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In my big move to decrease my carbon footprint, a few big areas of life availed themselves as real issues that have never come to my attention in such a big way.  One of the biggest turned out to be one of the largest polluters on the planet— fashion. Specifically “fast fashion”– inexpensive and trendy pieces we grab and wear a season or two before it a. falls apart or b. is no longer in fashion and gets donated if it’s even viable to donate or hits the trash.

The mass production leads to clothing waste that, according to an article more than two years ago in Newsweek (*the problem has since escalated), ” In less than 20 years, the volume of clothing Americans toss each year has doubled from 7 million to 14 million tons, or an astounding 80 pounds per person. The EPA estimates that diverting all of those often-toxic trashed textiles into a recycling program would be the environmental equivalent of taking 7.3 million cars and their carbon dioxide emissions off the road.”

With all things to do with eco-friendly living and sustainability, it may be tempting to say the very true statement: “I’m just one person, so what can I do?!”

Voting with your dollars, changing your habits, inspiring others by your example… all of it!

It’s really catching on!

My sustainable fashion switches have not only been great for the planet and saved me tons of $$$ in the process.  They have also been moves toward a more refined sense of my style, greater magnetism and all kinds of creative energy.  Continue Reading…

(Fabricut Justina Blakeney Fabrics) 

Effortless and fun is always a great feeling.  There’s more than meets the eye to this simple room that’s seemingly tossed together with ease— a lot of creativity, skill and practice to coordinate the upholstery, the pillow sizes and textures, the fabrics.   As I finish a custom office in Los Angeles that has been exacting down to the last nailhead finish on a bench, I can tell you that all that’s effortless is a great big collaboration of talents and people and coordination and creativity.

That said: it is easy or at the least moving forward gracefully, at it’s very best.

And, if it’s not easy or graceful, something is off.

When I’m trying too hard to make something happen, it’s my greatest red flag that something needs to change.

Early in the design of this design adventure, I found myself working with someone that was not aligned with the project.  I didn’t realize it at first… and then, I started scrambling.  Too many emails to follow up, too much confusion, too much “hoping” things would work out, too much praying it would all be OK and working extra-hard to make it happen.

When it became a situation of all stress, I knew it was all way off base and doomed.  Moving on to work with others who were more aligned was the instant fix.

From there it’s been ease, flow and grace.

If I kept on trying too hard, I would be telling you about a disaster of feng shui’d interior design.  Moving to a new way, where things were returned to flow, means that I can show you a radical office makeover in the next month!

Flow is where the magic happens.  And if there’s no flow right now in your life in some way, here’s a bit about restoring that flow and all the welcoming and magnetic energy it brings!!! Continue Reading…

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I shot these photos five years ago in Venice Beach, and today I wouldn’t be able to take the same photos.  My friend spent an afternoon this weekend clearing endless loads of trash off the shore and out of the water in this same spot.  Luckily, after a day of her efforts, the beach was more clear for days.

We can make a big difference if we all do our part.

Even with recycling, we’re still wasting way more than the planet can contain.

In a gradual progression leading to a big awakening, I have found so many more ways to not contribute to the garbage pile and I am learning more every day.

You may have seen the awesome people who have created Zero Waste in the last few years.  They are all my heroes and inspirations.

Low-Waste is not only increasingly easy to accomplish, it has inspired me creatively, it’s been a source of personal integrity, it’s helped me make healthier choices, and it is such a decision in favor of abundance!

Today, some of my easiest low-waste ways are here for you.  If you have your own, I would LOVE to hear them, too! Continue Reading…

I love big transformation.

Love them.

It’s why I still fit in clients even when I don’t technically have the time: I love that feeling of a total makeover in a short span of time.

But, then I remind myself afterward and remind my clients all the time— it’s the progressive steps that build the makeover.  Lasting change is build over time.

It doesn’t have to be a long time to make a big change, because some changes are ripe for the picking.  They’re due or overdue and they fly effortlessly.

But if it’s rushed along, that connection and practice and feeling of unfolding gets hurried and confused.  Overwhelm sets in.  That joy gets submerged in too much to do and wanting it all instantly.

