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It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of creative everything: art, music, dance, words and life itself as art.

What opens up creativity on a deeper level, though, is my greatest interest.

When your creative energy is awake and alive, things flow like magic. And, I notice I’m in my own flow with a giant journal (sketchpad, notebook, you name it) in my hands. It’s how I’ve created life to a great degree, and it’s thrilling to use these tools to expand life even more.

Today, I am excited to share a chat with Laura Rubin, the founder of the journalling experience (and lovely journals) known as AllSwell, with wildly-popular themed writing and drawing workshops that have been popping up from coast to coast to coast and even in BC. The way that a journal (and surf) inspired a growing movement is proof of the journal’s expansive power in itself! Continue Reading…

It’s incredible to see how easily words like, “I’m a mess,” could float from my mouth to describe my appearance, the state of my internal world, my life…

I’m a mess, I’m broken, I’m not there yet, I’m…

It was incredible the litany of things I spoke to myself every single day.

If enough trauma and exhaustion and self-loathing build for long enough, it can be this “normal” thing to casually disparage yourself.

I did this daily while all the while striving to be “better.”

If you’r

Becoming your own champion is a beacon for your abundance. Continue Reading…

What do you do when you have a deadline?

You may talk a lot about it trying to diffuse the energy.

Or you might brace yourself and dread it and push yourself through.

It may automatically send you toward automatic habits like sugar, coffee, too much sitting or all kinds of procrastination.

These are all my old ways of dealing with a mountain of things to get done. It nearly broke my body and it was extremely discouraging – if I couldn’t handle what I was doing now, how could I do more?

If you’re in that place right now… there is a lot you can do to feel better.  And, it all starts with you valuing your true happiness.  Continue Reading…


Everything is energy. At home, we see that in our family, our friends, our pet children and ourselves. We know we are all alive with energy.

But EVERYTHING is energy. That incudes your furniture, your plants, your curtains, accessories, walls, floors and light fixtures. Everything is energy.

And, when you start communicating with the energy around you— really connecting to that energy— you can create a truly magnetic community at home that is fully supportive of your dreams! Continue Reading…


Inner guidance is something that seems foreign at first to people like me who have been taught for a long time to trust my reasoning, load up on data and be “smart” about things.

I never realized how much my intense thought would pull me away from myself, my talents and my wellbeing.

I’ve learned the long and hard way that when you have a hard time connecting to your true self, allof your emotions and those most vibrant desires, it’s really hard to connect deeply to anything else.

Your home and life reflects you to the degree that you’ve tapped into what all that magic is inside of you.

The magic inside us— all that genius, intuition, ideas, magnetism— comes forth as inner guidance in different ways.  That inner guidance knows so much (we all know so much!) and when you set it free, wake it up and give it a channel of expression, so much can happen that’s extraordinary! Continue Reading…

We want to be ready for everything in life to arrive.

There are common things that people think of as “tools for transformation” to get ready for a next level in life : from crystals to sage wands, seminars to retreats, oracles to high speed blenders…

We all have ideas of what awesome tools might be able to lift our lives to a next level.

The one tool or set of tools that’s rarely looked at but deeply profound:


Paint, beads, cameras, canvas, stencils, ink, oil, dye, yarn and endless mediums. Dancing, poetry, acting, singing, making music, conceptual artistry, design, writing…

Endless mediums.

It’s not what you use or what you do that matters, and it does’t even matter if you’re good at it:

Creativity is a magic tool of life-transformation.

Hit up the craft store and dive in…! Continue Reading…


Such truth. Words aren’t quite as important as the energy behind them.

In fact, nothing you do is as important as the energy you’ve put behind doing it.

The higher your energy, the higher your home energy, the easier it will be to live with true, flowing power.

Today’s feng shui is all about shifting into that game-changing vibe!!!

Continue Reading…

Are you taking care of yourself well enough?

And, not just going through the motions: Are you really, deeply, profoundly taking care of yourself?

I used to answer “YES!” automatically, totally ignoring the fact that I was so disconnected from my body, living in my mind and not feeling much real fulfillment.

I said “YES!” easily because if you saw the longest list of self-care routines, I did them all every single day.  Every. Single. Day.

I didn’t know what I didn’t know… but once the dull sense of over-thinking and the aches in my body  became overwhelming, I started to see that despite all that I did I wasn’t taking care of myself much at all.

It was reflected in my well-thought-out home that didn’t feel like a home.  It was reflected in my actions every day “to take care of myself” that felt more like a To-Do list of obligations.

My heart wasn’t in it.

And, that was a turning point for me.

If you’re doing a lot to take care of yourself and you don’t feel very fulfilled — and maybe even feel annoyed or burdened by it all—  today, let’s shift into more real love and freedom for your mind, body, spirit and home.

Continue Reading…