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seth godin


Always. Even not in times of great change.  xoxo Dana

eclectic home

(the design files)

Eclectic is really everyone’s style when they really own their home spaces.  We all love different things. Our lives and our inspiration and color and texture is all a unique fingerprint of who we are… if we let ourselves be fully expressed.

Here are some awesome eclectic design ideas to load you up with even more ideas to personalize your home!  Continue Reading…



Lip color can be challenging if you live a running-around-town lifestyle like I do where a pink or red lipstick wears off in a less than hour and then… I just forget.  And look kind of washed out.  And then lose faith that I can wear color on my lips.

But its lips that can brighten and wake up and put an exclamation point on style and smiles!

When celebrity makeup artist and balanced beauty expert Chantal Moore shared this awesome lip tint with staying power, I was overjoyed!  It’s consiously made, and it’s built to last even though long days. Absolute color love! Continue Reading…

dana claudat

Sneaking around in bathrooms to take this photo was a bit of a stealth risk in the name of playing with color.  This is about as risky as my life gets in Hollywood these days!

But, when I first arived here almost 15 years ago I was filled with cinematic adventure… and determined to never “need” to have a day job again.  You see, I’ve always been a writer but I wasn’t always a writer who writes.

I was a writer that talks about writing.

Are you one of those?

Or an actor who can recount the best moments on stage or on film but doesn’t study or practice…. Or a painter with paintings from decades ago and no paint anywhere nearby to be found…


Of course, the brilliance of this situation is that we all tend to think that the elimination of a problem will set us free.

Can you finish this sentence:  “As soon as I have…………, then I can pursue my dreams of …………..” 

I shared this story today on my personal note that I send to all of you each week  (you can join up HERE if you aren’t already) and rarely do I ever re-share things here, but this story feels worthy of sharing…!  Continue Reading…

floor pillows

(urban outfitters floor pillows = amazing!) 

Floor pillows are the ultimate meditative and grounded seating solution.

But, as it turns out, my little fur baby Bob managed to turn my two favorite floor pillows into a wee-wee pad and so, yes, I am without floor pillows at the moment.  As a result, all I want are floor pillows.  I daydream about making them (here are the instructions for just about every kind of pillow under the sun) and  I constantly have an eye out for them… and so, today, my daydream extends to all the cool things you can do with them… Continue Reading…

plum color,  justina blakeney

(my design hero, Justina Blakeney)

Plumb is rare and fantastic.  How often do you see any shade of purple- from fig to deep grapes- anywhere? Look around you.  Is anything violet or even magenta?

Because of its rarified power in color psychology I think we see less purple than other shades as a function of practicality.  Purples can seperate you front others, elevating your uniqueness, enhancing spirituality, creating a sense of heightened awareness.  To be a bit metaphysical for a moment, purple is the color that resonates with the crown chakra, the energy center of the body located “over” your head that essentally lights up your whole being.

Cool stuff… but all stuff that isn’t an easy sell to the world at large.

I for one am a fan of integrating plum and grape and fig in places where it makes a vibrant impact.  Like this plum ceiling from Justina Blakeney that seems to make the whole bedroom above almost levitate!

Here’s a little plum-spiration to expand your sense of possibility with the color that can lift your world higher! Continue Reading…



Caring about things just can’t be bad.

After all, the life of passion and pride and purpose requires that we are deeply connected to everything we do, right?

But… I have seen something weird happen when I’ve become really deeply involved in a project I care about and then sort of freeze or become panicked at bringing it to life.  After all, this is no longer an art project or design or writing… this is now a part of me.  And I want to be sure that this part of me goes in the best way I can possibly imagine it can go.

Weirdly, the more I cared about something the more difficult it became to actually do things!

Do you get really deeply attached to projects, to your work or to anything or anyone to the point where your passion and desire to succeed starts to make you panic, worry or otherwise freeze-up or even want to quit because the stakes are so high?

Apparently, this is very common. It’s not just me… or you… that has this happen! And,  this doesn’t have to be a problem. Continue Reading…

mind body soul


This awesome chart on Inspirational Collages really sank into me this afternoon.  Mind full of writing and compliling right now, body filled with apple berry cobbler and soul filled from a morning at the Buddhist temple… Total happiness!

Does this resonate with you?!

The cool part of this reminder-graph is that all of it can be had… and all is within reach right now :)

xoxo Dana