7 Ways That Changing Your Space Can Bring You More Money !

Change Your Space To Unblock Your Life In Huge Ways!

10 Ways Your Space Can Help You Build Your Wealth!

The Awesome Feng Shui For Building Wealth That You Haven’t Heard!

10 Feng Shui Ways To Attract Wealth!

pastel pumpkins

In my mind, every season is the best season now. Every kind of weather- barring the extremes that are a product of environmental crisis- is the best weather.  Every hour of the day is a great hour.  Every day has equal value… even if there’s more strife in some and more joy in others.

I didn’t used to think this way.  I resisted change and would burst into tears when things were going to be altered from their usual course that I enjoyed.

Lots of us, even those of us who are change-makers and change-lovers, resist even the most positive changes.  After all, a big promotion could mean less time with your loved ones, a huge new relationship could mean less alone time or time for friends and family…

If you want to flow with everything around you and embrace change in a big way, you’ll find more abundance coming much more easily to your life.  With shifts in your space and energy, change becomes easier in every way.

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hanami cosmetics

One of the big reasons I avoided the fun of makeup for years is the inevidable toxic load that makeup brings.  I’d have allergies to mascara, I’d smell the toxins in polish on my fingernails, I would feel sort of dull after applying toxic lotions and lipbalms, and until I understood just how many chemicals my face and body were absorbing, it didn’t make sense.  Now… it does!

This is a big switch you can make to your home and your life, dropping the chemicals from your daily beauty routines!

While I’m thrilled to see that more brands are hopping on the non-toxic imperative, finding products that still perform without these ingredients can be a trick.  Luckily, my favorite celebrity makeup artist and non-toxic beauty expert, Chantal Moore, has curated the best of these beauty lines from around the world.

Today, from Australia, an expanding line of ultra-high-performance cosmetics, Hanami, is in the spotlight! Continue Reading…


My friend calls is “rubbing the genie lamp.” I call it “magic making.”

If you want more luck, more synchronicity, more of that “everything is falling into place” energy, there’s one fail-safe way to create it.

It’s not abstract, no potions or spells or experts involved…

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ginger superfood smoothie

Ready for a simple, gorgeous, delicious dose of superfood power?!

Seasonal eating helps you stay in connection with the earth, and while root veggies are a year-round crop in many places, they feature highly in the Fall and Winter when grounded, earthy goodness is at a premimum.

This smoothie features dried ginger and I hope you’ll try using it dried more often.  The reason is quite big.

When I  first learned about the healing value of dried ginger from my friend Leslie Durso, a vegan chef and ultra-educator who finds the best of food medicine, I was blown away.  Properties in dried (and cooked) ginger are spectacular in fighting cancer stem cells and also very anti-inflammatory.

I sprinkle it in soups, smoothies, dressings and on veggies liberally now (and now, daily) because it is the superfood I never knew had such power.

All-year-round, dried ginger can make it into your day…and today, in a gloriously sunset-colored smoothie! Continue Reading…

lalah deliah

(I love lalah delia!) 

Creating awesome things every single day is the ideal.  In my perfect world, we all wake up excited, shower life with posititivity that’s mirrored everywhere you look, things fall into place easily and everything is fun.

While you can have that bliss lots of the time, every day has inherent challenges, variables that are impossible to predict and things that happen that don’t all fit the ideal.

Someone told me 7 years ago when I was facing the hardest year of my life that I couldn’t control what happens, and I could only control how I reacted to it.  Only bad things were happening, it seemed, and the way I reacted was to become more and more defensive and overwhelmed.

When I thought about what this wise woman told me, I realized I was actually creating more stress.  

When you’re in a state of stress, the creativity stops fairly quickly and the coping begins.  We get into defense rather than creativity.  We start sheilding and protecting ourselves instead of living and risking and creating. Or, when stress is constant or extreme, it’s tempting to check out of present time and start living half-here, wishing the days away and sort of floating.

If you’ve got stresses in your life, you can eliminate more of it that you may realize. Today’s feng shui is all about shifting your thoughts and energy to create much more light and much less stress.   Continue Reading…

made by mood bedding(madebymood)

Ready to clean house in more profound ways?

Need a bigger, bolder, more wellness-infused reason to get excited to dust, vacuum and scrub?

While I’m a fan of being motivated by less icky things, dust mites are real, they spread quickly,  and they’re no joke!

They’re a huge reason allergies proliferate. They’re the cause of skin diseases. They can trigger asthma and a constant feeling of illness. They’re extremely common. And you can be rid of them… right away!!!

Embrace that housecleaning, and watch your life soar in huge ways!!!

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bob and gordon love each other

Your friends are incredibly important to your wellbeing.

The people closes to us in our lives are part of our Tao, the connection that brings us power and presence.  Your friends are the greatest influence in many ways: emotions are comtageous, we mirror those closest to us uncosciously unless we consciously decide not to… plus… we are entangled on a quantum level with the energy of our friends.

As I get ready to greet one of my oldest friends who is coming from New Jersey today, here’s a whole lot on why friends matter so much… and some compelling reasons to feng shui your friendships to the highest energy level possible! Continue Reading…


I feel things when I see them.  Like, I feel what I see, but I feel it before I can visually describe it.  It’s what created, I believe, my early sensitivity to art and to space in a way that would, at times, be troubling.  After all, bad spaces for me were things I felt profoundly, and I still do.

It was suggested to me that I had a form of synesthesia.  It’s a way of being wired where your senses seem to link together in unique ways.  For example, some people experience music as colors.  Other people taste colors.  Some people hear visuals.  It’s all very unique and amazing.

I read more about synesthesia when I dove into the incredible book, A Natural History of the Senses.

I was intrigued.  Beyond the fact that we all experience our own personal realities of the same world, we all process sensory information in our own unique ways.

Even if you are not a synesthete (and I don’t think that’s actually what I am!) , this science is spectacular and it points to how much we need to create a positive sensory environment for ourselves and for others in a big way!  All of life is, essentially, sensory input on every level. Make that sensory material awesome & life becomes more awesome! Continue Reading…