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Declutter Your Life For The Best Fresh Start Ever!!!

brow powder

I first “got into” brows after a rather vintage episode of Oprah where she demonstrated the difference in faces after shaping and filling in the often ignored eyebrow.  What I thought initially would be an episode that would lead me down the road of my Auntie Val who had silent movie star perfect “drawn” eyebrows 24 −7, instead brought a realization: a little brow powder was something magical, a whole makeover to structure my face more definitively without much fuss or skill.  It was like my eyes were brighter, my cheeks seemed perkier, my whole face a bit more lit up.

And its simple.

Today I am thrilled that celebrity makeup artist Chantal Moore is sharing a cruelty-free, vegan brow powder from Tarte that also doubles as a hair powder for a bit of oomph when you need it!   Continue Reading…

design details


While this is a show-stopping showplace of a room… I must say, you can create the same effects of awe and gorgeous at home right now! All it takes are a few bits of inspiration put into action to take your home from where it is all the way to wow-factor.  Here are some excellent examples of ideas you can borrow and customize to take a room from where it is now… to all it can be! Continue Reading…

house life span


This awesome chart by Glotech may shed some light of why it may seem at some times that everything is “falling apart” in your house at once , or why it seems that big things break seemingly out of the blue…

Not everything is meant to be forever! And you may have hit a moment where the lifespans of many things collided! That’s right, you may not be cursed, you may not have big issues… it may just be the natural progression of things… and time for an upgrade.

That said, if you look at the vast range of lifespan of many things listed, maintenance plays a big factor in the ongoing health of certain things in your home as well.

And this chart also calls to mind the fact that certain things will inevitably need to be fixed on day, so plan on the upgrades (rather than treating maintenance as some sort of life punishment as many of us do!) and you’ll never feel less than confident about the health of your home!  xoxo Dana

change your life I used to delight in “testing” psychics and tarot readers.  Go in sitting quietly, saying nothing, expressing as poker-faced a reaction to the news being told to me so that I wouldn’t “lead on” the oracle.  Have you ever done this? I used this method to determine that some people just “know things” and – for whatever reason-  just a rare one person I met in many years of my past chasing predictions seemed to actually know the unknowable.   I no longer chase predictions- it’s pretty exhausting and disempowering- but I do know that there are people who can articulate things that are unseen to my eyes. Its as though their cards are a mirror into life that is unseen.

I like to look at the seen.  The tangible. The artful.

People often think I am a psychic of some sort.  I can usually see a home, take a walk through, and explain lots of themes and issues that affect the people in the space… without hearing a word from the people who live there.

It’s not because I’m a gifted intuitive.  I just know that very deeply and clearly we are all mirrored by our space, and each home tells a story.

You can either live with the reflection as it is, or you can polish the reflection so that your best self can emerge.  Chances are, if you are here reading this, you are looking for something more shiny and new to see in that mirror.

Today let’s look at the mirror effect of space and how to polish that mirror of life otherwise known as your home! Continue Reading…

dream big

Dream come true day!  People in the Catalyst Camp (my big feng shui’d declutter camp) are having dreams come true like jobs and money and synchronicity that is wild and amazing. Clients are sending me big messages.  And my dream-come-true project with Mind Body Green-  Your Guide To DIY Feng Shui- just launched and is a total dream!

So… if you are looking to make more dreams come true…

Dream big.  Like way bigger.  Dream big for others, too!  I envisioned dreams coming true for friends and we are now collaborators and co-conspirators in art and life adventures.

Work hard. Really.  But if you love it, its not work!!!

Stay focused. 

& Surround yourself with amazing people who you support, who totally support you!  I can say that every single dream come true in my life has been a collaboration on so many levels.  From friends encouraging me to take risks on big love to making big leaps forward with a group of friends I so love and admire… It’s a huge one!  You can’t fly with weights on your ankles! Don’t let anyone drag you down!

And of course, a 4th:  Feng shui your space so it can help you make your dreams come true!

Your Guide To DIY Feng Shui is here!!!, its on a big flash sale, and it’s so exciting I just can’t sit still!

