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Are You Good At Thinking About Self-Love But Have A Hard Time Doing It?

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10 Big Ways To Know That You’re On A Path To More Love In Life!

Are You Ready For More Love In Your Life?!


While I still have negative/stressed/chaotic energy make its way from time to time into my home, mind and life, it’s very minimal now and it’s uninvited. And, because it’s unwelcome, it’s easier to spot it and send it away.

I used to let that stuff in all the time. Drama, chaos, solving people’s problems, hanging on to old habits of letting my life be so open that I had no boundaries to keep my energy strong.

All that negativity wasn’t random, and wasn’t showing up because I was unlucky or had bad astrological timing or had my Feng Shui “wrong.” In fact, I don’t believe in these ideas or even in using those kinds of words!

All that negativity came to me because I was used to it. I was comforted by the normalcy of it. I was habituated to it. In a sense, without feeling dragged down I didn’t feel right.

It didn’t feel right to feel incredibly good. I would find a way, a subtle way, to open the doors and let that negative stuff into my days. Whether I picked up the phone to make an upsetting phone call, surfed the Internet until I found a way to get upset, watched TV or went out to places where people that were unkind… I would inevitably find a way to feel less amazing.

Expanding your power and manifesting abilities and all the love in your life isn’t about finding ways to constantly clear negativity.

Knowing how to clear negativity is amazing and empowering and there’s always a powerful reason to use those tools.

What’s even more powerful, though, is to not let that negativity into your life in the first place!

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After spending last year busy in piles of creative risks, growing in every way I could imagine and healing my body and mind on a level I didn’t realize was possible (or needed!) until it was well underway, my desire to stay in that wave of greatness is stronger than ever. Once you know how good something can be, it’s impossible to settle for less, you know?!

What can I do next? How can I choose to keep growing? What is in the way?

All those questions led my to take a hard look at where my energy was going and before the New Year even began, I found a four solid ways I was making my life harder than it needed to be, holding myself back and setting up unnecessary obstacles.

As I talked to friends about all these big (even though they seem small) things, I realized they were very common, at least among the people around me most often. (*Not a surprise, we are all mirrors of one another!)

That said, what it took to change all of this wasn’t willpower, suffering, or sacrifice. It wasn’t even hard. Once I saw what I was doing, I just decided to re-direct my focus.

It’s surreal how a simple shift in attention and energy can expand all the fortune in your life.

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Right now, the theme of my life is freedom. Creative freedom. Experimental freedom. Free speaking. Free-flowing days.

The opposite of all this freedom is tension, blocks and resistance. Whether the tension is physical or mental, it takes a toll and pulls my focus off of my day and into feeling and thinking thoughts that are a downward spiral.

Whether the blocks are creative, logistical, self-created or situational— if I try to force them to go away, they force me back.

It’s like pushing against a locked door— you can push all you want, but unless you can kick the door in, you’re just going to feel the equal force of your pushing come right back at you.

I talk a lot about ease and flow and energy, and lately, with the addition of Lauren Roxburgh’s body alignment classes in my weeks, with new projects on the horizon and so much to create, so many adventures to have… I have a new awareness of how this tension/resistance/blocks/stuckness can creep into my own life.

A few shifts of energy have made all the difference to stay with my energetic compass pointed toward feeling great. Shifting out of tension doesn’t just feel great, though— it’s the most receptive, most door-opening and abundant energy there is when you’re relaxed and loving life!

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I have always been fan of completing things, but not always the best at accomplishing that aim. Too much builds up, distractions mount and then, suddenly, what I wanted to do Monday happens a month from Monday, and I feel defeated rather than excited when it’s done.

I’m not a giant fan of forcing anything. I used to try to get worked-up and think that the stress would motivate me, but that just deflated my spirits even more.

I needed natural motivation, and the only way I knew to find it was to change the energy around me!

Today, here are 10 of my favorite feng shui ways to get things completely done!

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I have not felt deeply moved by a Lunar New Year since the Year of the Sheep. It was the year I did my first live feng shui talk in Los Angeles, all about the Sheep year, and it was a landmark year for me. I was feeling all the Sheep themes, and it was so much fun.

