My Ten Biggest Lessons Of The Past Year That Have Dramatically Expanded My Life!

Ancient Wealth-Attracting Herbs And Spices!

Energy Clearing Is A Daily Practice Of Self-Love And Abundance!

Feng Shui To Make A Breakthrough!

The Rice Experiment Has Blown My Mind & Proven The Power Of Love

It strikes me as odd how it’s often deemed more rational, responsible and sane to worry. Worry is somehow virtuous, humbling or vital in many circles.

Especially, when it’s in stark contrast to confident belief. Oh, that’s crazy, irrational and so foolish, you know?

NO. It’s not. Not at all.

Even science has shown that we get more of what we believe, so why not believe in the very best things?!

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To know me is to know that I never tire of ways to bring more of the best vibes into every single day!

Wind in hair, sun streaming down, at a museum, favorite gown-like dress flowing— this is the energy I create with, even when wearing a T-shirt and sweatpants at home at my computer.

It’s a full sensory immersion in joy, self-love and designing a dream life.

As Leo season comes to a close and we head into the Virgo season of Manifestation (!!!) the themes of passion and bringing dreams to life have taken on a character of their own.

The School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Certification program starts this week with a new group of students from around the world. (*details are here!) There’s a new Feng Shui Camp I’ve been working on and getting ready to release. Then, there are new recipes, new fitness goals, new books to read and new organizational systems to implement. There’s no shortage of things to do!

What’s most important to me, though, is the energy behind what I do. And, so, today, I’m sharing some seemingly small and also quite consequential ways I’ve been adding more glow to my days.

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Commitment makes ideas come to life.

It’s a make-or-break quality in my experience.

It’s the difference between impossible and possible.

It’s also an incredible quality that can show you the paths that are most abundant for you, the things to clear from your path and the places where you’re ready to go next.

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The Moon is full of heightened energy. It also affects all the water on the planet. We are made of lots of water. Also, water itself can be “imprinted” with energies, programmed, if you will, to a new frequency.

If you want to capture all the energy of the Full Moon (or a New Moon, if you’d like!) make some Moon Water.

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Today, let’s talk about making life much more of a growth process.

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There’s no lack of talk about high-vibes in my world.

High frequencies of energy are what power us at out best. They are the love that keeps us strong, vital, connected and confident. They’re the hope that is invaluable and the reason that helps us to understand one another even if our life philosophies are very different. They are courageous moments, blissful moments and also, sometimes, simple quiet grateful moments.

When you’re looking to create more of anything, turning up the dial on your energetic frequency is a potent step in manifesting.

That said, it’s one thing to get into high vibes and another to stay in higher vibes for more of the time.

Today’s Feng Shui is all about shifting the energy so it stays stronger and lighter in your life.

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You are amazing.

If we end here with the Feng Shui of the day and you believe that you are amazing, that’s all you need — that sense of confidence and healthy self-esteem– to fuel all the intention-setting and manifesting.

You are amazing.

If you aren’t feeling that amazing in all aspects of your life, a shift in the energy moving through you and around you can help you to focus very powerfully on how amazing you are.

That solid confidence is undeniably powerful and incredibly magnetic to create and attact all that you want!!

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Having time to do a bit of nothing urgent or vital is just as important as having time to go-go-go.

Today’s Feng Shui is all about that life-changing space-making.

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