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Energy Clearing Is A Daily Practice Of Self-Love And Abundance!

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The Rice Experiment Has Blown My Mind & Proven The Power Of Love

Moon Water is incredibly easy to make and it can energize your home and lifestyle in so many ways!

Grab yourself a jar or a bottle and start your own batch of Moon Water for the next Full or New Moon.

I love using this water that harnesses the energy of the moon to clear negative energy in my home and create incredibly high vibrations. Those high vibes at home help you to manifest so much more!

Have fun with this!

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I had a big brilliant question come in yesterday about aiming high.

The gist of it (I’m paraphrasing) is that, “I don’t want to aim so high because I might not reach the goal I set, and I don’t want to aim too low… so I’m not setting goals at the moment.”

The beautiful way to look at this is very simple: you don’t have just one option.

It’s a challenging time for so many of us around the entire world on nearly every level, and as challenging it can be, it’s also so important for me, personally, to maintain a vision for now and what’s next.

So many of you have shared this desire with me to stay in the light and grow from this time, and it all starts with a strong decision.

Goals, intentions, visions– whatever you want to call them– are, ultimately, a decision to focus your energy on what you want.

Great! So, what happens when things are so uncertain, so upending or, even before this, so confusing (don’t want to fail, don’t want to dream too big) that no decisions get made at all?

Having lived with no direction for a pretty long stretch of time I’ve been grateful to come upon ways to set the bar high and ensure I’ll see success.

This is incredibly easy, it’s been validated by friends who have used this more comprehensively than I have in the past, and it’s incredibly intuitive.

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I’ve been big on this lately, and it’s an idea that can be magnificently life-changing:

Thoughts become things.

Nothing new in that. You’ve heard it before. It’s the premise of The Secret and The Law Of Attraction and even some religious philosophies.

But, there’s one thing to know it and another to actually do it. Today we’re talking about doing it!

Here’s one very easy way to create more amazing things and keep your thoughts on much more of what you want to experience.

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dana claudat
(the dragon water fountain in taisekiji japan full of water that’s full of transformational energy is something I do miss right now!)

I just poured a healthy dose of sugar, grain and preservative-free granola into the remainder of the non-dairy yogurt in my house.  It happens to be full of espresso beans and vanilla bean.  Haven’t had coffee or any caffeine in longer than I can remember (years and years), but something tells me that on this somber day I will be just fine with it.  In fact, I reached for it in a way that felt positively right for the moment.

Why does this matter?

I realize I’m making very new choices after almost three months of this stay-at-home time that are being guided by very different energy than before.

I’ve been thinking about what I miss since I’ve been home. I miss very little of what I’ve been doing daily for the last few years given I can still do 100% of my work, gratefully, at home.

What I’ve missed is what I now realize I need to focus on and reclaim.  Including my ability to help others so much more.

There’s nothing like being grounded in one place to see just how much you’re blessed and how much you can create.

There’s nothing like realizing that it’s time to help create a new paradigm.

Today, the re-aligning Feng Shui is all about elevated purpose and how it will completely re-shape your life.

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Right now, a Wi-Fi hot spot is enabling me to write the blog.

It’s not what I envisioned, but when the Internet magically vanished, I leapt into action.

I’ve only had to reschedule one thing, and I’m using this limited Internet access time to my greatest advantage.

After all, the show must go on!

When I teach each session of the School Of Intention, the Professional Feng Shui Certfication program in this highly unique method of Feng Shui, I find myself even more emphatic about one topic every season: resourceful innovation.

I also call it: “making things go right.”

When my plans, similar to my Internet access for the next handful of days, don’t work as planned, it’s not time to quit. 

It’s time to rise.

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The energy of prosperity is the energy that brings every kinds of shining light to every day.

Inspiration. Motivation. Excitement. Curiosity. Creativity.

All these feelings and so many more are a part of creating the most prosperous home.

Right now, more than ever, I’ve been leaning into the energy of prosperity to keep my days feeling expansive, my whole body feeling more glowing and strong and my whole life moving forward while staying at home indefinitely.

Here are some of the prosperous habits of my Feng Shui practice these days that might inspire you to customize a few for yourself!

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No one needs to be happy all the time because that denies the importance of every single emotion. But, where we spend the most of our time emotionally– overall — influences our life in dramatic ways.

I’ve shared a whole lot on the blog about the enormous benefits of happiness. HERE is a huge post. There are many others. The benefits are even more extensively proven than I discussed.

I wanted to bring happiness to the forefront here because it is so important.

More happiness can make the difference in how you weather the storms, how creative you are and how resilient as well. I feel that happiness will rise in even greater prominence as a success predictor (it already has been proven that “more happiness = more success”) in the new paradigm of life that’s emerging. And, it’s incredibly fun to bring more of it into every day.

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Feng Shui is great anywhere you use it, and it’s especially great to use where you spend the most time.

For many of us, our desk is where we spend a good number of hours a week, and today’s desktop Feng Shui can help you to welcome in more creativity, productivity and abundance!

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