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Goal-setting can be fraught with unnecessary complications that are annoying and really slow things down.

Let’s clear the clutter of the complexity and get back to what works.

You. Being. You.

You want something. You decide you want it.  You start creating it.  You keep going.  And, along the way you’ll likely start wanting more new things, too.

We’re always creating, manifesting, resolving, deciding and asking for things, all day long, every single day.

And at the New Year, there are customary larger resolutions, bigger goals, year-long projects, all kinds of fresh starts being talked about.  I don’t care if it’s the New Year or a random day in May, whatever you want it ready for you to decide on it!

Once you’ve decided on what you want, though, that’s the interesting part.  Its like a new world unfolds with that decision— a world where you have that thing that you want.  The issue is, you’re over here in the same world you were in before making the decision, acutely aware of what you don’t have yet!

What we pay attention to is what will multiply… and you don’t want to multiply the idea that you lack something!

It’s actually quite easy to make your goals/dreams/visions a part of your every day.  You’ll be focused on what’s growing, rather than what’s absent.  You’ll be in creative moments of synergy.

It’s exciting and it’s pretty instant.

Today, let’s look at some feng shui ways keep that goal far off in the distance, but, rather, make it part of your everyday.

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In the year ahead, the focus isn’t on simply detoxing or eliminating or letting go of what’s not working… and, it also isn’t just on manifesting, creating and making….

It’s about being the kind of influencer that matters most: acting as a catalyst to change the world around you!

While we can’t change/control/dictate the actions of other people, nor would we want to,  we can become the most positive of influences that lifts life higher everywhere we go.

It’s time to be even more of the magic wand that you are!

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Every day is always full of greatness and infinite potential, but, right now, there’s extra vibes in the skies that are here to stay for almost all of 2019!

The great big planet Jupiter has fully moved into the sign of Sagittarius. It’s a “big” planet. It’s a “big” theme. It’s “big” energy. It’s “big” awesomeness.

Jupiter is most at home in the sign of Sagittarius where it helps everything to shine brighter.

Jupiter acts like a magic wand: everything it touches becomes brighter and bolder, more lucky, more potent and more radiant.

That said, I believe YOU are a magic wand!

This new story in the cosmos can help you to activate your own magic even more so that everything you do becomes even more sparkling, more inspired and more connected to life in meaningful ways that have a big positive impact.


This Jupiter shift that started yesterday kicks off over a year of incredible cosmic themes:


I’m always sharing these themes, but, today, it’s incredibly fun to note that the cosmic forces are ever-more on our side through all of 2019 as we create greatness every day! Continue Reading…

It took a long time to realize that my mind that was always thinking-thinking-figuring things out- figuring things out had a huge impact on my life.

I never realized the importance of space in my mind.  After all, it was my mind that helped me to rise academically, it was what was most prized about me by everyone I knew, it was so much of how I had defined myself.

I had become accustomed to always filling my mind— books, lectures, new articles, problem solving, research and more figuring things out.  Learning is powerful and vital,  but I had no space to “just be me.”

As this carried on, the thinking became mental pressure, stress, comparison, looking for the “right ways” to do things that was outside of myself. Someone had to have the right answers and I wanted that information.

The more I looked, the more it evaded me. It was a recipe to stay stuck, frustrated and puzzled.

It was creating clutter.  I was blocking my own “manifestation” ability. And all the while,  I thought I was doing something that should bring me success?

It wasn’t the books and lectures and data that was making me stuck… it was all of that stuff and no breaks that was dulling my own sparkle.

Today’s feng shui is all about moving into a minimalist mindset.  It was this vital clutter clearing that didn’t just transform my home, but, in essence, it cracked open a world of possibility, abundance and so much more ease.   Continue Reading…

I’m most lit up these days by every single way that I can be more Sustainable in my choices.

I wrote a big post recently about the switches that I’ve made this year that have been more eco-friendly and earth-forward. But, I’m just getting started!

I’ve added months of Green Living Strategies to The Catalyst Camp Home + Life Decluttering that’s just opened (!) because these methods are so powerful for clearing clutter in life!  I’ll be sharing so much more on the blog about sustainability in the years to come.

It’s actually incredibly powerful feng shui!

The benefits of living more sustainably in my experience, in talking with friends, clients and experts have been off-the-charts amazing, not just for the planet, but also for our most prosperous lives!!! Continue Reading…

While it’s customary to want to start the New Year on a high, filled with resolve, filled with fresh expectation, filled with new promise and a page full of new wishes— and I’m a big YES to all of this— I started looking at how I end the year much more than how I begin a new one.

Nature runs in cycles.  Completing a cycle fully, we move into the next.

When things aren’t completed, it’s sort of like gathering up a pile of things to donate and letting them sit there. The feeling of release is incomplete.

Given I just walked one such large bag to donation yesterday, and felt as I gratefully let it go the actual freeing feeling I was after when I gathered it all together, it’s fresh in my mind!

Also, how we finish things (or, if we actually finish things) is as vital as how we start them.

So, while getting ready for 2019, as the Catalyst Camp Feng Shui Home + Life Declutter opens for the fresh start of a New Year ahead, ending this year on a high is the feng shui on my mind. Continue Reading…

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Really, I love baths.  Since I was old enough to make my own bath (*and likely should not have been allowed to do it!) I would fill a tub with bath gel bubbles and cart in a portable TV to the bathroom (this was the late 80’s and, lol, I should not have been allowed to do that, either!) and watch soap operas in the bath tub until I shriveled up and needed to go downstairs to my grandma’s to get enough lemonade to rehydrate my wrinkled fingers!

It was worth it.  I had no thoughts, I had created a world of my own for twenty or thirty minutes, I could get lost in dreaming.

My grown up version of this is baths in salt with crystals and a book.  Not as dreamy in all regards as my kid bath escapes, but it’s pretty magical.

Today isn’t about baths but rather about meditative time.  Doing less.  Clearing your mind.  Igniting your life.  Continue Reading…

Have you spent as many hours for as many countless days as I have freaking out about just how fast things were or were not coming?!

The jobs, the relationships, the solutions, the resolutions, the big breaks and even the great adventures are exciting, but, in sort of a stunning turn, have you noticed that the more you passionately think about how they haven’t arrived yet, the longer they seem to take to arrive.

It’s summed up in the quote from Andy Warhol that has never failed to ring true: “As soon as you stop wanting something, you get it.”

If you drop the worry and frustration, the pressure and vigilant hours spent trying to force/cajole/convince things to come faster, you may be amazed at how fast things start to manifest…!  Continue Reading…