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I want to take a nap. I want to take a vacation.  I want to take a break.  I want to stay home.  I want to say no. I want to cancel everything.

Do you get those feelings, hearing those words flowing through your mind, but, instead, you power through?

Welcome to the modern condition of being disconnected from ourselves.

It’s so common to be disconnected that it’s considered unique and novel and wild to find someone who does follow their feelings.

Those people who do seem to have all the luck.

You, too, are one of those people.  Continue Reading…


Pile your home full of feng shui “cures”, pile your life full of the Law of Attraction, pull every inspirational quote, read every book, go to lectures, join groups… and see nothing happen.

Yes, that’s common.

I see it every day, I’ve lived it, I know the story.

Nothing works when you’re not being you.

Even the easiest of switches in life work tend to wonders when you are being you.

Today’s wealth-building feng shui for life isn’t anything but the cold hard fact that you are amazing, unique and deeply powerful and you can do absolutely anything and change anything and magnetically attract to you all that you want— just by being yourself.  In the process, you might find a pile of garbage ideas, life clutter and vampires to clear… and that’s a bonus! Continue Reading…

Sometimes (i.e.: all the time) it’s not enough to hear or read that it’s all working out or the universe has your back. 

Proof is in the proof, you know?

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2018 is the lunar Year of the Earth Dog in the Chinese Zodiac, and the themes of grounded calm, wellness, prosperity, loyalty and stability are ever-so-welcome.  Today I’m thrilled to share feng shui for this year ahead from my own mentor, Dr. Gabriele Van Zon.   Continue Reading…


Stress. It takes us out of life. It puts us in our heads or ready to run from the moment in our bodies.

It’s the energy that keeps things we want and need from coming with ease.

A little stress is unavoidable.

Let’s just say, we’re all stressed sometimes, and if stress crashed all of life we would be in big trouble.

Stress in extremes or habits is more like static or blurr.  It makes it less possible to see the best solutions.  It makes it far easier to look at what can go wrong instead of what is right and how to get more of it.

We are like antennas.

We can actually- and this is proven- feel other people’s feelings.  It’s very powerful when you’re in a room with people.  It’s why meetings can be so telling- you pick up emotions on a subtle and very real level from everyone around you.

Those “feelings” are telling.

So, people can feel if you’re wildly under stress.  They can also feel if you’re feeling great.

Does this mean if you’re nervous that your life will fall apart or if you’re under pressure that you won’t make money? Or if you’re having a hard time nothing good can happen?


This is part of why I freak out when I hear people saying that “you can only manifest things in bliss/ joy/ total certainty/ etc.

That’s just not true.  I see no evidence of this anywhere.

But:  it does make a great case for relaxing more. Even when it seems unrealistic to relax, it’s highly beneficial.

You can call what you want, but stress is sort of the opposite of creative power.

You’re more likely to be able to bring 100000% to the table if you’re in the present moment and at ease than if you’re in a frenzy and feeling the “fight or flight” adrenaline telling your body to run.

It is true- and has been proven, that higher vibes make for more impact, infuence and positive effects.

It may not happen overnight that you go from a stress habit to a blissful ease habit, but every time you let some of the pressure out of life you open the door to more and more of what you’re after.

Wellness. Confidence. Intuition. Creative power. Love.  Clarity.  Receptiveness. Peace.

Abundance on all levels.

So, today, if you find yourself in stress, take a few breaths and see if you can shake it off, walk it off, paint or write or draw it out of you… and even that ten minutes is a shift.

Creating a santuary at home is one awesome way to make this shift to more ease and abundance far easier.

Soon, the now-infamously-exciting Cash Camp free wealth videos are coming, and you can sign on here to get them as soon as they arrive!

In the meantime, keep on lightening up your space and letting yourself breathe out pressure and anxiety.  On the other side you’ll find answers – and so much more- waiting!

xoxo Dana



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What you’re focused on is what will grow.

What’s ignored will not flourish and might even sort of wither.

And… both of these things are great news because it’s like the ultimate Permission Slip to focus on everything amazing and live in self-caring, lovingly indulgent ways.

Are you focused right now on what you want to grow?  Continue Reading…

How can you create what you want right now in the easiest way possible?

You know the answer, or the route to that answer, already.  In fact, I bet you know the answer to solve and catalyze so many things that are puzzling, frustrating, seemingly hard to solve and otherwise perplexing or stuck.

I spent a ton of time looking for “answers” outside of myself that I could never find.  It was like the more I looked, the further the answers were.

It’s funny, the more time I spent dwelling on what I didn’t know and how stuck I felt and how I had to figure it all out, the more “answers” I found that were totally not the answer and the more I grew frustrated and almost convinced that I was being “unrealistic.”

Ugh, I really don’t like that word: “unrealistic.”

It implies that there are some things that are on a “realistic” list and others that are not on that “realistic” list are things that you can’t have.

