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Clearing clutter and letting things go can often feel incredibly hard, but the effects are dramatically life-changing and well worth the journey!

Plus, there are many things you may want to keep!

Here’s so much more on that hard-to-clear clutter:

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I’m a big believer that useful presents are a year-round great thing, and while the holidays are traditionally a time of giving all kinds of gifts in mass amounts, this year, more than ever, my focus is on what will be useful, what will be powerful and what will be most life-changing for everyone on my list.

My biggest gifts this year are donations. Thanksgiving and Christmas donations, and donations all year long. We are entering the Age of Aquarius and it’s time for historic amounts of collective action to elevate life for everyone.

That said, if you’re looking for some special extras to give to friends and family to bring an energy boost to 2021, this roundup of favorites is for you!

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How much are you living the life you want to live?

I know that as I write this at the end of 2020, many of us are going to respond with a very quick and definitive— NOT AT ALL. This year has exceeded the word “unprecedented” by miles.

Yet, we still have a lifestyle to live and still have choices to make every day, all the time.

It struck me some weeks ago that there are at least 10 ways (* I made a list, of course!) that I could bring more style– and, also, layers of expansion and creativity– to my days every day, starting right now.

It’s made every day much more of an adventure already, and I hope in sharing some of it you’re inspired to create more space and bring more style into your lifestyle right now, too!

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(the blonde scout diy flower bath)

We all get signs that it’s time to clear negative energy from our homes and our lives.

When you see the signs and recognize them clearly for yourself you can take swift action to get the good vibes, abundance and creativity flowing!

Here’s much more on how to see the signs, and how to start clearing for yourself… right now!

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When you’re really tired and you take a break, it feels great.

Until, that is, you go back to the habits and lifestyle that created the exhaustion again.

I know it can feel like a vicious cycle– tired, crashing, not quite revitalized but easing back into action, pushing through things, and back to tired. Except each time the tired becomes more extreme and the road back to “normal” pace becomes more dreaded.

I’ve lived this and seen it thousands of times with clients and also friends and family.

It was a few years ago, when I was so tired that 16 hours of sleep a day wasn’t enough, that the alarm bells sounded with a fury.

I didn’t just need to “sleep more” or “relax more,” I needed to do what I work on with my clients all the time.

I needed to realign my life.

And when I realized this, and actually acted upon it, my downtime became the most life-changing time I’d never skip.

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I can’t say enough about the benefits of decluttering that can be instant, grow exponentially over time and often feel like magic!

Adding Feng Shui into your clutter clearing takes it to a whole new level of awesome!

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Having just finished a 25 hour bedroom update (I’m being conservative– it may have been more like 35 hours!) I decided to swear off more home projects for a moment.

It’s now a day later– and I have one minor and one more major project in the works!

This year has not been great for many things, but it has been great for settling into upgraded space and growing lots and lots of plants.

Plants are energy boosting, space-clearing, wise and wellness-enhancing. Plants also represent lots of wealth in full bloom, too!

While I’m not likely to relocate to a home with massive gardens until after this global health crisis has passed, I need more greenery. So, my patio is becoming a massive green-space. And, as I order supplies to set this project in motion, I’ve been pulling together ideas to add more plants… everywhere!

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This is the summary of a lesson I can’t seem to learn enough times in enough ways.

I get reminder after reminder from that great wise Universe that tends to serve up all kinds of truth and fast lessons—

Feed your creativity more. Play much more. See more sunlight. Stretch. Spend time with friends, even if it’s online. Create more change.

These are all space-clearing activities that are also self-care activities that go far beyond the incense burning and bubble baths. I love both, immensely, but they just scratch the surface when it comes to really taking care of yourself, as you’ve likely noticed if you’re feeling burned out and the usual pick-me-ups aren’t working.

If you’re feeling– uninspired, exhausted, distracted, listless, very upset, extremely stressed, resigned to defeat or otherwise swirling in negativity– it’s time to take care of yourself a whole lot more.

If you’re feeling even a tiny bit of any of these things– it can be your signal to take care of yourself more!

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