The Year of the Pig has me even more moved by its themes– richness, sensory goodness, beauty, creative expression, prosperity, completing things…

It’s all the themes of creative awakening, inspired action and reveling in life that I love so much!!!

Today, I’m excited to share the feng shui for the Lunar New Year of the Pig that I wait for each year from Dr. Gabriele Van Zon. It’s all so lush and fun this year, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! Continue Reading…

Dana Claudat feng shui

I’m racing around redesigning my bedroom with DIY projects and awesome crafty ways to avoid waste (can’t wait to share it!).  I’m mid-way through teaching/guiding The School Of Intention Professional Feng Shui Certification program that is beyond thrilling.  A six-month-long design project is ending and a new one is beginning. New things are coming, including new videos because I am just getting started with learning Final Cut Pro X after all these years of depending on others and having to wait and…

.. that’s just the start!

I bet you’re busy, too, because busy is the general theme of life these days. Busy isn’t always productive, but it’s always active. In lieu of the word “busy,” lately I prefer: inspired, productive, excited, connected, engaged…

And: any other words that describe the energy of knowing that amazing things are about to happen!!!

Feng Shui in my way is all about the shifting of energy, focused intention and moving into a more exciting awareness of all your brilliance and joy every day.

I have rituals- many many many– that I reach for to stay in the flow of all this creative electricity.

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dana claudat

In my big move to decrease my carbon footprint, a few big areas of life availed themselves as real issues that have never come to my attention in such a big way. One of the biggest turned out to be one of the largest polluters on the planet— fashion. Specifically “fast fashion”– inexpensive and trendy pieces we grab and wear a season or two before it a. falls apart or b. is no longer in fashion and gets donated if it’s even viable to donate or hits the trash.

The mass production leads to clothing waste that, according to an article more than two years ago in Newsweek (*the problem has since escalated), “In less than 20 years, the volume of clothing Americans toss each year has doubled from 7 million to 14 million tons, or an astounding 80 pounds per person. The EPA estimates that diverting all of those often-toxic trashed textiles into a recycling program would be the environmental equivalent of taking 7.3 million cars and their carbon dioxide emissions off the road.”

With all things to do with eco-friendly living and sustainability, it may be tempting to say the very true statement: “I’m just one person, so what can I do?!”

Voting with your dollars, changing your habits, inspiring others by your example… all of it!

It’s really catching on!

My sustainable fashion switches have not only been great for the planet and saved me tons of $$$ in the process. They have also been moves toward a more refined sense of my style, greater magnetism and all kinds of creative energy.  Continue Reading…

(Fabricut Justina Blakeney Fabrics) 

Effortless and fun is always a great feeling.  There’s more than meets the eye to this simple room that’s seemingly tossed together with ease— a lot of creativity, skill and practice to coordinate the upholstery, the pillow sizes and textures, the fabrics.   As I finish a custom office in Los Angeles that has been exacting down to the last nailhead finish on a bench, I can tell you that all that’s effortless is a great big collaboration of talents and people and coordination and creativity.

That said: it is easy or at the least moving forward gracefully, at it’s very best.

And, if it’s not easy or graceful, something is off.

When I’m trying too hard to make something happen, it’s my greatest red flag that something needs to change.

Early in the design of this design adventure, I found myself working with someone that was not aligned with the project.  I didn’t realize it at first… and then, I started scrambling.  Too many emails to follow up, too much confusion, too much “hoping” things would work out, too much praying it would all be OK and working extra-hard to make it happen.

When it became a situation of all stress, I knew it was all way off base and doomed. Moving on to work with others who were more aligned was the instant fix.

From there it’s been ease, flow and grace.

If I kept on trying too hard, I would be telling you about a disaster of feng shui’d interior design. Moving to a new way, where things were returned to flow, means that I can show you a radical office makeover in the next month!

Flow is where the magic happens. And if there’s no flow right now in your life in some way, here’s a bit about restoring that flow and all the welcoming and magnetic energy it brings!!! Continue Reading…