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Energy Clearing Is A Daily Practice Of Self-Love And Abundance!

8 Eye-Opening Discoveries Gained By De-Cluttering Life!

The Rice Experiment Has Blown My Mind & Proven The Power Of Love


Like walking through endless tunnels lined with thousands of flowers, this year is lush and overflowing with abundance.

Every year is, actually! But the cosmic themes of 2020 from astrology, numerology and even the lunar calendar are all on board with this being a year of major abundance, and the Feng Shui this year is all about that!

And, for just one more day this year you can join us HERE in The Catalyst Camp Feng Shui Home + Life De-Cluttering immersion to map out your New Year, totally declutter your home and Feng Shui your dreams into life!



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In 2020 we launch into a 22/4 Universal Year in Numerology and the themes are so perfectly aligned with the practical (yet, magical-feeling) ways to make your dreams come true.

You may already know that I believe in utterly unlimited possibility, and by no means do I live by astrology, numerology or anything else. The themes, however, can be illuminating. Especially when they all come together seamlessly. In this year of Earth element, grounded power, organization and opulence on every level, the Numerological energy couldn’t be more compatible!

Given my personal Golden Rules and beliefs in the infinite possibility, I only look to experts who use these modalities (astrology, numerology, etc) in the most empowering ways. In this case, my sister, Nicole Claudat, is the only Numerologist I look to. She also believes and lives in the unlimited, her intuition is off-the-charts and the results of her work with people brings them greater empowerment and energy every single time with zero negative predictions or limitations or superstition.

It’s a year of building, growing, expanding, mastering and living with the strongest personal integrity, among other things! And, without further ado Nicole’s Numerology for 2020 is here for you!

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Chances are you are overflowing with great ideas every day.

From the smallest comments (“wouldn’t it be great if…”) to the grand visions of the future that can flash in our minds when we’re doing something ordinary like washing the dishes… there are endless ideas that flow to us and through us every day.

Some people are great at keeping them together and making something of their ideas. I spend most of my life in the other group of people who either couldn’t organize all the ideas, couldn’t focus or fell into a creative block that persisted for years.

Coming out of that stuck place I was greeted with so many ideas that I was applying to graduate schools at the same time that I was starting a jewelry line at the same time that I was working on six other projects and I still couldn’t focus sharply enough to make a big breakthrough.

I needed to get my ideas together: organized, synthesized and visualized.

In the process of clarifying all these ideas, enormous breakthroughs happened.

Let’s talk about gathering up your brilliance and making it manifest every day.

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You have talents, life experiences, knowledge and wisdom that is wholly unique. Your DNA, your spirit, your point of view– it’s also 100% you.

As unique as you are, there are some things that hold true for us across the boards, and one of the biggest is that we participate greatly in creating our lives every single day.

When you want to create something new, it can be complex or it can be simple. I choose simple. After all, if it’s simple it’s more likely to get done!

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Did you ever hear of creating 1000 paper cranes and, at the end, your wish will be fulfilled?

What I love about it is that there is a deliberate practice of folding each crane from small sheets of paper. It’s sort of an artistic prayer repeated over and again until 1000 are done.

This is a beautiful way to think about re-affirming your intentions and practicing your plans in action.

Planning is often considered key to having more success in all ways.

And, if you’ve planned before and put lots of thought into all your plans and they were less-than-helpful, you are not alone.

I’ve made incredible plans and not seen them take flight. In fact, I’ve found myself- in tedious and anxious ways- trying to dissect why these things I planned for never happened, which, after becoming stressed, only wasted more time.

Today’s Feng Shui is a more comprehensive or holistic way to make changes, build new things and see more certain results as you go. It’s planning that’s been supercharged.

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Immerse yourself in what feels like sparkling glitter of ideas, energy and infinite opportunities every single day.

If you can pull this off, you’ll be wholly and completely unstoppable.

And, you absolutely can do it!

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Let’s level-up the energy we put behind our intentions in 2020, shall we?

That’s what the Feng Shui is all about today!

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While you know already that when you clear clutter you’ll have a cleaner home, you’ll probably feel very accomplished and want to have more people over, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the benefits and rewards.

Clutter clearing has been the foundation of total life revolutions for thousands of people I’ve Feng Shui’d with over the years, and the very first of these revolutions I’ve witnessed was my very own.

As I remove every single shred of clutter from my home to start a New Year, I’m lit up from all this radical cleansing, clearing and energizing.

There are infinite benefits to clutter clearing, and the less-talked-about but most-commonly-experienced ones are here for you today, to fuel your own de-cluttering adventures!

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