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10 Feng Shui Ways To Attract Wealth!

Feng Shui & A New Way To Be Wealthy!

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While you can spin in circles follwing the many outdated “rules” of feng shui, there are core principles that are resounding and hold strong.

Color is a big one.

While since the creation of the context of feng shui there has been a massive evolution in color psychology amd scientific testing and other modalities of working with color to make life changes, at it’s most basic… color is energy.

Money is energy, too.

So is creative inspiration.

So is your home, your clothes, your bank accounts, your phone… it’s all energy.

If you want to adjust the energy of your space, color is a quick shift that can make things pop to life!!!

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(love this from Lara Casey!!!)

I’m so blown away by how complex things can become….

When you’re in stride and feeling awesome you can move mountains with your mind, but when things get off track, a simple thing like sending emails or returning phone calls can feel like an epic and heroic endeavor.

I feel pretty much awesome and I am experiencing a great big lag in getting a few calls made and emails sent… so on a less-than-perfect day, what is there to do to get things back in order and get the “luck” flowing?

Making luck to me is all about making momentum happen in positive ways.

When life feels too full, too complicated, too much conspiring against you, one idea to shift the energy fast is to be super-simple and get back to basics.

My favorite basics to have smoother and more synchronicity-filled days are a reminder for me to stay out of extremes, out of overwhelm and out of over-complication.

Gratitude is the ultimate basic.  There are so many studies to read about gratitude, and my most favorite is the simple idea of jotting down three things you are grateful for every day:

Wakeup World explains ” …Harvard researcher and author Shawn Achor told “Something as simple as writing down three things you’re grateful for every day for 21 days in a row significantly increases your level of optimism, and it holds for the next six months. The research is amazing.””

Yes that is very amazing. 3 things a day.  Takes a few seconds.  Feels amazing.  I do it before bed.  Sometimes I feel like I’m bursting with joy I’m so happy afterward.  Gratitude is grounding and grounded energy is empowered.

Humility is awesome.

Arrogance happens in so many ways— like thinking we know everything, that we deserve things just because we are a good person, that we owe nothing to others in terms of gratitude (!), that we are right even if there is no right answer, thinking we’re better than others.  We all have our own arrogance (for me— to mask my own fear) that can be a coping mechanism to feel good-enough when you’re not feeling good enough, intrinsically.  It’s so much easier – and far more magnetic-  to be truly humble, face all the awkward moments in life, open up and listen, learn and keep moving forward.  Life humbled me many times to knock me off of my arrogant block in the past (!) and I see others standing in their own way and destroying good things in their lives with arrogance all the time.

Humility— focusing on others, on giving, on listening, realizing there is only a personal best… It’s sometimes as simple as letting everyone talk and choosing to listen, intently.  Sometimes it’s being willing to not bemoan the challenges that “you don’t deserve” (do we ever deserve them?) and facing them with a steady mind and determination.  It’s giving sometimes instead of getting all the time.  It’s being truly interested in others.

Humble isn’t weak, it’s awesome. And more rewarding, too.  This is a life-changing shift!

+ Make every day a celebration.

love yourself

There are so many ways to celebrate a day with simple actions.  My favorites of the moment are naps, baths and movies.  Soon we’ll be in the season of beaches and hikes.   Sometimes it’s getting a super-superfood smoothie.  Sometimes it’s a book I’ve always wanted to read (and there’s one right now I want very badly!!!)… and it’s all a part of a life that’s rich and dynamic and fun.

And it’s all very easy.

Don’t discount the simple stuff.  It’s usually what really works like magic.


xoxo Dana

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Could you really ever make life too optimized?

We are, after all, in the midst of massive breakthoughs in life-optimization.  In my neighborhood, the entire line of Bulletproof brain supplements, coffees and nutrients promise an optimized neurology, metabolism and much more in concert with lifstyle switches.  There are new diets proliferating that are heavy on ketogenics.  There are forms of meditations, “healing” and life maximization that promise you will become a massive major peak performer.  I live in a vortex of high-performance workouts that are legues beyond Crossfit in their detailing and intensity, bodywork that is mixed with magic and mushroom powders that may be a key to balancing diets.

This is just a sliver of what optimization is proliferating everywhere.

It’s really creative, fascinating, and overwhelming all at once.

There’s also tech optimization, linking your whole home to your phone or watch, and there’s optimization of dating apps and even ways to optimize relationships proliferating everywhere.  There are optimized meal plans, optimized parenting rules and technologies, optimal brain exercises…

You can, quite literally, take any part of life and push it beyond a limit.

And…as awesome as it is when you have a specific issue to address, resolve and heal, too much optimization can have the opposite of prosperous results.

Today, let’s look at the creative + abundance block of DOING TOO MUCH to optimize life.  Continue Reading…


Do you? Do you tell everyone what you are working on, what you are hoping for and what you are dreaming about before it happens?

There are two camps of thought on this subject—

  1. Share your dreams far and wide as it will help them come true.
  2. Share your dreams with no one and it will help them come true.

Today, my thoughts and observations on letting your dreams gather energy is a bit of a mix between the two… but leans strongly toward keeping things private & announcing them when they’re done!  Continue Reading…

Crystals are epic.

I love all forms of empowering life expansion…! And I imagine that you do, too!

This morning, I held rare minerals, played with healing crystals and enjoyed learning about empowering rituals from an empowering woman.  It was so much fun, so bright and so affirmative.

Healing should always be empowering. And you should always be participating and driving the process, you know?

