Is Your Home Attracting What You Want?!

Use Red Envelopes In Feng Shui To Multiply Your Good Fortune!

The Awesome Feng Shui For Building Wealth That You Haven’t Heard!

(love this shelf from etsy)

Everything that raises the vibes in your home is excellent feng shui.

Everything that makes you feel more at home is excellent feng shui.

And if you aren’t ready for a total remodel, it takes just a few small adjustments to feel more of the high vibes that can be like a home makeover in themselves!

Today I’m sharing seven of my most favorite ultra-high-vibe home goodies of the moment.  None are particularly expensive, all are customizable— and this may actually spark tons of ideas of your own.

High vibes make you happier, lighter, more focused, more magnetic and overall more radiant.

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Many of us will spend many endless thousands of hours of our lives at work.  Ideally, all that work time shuld be awesome time! And if it’s not, today let’s get things closer to ideal.

If you’re stressed, overwhelmed, cluttered and otherwise challenged, that work can be enough to manage.

If you add in the many common toxins that run rampant in even our home offices, this time at work can come along with a big price to pay with our energy and wellness.

Feng shui for your workspace can be the game-changer, turning your office space into a well-tuned sanctuary at a fundamental level that makes a huge shift in your days.

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When we get into trying to control things we aren’t present.

Today’s feng shui is all about a way to live that is so much lighter and so much more impactful in terms of actually “manifesting” amazing things.   Continue Reading…

In homes and in lives and in my own days more and more I’m starting to see that “mysterious blocks” that won’t go away no matter what is done (space clearing, spiritual immersion, incredible amounts of work, cutting edge healing) can actually be self-created in a non-mysterious way.

A facinating dynamic that is super common is this:

I want something.  

I also- simultaneously-  don’t want the things that this something may bring. 

Mixed Signals.  Crossed Wires.  Creating + Un-Creating at the same time. 

Are you doing this? Could this be the mysterious block that’s been in the way?  Continue Reading…


It takes almost 30 years for the planet Saturn to move through the entire zodiac.  With each shift, every two and a half years, there’s a big theme of shift in life overall.

Saturn is the planet of tasks getting done, lessons being learned, things being very structured (among other things) … and when it enters into Capricorn, it’s a big change-maker.

That change is now!

At any and all times, more order and flow will allow your life to expand.  More systems and structure can help you multiply your effectiveness.  More plans will help you think less and live more.

As Saturn is cruising through Capricorn, there’s so much to do to re-vamp your life anywhere it’s been stuck.

If you find old ways don’t work any more, enbrace the new ways.

If you’re called to new passions, strive for mastery.

If you’re ready for a fresh start… clean up like never before.

Enjoy this time of generating incredible power.



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While I’ve had feng shui in my life for a long time, I find that less and less I lean on any kind of tradition and more and more I rely on whatever innovations get the job done.  I’ve always been a sort of synthesizer- my view of things is so novel that I have had life coaches tell me it’s better if I coach myself because they couldn’t really understand my thought process.  I thought it made me weird, but it actually makes this work!

That self-reliance has proven to be a gift.  You have the same gift.  We are all so gifted in ways that are so unique. But… without structure, it’s a trick to direct all those gifts into products, art and life made manifest.

Our environment, at it’s best, mirrors our gifts and greatness.

Shaping that environment focuses our energy and gives form to the ways we can share our gifts every day.

While I haven’t put a name on my ways of Dana Shui (!) if you’ve been around for a while, it’s always evolving from it’s core.  I’m only interested in gorgeous results that are seen, felt, experienced… and there’s always another level to hit.

All this introduction has a point today, because we’re talking about making life more effective, more self-actualized and more enacted.

Every time I look to make change, I start with me.  If I’m not doing this, after all, why would you try it?

And, lately, in my own life, the bar got raised extremely high.  It’s time for yet another energy innovation.

I’m not interested in just believing in myself or believing in the great outcomes, since I’ve spent a lot of my life believing and beliving and remaining in an extremely stuck place all at the same time.

Dreams can’t stay dreams forever— either they become life or else, ultimately, they languish.

Bringing the dream into action.  This is what it’s all about.  Continue Reading…

Small upgrades lead to big life shifts.  I am mid-upgrades at home, and as I clean, clear and stock up this Spring, it felt like a reat time to share some feng shui ease to feel more powerfully at home.

When you are at home in your home, you have this next layer of energy protection from negativity. You have a place to recharge.  You have your intention printed in your environment.  You have peace and meditative bliss.  It’s really so vital to have that feeling of home, and you can have more of it right now!

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(I’m obsessed with @fleamarketfab)

I’m constantly reminded of optimization.

It’s not a layer of gloss over a problem, it’s not a bunch of fancy bins to organize clutter, it’s not a quick fix even if it is quick to do.

The optimization that brings real results starts at the roots of things.  

Today, let’s look at what happens when you take what you have and transform it in incredible ways! Continue Reading…