It’s the small things that can lead to the most surprising transformations.  Its why I still get a bolt of inspiration to write the blog and share all the stuff I’ve discovered along the way, because I know that sometimes a small idea or any idea that’s put into practice that feels good can start a positive revolution.

I’ve been doing small things to shift things (along with some big ones that organically have evolved!) and today I’m all about the power of these baby steps and seemingly small but monumental decisions! Continue Reading…

The more planet-friendly, eco-friendly, sustainable, zero-waste choices we make, the more we harness prosperous Feng Shui energy to thrive. Yes: you can change the world for the better and thrive in the process!

What I learned in the past year and a half, quite profoundly, is that when I started making even more conscious decisions for the environment in all my daily life decisions (from groceries to fashion to wellness to beauty and more…) I started having this awakening in all areas of my life.

Green living can expand your life in tremendous ways while you help heal the planet!!!





feng shui 101And, if you want to dive in to your own personalized feng shui in a modern, practical way, Say hello to Feng Shui 101. Its the guide I made for you to create your own personalized feng shui at home, in the office, wherever you may be… in 8 weeks. It’s not filled with strict rules or what you “must” do. Its filled with information, questions, exercises and even videos and classes to help you confidently create amazing spaces with killer feng shui and live with more flow. Learn more about the 8-week feng shui adventure & grab your copy to get started right HERE… And, as always, please let me know what happens!

I am transfixed by sustainability.  I’m listening to podcasts and watching YouTube videos on gardening and Zero Waste living, natural beauty and reducing carbon footprints every single day, lately.  I show no sign of slowing down. Because I work in homes and much of the energy we use and the waste we all create is centered in our home, this year, you’ll find loads more sustainability strategies that I’ve been able to implement on the blog.  In the blog’s redesign, it’s going to be a feature.

Taking this leap from “eco-minded” to “extremely green focused” over the last ten years has been liberating, creative and even some of the most abundance-making of decisions in my life.

Groceries are a big category of many of our lives, so today let’s explore many doable ways to make sustainable, Earth-friendly voices while food shopping. Continue Reading…

I just finished a body alignment class that kicked my butt in all it’s expansiveness on a foam roller and, now, my body wants to sleep. At the same time, I’m more full of energy than I’ve been in a long time.

I feel spacious and I also feel more sore (already!) than I can remember.

I’m covered in the greatest ever CBD cream that I crave sometimes and I have a chaga latte that I crave every day simmering on the stove so I’m all ready for both a big nap and for making big things!

When I’m changing anything, I’m ready for the life shake up and need for sleep as much as I’m ready for the inspiration and energy bursts.

I’ve been doing deep dives of change-making for as long as I can remember.  If I’m not doing something to stretch myself I don’t feel alive.  If I’m doing the same-same I feel bored and dull.

That said, change-making is also sometimes… so very new that it’s shocking.  It’s often, for me, very definitive. It’s sometimes emotional. It’s always intriguing.  And, it can be extremely easy to make big changes, even when things have been stuck in same-sameness for a long time.

Continue Reading…

Today, it’s raining as I write this. It’s been raining for what feels like weeks now, and that’s wonderful for the ecosystem.  Let it rain and rain as far as I’m concerned, as it’s the greatest good.

As it rains, though, my body that loves long walks and my mind that thrives on sunshine have had more excited days. I’m all for long naps, candles and baths, so I went with it for a while.

The thing is, all of my work and creativity and my whole life is a function of my energy.  All of our days are a function of our energy.  And this muti-week rainstorm that I’m just not accustomed to was not doing wonders for my energy.

I tried some excellent art to snap me out of it. Art is the highest of vibrations, after all.  In this photo standing between a brilliant Glenn Ligon sculpture (*I apparently copied Swizz Beatz who took this photo of himself first) I had braved the rain because it was well worth it.

The next day, though, it was back to the clouds and I realized that it was time for some extra. I was ready for a full-day ritual.  I was prepared to flip the script on feeling stagnant and slow, and I was going to do it organically.

Here’s my own feng shui cure for feeling stuck that’s worked wonders.  Feel free to customize it and dive right in if you, too, are ready for more flow and action! Continue Reading…