I’m pretty open to a vast spectrum of experiences, and I’m not one to say how things “should” be.  But… here I will state a few shoulds: You should not walk away from any “healing” experience feeling less-than-aware of yourself, spun out, disoriented or anything of the sort.  You should not feel compelled to ask a healer or a psychic what to do next with every move you make because you’ve been directly told by them not to trust your own judgement.  You shouldn’t feel bound to anything- be it a crystal, talisman or a person- as the key to your betterment.

Ethical, talented, awesome people in the world of wellness and healing are aware of that.  You don’t feel broken around them and there’s always lots of empowerment to share.

Healers are a tricky subject.

There are so many talented people who have dedicated their lives to modalities that create wonderful effects in concert with your participation.

There are also very dangerous, unstable, unethical and manipulative people that also go by the same name of  “healer”.

I had incredible amounts of experience with healers of all kinds prior to actually entering the world of wellness,  incredible amounts of experience with healing modalities from every corner of the world, psychics (some now world-famous and some who have vanished), and all kinds of diets, cleanses and more.

Let’s just say I believed I was broken and I would do anything to fix it.

The world is waking up to many more energies, much more awareness and a sense of connectedness in a much deeper sense in humanity, nature and all the forces that make life feel magical.  The prevalence of energy medicines and acupuncture, yoga and modalities of healing trauma that before were “underground” are now rising to the surface.

There are so many talented and helpful people who can be of assistance and do wonderful things to support your wellbeing.  There are incredible acupunturists, homeopaths, holistic therapists, intuitives and healers in all parts of the world.

It’s very sad to me that there are also, in droves, charlatans, unethical “healers” in quotes, and other people who present themselves- whether they are talented or not- as the answer to your prayers when they are actually quite akin to cult leaders, criminals and psychopaths.  They will rope you in in many manipulative ways and then get to work on you, whether it’s financially, mentally or emotionally making you feel you need them.

I can’t be more emphatic about this: you need to know and trust who you are allowing into your life to help to heal you or guide you in some way that is personal.

I’ve made the mistakes in this realm and I am resolved to not make them again.

You should- in my mind-  always see medical doctors hand have them on your team when healing an illness of any sort.  And… it’s my sincerest hope that you keep your eyes open and your mind very clear and strong when working in the modalities of spiritual, psychic or other energy stuff.

I also think it’s vital to note – from looking back on my whole life, personally- that if you’re in a lost, depleted, and not sure of yourself- you leave yourself more vulnerable to things that are not that awesome.  It’s best to get more physically strong and aware before getting into these energetic realms and navigating the “experts”…

My biggest red flags when dealing with healers of all kinds, psychics and the like are hard-won lessons.  I’ve seen these “healer” people try to destroy lives.

I have also seen people make great strides in healing of all kinds and personal growth.

Today I hope I can shed some light on the sifting of the good from the bad. Continue Reading…


Prosperity is not all cash— it’s a wealth of gorgeousness, a life you love, great wellness and wellbeing, lots of love- but it’s also cash.

We hear many compelling ideas about money- it’s energy, it’s an agreement, it’s an exchange, it’s… freedom… it’s…

Really, it’s all those things, and more!

And in the spirit of feng shui’ing lots more of that $$$ into your life- and earning it, receiving it, saving it and investing it with love and wonderfulness- today’s feng shui is all about keeping yourself surrounded by as many positive relationships are possible!  Continue Reading…

I know that wealth – money, cash, finances, freedom, abundance, creative richness, connection to life- can be a big thing whether you’ve got lots or little at the present moment.

The money gurus will tell you about the beliefs that are hindering you from money, some teachers of spiritual money principles out there will tell you that it’s your energy that’s keeping money from you… and you’ve heard all of this before, I am sure.

I did, too.

I’ve also done just about everything known to mankind to create a way past money “blocks” and let myself believe that it was an energy issue I had that kept wealth out of my hands and kept it from accumulating when it would come.

Tomorrow I’m teaching a live version of the Cash Camp feng shui $$$ bulding online camp and it really has been an empowering exercise to prepare for it these last two weeks.

Today I don’t want to share the “secrets to making money” or becoming 6 or 7 figure earners with a special system or anything else of the type of stuff  that I avoid, personally.

What we all do and want and how we work is so personal, and… if that stuff works for you, please do it.

It doesn’t work for me —or anyone I know— including most of the thousands of people I’ve worked in some way with up until now…

I’ve found…

When wealth isn’t a secret sauce, when empowerment isn’t a super-expensive commitment and when things feel grounded and bright everywhere around you… wealth becomes much easier to build in ways that are stable and feel awesome.
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Whether you call it “righteous anger” or “resentment” or any other thing, holding onto something that is poisonous and refusing to forgive it creates a massive energy block.  That energy will collect more of the same energy and you’ll feel trapped, numb, immobilized or just incredibly stuck.   It’s the same way that holding onto junk in a drawer and continuing to stuff that drawer will eventually lead to that drawer no longer opening up…

Now, we all know that stuffing drawers, on some level, is not a great idea.

Stuffing our emotions and staying angry is, however, somehow, sometimes much more championed as justice or some other noble way of displaying strength.

Resentment is a huge block.

Grudges, rage, trauma bottled up gets perpetuated.  It can feel unfair to free it— because maybe this person or that person doesn’t deserve forgiveness.  Or because it’s unforgiveable.  Or it’s too hard to think about it.  Or if you think about something else it will just go away…

But like all things- including junk drawers- looking away doesn’t clear them out.

Diving in and untangling, unwinding, clearing and releasing stuff is what get’s that drawer clean.

And, no matter how hard it can seem, unwinding, clearing and releasing resentment isn’t much different.  Continue Reading…