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Nothing beats a soft blanket when it comes to raising the energy in my home.  All softness raises the energy in my home.

More softness can be epic for helping you feel at home, and that feeling of home is powerful.

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I am so wildly excited for this season of deep clearing that’s ahead, it’s got my whole home buzzing. Drawers are getting revamped, closets cleaned, and so many other projects I’ve been talking about for the last month– new bed and bedroom energy, new patio landscaping, eco-friendly holiday tree– are finally getting done!

I know that a shift has happened already because I’m wildly excited to cook more, paint more and take more naps— three of my personal signs that my energy is going to fruitful places and momentum is building.

Plus… so much has already come to life!

  • I’m learning new skills in all this excitement— video editing is on top on that list of new skills so that I can, impromptu, make more illustrative videos and feel more creatively free sharing all these projects and ideas.
  • The Story Board for the new blog/website is coming together with all the features you’ve wanted– a search feature, a killer mobile app, and all kinds of ease and beauty. This, too, makes space for the new—radical new diy content, food content, more videos, and so much more that I can share.
  • The School of Intention professional feng shui training was born out of this clear space after ten years in the making!
  • New friends came from this space-making.
  • A new level of self-love and wellness started to flourish, elevated even higher by the Liver Rescue detox program I just finished.

These are all doors opening after a radical clear-out of my life in 2018 which, by the way, already looked to be “clear” of clutter of all kinds before this clean-out began.

On every level, I let go of so much. From mattress recycling to closet clearing, from energetic cord cutting to deep home re-energizing, it was the ultimate purge.   It was so radical that I wasn’t sure what would be left in my life when I was done!!!

What was left was a whole lot of what I love— and the ability to see that clearly. 

On top of that, a whole universe of new paths and opportunities was born.

This is why home and life clearing is so awesomely amazing!

Let’s explore a few simple home shifts today that can have a powerful impact on your abundance, confidence and openness to opportunity and fresh starts.  Continue Reading…

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I will start by saying that I don’t do cleanses, historically-speaking. I believe in my body’s ability to take care of itself in terms of detoxification, and I am not one for juice fasts or intermittent fasts or anything else.  They may have many merits, I don’t know.  I just don’t really do them, and so the fact that I did this nine day cleanse was a pretty monumental event.

I also don’t do dieting or restrictive eating beyond the  SCD diet I have been on for my health for the last 14 years, that is gluten, grain, seaweed, chemical, soy and sugar free.  (more on the diet is HERE)

That said, because of eating no grain and a lot of other things for over a decade, I leaned into more dairy, plus more healthy fats for richness. I love to eat, and I never feel deprived.  That said, over the last few years I started to feel less sparkling and energized.

It was nothing dramatic, just a slow slow-down, an extra cup of tea, a need for more moisturizer, feeling a little less cellular thrill.

I watched friends and family turn their health around doing the Anthony William’s Medical Medium Thyroid program this Summer, and as they touted the joys of celery juice and their newfound love of herbal teas like thyme and lemon balm, raw honey and lots of fruit, I was intrigued by the power of these simple additions to every day.

I added celery juice to the mornings for a few weeks and felt really good.  I dropped dairy for a month and felt even better. I drank huge wild blueberry-filled smoothies every day.

Nothing was extreme but it made a noticeable difference— more energy, more lightness, more hydration.

So, when the Medical Medium Liver Rescue book was ready for release, I had it on pre-order.

I also have to say, I am not a doctor, nor am I a healer or anyone dispensing medical advice… and, I’m not being compensated to write this.

In our countdown to the New Year and all the Home and Life De-cluttering to create more magic feelings every day, it felt like a great time to share my detox experience that I plan to do seasonally, since round one was such a revelation.

Even if you don’t ever do the nine-day program, there’s a lot I’ve learned that was extremely sensible, and continues to make me feel radiant and quite spectacular.  Continue Reading…


There are traditional symbols aplenty in Classical Feng Shui and Vatsu that are thought to bring you wealth and prosperity.

An image of seven (and sometimes 8 ) horses is one of those symbols.

Given that I get asked all the time about these symbols, and this is a big one, today’s feng shui is all about an image of seven or eight galloping horses on your walls and what it will and won’t do for you on it’s own.  Continue Reading…

Can nine lemons, oranges or limes placed in a bowl in your house bring you luck?

Let’s explore this common feng shui tip that’s flashed as a sure-fire way to create more prosperity and see how lemons can be a prosperous addition to your kitchen.  Continue Reading…

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Happy Holiday Season!!!

This Thanksgiving at home with the dogs, friends and more family, a wild blueberry pie is waiting, roasted veggies are headed to the oven, a bath is brewing full of crystals and essential oils (everyday indulgence!!!) and there’s calm excitement in the air.

Every day is a gratitude day, bu,t this Thanksgiving I’m so blessed with incredible health and love and peace and a mission ahead of me that makes me feel like I’m flying…

I look back on this year in total awe and deepest appreciation for a year of synergy and your energy and your presence.

Without your awesomeness and participation, this huge synergistic life-changing design stuff doesn’t happen!!!

This year, for the Holiday season, I’m sending all this electric awesomeness right back to you with a month of sharing so many more feng shui tips and methods— some you’ve maybe never seen before that are stunning—  to get ready for the absolute best, dream-manifesting New Year ever… and it starts NOW! Continue Reading…

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Growth is a choice. That’s something that modern science as well as philosophy and psychology is on board with. We don’t have limits, fixed abilities or a certain finite amount of intelligence. We can always expand.

I’ve found that it’s a constant commitment to expand a little more every day, a decision to keep learning or showing up to practice that makes my life exciting. Even, and especially, when things are great. It’s not a forced thing, meaning I only do what’s really compelling to me… but it’s definitely a practice.

Even if things coast along seemingly wonderfully, I know if I’m not creating them and I’m coasting for too long, they’ll cease to grow and will, ultimately, start to diminish.

Every season as I get ready for a new feng shui Camp to begin, I make some changes in my home and life that feel amazing to be aligned with the energy of all that’s ahead.

Catalyst Camp is up next– the clutter clearing and feng shui of creative breakthroughs– and I’ve already shared all the green and sustainable switches I’ve made in my life so far getting ready for this big season of transformation.

I’ll be spending the downtime of this season diving into space-making and feng shui that is all about expansion. There are more than a few unfinished projects that may seem simple but they are profound, and I can’t wait to dive in and get started.

I’m lighting up some very potent herbal rose incense beside me… so let’s dive in! Continue Reading…


Whether you are believer or not in astrology, there is a cultural prevalence of Mercury Retrograde that transcends astrology and has become something of a phenomenon.

Unfortunately, the phenomenon is largely drenched in fear and negative expectation, waiting for some mishap to blow the lid off of life.

I have not have those experiences in over a decade.

Actually, I have had those experience, though… when I believed in the crazy-making that was unavoidable because of this planet slowing down in the sky.

No more of that!!!

If you’ve been reading for some time you know I love Mercury Retrograde. Today, I am going to share more specifically why I love them so much and you may find ways to love them more yourself!!! Continue Reading…