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get your shit together

Justina Blakeney tells it like it is.  It really is never too late to get your shit together. (incidentally, if you are looking to get your brand together online, the Creative Residency courses she is teaching look totally divine! )

And if your home is not together, chances are your life is not 100% together, either! HERE’s some feng shui to help you put your home together so it reflects your life in a bigger, brighter, better way!    xoxo Dana

pastel living room


Sheer color, sweet thoughts, open space… I have such a fancy for the pastel these days because of their light and easy ways.  Pastels are relatively neutral, despite what you might believe, and they lend themselves to being layered in a spectrum… if you dare!  Today’s design ‘spiration is a wonderland of soft, muted colors.  Continue Reading…


Welcome to the inside of my mind, where I am re-imagining the feng shui bagua map my own way. (*if you have no idea what that is… see HERE the tool that can create lots of new awareness in your life!)

I find the old bagua limiting in the way it presents information, and at the urging of a dear friend and wise adviser, I was tasked with creating my own way.  After 8 years of working with the old way, having that be the normal, I realized I can do something better for me and, I believe,  for all of you to understand space in new ways that are empowering and helpful.

It took a suspension of “reality” and turning a blind eye to what is “normal” to start to reinvent ,my way of working. Because I have never been particularly find of social norms or fitting into molds, it wasn’t that hard to shut off the noise of “what is right.” It was more challenging to break out of a habitual way of thinking that has been the NORMAL.

What is is normal to you?   I have had clients tell me that they are comfortable in mess, they are used to be lonely, they have grown accustomed to a certain type of pain…

There is a social component to what is normal. My friends who work in bars and nightclubs see nightly drinking that would rock the average person’s world- three or four or five cocktails a night or a day for some, not even drunk from this amount of drinking- as being totally normal. 

Normal is a habit that is unconscious and comfortable just because you know it. Wherever things don’t change and the recording seems to repeat endlessly in life, a return of the same issues or feelings or events over and over again, that is somehow your normal.  Even if you hate the status quo and feel put-upon, heartbroken or really stunted by these feelings, somehow they get swallowed, accepted as “just how it is,” and folded into the concept of normal.

While there’s nothing wrong with accepting what you can not control, there is nothing good about feeling saddled by tradition, family stories, a feedback loop of emotions or anything else that is telling you who you are and what you can have in any way that is limiting or damning.

Today’s feng shui’d ideas are all about what is normal. 

In fact, if you can get a good look at what normal is for you at the moment in all its dark and light, you can then start to shape a new normal.  Your normal is 100% up to you!  Continue Reading…

carl sagan


Kindness. Respect for nature. Humility. Simple and vast thoughts for the day!  xoxo Dana

hubble telescope


Are you thinking too much?

If you feel frustrated, exhausted, overwhelmed or otherwise confused the answer in my mind is :YES!

Today I am going to share one of many antidotes to the very rational problem of over thinking!  Continue Reading…

puppy Comfort is undeniably powerful.

Since this piece of pink velvet was unearthed in a box from my grandmother, a piece of the antique Christmas ornament relics, Bob has found a way to make it his own.

This velvet is enormous for an 18-pound dog. It weighs more than half of him. That hasn’t stopped him from pulling it carefully off of high shelves, inching it out of closets, dragging it for feet across floors and painstakingly fashioning it into tents, nests and other elaborate pillows and beds.

I was intent on using it for upholstery, but its Bob’s now, and he loves it.

He knows how to find comfort.

Reaching for comfort is am ultimate life-supporting habit, but its been branded as a luxury more than a necessity lately.  The popular ethos is that it is noble to make sacrifices for glamour and style, but even for survival.

But, comfort is actually a part of self-care and self-love. Having comfort and knowing how to provide comfort to yourself gives you the freedom to stretch into uncomfortable areas and thrive.

I’ve been watching Bob with his newly-minted blanket and on a very basic level its made me re-think the amount of real comfort I design into spaces, and the amount of that self-comforting energy that I have been brining to life and my work… even for myself.

Comfort in this way we are chatting about today is not being on permanent vacation or getting lost in self-indulgence. Comfort is feeling nurtured, supported and surrounded by things that feel good, even when things are less-than-great.  Comfort isn’t leaning all the weight of your problems on another person (*I don’t recommend this, its not recipe for good things) but, rather, knowing that you can share with others and know they are there for you and you for them,  even though you can ultimately find peace within yourself.

A lack of comfort is the catalyst for angst, anxiety, stress and stagnation.

So… comfort is really important!!!

I thought it would be fun to create a comfort cheat-sheet of sorts, some comfort ‘spiration that can help you to design a more of this snuggly, feel-great energy into your days and reach toward more of this energy in your life. Continue Reading…

courage to ask for

(wall art from nordstrom)

Can you ask for what you need?  Do you feel like you deserve it? Are you afraid you will be denied?

These are the kinds of questions that break open new dimensions.  xoxo Dana


joyful table

(merriment events) 

Relaxed and yet exploding with color, this table is the epitome of a happy gathering. Earthy, easy, re-purposed goodies, sizzling  and popping flowers. It makes me smile to see it.

Home styling can be as simple as a soup can cleaned out and re-mastered as a home for wildflowers, a fresh way to hang jewelry or a new look at outdoor space with some textile and texture.  What adds real style is the sentiment behind your decor choices.

Here are a few confetti colored, festive ways to style some life and joy, energy and fun, into any room.

Continue Reading…