My Ten Biggest Lessons Of The Past Year That Have Dramatically Expanded My Life!

Ancient Wealth-Attracting Herbs And Spices!

Energy Clearing Is A Daily Practice Of Self-Love And Abundance!

Feng Shui To Make A Breakthrough!

The Rice Experiment Has Blown My Mind & Proven The Power Of Love

You are amazing.

If we end here with the Feng Shui of the day and you believe that you are amazing, that’s all you need — that sense of confidence and healthy self-esteem– to fuel all the intention-setting and manifesting.

You are amazing.

If you aren’t feeling that amazing in all aspects of your life, a shift in the energy moving through you and around you can help you to focus very powerfully on how amazing you are.

That solid confidence is undeniably powerful and incredibly magnetic to create and attact all that you want!!

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Having time to do a bit of nothing urgent or vital is just as important as having time to go-go-go.

Today’s Feng Shui is all about that life-changing space-making.

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(sarah prout)

Feeling great is the magic.

Even if you don’t feel joyous and ecstatic every moment of your life, feeling like you’re content, connected and grateful in this moment is wildly powerful.

You don’t have to feel perfect every minute of the day to have what you want, but, living with of a core of deeply great feelings (connection, gratitude, the wondrous feeling of full presence in the moment) that inform your days is life-changing and profound.

Fall into a habit of feeling good, watch what manifests for you and you’ll never look back!

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Words are powerful creative tools.

Lately, even more than thinking about the creative power of words to shape the future, I’ve been looking at my words as a mirror of the energies that are active inside of me right now.

If ever there were intuitive or psychic or otherworldly predictions needed, I find all of them inside of me. How I feel, how I move through the day and how I express myself, the most obvious to me, are the tell-tale signs of what I’m actually creating in my life.

If those words and energies aren’t aligned with what I want, I know it’s time to make a change to start creating more awesome outcomes!

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Are you resistant to change? Have you been possibly putting off your bigger dreams because you don’t know the steps to take or… they feel so way out of “reality” right now?

Today’s Feng Shui is all about opening up life to bigger and brighter changes!

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(hippie boho gypsy)

While we can’t completely control the toxins everywhere in the world on our own, we can aim for better and better, cleaner and more natural with the individual choices we make.

We can definitely create toxin-free homes full of fresh energy.

I’ve been doing this in layers for years. What started with shower water purifiers and water filters, natural cleaning products and natural bath products evolved into next layers of eco-friendly paint, piles of plants, emf blockers, aromatherapy… And then… And then… And then…

Each and every step toward a more toxin-free home is a major step, so please don’t be hard on yourself. The courage to start the journey is life-changing in itself.

There are a few habits that are more recent for me that have been making the non-toxic difference in my life and making for a happier home. I’m always excited to share these because I’ve come to see that even one small change can make a big difference!

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I didn’t set out to be a Feng Shui professional at all, nor did I expect to create a method or, ever in my wildest visions, think I’d be teaching it to other people in a Feng Shui School.

What moved me to this place was a building curiosity and endless fascination and… a sort of calling that captured my attention.

People were approaching me after using some other forms of Feng Shui in a state of fear and it became sort of a part-time job to assuage these fears.

I was horrified by what was out there in the world of “empowerment” that was dripping with superstition, dogma and limitations. I’m sure it wasn’t done maliciously, but it was robbing people of their power.

In all things, if you’re seeking empowerment and finding fear or confusion as I have, too, many times over, you may want to take a step back and see if this fear is part of the stuff to declutter from your life!

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If we had everything we ever wanted right this moment, what would be the point of the journey?

It’s really quite fun to have room to grow!

Even when you have everything you can imagine, there’s always more– spiritually, philanthropically, academically, physically, emotionally— there are always next levels and new paths waiting.

“Always growing,” however, does not mean “always dissatisfied.”

Rather, it’s realizing that there’s infinitely more possibility stretched out ahead of this amazing moment.

To allow those new directions and fresh paths to emerge, keep allowing yourself the space to grow!

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