Sugared Beauty: A Round-Up Of Brown Sugar-Filled DIY Beauty Treats

Marilyn Minter

Sugar is the fast-track to chemical-free beauty.  And although pink sugar is beautiful to behold, brown sugar tastes, smells and melts in a delicious way while scrubbing, exfoliating and nourishing your skin with its natural glycolic acid. With a few easy recipes (less than 4 ingredients a piece!) you can “create” a homemade skin care line for your friends and family as super-chic gifts while stocking your own bathroom stash at the same time! 

Grab yourself a big bag of brown sugar (some of you will choose raw and unprocessed, but its really abrasive so be careful unless its been ground super-fine!) and look at all you can do…..!

Sugar Scalp Scrub: To make this simple scrub to de-flake and exfoliate your scalp, add a few tablespoons of brown sugar to enough conditioner to achieve a thick, grainy paste.  That’s all!  I prefer silicon-free conditioners for this trick, and I use it every week or two. Wet hair, scrub scalp gently for a minute or two, rinse and condition your ends.  It is extra-great for curly hair. You will feel the difference!

Brown Sugar Shower Scrub: A fantastic scrub I make every few weeks in big batches for the shower…brown sugar body scrub

Brown Sugar & Salt Pedicure: Similar to the Scrub above, sub half the sugar for coarse sea salt or Himilayan salt, skip the honey and add a few drops of invigorating rosemary or peppermint essential oil to the scrub.  (*only use peppermint early in the day!) Soak and scrub your feet well before your at-home pedicure.  While you scrub your feet, your hands will reap the benefits!

Marilyn Minter

On-The Run Lip Scrub: a spoon of any natural cooking oil you have at home and a spoonful of brown sugar twirled in a cup then run over your lips in the morning before makeup  (rinse off, of course! or eat it off!) will get then plumped and smooth.

Brown Sugar Face Masque: Mix about a quarter cup of brown sugar with a few tablespoons of whole milk or cream to get a smooth paste.  If you add too much milk, add more sugar and work on it until you have a paste that will adhere to your skin. Wash your face then apply the masque.  15 minutes and your skin will be smoother and softer from the natural acids.  (*Just don’t “scrub” your face with this… pat it on. The sugar grains are too abrasive on facial skin.)

Enjoy!!! & Feel free to add your favorite DIY sugar beauty potions below! xoxo Dana

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