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I need a lot of rest, maybe more than I realized until I allowed myself to sleep more and saw my entire body, mind and spirit change dramatically for the better.

Lately, that rest has been slightly shortchanged for a long enough time that it started to become a viscious cycle. Slower mornings, longer afternoon naps, tons of energy way too late at night and then… It continues.

This is my subtle burnout pattern.  I know if I let it go for even one more week I will stop wanting to create things and start feeling like I want to hide all day because everything becomes too intense.

I found flowers, naps, coconut ice cream and time with my dogs and friends and love, and now I’m off for a long walk and back in my swing of flow.  Bed early sets it all back on the right path.

The signs of  burnout are subtle then loud.  At best, you just feel tired.  At worst, you feel a kind of tired that tons of sleep won’t even cure.

Have you been overdoing it lately?!

There are some facets of life that are easy to adjust and simple concepts that are worth looking at to help stay out of the zone of burnout and feel truly fantastic even when you’re plate is extremely full. Continue Reading…

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As a kid I’d find the junk drawer full of my mom’s mini notepads full of pen-doodled cubes, flowers, scrolling lines and squiggles.  Hours she spent on the phone talking were mapped out in deeply indented paper full of this pen iconagraphy.  It was almost like she couldn’t talk without drawing.  These pages were an extension of her, something I realized I somehow related to who she was and how her mind- which often I couldn’t completely understand in reason- worked and related and processed things.

I revolted with clean lines, minimalism and a sense of order so strict that I would often find myself dissapointed if my papers didn’t look pristine.

Flash forward to now, and I do the same thing.  I doodle with colored pencils and paint. I make my own patterns.  And I find myself sketching into my notes with my pen from time to time, too.   It helps me to think, it helps me solve space-related problems for clients and it’s totally unconscious. But, consciously I knew there was a reason I did it.

Doodling is actualy a form of thinking, like an open-eyed art meditaton.  According to the latest research, doodling is actually amazing for your memory, for problem-solving and for your creative nature!  Continue Reading…

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Mother Nature knows it all, and it’s our job to stay connected.  For some of us that connection is easier than for others.  Even if you live in a lush area of Nature, a job that finds you in an office building for a large part of the day and the year creates a disconnect.  And for city-dwellers, that basic connection to Nature sometimes requires a little more effort to make it to a park, beach or lakeside.

But it’s not just the Earth itself that’s the magic of Nature.  It’s all it’s geometric patterns, it’s blooms, and the powers of botanicals and flowers to heal, to clear energy and to provide inspiration, stories, love and wonder that make Nature a wildly prolific superpower.

Today, let’s look at spaces themselves, and how they can benefit from botanical infusions! Continue Reading…

Why do some changes stick and some just don’t, even when you’ve done it all right?

I see these feng shui (and life) situations daily.

You followed the feng shui rules you read in a book, and nothing happened.

You followed all the life rules for making a change in some way…and nothing happened!


I used to be quick to say that these folks were following the wrong rules and philosophies. The wrong advice and the wrong science.  But, that’s not really always the deciding factor, and it’s not where I look first now.

Lots of people have seeming benefits from even the wackiest of suggestions… even if they a temporary gains.


There’s one thing I can state generally and almost universally that seems to separate those who florish from those who wonder why it’s not working.

It’s not magic at all.

It’s a deep-seated, absolute, committed decision that comes from your heart and is loaded with personal connection that’s the engine behind all change in feng shui… and all change in general! Continue Reading…

I talk a lot about designing life as a higher-vibrational event every day.  And there are big reasons for that.

You may not see an immediate miracle land on your doorstep the moment you feel happier and more free.  You might not instantly meet your soulmate.  But… I’ve seen and experienced both of those things.

You may not spontaneously heal, but I have seen that, too.

It’s not always clear what will manifest and exactly how your life will first open up when you open up to fresh energy and lift things higher… but… things will shift…. and they’ll keep shifting…

And the shifts will be positive.  And they’ll grow…!

I’ve had some of the most unexpected things happen when I opened my life up to fresh energy.  Today, I’m so excited to share some of the more unexpcted ways we can transform when we flood our lives with fresh and super-high energy!  Continue Reading…

When I follow my bliss I find treasures.  I find new friends.  I find ideas that move me and evolve my work.

I had to make a lot of space for that bliss in a life packed with loads to do.  Yes, I love a whole lot of what I do, but there are days upon days of non-stopness, decision-making and technical stuff that make every dreamy job look like any other job I’ve ever had, too!

