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violet room


Violet is a tough color to approach for many, in part, I think, because of its cosmic nature.

Violet. however, is a color that resomates with the universal, the spirited and the higher forms of thought and connection we have to humanity.

If you are looking to live in a world of greater purpose, here are five feng shui reasons to mix more violet into your life!  Continue Reading…


move forward


Lots of people will convince you to stay in a job, a relationship or a living situaltion where you just know you don’t belong.

From the well-meaning in your life you will hear about:  How you have to be cautious. How there aren’t many better things “out there.” How you need to have something better before you leave. How you need to stop being so emotional, so unreasonable, so fickle, so entitled or so ambitious.

Have you been there?

Trust yourself.

Here is some feng shui & holistic help to make a change you feel good about! Continue Reading…

fresh bedroom

(avenue lifestyle)

If your home is a mirror of your mind (& it is!) sometimes you need to pare down and know that less stuff and more freshness can be exactly what you need. If you are in a transition (*more here!) or in a rut, fresh space creates lots of clarity in your mind, allowing you to think in new ways with less stress.

Here’s a little fresh-spiration to get you thinking about the more that you can find in the less!  Continue Reading…

sometimes you don't realize you are drowning

Truly, you will drown trying to help people if you don;t take care of yourself first. It can either take you many years and much suffering to realize this, or you can stop over-helping other people before you, yourself, are well taken care of, truly. I see people going broke because they give away money before paying their own bills. Exhausted because they give all their energy to others before they rest themselves. Neglected because they put their energy behind the dreams of others before they take care of their own.

Amazing things happen when you put yourself first. Daily reminder. Some if us (like me!) need that reminder daily…! xoxo Dana

west elm stickwood

(West Elm  has Stickwood!)

Taking what you have and making it much better with a little upgrade is a passion of mine.  When you are like me- not handy with power tools and not big on complications, it makes transforming things a bit more challenging… yet not impossible!  Here are a few fabulous ways- starting with Stickwood panels from West Elm (these totally remind me of New Jersey!) to pretty easily make some major decor switches.  Continue Reading…


(Brain Walter, Chistopher Lane Photography)

Happiness is what we all want.

Misery is no fun.

Yet, some people seem to hold on to misery as though it is a part of their DNA.

You have seen it:  The people who are so successful yet perpetually upset. The person who meets their soulmate yet continues to date other people that are distruptive because that feels more “safe.” The amazing blesings some people have that seem to be met with … “yeah, but I don’t have x, y & z yet!”

You have seen it.  But… the question of the day: are you it? Are you addicted to unhappiness? 

Its a very profound question.  Continue Reading…

urban bohemian


Urban Bohemian. I think that is my new style aptitude: one part hippie chic and one part traditional, even ultra modern, home. Rather than the plied on wildness of a rustic boho space, a little earthy free-spirit aesthetic mixes here with reatraint to create a relaxed home with lots of richness in its detail.  Continue Reading…


At college, my first roomate and I sat one day in the Quad at Stanford with a mini-recorder making what we called “spontaneous poetry.” We were both super tall, skinny and sort of resembled each other,  and our ability to get into the existential quest for more meaning together at one point  was part alchemy and part the function of living with one’s mirror in many ways.

I was always on the hunt for an expanded reality.

Words, art, parties, adventures… I wanted it all.

I bet you do, too.

I didn’t know how to translate that into a career, however, which led to my very winding path of life to find “meaning” and “purpose.”  I happened upon it for myself by accident, as did most of my friends., kind of following a string of interests.

This weekend my dear friend explained how he was really a Millennial at heart. A 39-year old Millennial. For those of you not up on the Millennial categorization, Generation “Y” is charaterized by a want of a better lifestyle and a need for greater meaning and purpose in life and work. Need is the operative word.  Its a generation of 20 and early 30 somethings driven by purpose.

The question that was raised: “How do you figure out what that purpose is?”

Continue Reading…