Feng Shui For More Wellness Because Health Is The Greatest Wealth!

8 Feng Shui Money Tips That Are Universally Awesome!

Nine Lemons As A Luck And Money Feng Shui Cure

Feng Shui To Help You Build Wealth (Or More Of Anything You Need)!

Feng Shui Your Stove & Make More Money!

Even if you can’t see the progress yet in a measurable way, if you keep moving forward and keep building and keep feeling good about it, the progress is happening!

Today we’re going to talk about one facet of abundance and building life in fun ways that can’t be underestimated in my experience–

Your positive actions in all ways will bring you rewards!

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If you’re looking for a way to upgrade just about anything and everything in your life, there are endless options.

That said, there’s a quality that I find makes all the difference — the difference between me being excited and not excited about a film, the difference between riveting and ordinary communication, the difference between an OK and a totally delicious, memorable meal.

It’s a quality that’s universally applicable.

It’s all about the details.

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Here’s a big question:

Are you pushing away the things you want the most without realizing it?

Today we’ll explore some ways that his can happen, and how to stop doing it… today.

There’s a whole lot of abundance waiting for you!

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These last few months, I have done an extremely high level dive into even more transformational tools to boost moods, enhance magnetism, stay open hearted and, overall, enjoy every day a lot more. Oils, crystals, herbs, teas, sprays, baths and so much more– and it’s incredibly fun.

I do this before every session of The School of Intention, the Professional Feng Shui Certification. (Details are HERE if you want to join us this season in the most epic and comprehensive Feng Shui training there is!)

I do it all the time, but I really test things before each session of The School so I have more specific energy boosters to bring to my students (the effective and those I’ve found ineffective) and to share with clients.

Some of these things are mind-blowing. I feel them deeply. It’s like an electricity generator–switched on, I feel I can power the whole city.

We all want magnetism, attraction, the feeling of empowerment, confidence, fulfillment, love and thrilling transformation. I don’t know a single person who would turn down more abundance, joy and power.

But, today I wanted to talk about way to generate that power and magnetism without anything but your own decisions and actions.

The tools, as brilliant as they are, are a conduit to get you to a higher place, a touchstone or an amplifier. They aren’t meant for a lifetime. You are meant for a lifetime.

So let’s use our power today in really simple ways to generate that prosperous radiance!

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Ready for some of the easiest tips to create a more abundant home every day?

While these alone are not the be-all end-all to becoming a billionaire, you’ll find yourself feeling more mindful, present and excited to create every day as you practice any of them that resonate with you.

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What do you do when you don’t want to do anything?

Chances are, the key to more success, motivation, and thriving in all that you do rests, in part, in what you do in these times where you don’t want to do anything.

Today, let’s talk about fueling yourself more so that you can create, attract and manifest more without forcing yourself to “power through it” all.

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After an unprecedented Spring season, everyone I know (*myself included) was ready for a fresh start, more personal power and new ways to be of service to others. 

At the same time, record numbers of people have been pouring into my life and work daily looking for this “new way” to feel better and prosper.  They’ve wanted new solutions, along with more creativity, love, money and wellness. 

As the School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Certification gets ready to begin, I sent this message out to students coming in, ready to start a new chapter in life that is full of expansion.

I wanted to share the fresh-start Feng Shui with you today because it’s universally awesome!

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If you’ve done as much as I have (and many of you have) to “get over” really bad times in your life and you feel as though you’ve got nothing left to do… it feels “complete.”

You may have forgiven people a thousand times, gone to therapy, healers, read books, cried, made big decisions, affirmed that everything is fine… You may have done all of this and also much more.

And so, with nothing left to do, it’s got to be done, right? That stuff has to be gone, right?

Well, the true test in terms of how gone it is often surprises me—

Have I moved on? Have I created new things? Have seen doors swing open to the new?

If these things haven’t happened, I know it’s time to get extremely clear within myself and break free of those beliefs, circumstances or past incidents that are keeping me stuck in the past.

Today, let’s talk about the energy of letting all of this stuff go and opening up to more abundance.

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