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A Dose Of High-Energy Feng Shui For Building Your Creative Genius

It’s been a decade this year of designing space to shift lives,  a span of ten awesome years of realizing what works for you to create success and a feeling of being at home may not work for another person, that a feng shui tip is only great if it is customized and that our experiences and creative minds are so deeply individual.

It’s so funny to look back on a decade and realize you’ve only just begun to learn the vastness of what you’re doing. But in the process of creating so far, many themes have emerged for me and for my clients and friends that all lead down a road towards all types of success… and, today, as I embark on a new chapter in so many ways and find myself reaching toward these themes, it seemed the ideal day to share them in one bundle! Continue Reading…

Love is everything amazing.  But, if you’ve been in deeply imbalanced relationships where you find yourself- for no justifiable reason like illness or a crisis – in a cycle of  over-giving, over-helping or constantly extending yourself  and making the most of the efforts to keep a relationship going… chances are, it’s not balanced.

Without a sense of balance, we can feel stressed.  It can lead to other issues, spiralling in to our self-esteem, creativity and motivation.  It’s a slippery slope because we all know that it’s noble to do anything for love… right?

Almost… yes… but not really anything!

It’s also important to have equality in friendships.  If you feel like you don’t have solid ground under your feet and a real flow between you and anyone you love who you are close to- friends, partners, family, everyone- an exchange that feels good—  things can get wobbly and love ceases to be the energy that rules.

Today, let’s look at balancing relationships so that everyone thrives!!! Continue Reading…


Creativity is all of life.

To have more of anything, cultivate more creative energy!

A few bullet points to have you thinking in expanded terms that I remind myself of, nearly-daily!!!

  • Strive for more self-expression.
  • Let yourself go out on a line creatively.
  • Aim high.
  • & Set the kind of goals that you feel deeply.

That’s when the world becomes glitter and things change almost instantly with so much passion…!

The super-big FREE Love Camp introductory video series to sweep away creative blocks is HERE right NOW! 





feng shui 101And, if you want to dive in to your own personalized feng shui in a modern, practical way, Say hello to Feng Shui 101.  Its the guide I made for you to create your own personalized feng shui at home, in the office, wherever you may be… in 8 weeks.  It’s not filled with strict rules or what you “must” do.  Its filled with information, questions, exercises and even videos and classes to help you confidently create amazing spaces with killer feng shui and live with more flow.   Learn more about the 8-week feng shui adventure & grab your copy to get started right HERE…   And, as always, please let me know what happens!

(rainbow nourishments is the best!!!)

This is my early Birthday post, as I’m spending the day on my actual birthday tomorrow in spirit time (lots of prayers for the world all day…), hiking in the local rainforest (!) and hanging out with people I love. I am so lit up by the idea of tuning in deeply.  No party, no event and no adventure could mean more to me than this right now.

I used to get a vision or an intellectual idea of what I wanted every year on my birthday.  Now, it’s in my body.  It’s taking hold of my senses.  It’s captivating, exciting and most of all… it’s really calming.

To get to today, the last few months called upon me to get rid of more than I ever thought possible at once.  And by tomorrow, I will have let go of even more.  Stuff, ideas, old ways, items that don’t belong on the to-do list any more… It’s all overstayed its welcome and it’s time to go.

My birthday wish for all of you is to experience more freedom, love and creative action in every day.  Not just a state of joy, but a state of art.  Not a life free of challenges, but a life where you are building even more of what you want… and feeling awesome every step of the way.

I’ve picked up a few (!) lessons in all this change of my last birthday year that I pass on in the online Camps as everyone shares their lessons with me. Today, the feng shui lessons that stand out this year are the ones I’m excited to share! Continue Reading…


Love – and every relationship in your life full of that love- is life-changing.

I am not a relationship coach, telling people what to say or do within their relationships.  But,  I deal with energy and that energy manifests in— homes, creativity and the flow of prosperity, including love!

