping, you are contradicting your calm.

So, if your plants now make you feel serene, go for it.  But be careful about adding too many.

The good news, though, is that you can always take a few away!

One last note: no cactus ever, ever, ever in the bedroom.  And I’d avoid spiky-leaved plants too- very very aggressive!!! African violets, actually, are the only plant allowed in my bedroom. (here’s more about why!) …xoxo Dana



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