Desktop Feng Shui To Make Work Flow!

Anna Wintour at her Vogue desk. She has the feng shui going in a big way!!!

Feng Shui is the easiest to navigate on a desktop but the hardest to implement for people who “like to function in a mess.”  Here is a handful of desktop feng shui tips to get your workflow in flow!

I find that the bagua map is the best place to start in understanding your desk and how to feng shui it to your advantage.  When you look at the bagua map, place the bottom  (the wisdom-self-compassion row) of it in the area where you sit and section off the rest of the bagua as it follows in the chart:

Now, some deliberate tips to take your desk to the next level.

THE FAR RIGHT: Your relationships.  For some, a computer does well in this area.  Photos of family members, spouses, lovers all of that good stuff is positive in this area.  Broken computer equipment and/or your fiftieth jar full of staple removers and pens, not so great.

lava lamps can help you make strides in work!

THE FAR LEFT: Your money! And your self esteem, even more critically.  Plants, the freshest flowers, a clean running fountain, even a lava lamp = all great motion, energy & building elemental energy.

A vision board of inspiration does not have to be crafty, it can be polished and totally decor-friendly!

DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF YOU:  Your power.  You can keep this area very clean to have a great view of your space, add inspirational images (perhaps on your commuter desktop?) and/ or add objects that represent power and recognition to you.  If can be neat piles of prep work for important speeches or meetings or clients, but it should not be where your inbox sits.

THE IN & OUT BOXES:  I like inboxes on the right (creative) and outboxes on the left (represents production, completion and things DONE).

RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU:  Start the morning with your agenda right in front of your chair to set the pace for the day.

& some special notes: 

  • WIRES ARE BAD.  Hide them, tape them, control them.  You don’t need tangled messes in this area.
  • Glass Desks CAN BE VERY HARD to produce solid work upon.  Try a simple natural-colored linen tablecloth to make the table solid while you work.  Its less “dreamy” and more concrete.
  • YOUR DRAWERS MATTER!  If you have a “junk drawer” in your office please leave that one little space for junk and keep the rest ORGANIZED!!!
  • Your computer can be just as filled with clutter as your drawers (all about electronic clutter HERE) , so clean it out & keep it updated regularly!

Have fun getting stuff done!

xoxo Dana