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The shapes, colors and sizes of these divine, water-storing, plush-leaved geometric wonders are endless.  Succulents are often thought to be the most “prosperous” of plants and given the fact that they store rich nutrients and hydration and can weather storms and heat alike, I believe the title is well deserved.

Today, a little succulent inspiration and some vital how-to’s can have you growing your own today!!! Continue Reading…

Florian Maier Aichen


Florian Maier-Aichen is a German artist who, in my mind, filters the energy of nature, composes it into concise packages, colors it with passion and, in doing so, makes art that is impossible to stop admiring!

Today’s art inspiration is filled with nature glowing in radical hues.  Total love.   Continue Reading…

interested rather than interesting

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!

If you are your best you, chances are you’ll wind up well known anyway!  xoxo Dana

tea as medicine


I’ve been a green tea addict for some time, but now I’ve expanded my own repetoire of teas. I get list in the aisles… I search when I travel around for rare teas, local teas…

There are tea connosieurs.  I’m a little more simple.

Fresh organic mint leaves are a killer way to create a tea with hot water.

Organic black tea is an amazing antioxidant and wakes you up as much as coffee in my opinion, without the weird jittery after-effects.

Want to get fancy? Add a sprig of fresh rosemary to your tea, or some basil with the mint.  How about some fresh ginger with your green tea?

If you haven’t embraced tea time yet, you now have lots more reasons to give it a try! xoxo Dana



Botanicals… herbal, wild, amazing… I love greens.  Leaves, flowers, trees… vines… This botanical bliss is completely brilliant!   Continue Reading…

handle conflict


Chances are, if you are living a lift with lots of passion it it, there’s bound to be conflict.

Listen.  Don’t scream.  Resist the urge to become intensely pissed off.  Listen.

There’s a famous relationship expert who recommends seeing relationships through rather that quitting them when conflict arises (as long as there’s no abuse involved!) and the reason: learning to stay peaceful in conflict and accept and love differences is part of life.

It’s not always super-peaceful in the way that I love, but in the end, conflict is real… and you become so much better at creating more lasting peace!  xoxo Dana

domaine home

(domaine home)

When I stumbled upon this tropical lusciousness on Domaine I was totally stunned by the perfect mix of “urban” and “retreat.”  For me, the tropical harkens back to the 70’s style home I grew up in, replete with fountains full of plastic birds of paradise, massive faux trees everywhere, white sofas, gold carpets and an orange kitchen to top it all off!  An updated version of this style comes in where the tropical and city styles meet.

This inspiration can warm up, glow up and even supercharge your home.   Continue Reading…

fresh start

Yes you can start fresh.  You can start right now.  It starts with even just a glimmer of hope that it’s possible… and that hope will grow if you hang on to it.

I’m convinced people hire me in part because my life was suchhhh a mess at one point and I’m sort of a symbol of “You can do it, too. You can get out of the darkness.”

The thing is: you can do it, too.  And there’s no one way to do it.  There’s your decision, your commitment and your way.

Happy Spring!!! xoxo