8 Feng Shui Money Tips That Are Universally Awesome!

Energy Clearing Is A Daily Practice Of Self-Love And Abundance!

The Rice Experiment Has Blown My Mind & Proven The Power Of Love

Use Magical House Cleaning To Attract More Money Into Your Life!

7 Ways That Changing Your Space Can Bring You More Money !

Where we focus our energy is where we will see growth.

In times of any type of challenge, we many not be able to choose every circumstance but we can choose where we focus our energy.

What’s most important at all times when faced with unwanted scenarios and situations is to align with positive things. If you align with the down-spiral and start thinking, talking and acting it out, you are far more likely to create that unwanted down-spiral in your own life circumstances.

When we can stay aligned with the blessings, opportunities and solutions, more will avail themselves to us.

Let’s all commit to more growth every single day, now more than ever, aligning to all that you want to see and experience.

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I’m committed to all the content I can share full of ideas to thrive at home during this time of social distancing, curfews, quarantines and general fear that doesn’t need to take hold in our lives.

It’s time to stay as calm as possible and stay very well.

And: stay focused on all the abundance and love in your life.

If you’re ready to polish up the abundance energy of your home and life during this time, the FREE Wealth Feng Shui videos start tomorrow.



Where to begin?

All of us know what’s happening right now. And, we are in this situation together as a global family.

For those of you who are, like me, at home for many weeks or maybe a month or more stretched ahead of us, I’m hoping it’s a shorter time, but it may feel a little crazy-making for the extroverts and introverts alike.

I’m accepting this time at home — whatever amount of time is needed and recommended. I’m also focused very deeply on every ounce of hope and positive energy that can be gained, shared and multiplied. Seeing people singing in together in Italy from their balconies brought me to tears. Its so beautiful to feel the spirit of humanity soaring in solidarity.

We all know this is a moment in our lives that we’re not apt to forget.

There are so many ways to strengthen your own energy to stay calmer, more grounded, more focused and more magnetic to positive experiences, and so many of them are perfect at-home practices that you can do right now and pass along.

Some of my favorite practices to stay calm, focused, grounded and focused on growth while you’re spending more time (or all of your time) at home are here for you today.

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This is the season of very special daily programming as I type this on day two of what might be weeks (or months) at home.

We are focusing deeply on wellness, creativity and abundance in the coming month, and I’ll be here daily with resources, videos, ideas and, of course, Feng Shui for everyone in our global family in the era ahead.

Let’s start with basic, vital wellness habits for wellness and wealth Feng Shui as we all spend more time at home.

And, if you’re ready to polish up the abundance energy of your home and life during this time, the FREE Wealth Feng Shui videos start on Monday.

Be safe, be calm and be so well!




Your home at it’s best is a wellness sanctuary– a private retreat full of energizing, inspiring, fortifying, relaxing, creative and revitalizing energy.

That’s a lot of adjectives, I know.

But, it’s pretty simple to fill your home with the things that can bring you a sense of calm, stability and even more good vibes.

Today is my day of stocking up on wellness, and here is what I do when it’s time to replenish the brightly beaming vibes!

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We’re talking about more than spare change today, but spare change can be the start of your fortune-building.

As Cash Camp get’s ready to begin, today we’re going to talk about Feng Shui and your money that is (or is about to be) saved up!

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(more here on aloe vera)

If you’ve been looking for hand sanitizer and it’s sold out where you live you can make or buy some homemade hand sanitizer compliments of my friend, vegan chef Leslie Durso.

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(via Rue)

What you do at home is, in my mind, largely responsible for the vast amount of energy and power in your home.

Despite the limiting beliefs of most of Feng Shui that relies on “cures” to purportedly make a home’s energy “correct,” it’s simply not true or real.

You can hang 900 red strings in a space and add 1000 lucky charms and come up completely empty-handed with no money, love or luck in sight.

The energy in your home isn’t created by strings or charms. It isn’t completely cleansed by lighting dried herbs on fire. This energy is created and purified by you. And, when you clear and amplify the quality of this energy, you’ll see that things manifest far more easily in your life.

When you embrace your home as a sanctuary and use it as a sanctuary, the wealth-building benefits are tremendous!

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