Do you think any progress or evolution would happen in life if we were all “realistic”?  Do you think you’d ever be able to do anything you dream of doing if you were “realistic.”


No, of course not.

Because there’s no such thing as realistic, you know?

There’s only what we imagine to be real.

I have been playing around lately with fifth dimension manifestation.  It’s basically diving into the idea that you’re like a magnet drawing to you everything you want in a sort of moment-by-moment fashion.  I’ll get into this more in some videos or posts very soon, but the core of all of it is a willingness to let go of a sense of “reality” that can hold us captive to it’s limits. 

So, what does this have to do with getting things that we want far more easily?

Well, first of all, your whole mind loves questions.  Both your conscious and subconscious mind love questions.  It opens doors to ask questions!

So, one easy idea to access your inner guidance easily is to ask yourself questions.

How can I get this more easily?

How can I innovate….communicate… with more effective power?

What should I focus on to get what I need…?

Whatever you need, ask yourself about it.

I do this in a journal lately, totally informally, when I’m stuck.  I sort of shut down my mind and see what answers fly onto the page.  I also have friends who challenge me with questions like this and it’s quite a trip to see just how much one question can crack the world wide open…!

One other easy idea to take lot of the stuckness out of your days so things really do come easier:  Live in expectation of awesome things.  Even if it feels super-foreign, you may want to give it a try!

I’ve done this about ten thousand times: I’ll need to create something, then I get deep in my head about it, I start wondering and that turns fast into worrying and, then, ultimately, I freak out when I can’t quite believe that anything is going to happen because I’m so lost in my head and trying to see “how it will happen.”

Oh man, I have suffered from wanting to know the steps of how everything would unfold.  I wanted some sense of security that I was mapping certain success and certain things.  It was the ultimate mind-numbing darkness to be stuck in, unable to move forward because I didn’t really know how it would all happen.

A want of control was my curse.

When I realized that I couldn’t bear another self-inflicted meltdown and all it’s stress, I decided I had nothing to lose by expecting in a “crazy” and “unrealistic” way that everything would work out.

I asked myself that big question: “What can I do that will make things easier?”

My mind/spirit’s answer: ” Give 100% and start expecting it will all work out.”

It was a very worthy experiment!

I lasted about two days.  Turns out it felt crazy to live this way because I wanted some guarantee that things would work out and I didn’t trust that without all my intensity and worry that things would be OK.  I quit pretty quickly on the idea of expecting things would happen that were awesome and I retreated to stress, control and meltdowns because they were FAMILIAR. I didn’t really get much done, I lived in a world where I could only go so far before I hit my “limit” and I felt that it was endless.

Turns out, we actually store familiar emotions in our bodies, like an addiction.  Like all addiction, we can learn a new way.  I promise, it’s worth the “work” to get familiar with feeling joy, peace, spaciousness and the grateful expectation of awesome things.

I tried this experiment again of following my inner guidance, this time being a lot easier on myself. It was way easier, just waking up every day and expecting something amazing would happen.  More often than not, amazing things happened.  I didn’t trust that I could live like this in all of life, but I figured this was an easy gradient to try this out.

Then, it was tempting to try this with creativity, and it was working… and, then, in business….

Things did get a lot easier!   It’s more familiar to me to feel awesome than to feel stress.  It’s more familiar to be pleasantly surprised than spun out in worry.

I’m more ready to ask myself the big questions and actually do my best to follow the answers.

These are long-term awesome changes, but totally life-changing.

While I don’t know the answers you’ll get when you ask yourself ” How you I get more of what you want with more ease?”, I do feel pretty confident that you’ll have some great ideas.  And, I’m even more confident that if you lean into expecting even a tiny bit more of what you want, it can make a vast difference in what you notice, experience and soon start to see as normal.

It’s a move from living in ways “that are realistic ” to creating your reality, and while it’s practical, it’s also so magical.

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana

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I thought that I haven’t been as “prolific” in a usual sense for the past month, because I haven’t been online 24/7, and I don’t plan to be again.  I’ve been sleeping for incredibly long stretches, watching movies, daydreaming, taking walks with Bob. I deliberately took this break from so much ‘extra’ in my life, it had to happen, and I was prepared for the fact that I would get less done and fall behind.

I didn’t get much less done or fall far behind!

Turns out I actually have done more than I usually do in many respects.  And, I’ve done it all so much better than I’d ever thought possible.

Now that I’m so ready for a deep dive into photos, videos, finishing my sofas, art and rugs at home (my own feng shui!), writing with a feeing of fire… all this creative outpouring that is showing me what I gained from an intense slowdown.

Not only did I not really “lose out” on productive stuff in all my rest and unplugging, I realize I can actually do twice as much as I used to do in soooo much less time.  In my break I managed to eliminate the most hidden and most soul-sucking clutter from my life, and I’m only getting started.

Take a break in your own best ways and take your power back…! Continue Reading…