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remember how far you've come


(inspirational collages)

Its really easy to forget the start.  Its easy to lose sight of the days when you couldn’t do a fraction of what you can do now.  I find it deceptively difficult at times to remind myself that I actually created something from nothing, rather than seeing how far I have to go to fulfill the vision in my mind of what I want to do.

When I’m sitting and looking at the immense mountain in front of me to climb, that’s when I take a moment and click on Tumblr to see some of my earliest posts from 2008. That’s when I drag out the notes from early lessons in feng shui in 2006 and 2007.  Back then I would panic before every client.  I would freeze at the thought of having an actual blog.  I had no idea how to get from there to here…

But, here we are.

I think it’s human nature to always be thinking ahead and forgetting what came before it.  But gratitude is in that peek backward that keeps you grounded in all the steps it took to get to right now.

Enjoy your accomplishments & you won’t have a future-projection panic. Or, at least not one that takes over your mind and helps you forget all the awesome things you have done!  xoxo Dana


(Mark Rothko at Seattle Museum)

When things start idling in some way, I know that I’m stuck.

I didn’t used to get to that conculsion quickly.  Instead, I’d blame other people and external ciucumstances that were “out of my control” to use a a reason why certain parts of my life were just not happening.  The stuckness would persist… get way worse… and then erupt in a huge crisis that would force me to change my life.

Have you been there?

Are you stuck right now?

Are you really frustrated and feeling like you have just no idea what to do next?

While it’s not always a walk in the park, easy-breezy or effortless to shake free of stagnant patterns, it’s something you can start to do, today, right now.

Its not about turning your life inside out… but it is about shaking yourself free.  Only you can do it for you… but you can get tons of help and tools to support you as you go.   Continue Reading…

boho minimalism

I happen to love everything that sings of bohemian chic.. but my own space is full if white curtains, flooded with light, I am facing one bright orange sofa, one bright teal one to the left… taestry on the wall… bet the rest is white open space.  Boho minimalism.  There’s some disco (the gold mirror, the mantle full of gold 70’s relics mixed with crystals) and there’s some hyper-natural hanging plants, a battered antique dining table, orchids and bromeliads and leavy greens in every corner…

Do you love the boho fantasy but can’t handle the overwhelm of stuff everywhere?  Are you more suited to be a hyper-minimal bohemian?  Here’s some of my most eye-catching creative design inspiration to bring the boho fantasy home with a light hand and an eye toward creative calm.  Continue Reading…

yarn wall hanging


Whether its a yarn and twine woven dreamcatcher or a whole wall draped in yarn, the addition of woven, spun, handmade greatness to your home brings an element of soft to a space like almost nothing else can. This unique twist on art can be bought or made… and actually made quite easily at times… with results that are full-fledged super-stunning!  Continue Reading…

brittany wright food gradients Brittany Wright seeems to be a  kindred soul as I read her posted bio on her website: “I’m working on my life goal of teaching myself how to cook everything and anything. I enjoy the science behind cooking and experimenting with flavors. I see food as an art, and an opportunity to do something creative.

While she works on her life goal… a real passion-mission… she creates photographs that are eye-poppingly gorgeous ombres and spectrums, rainbows of produce, pasture eggs… Delightful slices of citrus, whole berries and persimmons…

She’s taken a passion and approached it from a completely unique angle that seems totally intuitive… and vibrantly successful.

The result isn’t just art that you’ll want to have around (*you can buy prints of some favorites HERE) to demonstrate abundance.  Her photographs are also an inquiry into the wonder of nature, the infinite variations and the ways in which things ripen, change, develop…

Today, some favorites from Brittany Wright in ombres and spectrums that are garden-fresh! Continue Reading…

flower remedies

Flowers are undoubtedly miraculously unique, energized and… you may not have realized it… but they are also healing!  A few handfulls of fresh blooms will cure your home of bad vibes in a split second.  A friend recently reminded me that when I was super sick 5 years ago I always had Star Gazer Lillies on my grocery shopping list for friends to bring me until I could shop myself.  But, of course I had these giant perfume-packed blooms on my list… they make me well.

Today, let’s explore some of my favorite ways far beyond just buying bouquets to create more wellness with flower power!  Continue Reading…

dark walls

Grey is a mark of sophistication.  Right now I’m contemplating grey for walls in a giant office space to make the kitchen feel more creative yet glamorous.  Its that kind of color: creative, glamorous, stunning and steely.  While grey can feel mopey or tired, if you add lots of earth and wood energy to a grey space you create something stunning and balanced out of a room.  In fact: if you have lots of beige, brown and gream in a room already, grey walls can bring it all to life in a much more precise and serene way! Continue Reading…

do all with love

Are things just not happening for you, no matter how hard you try?

Are you going to be happy one day when finally things start going your way?

Are you only able to love after you are loved first…?

Today’s feng shui is all about making a decided difference to open life to everything that;s been eluding you! Continue Reading…