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spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning today at my Buddhist temple left me feeling confident and peaceful.

I forgot it was happening (it’s a twice yearly event) so I was wearing a long silk dress with my hair everywhere…

So, in that dress, with my hair in a self-knotted bun, I set out to make the bathrooms sparkle. There’s a reason I head straight to the bathrooms to clean (*more to come on this) and there’s a reason I didn’t care about clothes, hair or anything else…

Cleaning this building was a chance to change my karma. Its a great “cause” to make… and that leads to great “effects” in the future. Cause and effect.  That’s karma in action.

In the process of scrubbing, polishing and taking out bags of trash, I realized from a totally fresh vantage point how many times the simple act of housecleaning had transformed lives around me.  Continue Reading…

modular living planter

Nature has incredible healing powers.

Immerse yourself in a forest or a beach and studies have found that the levels of stress hormones in your body significantly decrease. You are more likely to sleep deeper. Your whole demeanor softens.

The Earth itself has a “heartbeat” of sorts, 7.8hz as it’s been measured, and that frequency, the Schumann resonance, is thought to be the natural rhythm that keeps our mind, our body and all of the life on the planet, in healthy synch. Everything from WiFi and cell phones to the frequencies of music and manmade magnetic fields have pulled the modern world further from this natural rhythm.

seashell motif kitchen

Today we’ll explore some innovative ways to bring nature back to your life at home, every day…. and you can find the article-  along with innovating new products like charcoal bags that purify the air and Modular Living planters (pictured above)  that look like art- right HERE on Inspired Home!  

xoxo Dana

apple energy


There are energy fields around us that have been studied and measured. After all, we are energy.  We are all made up of buzzing charged particles and we are animated by electricity. Our food, all of nature, plants, of course our pets and, really, everything, has an electric pulse.

I mention this because that glow that you feel when you are well rested, peaceful, charged with creative purpose and otherwise full of life… that glow is vital.  It’s your self being expressed in life.

But… if you’ve had people sort of walk into your energy field (literally- like people who get too close for comfort that you don’t know or feel great having that near to you) in a negative way, you’ve experienced the feeling of your personal boundaries collapsing.  Your space gets invaded.

In fact, some energy healers talk of the ways that vampire-type personalities actually find weaknesses in your energy field and sneak their way in… subtly and then very obviously draining you of your radiance, motivation and life force.

Not everyone needs to get into your energy field.

And even those you love need to have their own strong personal vibrant space while you maintain your own.

Boundaries are magical in this way.  They keep invaders out… while letting you thrive and connect when it feels good!  If you have a hard time setting boundaries, these feng shui energy ideas are for you! Continue Reading…


I can swim in elxirs for days.  Health elixirs, bath elixirs, tonics, and, most certaintly, beauty elixirs!

Today, I am thrilled that celebrity makeup artist and Balanced Beauty expert Chantal Moore has some luscious beauty oils to share…and they travel well, too!  1,000 Roses…. oh yes… this stuff is made for me!

From Chantal: ” Kypris will be launching their divine Beauty Elixirs in travel minis this Summer so be sure to go to the website to learn more about these powerful nutrient packed Beauty Elixirs if you aren’t already familiar. Decide which oil blend is right for your complexion right HERE! 



chantal moore Chantal Moore works closely with some of the biggest names in music, fashion and film.

Her beauty and makeup advice regularly appears in such magazines as InStyle and Glamour, and she has appeared on television as a beauty expert for E! Entertainment Television, The Style Network and Fine Living Network.

dare to fail

(pommel lane)

Yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!  xoxo Dana


Each one of my articles for Inspired Home is a gift, because the International Housewares Association has opened my eyes to a spectrum of new products, new releases and specialty goodies that will literally rock your world.

Today’s piece is on kitchens.  Do you love your kitchen?


In the ancient philosophy of feng shui, the kitchen is the center of both wealth and health in your home. When you create a more functional, organized and beautiful kitchen, you lift the energy of the room — and everything you cook — in the most prosperous way. Small shifts to polish and lift the energy of your kitchen open up your life to vibrant abundance and deliciousness! If you haven’t been cooking, have trouble sticking to healthier habits or find your kitchen is always a mess, these tips can help you to make a big breakthrough.

You can read the whole article HERE on Inspired Home.  

xoxo Dana


When you are faced with immense beauty you feel beauty.

When you are faced with darkness… it’s hard to feel beauty. I don’t care how spiritually advanced or anything that you are, it’s really hard to feel awesome in the face of someone who has harmed you, in the face of something that terifies you or in a space where you are up against one of your own demons.

The awful truth is that its very hard- perhaps impossible- to overcome something you can’t confront.

And the other truth I see is that you certainly don’t need to put yourself in danger to be rid of a demon.

So, today’s feng shui is all about facing your demons even if it feels like you would rather hide.  Continue Reading…

design sponge wood dining area (design*sponge greatness)

Many many of you have simple wood furniture at home.  It’s most common, most accessible and easiest to acquire vintage, too.  The issue is that wood can pile up in ways that are overwhelming.  And as I restyle my own too-heavily-wood dining room I can tell you that it can feel burdensome to have too much wood.  But if you mix lots of wood (in your areas with lots of wood) with simplicity… the result is fresh and sophisticated!   Continue Reading…