The One Thing That Will Make Your Life Extraordinary

What If You Woke Up Tomorrow With Only The Things You Were Thankful For Today?

Your Words And Emotions Will Transform Your World!

Start Writing A New Chapter Of Your Story!

Transform The Place Where You Live Into An Amazing Home….In 8 Weeks!


I’ve been told that it is unrealistic to think that the typical morning should be greeted with excitement.


I totally disagree.

The people who caution me to be realistic tend to be very unhappy and unfulfilled.

I might add, these cynics who have told me that I am Utopian to think that days should be happy as a rule all tried to, at some point, syphon off my energy and happiness for themselves!

If you have nothing to look forward to, how could you possibly bring yourself in full to today?

So, my question is:

How excited are you for today?

If your answer was lukewarm to cold, here’s a little holistic juju and feng shui to get the day far more sizzling in excitement! Continue Reading…

soulmate quotes


You know that person that you just know you’ve met before?

I have had many.  Right now, I can count six.  There are more.


Do you know yours?

I bet you know some of them. They aren’t all romantic. Some are only around for a short time.  Others a lifetime it seems.

The proof for me that it is a soulmate connection: no matter how long it lasts, you are never the same afterward. In a great way. Even if the actual event was explosive!

One stretch of three months was the catalyst for the most transformational changes in my life, even if I never see or hear from this man again.  Its intense gratitude along with intense learning.

I used to fear this intensity… and now I crave it.  If you want to grow, there’s nothing like your karmic soulmates to bring out the best, the worst, the hidden and the expanded sense of you in you!  Love… and love more!!! xoxo Dana

Kiwi Glow Face Mask!

kiwi face mask

Refreshed,  glowing skin in minutes.  That’s the kiwi wonder of the day that I miraculously happened upon and now can’t stop raving about!  While you may not have a kiwi hanging around the house, now, I bet, weekly you will!  Continue Reading…

creative decor

Greyed-out creative spaces are clean, focused and yet in their metallic energy of focus they are refreshing and graphic.  If you are looking for a way to make your home feel more creative, the trick of grey to focus things, the minimal furtniture and maximum style of these rooms is enchanting! Continue Reading…


Someone once told me I live in a vortex.  In a sense I do: I live in a universe fueled by the kind of energy that makes my life happen.  When I try to get into other people’s way of doing things, it just doesn’t work.  Over time I came to know my own energy patterns and this universe I made for myself is what makes me happen every day.

Its a very big fact that is easy to brush off because it sounds so New Age and weird, but every day we create our world.  On a small scale, see what happens to your job if you stop going to work or showing up for your days.  I bet they will ultimately stop existing!

On a grand scale, every single thing we see and experience is an act of creation that we allow every day.  The particles we see as color are only color as they interact with our brain.  The brain is only there because we feed it and we provide it with energy.  If you stop eating or start taking lots of drugs that destroy your brain, you dull your life and ultimately drain it of color.

Everything is a decision and everything is a creation.  This is not me saying so, this is physics and fact.  Given that we are actually so plastic in our construction and so creative in our lives, there are ways to create a world that really makes your own life happen.

Are you ready to have a universe that looks and feels much more like you at your best?  Continue Reading…




Are you doing it right now?

I was.

I catch myself.

Then I remind myself that whatever I am thinking is what I am building.  If you have even a bit of belief in the rather compelling scientific evidence that our thoughts influence our lives, including our biology, it is worth taking a look at all the thoughts that are a prediction or frantic fear of some sort of doom.

I was raised to think that without worry things could fall through the cracks and bad things could happen.  But, with worry my whole world comes to a standstill.

Has worry ever helped you?

Its only shown me where I need to know more, try more, be more clever or more curious or more precise. But that’s just for a moment.  After that, worry is all downhill. Fast.

Think less. Live more. My wish for every day, for everyone!  xoxo Dana


If you are craving change, you are not alone.

I bet most of you want in some way to make a change.

There’s a common theme to every feng shui consultation, every conversation, every person who wants to work with me… they all crave change.

Do you really want to change something?

Today’s fast feng shui is all about the idea of change… and the way to start making the changes that really make a difference.  Continue Reading…


When you shine a light on that big problem or a big situation or a blow up argument or a confusing drama that just won’t resolve itself, typically you expect to find out why.

Why did my job end, why did I fail that test, why did that relationship blow up, why, why, why…

Sometimes it’s easy to see why.

But often, the “why” seems to elude you.

This little trick can help you to understand why some problems just don’t resolve. And how they can… today. Continue Reading…