8 Great Feng Shui Reasons Why You Should Clean Your House

Cleaning House= either you love it or hate it.  The neutral parties don’t exist in the realm of cleaning.  Some of you hire help to get the cleaning done, others are meticulous (bravo!) and many just can’t seem to clean until its a real mess of unavoidable proportions.  If you fall into the last group, read on.  There are 8 stellar reasons why embracing your broom and vacuum can make your life work better!

Feng Shui Reasons To Clean House: 

1. Greater Focus=  Cleaning increases the feng shui “metal energy” in your life.  Metal is the element of boundaries and mental acumen. Increasing the metal energy in your house by dusting, vacuuming and sweeping helps you to focus, curate your thoughts and even break down those pesky co-dependent relationships down a bit!

sorry to scare you, but these dust mites are very strong motivation to clean up!

2. Less Allergies= Our homes (everywhere, you are not exempt) are full of mites and other microscopic critters and germs that are really gnarly to contemplate, but if you are in a cleaning habit that includes changing your lovely sheets, fluffing out your bedding in the dryer and deep-cleaning your carpets if you have them at least once a month, that colony of allergens becomes quite small.  If allergies are a huge issue for you, consider investing in a high-powered HEPA air filter for your place and keep it clean, too!

burning sage can really clean the energy in your air

3. Increased Prosperity= When you clean, you rid your home of stale energy.  Keep the windows open while you dust and vacuum.  Consider burning sage once a week at home (safely, please!) before you dust and vacuum to send the bad vibes on their way out the door, infusing your world with positive ions.  This is prosperous activity!

4. Clear Thoughts = Washing your windows can actually give you clarity, especially when you are stuck in a particular thought process.

5. Less Emotional Melt-Down= Clutter and junk and un-emptied trash are all ways we accumulate emotional baggage.  Get it out of your space continuously and you decrease your chances of overwhelm when stress levels get high.

6. Fewer Life Obstacles= When you attack problems in your space, you get into the mental space of confronting problems in life.  Plus, the more clear and sparkling your home is, the less you will be focused on obstacles and the more you will think of action and solution.

7. Beauty = Plain & Simple… clean is beautiful.  Even modest spaces are a trillion times more beautiful when they are kept in meticulous shape.  Beautiful home = Beautiful life.

8. Creative Problem Solving= all those home activities like washing dishes, scrubbing tiles, scraping paint off windows… they take your “analytical” brain off of the day to day logic thinking and the actual activity of cleaning puts you in a more creative, active mode.  In that creative brain-space, solutions to problems and all sorts of inspiration finds it way into your life.

Get going! You can’t afford to have a dirty house!  Look at all you are missing out on by waiting!


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Tammy January 20, 2013 at 5:36 am

Hi Dana,

I can’t access your tumblr right now, I hope you won’t mind my posting a question here instead. I’ve asked this on another blog actually, but didn’t get a response, perhaps you could help. What I believe to the be relationship corner of my room contains a bookshelf. I realized just recently that all the books on there have extremely negative endings, in general and especially in regards to the character relationships. In the process of moving my books, several thoughts came to mind… 1. Wouldn’t moving the books to a new area, affect the energy of the corresponding bagua section? 2. I feel like I’m hiding a part of myself. These are my books and while I’d love to see change in that area of my life, I want to be able to proudly display items that I like, etc. Do you have any tips for me on what to do with these books? Thank you for reading this!

Susan Rhodes April 9, 2015 at 10:12 pm


Nicoletta Castle April 14, 2015 at 11:58 am

Great ideas thanxs
I’m going threw a clearing out process

Anne November 20, 2015 at 5:44 am

What a great inspiration!
I will listen to some ABBA music and make some warm soap water and go right ahead…?

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