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(my scandanavian home)

At its core, the work you’ll read about on this blog is a method of home + life expansion. It’s an evolution of Feng Shui, some say a revolution, and the concepts don’t exist anywhere else in the world of home design + Feng Shui.

And the ultimate purpose of it all is very simple: this work is here to help you to manifest your greatest potential.

Abraham Maslow called this state of “living your best life” Self-Actualization.

And that’s what we’re going to be talking about today: you shining as your best self.

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2021 is a fresh year and that freshness is exemplified in the themes that emerge from the Numerology of the year.

Every year, my sister Nicole Claudat, a numerologist and a brilliant intuitive energy expert, writes about the themes of the year to come.

Today she’s sharing the energy of the #5 Universal Year that is 2021. May you all flourish and prosper on every level, supported by all this expansive energy!

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Declutter your mind and you’ll experience a huge increase in focus, balance, intuition and overall personal effectiveness. 

Basically, a clear mind can transform your whole life! 

In addition to more focus, you’ll have more creativity on hand to help you manifest abundance.  And, you’ll feel amazing!  

For a few more days this year, you can join us HERE in The Catalyst Camp Feng Shui Home+Life Declutter!

Here’s to a powerful and transformational season ahead!



(Energy Muse explains how to make your own crystal grid right HERE)

Today, it’s not even NOON as I type this and I’ve learned many new things including a cooking technique that seems very valuable and many more tips to do things better in all ways.

We are in a sea of helpful hints, tips, learning and data.

It’s incredibly exciting for me, given that I’d watch PBS all weekend long and paint along with Bob Ross then scour seed catalogues after watching Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Gardening. I’d cook something– anything!– after watching Julia Child re-runs and The Frugal Gourmet, a man who prompted me to beg my mom for a wok to stir fry vegetables when I was about 9 years old.

PBS was my Internet of Learning long before the Internet. The thing about it was– you saw a full show. You learned how to make things from start to finish. You had a real educational experience, even if it was limited to thirty minutes.

So, now, as I’ve picked up a handful of tips before NOON from Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook and You Tube alone… I’m not as moved to apply them all, though I want to know them all.

It can be either exciting or overwhelming to have so much data at our fingertips.

Let’s put all these tips — including things you learn here, reading this blog and watching videos– to great use in life in powerful, life-affirming, really instructive ways.

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These three manifestation journaling ideas can light up your life in so many creative ways, and they’re both fun and easy!

I hope you love them as much as I do!

And, for just a few more days, you can join us HERE in the Feng Shui Catalyst Camp Home + Life Declutter!



(dustin humes)

If you want to be the greatest magnet for success– be yourself.

And, if you want to be the greatest magnet for love– be yourself.

And, if you want to be the greatest creative genius– be yourself.

In this world of much confusion, being yourself cuts through the noise.

There’s a tremendous amount of power in being yourself fully.

To get to that place– or to return there when needed– it’s time to declutter!

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How can you make the absolute most of right now?

I ask myself this question all the time, especially when there are big days– a birthday, a new moon, a New Year– approaching.

Every day is that special occasion.

The more we get into a habit of looking to make things objectively brighter, more flowing, more fulfilling and more successful, the more that obstacles shrink and every day becomes a opportunity to make things more amazing.

If you’re ready to upgrade anything, now is the time to brainstorm new ways to approach every day!

As the saying goes, “you gotta move different if you want different.”

Feng Shui in this unique way– The School of Intention Method and it’s one-of-a-kind approach to Feng Shui with Infinite Possibility– helps you to create a space that’s always expanding as you grow and glow bigger daily!

Let’s get into the Feng Shui to find new ways to do things bolder, brighter and better!

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You don’t need a special occasion to create a totally new beginning.

Yet, every new beginning– when it’s fueled with passion and commitment– is a special occasion.

As we get ready to start The Catalyst Camp Feng Shui Home + Life Declutter for the New Year, I’m thinking way beyond clearing negative energy, dumping clutter and lightening up life and diving deep into the success-bringing benefits of a life that’s free of clutter and laser-focused on the NEW.

Today, let’s look at Feng Shui to make the freshest fresh starts and tune into big success!

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