What About Letting Go Of The Huge Blocks That Seem Impossible To Shake?

10 Ways Your Space Can Help You Build Your Wealth!

Declutter Your Life For The Best Fresh Start Ever!!!

10 Huge Ways Some Space Clearing Can Change Your Life!

Using Sea Salt To Get The Bad Vibes Out Of Your Home!

three simple rules in life

And after reading these with a huge smile on my face I’ll add one thing: do all three with lots of love and it tends to work much better!

Some feng shui to make this all more dynamic:

The great news is that you can sweep away everything standing between you and what you want!

The Catalyst Camp Life De-Clutter is coming soon for 2016!

It starts with a FREE 3-Video Series to revolutionize your clutter clearing… with lots of feng shui magic mixed in, too!  You can sign up HERE to get started!

Clearing clutter- even the overwhelmingly tough stuff- can – and will-  be super-fun!!!

xoxo Dana



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minimalist bedroom


You’ve heard that living with less makes life easier.  It’s also monumentally freeing in so many levels, it’s feng shui of the highest order for every part of your life!

Let’s get lost in some minimalist – yet deeply gorgeous- design inspiration and talk about the life-changing benefits of living with only what you need and want and love.  Continue Reading…

live in flow

(lalah delia)

Because I’m all about living a dream life and flooding life with joy and I help lots of people to get their own dreams lives in line and break through glass ceilings and transform homes and all that great stuff, there’s this expectation that I have all the answers and that, perhaps, a certain sense that I have no problems. But that’s far from true!

You have all the answers.

We all need to rearrange life sometimes to hear and see the answers clearly to move though life with that electricity of awesomeness, synchronicity and a sense of being on the right path that we all love.

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tears and your wellbeing


“I encourage crying because it purges negative energy and allows for new postive energy to fill us up”

~ Sharon Martin, Licensed Psychotherapist, San Jose, California

That’s a bold and awesome way to look at tears.  Emotional detox.  Clearing space inside.  Ditching the negativity.

We tend to think of only light and happy and dancing emotions as socially acceptable and “good” but a good cry can be intensely good both physically and emotionally.   Continue Reading…

clutter is everything in your way

I love the idea of letting go of things, but… how, actually, do you “let go” of things?

That was the conundrum I faced before I understood how much we’re linked to our environment. Ancient wisdom and modern science have taught us that our environments deeply influence, and even mirror, our lives. By using some creative feng shui to lighten and brighten your life on the outside, you can drop some of the internal heaviness that’s weighing you down and keeping you from “the life that is waiting.”

Feng shui used in this way can be an awesome complement to therapy, self-development and spiritual practice. And, even on its own, it can be enlivening creatively, artistically, emotionally, and physically.

Yes, lightening up is a great thing to do!

Lighten and brighten your space, and you may find yourself shaking free of some stuff you feel is holding you back. Adding more lightness and brightness to life is extremely simple and fun. It may be disarming to learn how personally powerful it is when you try it for yourself!

Here are some of my favorite feng shui ways to lighten and brighten your space — and your life!

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(shop heart cave on Etsy)

Every single person I know wants an amazing life.  Everyone wants peace. Happiness.  Love. Money.

Everyone wants more security.  The feeling that life is more certain.  Stability in a storm.

Every single one of these things is a form of energy. Calm, grounded, flowing, charged particles of energy.

Personal Magic.  

That’s what I call the routes we take to get into a space of spirit where everything pure and right and powerful comes to light.

Personal Magic. 

It’s not abstract.  It’s practical.  It’s free.  And it’s everything amazing.  And it’s waiting for you.
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Today’s feng shui is a not-so-secret secret to making the big, extraordinary dreams you have come to life.

It’s next-level clutter-clearing.  It’s simple. And, if you do it, everything you see around you will lift you up higher in life force and spirit.

It all starts with awesome and grounded clarity.

From there, fireworks and synchronicity and all kinds of awesomeness flood your life!

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boho bedroom


Show me a space with flowing organic fabrics, layers of chunky knit texture and some bamboo and I’m fairly sold on your style.  Add in a dreamcatcher, balanced lights on nightstands and some fuzzy blankets and I’m in heaven.

Boho style elements work in every bedroom, from minimalist to maximum layers of design.

Even in the more “ornate” of boho spaces, the style itself is spacious.  There’s a tribute to Earth. There’s a feeling of preciousness.  There’s airy light and freedom.

Bohemian style is not for everyone as a total look, but even pieces… like the depth of a distressed wall that looks velvety and dreamy… works universally.

Feng shui bedroom love, here we come…! Continue Reading…