Get started on your own de-cluttered, feng shui’d home and life now… and watch the magic happen!!! xoxo Dana

crystals enjoy the kiss

(enjoy the kiss)

You can change your space to change you life.

That’s why you are here, right? A more stylish home, a better feeling space… More inspiration, motivation, confidence, creative freedom….happiness, wellness…

For the most part, everyone wants to make the easiest changes possible to life, ones that aren’t disruptive in a negative way, the kinds of changes that make you more glowy and excited and less stuck and dragging. I include myself in this group.  I rarely seek out ways to overturn my own life, even if it promises something great.

Small shifts make a big difference.

And in the world of feng shui, you can see gradual change grow into total transformation if you take the actions to make it happen.

Here’s a bit of what you can expect when you start to use feng shui magic on your own…and, of course, a few steps to get you started!!!  Continue Reading…

dana claudat mind body green

Today I am up way before sunrise so excited to share with you a dream come true!

Changing space has totally changed my life. Over the last decade of helping other people change their space I’ve seen many outlooks on life change totally, many wishes come true and many personal breakthroughs…

It’s such a trip to see that I’ve shared nearly 3000 posts on the blog alone (!) in the last few years… and even from simple tips I’ve heard amazing things from you about the shifts in prosperity, love, freedom and creativity you’ve designed into your life.

dana claudat

But… I had a vision….

I wanted this feng shui process to be more complete from start to finish for you. I wanted you to be able to see and hear and experience it all in a way that you could use immediately. I wanted it to be beautiful. I wanted it to be affordable. I wanted you to have the video instruction manual that I wish I had a decade ago when I first learned about feng shui and tried to do it for myself for the first time.

So… I made one!


I teamed up with my dear friends at Mind Body Green to create a video guide to Do It Yourself feng shui that you can do… right now!

Your Guide To DIY Feng Shui has all the information, inspiration and steps to take to create a feng shui’d home starting today!

And yes, as it is a dream-come-true (!) I can tell you its gorgeous, affordable, easy-to-do and packed with all the inspiration and resources I envisioned.

If you want to…

- harness the power of your space to make a big change in life
- eliminate the life blocking energy blocks from your space
- kick-start your creativity
- feel more peace and intuitive clarity
- have a sense that you are deeply connected to life
- create your own sanctuary
- and… totally makeover your home without redecorating

Now you can!

love magnet

You don’t have to be a designer, a wellness expert or any type of specially gifted artist to do this. You don’t need to make a hefty investment in trinkets, amulets and lucky charms.

You just need to have: the desire to experience change, wishes that you want to see come to life and the willingness to watch and do. There’s no time pressure to finish since it’s all for you to do at your own pace. And…it’s all yours to refer to over and over again.

Start where you are, use what you have & transform it into a more energetic, magnetic, prosperous, love-filled and dynamic home… and life!

Your Guide To DIY Feng Shui just launched on Mind Body Green … and it’s starting with a great big flash sale discounted price for just a few days!

Grab your guide HERE!

Double the design magic karma & gift it to friend who needs an fresh start!

I really can’t wait to hear what you create- and what wishes come true…

xoxoxo Dana

P.S. : While you can do this feng shui whenever you want to, you can also ask me questions as you go!!! I always love to hear from you! Make sure you grab it while its on sale! (xoxo!)


(the bouqs)

Are you ready for a new chapter?

If the same-old is not really inspiring, and the days are feeling wasted on wondering and wishing, its probably time to take action!

If you aren’t sure quite what to do to start a new chapter, the best thing to do is to get ready!!!  After all, preparation makes life so much easier.

Not sure how to prepare for actions you aren’t sure of?

You can. Even if you aren’t sure what you are preparing for… you can.

It all starts with putting an end to the old and getting ready to recieve more of the new… and “the new” includes new ideas.  Perhaps those ideas will lead you to your new chapter if you aren’t quite clear what it is quite yet!?!

It’s often the case!

As I have a new chapter starting now in many ways and I’m deeply immersed in all 8 of these things, I’m thrilled to share these ideas because they are so magnificently inspiring if you try them.   Continue Reading…