8 Feng Shui Money Tips That Are Universally Awesome!

Energy Clearing Is A Daily Practice Of Self-Love And Abundance!

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Use Magical House Cleaning To Attract More Money Into Your Life!

7 Ways That Changing Your Space Can Bring You More Money !

Focus is like sun streaming through clouds. It’s welcome, it clarifies everything, things heat up and become more dynamic, colorful and inviting.

In Feng Shui in my way, your focus is your manifesting power. It’s how you bring things to life and how you soar.

Abraham Hicks has said that when you focus on something for 17 seconds, it already starts manifesting for you. The momentum kicks in to start making it happen.

In the Magic Money book series I’m reading, if you focus even for a minute on something, it comes into being.

It’s incredible to see what happens with real focus.

Real focus.

Real focus is not wavering. It’s not distracted. It’s not consumed with worry or trying to “hedge bets” and avoid disappointment.

Real focus is crisp, clear, all-in and totally committed.

Real focus is something we all can cultivate more of, and when we do, life becomes so much more directed, intentional and incredibly fun!

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There are so many ways that you can decrease stress every day. They’re practical and important, like exercise, getting enough sleep, eating well for your body and drinking enough water, getting organized and many more.

Our environment, though, collects the stress even when we’re working to let it go. It collects as dust, clutter and other energies. We can barely recognize it as the source of this stress, but the results of de-stressing your environment are enormous!

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I’ve heard this question thousands of times:

“Do you know how powerful you are?”

I’d always think, “Sure, yes, omg, of course!” and I’d then trail off in my mind to all the ways I just had forces working against me, I had issues to overcome, I had…

I had a lot of very active energies (from excuses to circumstances) that were letting me know that I couldn’t be that powerful… yet.

While I thought that I could just keep on my way and suddenly more of my power would emerge, the opposite happened:

I collected more circumstances, habits, patterns and excuses/reasons to wait longer… to not have the right timing, to sit back, to do it later…

It wasn’t until I started practicing the power of my influence over my own life– often known as intention– that I stopped stopping myself.

Practicing your power will make you so much more confident, radiant and ready to dive into everything you love, want, need and dream of right now!

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(money tree care via green and vibrant)

While a lemon in a bowl or an awesome money tree won’t pay your bills on it’s own, there are many universally awesome Feng Shui tips that can help you to create a home that is rich in abundance!!!




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Self-care, self-love, down-time… we all know it’s great. It’s actually quite vital. But… where is the time to do these things?!

If you’re feeling like you’re putting yourself last even though you are determined to put yourself first, these strategies have helped me so much, I’m happy to share them today if they can be of service to you!

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When I have a lot to get done and I don’t know where to begin and can barely confront the idea of doing anything, I know my energy is off.

It doesn’t mean I’m immersed in “bad vibes” or something is affecting me that I have no control over.

That’s how I once felt some time ago. I believed that the forces of Nature were against me and I had to do all I could to fight off the bad stuff that was endlessly popping up in my life.

Fighting the bad stuff put my energy squarely on the bad stuff and that was a good way to create a theme of “Why is this happening to me?!” in my life.

I was generating fear and negativity all day long.

You may feel the same, because, after all, we’re bombarded with things to read, to do, to experience, to comment on, create and achieve at lightning speed every day and it can feel like life is “happening to” us.

Luckily you can reverse that flow right now and start “happening to” life! And, in times those times where you don’t know what to do next, where to begin or how to move forward to complete what needs to be done, you can tap into endless inspiration and power every day to make it happen!

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Oranges and cloves represent the highest of vibrations, a sensory rich and glorious experience of the highest energy that manifests incredible things.

There’s a pervasive sense that we need “luck” to create breakthroughs and those magic days where the people, ideas and all the right things come together perfectly.

It’s really more like deciding to put out a bowl of oranges and maybe stud them with cloves if you’re feeling fancy— the energy is utterly magnetic and it’s something you’ve created.

It’s not pre-ordained, written in the stars or granted to you on special days.

There are so many Feng Shui ways to harness way more of this genius power every single day, and today I’m sharing five that have been my go-to methods as this year gets into high gear!

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We started the year with a 2020 Numerology article from my sister Nicole, and today, there’s a video to help you harness the themes of 2020 and bring them into your life in exciting ways.

It’s time to build your Creative Empires!

Enjoy it all!

And, if you’ve been wanting to become a Modern Feng Shui Professional, the revolutionary School of Intention is starting soon and all the details are HERE!