When energy is off between people, it slides into my domain because it settles in an environment and blocks the creativity, flow, prosperity and love!

Your energy affects your home as much as your furniture.  Dense, contentious energy hangs heavy in the air.  It manifests in a home in all sorts of ways- clutter, broken stuff, a feeling that you’re ill at ease…

You can even feel drained of your life force in spaces with dense energy that’s been the site of arguments, upsets, heavy emotions that have an impact.

If you’re stuck in a pattern in your relationships, your home (yes, your home!)  may be reinforcing that pattern like a trigger that sets off emotional reactions that spin out of control.

It can make it murky to see what’s going on.

It can feel like there’s no end to the cycle of problems.

But in clear space, things change.

Dramatically. Continue Reading…


People tend to want to hire me to help make their wishes come true.  That is, after all, how feng shui was popularized.  “Add two lucky doves to your bedroom, light a candle and toss red sheets on your bed and…boom… your soulmate will arrive!”

I am always happy to help in the wish-making and the making of lasting change.  I don’t, however, do the above instant-wish-fulfillmenr.

The reason?  What if you’re wanting an instant relationship and still mourning the loss of a relationship, living with so much unhealed trauma that you’re afraid to truly be vulnerable in a healthy way or you spend so much of your life working that you have little time for this magical mate for your soul?!

The above is just a small sample of how “instant-wish-fulfillment” promises can fail us all.  Think about it: Even if we were to get the soulmate in the above overnight with no self-reflection… how awesome would that relationship be if you had no time, no space in your heart, mind or emotions to engage with him or her?

It reminds me of the lottery winners who get the big payday and then suddenly spend it instantly.

Lots of them were not that clear about their beliefs, habits and true conceptions of money and wealth and so, when all that money arrived, they had no space for it, no flow to provide it, no habits to support it.

Of course, you don’t need to know every single thing about money to not blow a few million dollars if you win it, and you don’t need to have a perfect love history to have the best relationships ever.

You absolutely can – and likely will- learn along the way and evolve as you go.  And each decision you make will most likely be amazing if you follow how you feel.

I can help you shape your space and shift your energy and habits in big ways… but you’re always the engine.  It doesn’t happen without you on board!

There’s one way far beyond the statues and symbols of some schools of feng shui- none of which I recommend unless you love them dearly- to use your environment to light a path toward those great decisions, maniestation and synergy that we all love.

Using your home as a mirror of your life, you can learn so much about yourself that can light a path toward your dreams!  Continue Reading…

bruce lipton quotes

You may have heart before statements like, “Love heals.” Or, “listen to your heart.”  Science is now proving all these classic proverbs to be true!

Today’s feng shui is all about love as a force of wellness and thriving.   Continue Reading…

(Amanda Widell’s home)

Balance isn’t the same for everyone.  Elite althetes I know find their footing in the tenth mile every day, or in what may seem like extremes to some of us.  In fact, I find my balance on a creative edge of adventure, art and spiritual practice, always stretching the barries further.  If I don’t feel self-expressed in my days I feel off kilter.

You may find your balance in more rest, intensity mixed with total downtime or deep pursuits of spirit.  You might find balance in mainly rest with a little hustle.  Or a pace that’s very quite, measured, slow and consistent.

There’s no one way.  In fact, if I tried to fit my life into the model of balance that is the standard thinking on the issue, I feel trapped, bored and intellectually flat and restless.

That said, without balance things become so extreme that they are unsustainable.  You can’t work on level 10 every day of life without consequences.   You likely can’t run 10 miles a day with no rest days in between and not feel it in some way that’s less than optimal.  Relationships that are pure passion in a heat can’t be sustained on that level every moment of every day.  We all have a need for yin and yang energies.  Active and then quiet.  Hard and soft.

Finding your balance is unique… and today instead of exploring what your balanced life should look like, we’re going to look at some of the underlying energies of balance to inspire you to find your own best way! Continue Reading…