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think happy thoughts


Because we have hundreds of thousands of thoughts every day, sometimes we have to deliberately decide to make much more of them super-happy ones!  My Mom used to say this to me every time I was worried… and I miss it. So, a reminder! xoxo Dana

cashew smoothie

Cashews happen to be high in iron, and so, being anemic lately (not fun: if you are exhausted for no good reason I suggest you get your levels checked— this was a shock to me to learn how low I was!) I have been on a bit of a cashew kick.

I used to love almond milk and all kinds of nut milks, but if you are mainly using them for smoothies, you can toss in soaked nuts or even… nut butter or flours you have at home.  Also, if you don’t do it already, freeze your over-ripe bananas in pieces in a tupperware. Its smoothie fuel for days, and you are wasting far less fruit that you don’t eat immediately!

This quickie smoothie was made to use up all the stuff I had in the fridge before I move: frozen banana chunks, leftover cashew flour, some honey to taste and loads of cinnamon.  Blend it all up with enough water to get  it creamy and drinkable.  Totally easy & yummy.  xoxo Dana

painting tools

Do you take a lot of pride in what you do and how you do it?

It’s a question that’s been coming up often as I pack to move to a new home and confront all the forgotten-about bits of stuff that even me- the queen of de-clutter- forgot that I had!

Some people advised me to just pack up my boxes, forget about painting walls and cleaning things.  I’ve been told I should let my building keep my security deposit to clean up after me because they might keep it anyway (so it is rumored).   Why should I bother with all the cleaning and painting and details if I will never see my money back anyway?

The answer: It would make me feel really bad if I didn’t leave something better than when I first arrived.

I didn’t always feel that way.

That switch in my own outlook from “Yeah, screw them, they’ll keep my money anyway!” to “How do I leave this better than when I first arrived?” was one of the best attitude adjustments I have ever made.  Setting a standard that makes life feel amazing. It’s a game-changer.  Continue Reading…

love yourself more

No matter what you accomplish in life, learning to show yourself love & doing it all the time seems to be the most valuable skill to master.  After all, you don’t want to be one of those successful & miserable people, do you?!  Being fulfilled is a really prized form of success, and from there, everything is easier! xoxo Dana

elle decor sweden

Ah, the massive inspiration of a world tour via the Internet.  Elle Decor Sweden is my stop of the day.

My favorite part of the site; the great big assortment of bloggers that post stories- actual stories reading like short films-  that are brilliantly photographed, dreamy and a re-definition of lifestyle.  The emphasis is on both Life & Style.  Relaxed. Full of wonder.

You get a sense that life is more full of meaningful pauses in Sweden. That I can get behind!

Continue Reading…

neil gaiman


Neil Gaiman: the coolest man alive. No wonder why he married one of the coolest women alive. 

What does infinite potential make you feel?

If you don’t feel like you are melting and expanding at once, hang out in nature a bit, stare at the sky, see the ocean… then think of infinite potential.

Once you can live in that feeling, its all joy from there!  xoxo Dana

dark walls


Dark walls in space are divine. Rare but awesome. The exotic, the mysterious… and look how much light shines against the dark!  Continue Reading…


It’s sunscreen time again!  And when looking for sunscreens- often laden with chemicals I believe are more harmful than the sun itself- I turn to celebrity makeup artist and balanced beauty expert Chantal Moore for guidance. Today she brings us an antioxidant-packed option that is amazing for your skin! Continue Reading…