So, I make space for more bliss, and that space is rewarding.

Joseph Campbell famously coined the “follow your bliss” phrase as a life philosophy.

“Follow your bliss.
If you do follow your bliss,
you put yourself on a kind of track
that has been there all the while waiting for you,
and the life you ought to be living
is the one you are living.
When you can see that,
you begin to meet people
who are in the field of your bliss,
and they open the doors to you.
I say, follow your bliss and don’t be afraid,
and doors will open
where you didn’t know they were going to be.
If you follow your bliss,
doors will open for you that wouldn’t have opened for anyone else.”

― Joseph Campbell

Today, let’s look at some feng shui ways to add some balance and bliss into life in a way that we can all do…! Continue Reading…

Harnessing your creativity is the sparkle and catalyst of life!

This glowing plate of fuschia agate was a punctuation mark in a day of wonder.  We all need these color-filled bright spots in the day, the glowing colors, the magic of nature and some unexpected surprises.

When you’re locked in your head in thought or somewhat divorced from your body in worries and stress, it can be really hard to imagine how these moments of wonder ever appear.  We stop seeing life, we stop being curious, we stop taking the extra time… because everything is so serious that there’s no time for anything magical.

I’ve lived in that place of emptiness from inspiration.  I’ve been in that “logical” mind of no time for leisure, no time to brainstorm, no ideas flowing…

It’s when fear, sadness, anger and all sorts of other emotions have taken over.  What takes 10 minutes on a high-flying inspired day can take a full day in that space of heady, heavy, confused and chaotic living.

Over-thinking is not fun.

If you’re there right now… and you’re looking for a much brighter way to be… for solutions to problems that persist, for more fulfillment, more easy days and more light… today, let’s get creatively inspired…! Continue Reading…


Our natural state is radiant, creatively free and connected to life full of wonder, you know?!  As small children we aren’t overthinking, expecting perfection from ourselves, living in wonder or thinking that anyone has life figured out and we should follow their example.  Then came many adults for many of us who started projecting their own fears and limitations upon us… “Be careful… You can’t… We can’t… You have to be better… Life isn’t abut fun…” and so mamy other things get impressed upon us… And those beliefs, when practiced, become negativity that builds and builds and attracts more to itself.

If you’re often drained, dragged down, feeling squashed… self-critical, workaholic, perfectionist… beneath all of it, as I’ve been told my leading therapists, healers and even scientists, lies trauma, negative beliefs or habits that have been practiced even subconsciously for a long time.

I lived it for so long I felt it was just “who I am.”  I never thought I’d feel content, fulfilled, truly happy or loveable.  And the longer I lived in it, the more it pulled me far away from my natural, creative, shiny and happy self. I didn’t even recognize myself.

Life luckily forced me to change in many ways.  While healing from an illness I learned to keep my energy field stronger by keeping my home lighter and brighter.  I realized that people who brought me down or spun my head or caused me fear had to go.  People who introverted me in their judgement had no place in my life, either.  I started learning about raising vibrations, raising my whole life condition in my spiritual practice… and slowly-but-surely changing things.

I can’t believe how much life has changed since then.  Even when it’s bad, it can be good.

A few awesome things:

Changing your space can help you shift your beliefs. 

Your environment can help you become more present. 

Simple shifts in habits can make your energy stronger and create a force-shield from negativity! 

Creating more joy creates more joy for everyone around you- even your plants and pets. 

Choose more joy today.  Decide to stay in that joy more and more.  See where it leads you away from certain types of conversations, groups, habits… foods, colors, interests, curiosity…

It’s taking the negative momentum and flipping it to positive momentum.  It happens gradually, sometimes more profoundly and quickly…

It’s totally doable no matter where you are. You just have to be, very paradoxically, ready to be happier.

It was the best choice I made and it’s aways the best choice I make.

Wishing you so much love, joy and power…!

xoxo Dana




The Joy Immersion is a 30-day commitment to happy-making, mirror-polishing, life-lifting and simple space shifting…!   It’s loaded with lots actions (some you may know, even if you’ve never fully practiced them, some you’ve likely never seen or heard of…!) that can help you detox from your own negative stuff, uncover more of your greatness and light, and see happiness everywhere you look…! There’s feng shui, there’s life-shifting, there’s lots of creativity… and there’s incredible happiness waiting.


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