Energy Clearing Is A Daily Practice Of Self-Love And Abundance!

Are You Good At Thinking About Self-Love But Have A Hard Time Doing It?

The Rice Experiment Has Blown My Mind & Proven The Power Of Love

10 Big Ways To Know That You’re On A Path To More Love In Life!

Are You Ready For More Love In Your Life?!

I’m blazing through Hal Elrod’s book The Miracle Morning after my friend Honorée Corder told me about his writing. I’m loving that so many tools I’ve used over the years have been distilled into one Miracle Morning routine. I’m not sure I can do every one of them in the morning, but I’ve been doing most of them for quite some time wherever they fit in the day.

That said, I have been drawn to making my early mornings more miraculously awesome these days, especially since most of the day is about everyone else– this blog, my clients, the Campers, students, family and friends– and I like it that way. Also, mornings are a more sacred time when the world around me is largely asleep if I manage to stay on a truly early morning schedule.

When you want something badly enough, you tend to find a way, right?

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My greatest personal lesson for my whole life in the last eight years has been one thing: energy is what matters most.

The higher the energy around me, the clearer the space around me, the more I can make things and allow things to happen that are epic.

This personal lesson helped me to heal, to grow, to triumph over a depth of adversity and, ultimately, do things I’d never dreamed were possible.

The thing about this, though, is that it’s not a “one-time” realization. I had a history spanning back to my earliest memories of trauma, shame, believing I was not good enough, needing to achieve, needing to prove myself, needing to rise like a phoenix from the ashes… and, that stuff didn’t all go away when I got fierce about high energy everywhere in my life.

All that stuff took a lot of practice. I had to let it unfold. I had to be OK with not being OK all the time which was not easy for me at all. And, ultimately, I had to be willing to step into some very new “high vibe” territory to make the kind of changes that I was ready to make.

High vibes are a practice and a lifestyle. I’m always trying new things and looking for new ways to tune into more of that magic. Today, here are the biggest switches I’ve been loving that have been Feng Shui and Life superchargers!

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When you think about making dreams come true, it may summon a mix of emotions. Excitement. Activity. Making. Creating. Standing on stages or sitting in meetings or hopping on planes. Falling in love, hiking or surfing, writing your best-seller sipping coffee in Italy.

Whatever all the biggest dreams look like, they tend to be very active, you know? Doing. Going. Moving. Taking action.

Then there’s the flip side of the coin, that’s equally important and maybe more important when creating a life every day that surpasses your wildest dreams: rest, meditation, contemplation, visualization, laying on the sand, resting up against a tree, taking a nap or a bath, snuggling with your pets.

This type of self-care that asks you to turn the dial down on the day and tune in, the type of energy that is quiet and calm, is the energy of receiving.

If you’re always running, you might just rush past the fulfillment every day.

In all the dream-making and manifesting of the season of love we’re in as The Love Camp just opened for the year (!), the Feng Shui of the day is all about self-care that’s tuned into this receptive magic.

It’s just as important as inspired action. It’s a huge part of creating anything amazing.

It’s the Yin to all the Yang busy-ness of life, and it’s the way to deeply revitalize and live a life that exceeds all your wildest dreams!

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Today, it is a big New Moon Day today– the fiery and passionate New Moon in Aries.

It’s the start of the Astrological cycle, sort of a cosmic New Year, and the energy is thought to radiate all weekend long.

The theme on this particular New Moon is that you can manifest anything you want right now with an extra dose of cosmic power behind your wishes.


All that said: you can manifest anything you want– at any time you want– with all the power you’ll ever want on your side!

You can create your most magnetic and empowering environment that multiplies your manifesting magic!

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Welcome to me in my most “me” environment. Plants, plus flowers, plus trees, plus stones, plus fountains, plus… a red dress, plus friends around, plus an unexpected adventure while shooting some photos.

All of these things are a big part of my self-expression.

