My Ten Biggest Lessons Of The Past Year That Have Dramatically Expanded My Life!

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Energy Clearing Is A Daily Practice Of Self-Love And Abundance!

Feng Shui To Make A Breakthrough!

The Rice Experiment Has Blown My Mind & Proven The Power Of Love


I have an obsession with paint palettes in their own artistic merit. I love seeing colors melting into other colors, tones and brushstrokes that are like a snapshot into the process and energy of the artist doing the mixing. These from Emily Jeffords today are layers of texture and motion frozen in paint that is so satisfying, I’m mesmerized.

Artistic expression — when there are no holds barred on the forms that it takes– is impossible to deny. Whether you like what’s being presented or not doesn’t matter. It’s the full soul expression that I honor, even in art that isn’t my “taste” or “style.”

I love to feel it.

When expression reaches you in uncensored form, you rarely need to think about it. It translates in feeling. It’s an emotional response. We feel the energy behind the words, the paint, the gift, the gesture, the text, the email, the call, the work. It communicates.

It may not be perfect, but it’s very much alive.

When your self-expression is filter-free and your creativity is vibrant and awake, that freedom and power can help you to do so much more and see the incredible effects!

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We might not be in “control” of everything that happens all day long, but we do have a lot of creative power and choice.

Every time in my life when confronted with something big (and unwanted) and I said “I have no choice,” I can see now that I had many choices.

I just wasn’t in a state of mind and energy to see and explore and insist on my choices.

While I may not always have the optimal choice that seems the most ideal to me in every situation, there are always possibilities.

Shifts in energy, in organization and focus can help you bring more possibility to all things– and that big shift makes a big creative difference to expand your life.

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More manifesting power always, to me, means more love.

Love isn’t just romantic, of course. It’s unconditional, open hearted acceptance, totally epic feelings of gratitude, quiet fulfillment, brilliant self-expression and the ability to be yourself without apology.

All this power and high vibrational living is magnetic, exciting and undeniable!

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It’s easy to know when you’re settling for the job you aren’t thrilled about or the house that isn’t quite the dream home yet. (*by the way, both of these can be transformed a great deal right now, and that’s the beauty of Feng Shui to create breakthroughs!)

That said, there are other forms of settling we can do that aren’t as obvious as getting the car we don’t want or the cake that isn’t our favorite.

It’s harder to spot, but it feels far heavier and more limiting, more confusing and stressful:

Settling for energy that is way lower than what you want.

This is the kind of settling I’ll never settle for again!

I see people all day long who literally “have it all” but… they aren’t surrounded by joy. They meet with deep frustration daily. They don’t know when it started or if it can stop.

All it takes sometimes is a small shift in energy to open doors to more fulfillment and then… the momentum of joy takes over!

Here’s to no longer settling for the vibes we don’t want!!!

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Yearly, for 10 years now, there’s a post that I do that sums up everything that my trip around the sun has shown me. Since September of last year, it’s been nothing short of awe-inspiring to see what’s unfolded, what’s changed and what’s to come… even in the days ahead!

Re-reading some of my past yearly posts, I can see how I’ve moved from healing trauma to learning to stand in my power, to recovering from and avoiding burnout (*it can even happen from experiencing too much awesomeness without rest) and, then, to creating stronger personal boundaries, creating art more fearlessly and loving more deeply…

And, this year was disarmingly different. It was all about allowing expansion to happen.

It’s with the greatest gratitude that I dive into this year’s lessons about allowing life to be bigger.

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Alignment is something I think of when I think of power. When things are in a line— all ducks in a row, so to speak– amazing things can happen with greater ease.

Alignment. Its when our thoughts, words, actions and environment are clear and focused, matching our values, passions and desires.

We are seen, heard, grounded, present and feeling fantastic.

Our of alignment, things get more tricky.

If you feel out of whack in some way and you’re offered a new project, a new job or new life opportunity… how confidently could you step into it? How solid would you feel? How sure would you be?

Doors actually don’t open as easily when we feel out of whack. Instead we feel we need to hunt for those doors and bang on them until they open. Things feel more efforted and more challenging.

Alignment opens those doors. It makes things easier.

And, if it’s time for more alignment, you’ll likely see many signs!

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If I’m committed to doing something, I’m all in.

Sometimes, though, I’m all-in with three or four or five things that overlap one another. And, I have had, in the past, a tendency to dramatically underestimate the time that things take to actually do.

I used to just say yes, do it all by not sleeping much and not really taking breaks, feel wiped out for three or four months afterward and say… “I’ll never do that again!”

But, who can say no to amazing opportunities that all feel right? Friends, family, relationships, business plans, creative projects… It’s all so important, all at once.

I decided that I would learn to do it all WITHOUT burning out and losing my mind.

What I needed was a very very very well-thought-through schedule.

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Even if you aren’t that radiantly happy in every moment, when you’re doing the right thing, you tend to know it.

Or, I should say, you know it because you’re more calm and tapped into your feelings and really feel it.

When there’s confusion or uncertainty, that also doesn’t mean your doing the wrong thing– it may just be that you’re doing things in a way that’s due for a shift.

The shift doesn’t even necessarily have to do with organization or habits or anything else.

Sometimes, the biggest shift is created by doing things you’re already doing, but doing them with new energy.

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