Ancient Wealth-Attracting Herbs And Spices!

Energy Clearing Is A Daily Practice Of Self-Love And Abundance!

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Use Magical House Cleaning To Attract More Money Into Your Life!

10 Ways Your Space Can Help You Build Your Wealth!

It’s always interesting for me to see the ways that I’ve talked about belief in my dreams, acted in ways that would suggest I believe in my own, and then, in the most core ways, I’ve realized I’ve lacked faith and trust in a few of my own.

These are the moments I love– seeing what I didn’t see.

It’s the only real way to change the deeper things, you know? It’s opening up the closet and clearing out the clutter. Even when that process isn’t glamorous to start, the results are beyond glamour.

Today, let’s look at how your environment reflects beliefs and how you can use your space to strengthen your faith in yourself and your dreams!

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(how to grow your own fresh herbs)

There’s a long history of herbs and spices used throughout many cultures and back to ancient times as a way to welcome in more money.

Whether hung on a door, placed in a purse, added to baths or burned like incense, there are so many fun ways to use herbs to fortify your abundance intentions!!!

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Setting goals and living with intention is game-changing for your whole life. This simple ritual can help you to symbolically empower your big dreams and kick start their manifestation!


I used to be one big bag of manifestation tricks.

I was always looking for signs and not even believing the signs I saw because I didn’t want the sign— I wanted my dream to come true right now!

When the things I wanted didn’t show up, I’d start questioning things feverishly.

“Why hasn’t ……. shown up yet!?” “I don’t understand where it is…” “When will I finally be able to do ……. ?!”

When, why, where is it?!

These thoughts would take me over, and what I want takes even longer to appear because I’d get so focused on the fact that it hasn’t shown up yet.

Looking back, I can see just how much I slowed myself down because I wasn’t ready for bigger things. I might have checked off all boxes on the lists from The Law Of Attraction, but I didn’t believe in myself or my ability to actually have my dreams come true.

I wasn’t ready for all I was wanting.

When I got ready, the doors swung open and so much arrived that I was wanting, it was overwhelming in the best way possible.

Today, let’s all get a little more ready for the things we’re wanting to experience next!

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Following your bliss is the Joseph Campbell mandate of success for everyone.

As much as I love just about every aspect of my life and what and who is in it, bliss isn’t the way I’d characterize how I feel when things are growing, changing and evolving.

What I’ve found lately is that not all the roads that lead to bliss feel like bliss. Some feel full of trial and error, some feel like a mix of diligence and persistence, some require more patience and flexibility…

It’s a little different than floating on clouds of bliss every minute, but when I’m on the right track and in my creative zone, even the frustrating or detail-filled or less-than-thrilling steps feel incredibly satisfying.

If you’re looking to take anything to a place of higher growth— fitness, relationships, spirituality, money, anything— one great place to start is to follow your energy and the interests that are moving you toward them!

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To add manifesting power to your goals and wishes, it’s a really good idea to write them down. 

Wish lists, mind maps, goal setting, business plans— you name it, it’s worth doing it!

Not only is it a way to start mapping out your manifestations, it’s a very potent step to making them come to life!

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Ahhh, the sweetness of abundance!

The higher, lighter and sweeter the energy is around you, the easier it will be to magnetize wealth into your life!

Cinnamon is one of the most fun, accessible and historically-rich ways to keep negative energies out of your house and welcome in more abundance.

HERE are some of my favorite ways to use cinnamon these days to keep the vibes high at home!



Cinnamon Air Freshener DIY from Homedit

As we head into the Cash Camp season of Wealth this year, cinnamon is on my mind, and for many reasons:

Cinnamon has been used by many ancient cultures to attract more wealth and abundance and wellness in all ways!

Today, let’s look at the ancient ways of using cinnamon for wellness, and tomorrow I’ll share a video full of my modern ways to use cinnamon to prosper.

All are sweet, full of the highest vibrations of energy and super-easy to do!

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