I used to swallow my self-expression, allowing “just so much” to be public, keeping the rest to myself so that I wouldn’t be too weird, too visible or too anything…

Instead, I was just a piece of me. I was increasingly more anxious, frustrated and creatively spent not because I was so productive, but, rather, because I was holding myself back.

This is, apparently, common.

In many ways I see this happening with so many people every day. I have clients who will only acknowledge their big, bold, true aim when I’ve been gently relentless, not accepting that they’re OK with whatever they can get in life. Pretty much no one hires me when they don’t want to make a change in life!

I’ve had friends and family downplay their “unrealistic” dreams and bottle-up talents as though they’d dissolve if brought to the world more confidently.

You may have done it, and you may be doing it— minimizing your talents, gifts, self-expression, wishes, goals, emotions, intellect and/or more of your creative spirit so as to stay smaller for some (often frustrating) reason.

Today, let’s talk about un-bottling all that wildly powerful and unique magic that is you and expanding it more fully into your whole life!

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Eery single day is bursting with potential. Every single day can be equally infused with love. Every single moment contains an infinity of creative options.

I was raised in a paradigm that said– “You can enjoy things once you achieve things.” That achievement came easy to me at first, and then I was shamed for not “working hard enough.” If it was easy, it wasn’t an achievement. And, when I tried really hard to work really hard and avoid all my talents and gifts that made things easy, everything magical in my life came to a grinding halt.

I took on a new paradigm through a lot of necessity that says–” I achieve things when I enjoy things.”

Feeling good is my path to all great things. And, it turns out I’m not alone.

While you can accomplish a whole lot from a place of self-condemnation and non-stop grinding work, that isn’t a sustainable model for life. Also, what you accomplish, especially if it’s costing you your joy or your well-being, will be lacking the sparkle of joy that it could have had!

While work, practice, challenge and overcoming are all a part of the adventure, feeling good is a magic formula for manifesting.

Today let’s look at some fun Feng Shui to expand all that magic that you have!

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It’s a season of Love with The Love Camp coming soon, and that means it’s a season of SELF-CARE in brilliant ways!!! I’ve got lots of natural beauty to share that is also energetically uplifting and transformational this season, including a Natural K-Beauty Skincare routine (I’m still perfecting it!) and my foray into FACE YOGA! My “Before” pictures are being taken now and in a month or two I’ll have “After” results for you. Fingers crossed!

So, in all my experimenting, the ideas that drive me are finding routines, tools, supplements and habits that are simple, multi-purpose and truly transformational. Preferable that they are inexpensive, too!

While Manuka Honey is not cheap, a very little goes a long way. I have been taking a teaspoon a day to recover from what seemed like an endless cold, I’ve used it on my skin as a mask (BRILLIANT), I’ve put it on my eyelids when I had incredible allergies and it cured them… and so much more!

As I’ve been using Manuka honey for a few months now – nearly daily- and feeling fantastic (especially about it’s SKIN glowing effects used sparingly as a mask or cleanser!) it was time to share more!!!

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Taking pictures with a super-talented photographer in a Los Angeles alley is definitely not the key to changing everyone’s life for the better. But, as I produced this shoot (a few outtakes are here!) — one of many that are for the new blog and so so much new that’s coming– I couldn’t help but dig into art (the street art here is so fresh), color (it’s everywhere), nature, fashion (this Prabal Gurung dress has a life of its own!) and every other way that I connect to life in sensory ways. Sunshine, rainbows, laughter, adventure, collaboration, synergy, racing against time as storefronts opened…

All that richness was a big part of the process if art directing myself and it was as energizing as 12 cups of coffee (! — in a positive way!) every day as it came together.

It pulled my focus off of anything else that was capturing my attention and got me deep into a connection with creative fire I was so ready to mine!

When you’re deeply invested in what you’re doing, that creative fire is undeniable. It’s a level of power and potency that feels like magic.

In a sense, it is magic.

Deeply connecting to your life and becoming so invested that you can’t be pulled off of your course, distracted by drains or tempted by self-criticism to waver is a kind of fierceness that can’t be denied.

Let’s get some more of that magic cooking right now!

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