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James Welling

(James Welling) 

Art will make your life better.  For almost two decades- actually for as long as I could actually see art on my own as a small child- I have been certain that art could reorganize the cells in my body, realign my mood and change my presence on the planet.  That’s been my truth. In the last 10 years I have grown convinced that art can both mirror our lives and move us to new spaces in health, happiness and well-being.

If you work with me, chances art I will have you buying art, making art or somehow melting your life with art in ways that you never could have expected, because for most of us, art is a decoration until it is selected, created and curated to become an extension of ourselves.

Science is catching up with me (!) and my deepest feelings about the curative nature of aesthetics in ways that are exciting.  While there is no conclusive formula as to how to use art as a tool for healing bodies, minds and lives, the positive results of studies in hospitals and health care environments are overwhelmingly positive.

I literally can’t wait to run to the museum (*LACMA, my fave!) this afternoon after all this splashy art greatness.  Continue Reading…


How do you wake up in the morning?

Is it begrudgingly, hitting snooze as many times as possible before you have to literally force yourself out of bed with sheer will? Do you wake up most of the time clear-minded and excited for the day?

This morning, with birds chirping and newly sprouting plants surrounding me, I am really aware of the morning routines I have designed and how they affect my well being.  This is an enormous subject, but if you are struggling to wake up every day, you might find some thing to spark your own morning love affair starting now!  Continue Reading…

tina fey quotes


You will never be ready, 100% prepared and flawlessly stunning. Say yes anyway. To every opportunity. You will figure it out! Tina Fey- ever the genius. xoxo Dana

watercolor inspiration


One of the last pieces of my home feng shui & design to finish is the very very vital bedroom wall art.

Of course, in this situation I feel the need to make it myself (and yes, I will chronicle it, even though I am a total beginner!), and I am really ready to have it up on the wall. What hangs over your bed as you sleep represents the interior theme of your mind.  That is, at the very least, my philosophy that holds true in every home I visit! (*more on this here, its a big topic) 

I am insisting  on watercolors over my own bed for my own fixated creative reasons, and it has sparked a great-big watercolor home round-up of the day…!

Get ready to swim in transparent color lusciousness! Continue Reading…

l shaped sofa


When you take an old “classic’ ( if the word can apply here to something less-than-typically-awesome) like an L-shaped sofa and bring it to new rooms, you create a room-within-a room that has the potential for greatness if- and only if- you style it well!  Here are a few L-shaped sofa inspirations to have you thinking high style and brilliant functionality.  I use the L-shape often in rooms, and I am pleased to let you know that it can be a fast-track to high-conversation, intensely welcoming feng shui’d spaces.   Continue Reading…

gorgeous flowers

The feng shui of the day is all about jumping into the deep end with your passions that are languishing in your life in a frustrating and even stifling haze because you can’t quite hit the “go” button and start living them.

The principle here is one of harnessing your energy- or life force, your brilliance, your chi- rather than scattering it around in a zillion directions. Its a bit deeper than that though, because when you fully commit to something, all in, 100%, there’s a sense of necessity level that you can’t avoid.   Continue Reading…

let go and see what happens

(the fresh exchange) 

When it is not your time to make a move— when you submit the proposal, sent the email, said your peace, did your part, passed on the torch or just realized that you are utterly unable to control the will of others— it is time to let go, dontcha think?

Letting go makes space for great outcomes.

It’s when you obsess that things go awry.

Don’t waste your time in hypothesis.  Don’t waste it on wish-craft (you know, when you sit around wishing all day rather than living?) either. And you might want to save the money you were going to give a psychic.

Sit in the unknown for a while.  Make space. See what happens.  Mastering this feeling of “letting go” lets you  live a way cooler life without frantic worry.  Its a cool one to get used to :)   xoxo Dana

blueberry smoothie

I am deeply obsessed with magenta. It may have temporarily been crowded out of my closet by red, but I predict it will make a comeback as my birthday approaches.  Magenta is the color that is not really a color- it is the space between the spectrums of red and blue that our mind imagines as magenta.  For this reason, magenta is somewhat extra magical. It’s a color that is made up yet very powerful, very much like we create every bit of our lives!

That said, a magenta smoothie was born out of necessity…as well as wishful, radiant lust for color!   It can help you change your mind, your mood and your immune system.  Also, it is addictively delicious.  Continue Reading…