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Succulents are thought to be super-prosperous in feng shui because they are… succulent! They have juicy leaves stocked with nutrients to help them survive in any circumstances. Succulents also tend to grow like crazy.

That’s what wealth is at it’s essence. You feel secure no matter what is going on, and things tend to grow as you keep creating.

I want everyone to have that feeling…to live with stability and possibility and growth.

Not everyone was born with it, but everyone can make it.

Today, we’re diving into wealth building feng shui in a fresh new way.   Continue Reading…


Do you need more fire in your life? It’s come to my attention, that many of you experience this…

You’re great at getting ideas, you’re great at starting them, and then… Nothing.

It’s not that nothing happens, it’s that life takes over, you get exhausted, you fall off track, and the idea gets buried in the stack of unfinished stuff.

The more you do this cycle of starting and then flaming out of ideas, the more it seems like these ideas themselves are futile. I mean, when nothing comes of things they become hard to pursue…

Today, let’s make sure you havr the fire…and the flow… that you need!!! Continue Reading…


This magically cool duck lives in Franklin Canyon tucked away in Beverly Hills. This little oasis of green and ponds and sea grass and turtles manages to exist just moments from the materially intense hub of Rodeo Drive and asphalt cityscapes.

It’s a perfect illustation of urban balance.

Balance doesn’t come easy these days. We don’t have mealtimes, we have all-night restaurants; 24-hour gyms replaced the idea of morning exercise; TV programming doesn’t cease at midnight as it used to…it rolls all day, every day, every moment filled with stuff.  Globally, it’s always daytime somewhere so there’s less of a sense that work can just stop wherever you are.

Making balance happen is a conscious choice, you know?  And if you’ve grown used to the imbalance, it’s hard to know where to begin to get it back.

Today’s feng shui is all about finding more balance in the day, anywhere, any time.

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I love the themes of astrology, and I think that the dominant stories of each sometimes-dreaded Retrograde can actually be very empowering, solid advice for any time of year.

We culturally embrance Mercury in Retrograde as a time of… well… chaos! And,  it isn’t actually true at all, not is it all bad.

But today, lets look at the Venus Retrograde story, and how this time of about 40 days can be a time to really get your life in a clear, calm & empowered place of love, beauty and prosperity! Continue Reading…

burts bees

When I’m introduced to new products by my dear friend and brilliant beauty expert Chantal Moore I just know they’ll be extraordinary, conscious and hasve an eye toward the non-toxic. When Chantal brought the newest Burt’s Bees lip shines alone to my attention, I’ve been addicted in the best way and have not stopped wearing them for a second. In fact, I have my Smootch colored delicious lip shine on right now!

Today, I’m excited that Chantal is sharing more of Burt’s Bees goodness!
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A long time in the making, I stopped being Miss Nice Girl in many ways. It’s when everything became brighter and bolder and more clear.

It’s really important to not settle and stay the nice guy or the nice girl when things matter.

What I mean by that:

You have to stay true to what is in front of you.

If you’ve burried your head in the sand or settled too long, sometimes it all unravels in a sonic boom.

You accept it. You decide it’s OK. You swallow it all, hold your tongue, try to explain it away… Your destiny becomes one of limitation, no options and no freedom.

What you put up with is your destiny.

Don’t back down on your destiny.

Rise up to it.

Do you need to stop putting up with things?

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watercolor succulents

Want more power- or, to make power something more defined: a feeling of control, pride and creative electricity running through your body and giving you chills in the best way possible?!

Focus your energy with tons of clarity.

I was telling a friend this morning that I start to feel week and wobbly when I notice that my notes on social media and my emails feel…deeply… impersonal. It’s as if I’ve been drained of my me-ness!

Now, in those wobbly times, instead of trying harder, I regroup much more specifically!

Today’s feng shui a big personal practice for me and many people I know who love to create and love to give… but need more sparkle.  If you are a great “maker” of things but you feel like a little bit of a robot or a…gasp… burned-out creator, this is for you. And if you create like crazy but don’t see a lot of progress, this is really for you! Continue Reading…


When I need extra energy, it can’t come from caffeine. For me, that’s a recipe for spaced-out disaster. Instead of getting more done, I can’t sit still or focus. It’s set me on a supernatural quest to find ways to get my mind firing fast while my body feels grounded and calm. Here are 10 of my favorites of the moment to get the good vibes flowing! Continue Reading…