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10 Huge Ways Some Space Clearing Can Change Your Life!


There are days when you get a lot of messages from the universe about what is off track.  And, it’s tempting to find a cause outside of ourselves and that is also often useful.

Often, though, the issue is two-fold: we have something going on that’s both caused by outside factors along with our own actions.

Because we’re human, and we can’t see everything at once, it can be easy to miss the ways we – ourselves- sort of muck up our best efforts to move forward and get things done.

Our home, our mind and our habits all factor into how things go every day.  We can’t change everyting overnight… but finding even one bit of self-sabotage and setting it straight can totally transform your life! Continue Reading…

Why can some people shine so brightly and boldly while others stay more hidden?

Why are some people with less skill and knowledge and experience becoming so well known for their expertise while other geniuses are more “underground” creating magical breakthroughs?

Why are you (and me) sometimes more apt to hang back than to stand up in front when we know we likely should?

Today’s feng shui is all about shinging super-brightly in every day with nothing but joy leading the way.  It allows doors to open.  It allows life to expand.  It creates a whole new version of life as “unlimited.” It creates magic without exhaustion.

And… it’s easy to do!!! Continue Reading…

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Minimalism is the dream for many who have been feeling shackled by “stuff”, weighed down by too many commitments, entangled in too many complication, feel to busy, too overwhelmed by the clutter or the choices or… just… the many things that really aren’t needed.

If you’ve been striving for minimalism and finding that you’re nowhere near it yet… today’s feng shui is all about sailing past the roadblocks in the process of making life lighter! Continue Reading…


If you asked me if I had a “growth mindset” a few months ago I would say “yes!!!!” instantly.  I believe in infinite growth.  I known our thoughts change things.  I have transformed life with my intention. I mean, look at the Rice Experiment and how that turned out (if you haven’t seen it- it’s here) and how vibrantly that proved that we are creating our universe every single day.   I share this endlessly, I study the science, I use the tools, I have seen lives transform everywhere.  My own life has changed to something like a dream.

I am all about growth!

I believe you are unlimited in potential and I have seen my belief manifest as true in breakthrough after breakthrough of clients, readers, friends, family…everywhere.

One day, though, things changed for me. They went deeper.

I was looking for a way to get more done with more ease, to take lots of added steps off of the processes of life so I could do much more and… in one sonic boom, I started to see that the key to getting a mountain of things done that were in front of me- a bigger and more exciting pile than ever-  was nothing more than a change of mindset.

Oh, I know, you likely knew this.  I did, too, I thought!

But what I learned about mindset – and how much I could grow right now- surprised me and changed my life.  It’s also changing my sense of excitement and feelings of potential and adventure that are ahead…and I’m thrilled to share it! Continue Reading…


Are you ready for a creative breakthrough?

Creativity is all of life.  It’s the “magic” and it’s the everyday moments.   It’s what informs our decisions, thoughts and actions.  Creativity is your every moment.  It’s not just art, but it is art, too.  And it can be every single moment of every day of life.

Creative breakthroughs- when creativity jumps to a whole new level, when you are even a bit more confident and a lot more radiant, when an idea takes shape with more color and moves you into action- are what I consider to be the “growth” of life, the healing, the stretching & expanding. It’s the wealth, the wellness, the transformation.

Creative breakthroughs are always waiting for us.

They may not always look like a painting or a song.  They sometimes don’t even look happy and shiny and bright.  But… they do always make us feel as though we are expanding wider and wider in liberating ways. Because… we are! Continue Reading…


It’s sometimes a breeze to let go of clutter.  It’s sometimes a matter of just deleting some emails, clearing off a counter, hanging a few pieces of clothes.  Or if it’s a bigger process, it can often go smoothly even if it’s bigger.  You know- that day you devote to a cleared closet, the multi-weekend garage clean out & garage sale…  it’s a bit of a commitment, but when it’s done, it’s done.

Then, though, there are the clutter-clearing projects that seem simple but never get off the ground. Or, they get off the ground and they seem to move painfully slowly or endlessly live in limbo.

Today, let’s look at the hardest clutter to clear and some reasons why it might be sticking around long past it’s welcome… so it can finally march out the doors of your home & life! Continue Reading…

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What if you could create your life exactly as you imagine it in your wildest dreams?

According to feng shui, tons of science, tons of testimonials of people who have done it, and incredible amounts of spiritual wisdom, we can. Each one of us.  Every single day.

While I can’t say I have fully manifested every single aspect of life that I’ve ever dreamed of… yet!… I can say that after years of crafting and getting better at harnessing intention, where I sit right now is pretty incredible and extremely exciting.

Designing dream lives is a process, daily, every day.  And while the process is customizable, feng shui principles in my way make it easier to concieve a dream life as a reality that isn’t filled with just wishes to manifest, but, instead filled with flow, momentum and action as those wishes become REAL LIFE.


If you’re ready to take those dreams and dust them off and start bringing them to life, or ready to take the next steps to bring more of your dreams into action, today’s feng shui is all about setting yourself up with feng shui for success…! Continue Reading…


In the online Camps I share exercises nearly-daily that I have used perhaps once or often for years and decades to get from a stuck place to a higher place. If it works… I pass it along. I share many others on this blog- from journalling tools to salt bowls and coloring books and of course feng shui.  All are easy to do and create a perspective shift for many.  It’s a total joy to keep these ideas spreading, and to see how you make things your own and keep on expanding!

Today’s exercise is something I am deep into right now, which makes it extra-special. It’s also extremely easy to do.  It’s something that has taken me from a feeling of clutter or disconnection to a place of deep connection.  It’s something that works even though it seemingly makes no sense, even to me, sometimes.

You can call it whatever you want, but I call it 10+10, and it’s been my feng shui way to elevate life without thinking too much and with incredible feelings of accomplishment.

If you’re in a rut, in overwhelm, facing stuckness or “what do I do next?” times where things feel pretty disconnected, it can be super-helpful.  For me, it’s the way I gather up my best thoughts, ideas and energy to start a new project, season or chapter..! Continue Reading…