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The Full Moon in Libra this Sunday, March 28th is overwhelmingly excellent. 

There are all kinds of mystical configurations in the sky that come along with this very bright Full Moon– a Grand Trine, a Kite, a Stellium– and if you don’t know what any of these things are, that’s OK.  The big news here is that there’s a dazzling amount of perfectly proportioned light, love and harmony lining up in the cosmos. 

The themes are as divine as the rare mix of Moon aspects– 

Balancing your life so that everything flows with ease.  Loving yourself in active ways that transform your habits and make you glow.  Becoming more of the creator of your life and the maker of your own luck.  Moving forward with purpose, passion and grounded power guiding you toward your goals.  

And, some astrologers say that big breakthroughs that lift you higher may arrive around this weekend, too!   

The Feng Shui for this big, brilliant Full Moon is all about aligning your life in the most fulfilling, love-filled and prosperous ways!  

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The fire and light of Aries Season (now through April 19th of 2021) kicks off a New Year for the Zodiac cycle, and that means it’s an invitation into action.

It’s the start of Spring, the blooming is just beginning, and the energy of Aries is bold and forward-thinking!

Let’s look at some prosperous ways to Feng Shui your Aries Season brilliantly!

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(kathy klein danmala are forever my favorites)

I’m a believer in all kinds of creativity, initiative and action– doing the work and earning your accolades.

I’m also a believer in mental health, physical health and energy– loving your life and the great adventure of it all.

These things are not mutually exclusive. You can work a whole lot and enjoy it tremendously and feel well in all ways. You can be super healthy, mindful and epically productive.

Today, we’re going to talk about the magnetic magic of enjoying your life fully and doing far less to achieve much more.

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Welcome to a new season that’s almost here! 

It’s a season of creative awakening, stretching, growing and making the quantum leaps forward that come from finding new ways to do things that expand our lives!

Spring is a time of great blooming and activation.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy, it’s a season of forward motion, socializing, connecting to Nature and speeding up the pace of life in exciting and revitalizing ways.  

On the Equinox of March 20th we have equal amounts of light and darkness— and traditions around the world have seen this as a sign of embracing both the light and dark in our lives in order to grow.  

In Buddhist philosophy, this is a signal that cause and effect are happening at the same time.  We’re creating our lives every day in thoughts, words and actions.  

So… let’s make it all amazing! 

Making dreams come to life in Equinox time is gorgeous. 

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If you’re faced with even one thing to do that feels really really hard to approach, you’ll likely find a way to avoid it if possible or you might force yourself to do it anyway.

The issue:

When you sweep it under the rug it starts becoming increasingly stressful.

When you force yourself to do it, it may not be the product you’re looking for because it’s a product that is borne of drudgery.

So, how do you get things done that feel totally impossible to do?

There are a few powerful Feng Shui shifts that can move you into far more inspired action, and that’s what we’re going to look at today!

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(kathy klein danmala series is better than ever and a must see right HERE)

If you’re new here, you may not know that I spend a large part of my days working with energy, art and homes… and the rest of it doing things (including every energy-shifting modality that has fascinated me) to expand myself and have more to share with all of you to make your lives more abundant in all ways.

That said, every so often, I need actual help with balancing physical things in my body– be it with my acupuncturist, nutritional shifts or my medical doctor. And, when, quite recently, all my usual A-team of geniuses was either not available or unable to solve what was going on, I turned to Aniko Fisch for BodyTalk sessions via Zoom. I figured it couldn’t hurt and maybe could help me.

It was an experience way beyond anything I expected.

Actually, Aniko’s work transcends just BodyTalk– she works with nutrition, energetic healing and a very long list of other modalities– but I imagine you don’t even know what BodyTalk is at the moment. Aniko will explain all of that today!

First, I will say that while I’m not a doctor or a healer and I do not dispense medical advice, I will share my experience. Within one session of BodyTalk 6 months ago followed by a daily at-home exercise my body stayed pretty well balanced after a weeks of night terrors and exhaustion that were very unlike me. Recently– 6 months later— I did another session to address the creeping back of some exhaustion for a totally different reason. I was feeling better by the end of the session, and it keeps getting better.

I don’t know if you’ll have my level of astonishing results– we’re all different and some things that work for my friends aren’t as life-changing for me– but I do know that there’s a good chance you’ve never heard about BodyTalk so it hasn’t even been an option to explore.

So, on that note…I’ll let Aniko take it from here!

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More times than I can count I’ve almost quit on things (and luckily got talked out of it) before having success in many areas of life. There are exponentially more times I did quit on things before I saw them through because I was frustrated and wanted the big things right now.

I had no inner guide that I could clearly follow and no larger sense of intuition or commitment guiding me for quite a long time. The only reliable thing that told me whether I was succeeding or not was “other people’s opinions.”

That was a really confusing, unfulfilling and limited way to live.

When I finally found more of my own “inner compass” and trusted myself more… I was shocked that I’d spent so long living my life according to what other people thought.

Yes, sometimes those people awesomely saved me from quitting on big things. But, also, sometimes they had opinions and I went along with them. They had doubts and questions and I agreed with it all. And, in a sense, my life wasn’t my own, through one one’s doing but my own!

I came to see that there were personal ways to know if I was on the right path with anything I was creating– from a new habit to a new creative project, relationships, pretty much anything and everything– and it helped free me to start living life on my own terms and in my own best ways. As I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, I wanted to share some of what I’ve realized that can help you stick to your greatest success paths!

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Just about every single client I work with and every person I know would like more money.

And, while there’s tons of Feng Shui to welcome in more wealth, the real gold is not just in accumulating cash but also in living richly.

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