7 Ways That Changing Your Space Can Bring You More Money !

Change Your Space To Unblock Your Life In Huge Ways!

10 Ways Your Space Can Help You Build Your Wealth!

The Awesome Feng Shui For Building Wealth That You Haven’t Heard!

10 Feng Shui Ways To Attract Wealth!

love your life

Love echoes out into the world in beautiful ways.

In feng shui, the Helpful People area of your home is directly related to your self-esteem and abundance.  Lots of people believe that means you need to find lots of people to help YOU in order to prosper, but, in truth, this is all about finding lots of help to GIVE.

When you give, your life expands. You prosper.  You grow.

Today’s feng shui is all about expanding your life by being of service to others.  The science that supports this is fantastic, and the emotion of love that starts from ourselves and echoes out into the world is the most life-lifting! Continue Reading…

bright flowers at the market

If you’ve made positive changes that are deep- from a big home de-cluttering to some healing work or positive therapy- and you are lighter, brighter and happier, the world shifts.

Suddenly you are brighter and with that new awareness, things look and feel different.

You may even have new ideas, new goals and possibly even remember old dreams or talents you shelved when life became full of clutter.

Every time I take one of these leaps to go higher and get brighter, be it through spritual practice, feng shui, big nutritional changes, exercise, art-making, love … or all of the above…!!!… there’s a sense that the new needs to be integrated.  It’s almost like a new paradigm needs to settle in.

It does!

Whether you’ve just de-cluttered your life or you’ve moved or you’re in the process of a big life change, these habits can help you to re-adjust to more happiness, light, ease and abundance! Continue Reading…

the science of talking to your cells from The Tao of Dana

Have you ever thought about talking to your cells, having conversations with your body and listening to what it wants and needs?

Despite what we may have been raised to believe, our genetics are definitely not your destiny, and you can actually positively impact your physical body itself with good thoughts and words.

It’s a new paradigm in thought and wellness that’s being proven and expanded upon rapidly in clinical studies and research around the world.

This science is so spectacular, it’s so exciting to share it today! Continue Reading…

herbivore moon fruit skin treatment

A bedtime skin ritual can be a fresh start for your skin every day.  I switched up my space recently to highlight the beauty of bedtime: natural silk pillowcases on my bed moisturize skin and hair, a calming blend of aromatherapy is on the nightstand for deeper sleep and I have a skincare routine that is positively glowing.

The difference that simple shifts – rather than radical overhauls- can make in your life is profound because simple shifts are sustainable.

Probably the most “research” I do is to upgrade my actual skincare routine, naturally and simply.  I turn to Chantal Moore to give me the guidance to change up my moisurizers and natural treatments.  Today’s Balanced Beauty pick for glowing skin from Chantal… well… it’s both gorgeous and somewhat magical… as well as natural! Continue Reading…

fire cider from The Tao of Dana

Fire Cider is a fermented wellness tonic that is thought to cure colds, boost immunity and provide tons of energy and balance in the colder months of the year.  After waking up for two days with a deep chill in the Los Angeles air in September (so unusual!!!) I thought it was time to light up the Fire Cider.

It takes two weeks to be ready so you can start now even though you may not need it yet wherever you are in the world! Continue Reading…


(elle décor)

If you’re looking for ways to expand your life to make it richer, more dynamic, more peaceful, connected and prolific… empathy may be your key to the castle of personal greatness.

If you’re looking for ways to forgive the unforgivable, removing the wedges that have been driven between you and someone else, or a group… empathy can help you to unwind the stuckness.

If you’ve been searching for ways to be more helpful, more present, more dynamic and more in love every day… empathy is a key.

Empathy is the leaping into someone elses vantage point, imagining life as they’ve led it, imagining their point of view and their feelings.  It’s the solution to the most vexing problems, the solvent to all kinds of disagreement…

We’re all unique. Every single person’t reality is unique.  What brings us together in the deepest ways isn’t “understanding” the facts of each other’s lives… it’s being able to actually suspend our ownreality and imagine life as another leads it, looking through their eyes, listening through their life experiences.

Empathy makes life extraordinary. Continue Reading…

joshua tree

I stopped trusting myself for a long spell some time ago after I made what I percieved to be “very big mistakes.”

It was like being alone in a desert, even though I had so so so many people telling me what to do because I wanted them to tell me what to do.

As it turns out, looking backward, the only real mistake I made was to stop trusting my judgement!

But, at the time… I left an amazing relationship because I wanted more and wanted to do more with my life (and I didn’t know how to evolve within the relationship, I just knew how to leave) and I found myself flailing in life without a partner that could ever compare anywhere in sight.

I was confused, so I found a famous psychic to give me career advice (the reason I left NYC to come to Los Angeles, yes, it’s true), I wrote a book but I didn’t know how to publish it so I focused on a whole other career that I was told by other people would be better for me and my future… I dressed the way that my team of representatives advised, I studied and learned what other people were doing…

One step lead to another step father away from myself until I didn’t recognize me any more.  I gave away all my decision-making power to people who seemed to know better and made better choices.  I gave money to people to guide me through decisions I could have made on my own.

Have you done this?

Have you made a few choices that had felt like mistakes and then… suddenly… you’ve lost faith in your own judgement?

Today’s feng shui is all about collecting your energy back and starting to chart your own course in your own way.

Continue Reading…

crystals from @crystalscleansingsoul


When I have my day “made” so much brighter by a comment, a surprise gift that I’ve always wanted, an act of love, a text, a message, a call…

That’s everything.

Even a beautiful image can make a day spring to life, which is why I really love the crystal loving Instagram accounts so twinkling bright that give me a day-making image at times that leps through the screen of my phone.

It’s aweome when you’re the recipient of the energy of “having your day made” by someone elses’s kindness, generosity and love, but it’s even more amazing to actually make someone’s day!

That is an amazing switch to turn the volume up in your life creatively and energetically: live with the intention to make someon’s day every day!!! Continue Reading…