10 Life-Changing Reasons To Clear Clutter!

Nine Lemons As A Luck And Money Feng Shui Cure

10 Things To Know About Clutter Clearing That Can Bring Your Dreams To Life!

Declutter Your Manifesting Process & Make Awesome Things Happen!

Feng Shui To Help You Build Wealth (Or More Of Anything You Need)!

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From decor to energy flow, maintenance to cleaning, this year of being at home has expanded my own home change-making and brought to light so many powerful shifts that are possible and easy.

Today, I’m sharing 10 ways to make an energy-shifting difference in your home and life every day. This home energy boost will have a big impact on your feeling of being “at home” and all the love and empowerment it brings!

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(you can find the recipe for an even more elaborate love potion HERE)

Love is super high-frequency manifesting energy. It will bring you more joy, more magnetism and more abundance in all ways.

Many herbs have been used throughout history to amplify the love energy in life and dill is one of the more potent of love-magnetic herbs!

I hope you enjoy this immensely!

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If you’re highly sensitive, you’re blessed!

And while it may not feel like a blessing all the time because your ability to feel and sense energies– including how others are feeling– can be too much to take on at once…it truly is.

Highly Sensitive People are incredibly intuitive, powerful communicators and genius healers. Often they’re the great game-changers in society because they simply can’t help but help others and make the entire world a better place…. but, first, they’ve got to figure out how to manage their sensitivity.

It’s very hard to build an empire and transform things when you’re feeling the weight of the world is on you. Today, let’s look at how you can master your own energy even more so your high-sensitivity can shine in the world!

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Every season I update my rituals. Part of it is seasonal but, since I live in Los Angeles and we don’t have big seasons, it’s more symbolic. The energy needs shifting. Things need to be refreshed. There’s a need for inspiration.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the new rituals I’ve picked up this season to keep the energy high and magnetic in the months ahead.

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All the ways you add more love and high vibes to your space will amplify your manifesting power!

This DIY potpourri is something you can customize to bring beauty, sensory richness and a feeling of intentional magic to any room in your house. And, the best part is– you can make it with things you can find in the grocery store!

Enjoy it all!

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You create your days. You have lots of decisions to make all day long. One of the most life-altering of decisions is how we choose to focus and what we decide to do in between the big things.

After work, before we get out of bed, in our breaks.

We have choices to make. And those choices are often colored by how we internalize the outlook we have on things.

If you’re used to being cynical, that cynicism can steal the joy from joyful moments. If you’re in love with your life and generally optimistic, that love can make everything so much easier.

It’s worth being “unrealistically” optimistic about the hope and promise in every day. The more you embrace life with this sense of love and wonder, the more things tend to fall into place with greater ease.

Today, let’s look at a few ways to harness more of this joy and wonder every day!

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Bedrooms are always rooms of LOVE in Feng Shui, and this love will light up your whole life!

Today, I’ve rounded up some of the most universally-awesome Feng Shui tips to start amplifying the love energy in your bedroom… and your whole life!

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If you feel like you’re always looking to shake off, cleanse or detox the negative energy from the day, I know very much of what that feels like.

Especially if you’re in a really difficult situation at the moment. Especially if you’re empathic and you “pick up” the energy of others.

What I’m going to share today is not meant to be a miracle cure, but, rather, a strategy and ethos for all of life.

I’ve found myself immersed in dire straights of every kind of negativity and I’ve also picked up the energies around me forever.

Retreating to my bedroom and locking the door to study was the way I found could start to scratch the surface of dealing with all of this as a kid. But, it wasn’t a life strategy I could use as an adult.

No matter where I went to try to find an answer for this endless nighbare of bad vibes, I’d come up empty-handed. Even the ” healing gurus” I found couldn’t help me, though they offered many complex and often scary rituals that I tried with all my might.

One thing did help. And, it was immensely easier than some of the complex solutions that failed me.

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