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eclectic home


Vibrant homes in this regard are not for everyone- some people crave minimalism and simplicity- but for those of you who are forever on the hunt to be understood creatively and actualized as a personality, a deeply creative, artistic home is your calling card.  Here are some magficient bits of inspiration to flood your home with more flourish in ways that mirror your creative desires!  Continue Reading…

bird nest

Bird build a nest diligently to ensure they have a place to raise their family. Can you imagine if you had to fly around with stray and sticks in your beak, somehow weaving them into a recepticle to hold your babies? Its pretty magical. Indeed, its almost mind-boggling. Bees make giant combs, ants build colonies…. Nature builds with care and regularity.

This makes me think a lot about how we- you and me- are building our own nests.

I know we all want things… but what do we build on a daily basis?

What you want is likely different from your daily thoughts, words and actions if you aren’t living the life you want.

Building your dream life is a process.

If you are willing to be awake and willing to really look at life for all it is right now, you can create an amazing future.

It starts with the decision to have your lifestyle align with your intentions.

And can be easier than you think to get started!

xoxo Dana

simple things

(inspirational collages) 

Don’t get me wrong, I love a cinematic adventure as much as you probably do, but I find peace in simplicity.

If you can’t be with your friends unless there is an elaborate setting… If you can’t be on dates unless there is fanfare… If a day isn’t really fun unless you did something epic… If you lament your unhappiness because the extraordinary is out of your reach… you may want to tune in to simple things.

Listen to yourself breathe.  Take yourself for a walk. Make yourself breakfast.  Doodle on a piece of paper.  Smile at strangers.  See if that wakes you up a bit!

If you aren’t OK with the simple things, there is a long, hard road ahead to live life at Level 10. Not only is it unrealistic, it is stressful on your body and keeps real love and joy at arms length.

Try a little simplify. xoxo Dana

pink flowers

As a kid I was highly unusual. Actually, by nature all kids are unusual. Everyone is born who they are.  Then it changes.

Do you ever feel like you are fighting to be who you are… or struggling to be yourself in a world full of rules and expectations?

I am a big advocate of returning to the place where you can be yourself. What a big concept.  And its only natural.

After all, why should it be hard to be who you actually are?

It gets highly complicated.

When I am working with clients who have given their lives over to who they believe they should be, their homes tend to look amazing. There is decor abundance. There is near-perfect choreography of every accesory.  Pillows as they should be. Its almost like walking into a magazine.  Except one piece is missing: it feels empty.

Emptiness happens when you lose connection to your life and your space.  Some of you might be shrugging your shoulders right now thinking, “I really don’t want to connect to my life right now. I am bored/miserable/tired/annoyed/unsatisfied/ etc. by my life right now.”

Some of you may have dreams and images in your mind of how life should look and the picture you walk through every day doesn’t match up.

In all of these disconnected situations I find myself asking the same set of questions to get to the “other stuff” out of the way and find a route into a greater sense of Tao (that deep connection!) to space and all of life. Continue Reading…


The unexpected is often the fantastic. So when celebrity makeup artist and balanced beauty expert Chantal Moore sent me her latest discovery in balanced beauty- a bar of soap with a patented formula infused with silver that is massively beautifying, I was more than intrigued!  It’s total skin-love, and certainly a happy surprise!  Continue Reading…

speak your truth

(inspirational collages— the best!) 

Every time you swallow your words when you know you have to say them, its like swallowing poison.

I’ve noticed we live in an over-sharing society- and I’m sure you have, too.  You can share photos of every moment of your life with a world of friends or total strangers.  You can share details of your past or your intellectualized plans for the future.

But… when it comes to sharing YOU with your real life, where do you stand?

What do I mean?

How much are you willing to speak up and risk saying the scary things you know you have to say in the service of building a life you are proud of, a life where you have joy and peace and fulfillment?

Lately, I have been called upon my life to speak up. In the past, I swallowed words.

I would say things like, ” I just don’t care.” Or, “he/she is a monster and won’t listen.” Or, ” I’m not ready…” And, as a consequence, I let parts of life slip through my fingers.

The less I would speak up when I knew I had to- in relationships, jobs, friendships, advocating for my health, you name it- the more bitter and closed and anxiety-ridden I became. My life was a fantasy in a sense, because, instead of speaking up, I could intuitively imagine all sorts of scenarios that could result if I opened my mouth to say how I felt or what I needed.  And in that fantasy, I thought other people should be able to see that I was silent and struggling, and they should- if they were good people- pull the words out of me.

That’s not a good strategy. Trust me, its a very precarious way to walk through life as a victim.

You might hear NO when you want a YES. You might be rejected, ridiculed or even vastly disrespected. You might make people angry.  But if you are speaking not just to be heard or to blame other people for your own life, if you have things to say because they are your truth and you can stand in that truth, you move from victim to creator. You shift from powerless to empowered and the confusion disappears.

If you have something you really need to tell someone, something you have to say, I am rooting for you to do it.  No matter what happens, you will be free. And truly, that’s the best outcome, anyway. xoxo Dana

green smoothie

If there is one theme that emerges when looking back at the feng shui time I have spend with clients, and one single idea that echoes in my own life over and over again, it is that big, bold moves are what we think creates major change.  Continue Reading…

focus on the magical

Oh is this true, and a reason to be very aware of the people you share your time with, the advice you seek and the things you do in service of building a life you love.

If you are spinning in the negative, or getting really lost in your fear, you will just make it all much bigger.

And… no matter how bleak a moment may be, there are magical things everywhere waiting for you to notice them.  The entire existence of this planet held together by magnetic attractions is nothing short of vast magic.

Whatever you put your attention on will grow…! xoxo Dana