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10 Ways Your Space Can Help You Build Your Wealth!

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Star Cluster

Today, I want to share a story that was a big phase shift in my life.

It’s a story about having a North Star of a vision for yourself that’s compelling and worth working toward. It’s also a story about how that complelling vision of the future can re-fashion the obstacles in your path into the blessings that transform you into who you need to be in order to succeed.

Yes, it’s all that (!) and it’s a simple story. Continue Reading…

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While it certainly doesn’t help to suppress anything that’s deep inside and needs to be dealt with (*way better to embrace it and really feel your way through it all) , the stresses of a day don’t qualify in the “to-be-embraced” category in my life!

If you are in need of some quick “shaking off” of stress, you can add these little space & life shifts to your toolbox! Continue Reading…

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I’m such a fan of happy everything.

And while I’m not a classic self-help fan a lot of the time because I find it too hard-driving and with too little space for happiness in the mix, I love this quote so much:

“Make the most of today. Get interested in something. Shake yourself awake. Develop a hobby. Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through you. Live today with gusto.”

~Dale Carnegie

I know, if you don’t like your job at the moment or if you’re in a struggle the last thing you’ve been taught to do is to be happy in these situations.  Weirdly, though, it was when I decided to be happy despite the it being darkest time in my life, going against every single thing I’d ever been taught to do in a crisis- everything started to change in ways that seemed impossible to imagine. That sold me on happiness as the best way to do anything.

Positive psychology is pretty phenemonal… and it’s exciting and within reach right now…! Continue Reading…

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Every so often it’s time to clean house in a big way.

The normal vaccuuming, space clearing, polishing, and even the essential oils and everything else are wonderful.  They’re all essential.  They are purifying, space-making, liberating and exciting, along with the fifty of so other ways I do cleaning and clearing at home.

When I talk about cleaning house in a big way, I mean: cleaning the house of my mind, my body, my soul, my energy field and all the stuff that’s in it… and my home, too, with a powerful decision guiding it all.  


That’s your magic when infused into your lifestyle.

Healers harness intention in different ways.  Magicians harness intention.  Athletes, bakers, artists… and all of us at our best are directing our intention in ways that make beautiful things happen.

If your intention and attention aren’t being focused or you’re being pulled in too many directions or your vitality is obscured by too much dust and noise, well,  some magical housecleaning can set it free!

I know I’m overdue for some of this deep house & life cleaning if I wake up for days in a row feeling hazy, if I’m losing enthusiasm, if I’m super-confused, anxious, my eyes look dull or if there’s a general sense of heaviness lingering in the air around me.

Are you there right now, feeling ready to shake off all but the highest and most glowing energy?!

Today is all about feng shui magic housecleaning for your home & your life!

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count all your blessings

If you read the above quote from my first true eye-opening author who opened my eyes at a very young age to the world of Creative Visualization, Shakti Gawain, and decided you’ve already heard enough about gratitude and you’re so grateful but you don’t have the money you want and the stuff you want…

Well, let’s start by saying… you’re not alone. I’ve run around being “so grateful” and yet mercilessly bemoaned the fact that I wasn’t getting what I deserved.

It was pointed out to me that this attitude and energy, indeed, is not grateful.

It was also pointed out to me by this same someone who has created 3 enviably empires of actual wealth, plus a beautiful family and an incredible spiritual life and marathon-running health well into her 70’s at the time (and still thriving more every day nearly 80 now… with a whole new business starting up) that  nothing would change unless I changed the way I saw things.

I changed my space.  I changed my perspective.  And I understood what she meant as I watched everything in my life open up in the ways that once seemed so elusive.

Some perspective shifting may ground you in your own prosperity and gratitude right now! Continue Reading…

Salt Space Clearing from The Tao of Dana

If you want to clear some stuck energy out of your home, there are hundreds of methods to try.  The Cash Camp intro video series features a few favorites of mine, but there are so many more.  This one I’ve never shared so for #MagneticSummer abundance-making, let’s do some space clearing with salt & candles! Continue Reading…

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(alicia coral: the best gems!)

If you want to see wonder, you’ll see it everywhere.

If you want to see reasons, you’ll see them everywhere.

If you want signs, they’ll appear.

This is all really cool science that’s been proven in neurology, physics and psychology, as well as ancient philosophies and everyday life.

I used to hear this and feel… broken.  For all my work, my struggle, my sacrifices… nothing was showing up that was so awesome. I was always tired, always trying to predict what would happen next to save me, always hoping for a miracle…

I really was broken, in a sense!  My energy and focus were broken into so many pieces.  So much time was dedicated to “fixing” myself in ways that presumed I wasn’t good enough yet. So many people needed things from me beyond what I could give.  So many ways I was struggling.

Things shifted when I started focusing on wonder and started bringing my attention to the things that really made me happy .  A massive health crisis helped me to understand that my life would either be one of two things: one big mess of regret living as I was living in this percieved broken state or… it would be one great big creative experiment.

I chose the great big creative experiment… and never looked back!

Today’s feng shui is about shifting energy so that it’s focused on building the things that light you up from the inside out.  When your energy is moving toward the things your heart is truly set on creating, that’s when magic happens! Continue Reading…

Crystal Essence Sprays From The Tao of Dana

Crystals are pure earth energy, and you can harness that energy very simply to make room sprays that keep the vibes in your home high, light and radiant!  #MagneticSummer is all about filling your environment with buzzing, beautiful, prosperous energy, and this is a favorite! Continue Reading…