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I wanted a life this beautiful.  Flower petals in my water, sunshine that I could enjoy throughout the day, luscious air, smashing ideas, art everywhere, and a magical ability to execute all my ideas in a snap of my fingers.

I did have a life that beautiful.  I do. I am so blessed.  I was able to capture all but the “magical ability to get it all done” quickly or even remotely easily. I worked 100+ hours a week sometimes.  It wasn’t ideal.  And after a while, the thrilling beauty goes dull if you feel like a robot on a treadmill.

Are you there right now, work-work-working with diminished returns?

If you’re spinning your wheels all day and wondering exactly why so many people seem to accomplish so much and you just don’t, even though you work so much… Or, why some people seem to have free time and lesure time and you are working 24-7 for some reason that is not really clear…

Focus is often the big difference between the two scenarios.

Multitasking, distractions, disorder and clutter, plain and simple, can be the difference between your super-productive genius life and your dull life of working wayyyy too long for very little reward.

Simple shifts can make it so much easier to dive deep into your day and focus in on what’s in front of you…!
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If you don’t use something, you don’t “lose” it, per say, even though you may feel like you have.  Put on some ice skates after 10 or 20 years and you’ll know the motions… it may just take a while to feel like you’re skating again without being self-aware, and then, soon, if you practice, you’ll develop from there.

Lately I’m obsessed with watching videos of people who reconnected- or connected for the first time-  with their passions later in life and became record-setting and game-changing in their chosen creative realms.

And I realize that this creative spark is not just for a moment off in the distance when there’s less pressure, less work, less needs to fulfill and to-do lists to check off.  Those days may never come soon enough, and that creative energy we miss when we put off the good stuff for later could have actually been the solve to lots of emotional, finacial and even physical ailments.

Lots of these game-changing people I’ve been observing- some into their 100’s- usually say they could have started earlier.  But, I’m so inspired that they started, nevertheless, and practiced, and immersed, and constantly grow!

We all know the motions of the things that light us up.  But if you stray really far from using these things, it can be a little clunky (and maybe even intimidating, frustrating or totally trying to your ego) to get back in the groove.

This isn’t just soulfully a good idea- creativity will help you to do just about anything with more vibrance and power!  Continue Reading…

Yes, you do.  You become what you believe… and it’s all created by what you actually think, say and do all day.

Remember all those times that things were easy because you believed in yourself and your worth? Remember all the times things were predictable shoddy and didn’t work out because you didn’t believe in yourself and your worth?

If you’ve been in a habit of not believing you are worth the great stuff in life, today, let’s look at the coolest blueprint to rise up to your highest potential! Continue Reading…

To know me is to know that I am not one to sit still and think I know it all already. If I stop learning and experimenting, I can’t function. And in the realm of creating a new paradigm for feng shui, where design is concerned I am always looking to grow.

Whether it’s learning about new finishes, new materials, new practices or new products to flood a space with sensory greatness, I travel as much as I can to find the best of the best that is evolving.

Next weekend, I don’t have to travel farther than LA Convention Center to see the Dwell on Design show and I’m super psyched to learn and stretch my own limits!

Sustainability is on my mind. As much as I would love to see Christiane Lemieux and Meganne Wecker talk about their gorgeous textiles projects, furnishings and even 3D printing (!!!) I am scheduling myself to see Christiane talk about green design (folks: this is what matters the most in our world!) The “Ethical Design: Fair Trade and Sustainability” talk on Saturday morning is my first stop.

I need to learn from heroes. Design, in my life and work, is game-changing. It’s life-changing. It’s the invisible and visible ways an environment, a piece of furniture, art, even a great pencil can change your mood and your motivations. To say that I am beyond thrilled to hear Bruce Mau talk about his 24 key design principles that he applies to his work with major brands is an understatement! Ready for the text about this talk:

“At the end of this session, you will be able to:
1. Explore the power of design to generate positive influence.
2. Interpret the key design principles founded by Bruce Mau to infuse into your projects.
3. Discover personal leadership traits and cultivate leadership skills in other people.
4. Apply design thinking across a spectrum of work. ”

I mean… omg!!!

And, of course, there’s some great shopping (!!!) at Dwell on Design… all local, artisans, a festival of aesthetic makers… and the products to see are so charming, I will have my camera ready. Shopping locally and sustainably is amazing feng shui, and investments in handmade quality and excellence are always the most radiant, full of story and all-round amazing.

Plus… there are three pre-fab and totally fab(!!!) homes fully contructed and waiting for a tour!

Needless to say, it will be a super-big weekend first official weekend of the Summer!!!

Always keep learning, keep growing and keep stretching your limits!!!

Want to join me at Dwell on Design? It’s June 23-25th, and you can get tickets HERE.  (You can promo code THETAOOFDANA for $5.00 off!)

xoxo Dana




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I hear this more than anything else.

I’ve said it more than anything else in certain areas of my life.

“Why is this always happening to me?”

Whether it’s the vampire friends, the relationships that go awry, the financial crisis, the series of events that you want to avoid but can’t help but keep repeating…

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steve jobs creativity quote

Even if you are deeply committed to positivity and you are so focused on an outcome that’s awesome, in modern life we are all subject at times to thoughts that span the whole gamut of outcomes. I’ve gone through phases of extreme desire to eliminate these thoughts, and by focusing on them so intensely I made them… grow! In a wild turn of events, I came to see one way to really tip the scales way in favor of things flowing like magic.

It wasn’t a mind exercise or a visualization, it wasn’t a healer or anything else…

It was deep creative commitment.

Today, let’s look at ways you can ignite more creativity into your life to stay in your magic-making zone where your big visions and awesome outcomes become far easier to bring to life…!!! Continue Reading…

Even the greatest daily routine in the world needs variety, new flavors and new scenery. And just about all of us have higher levels of creativity, energy, love and self-expression that we can reach.

My dear friend,  at nearly 80, is gearing up for her 4th life-reinvention, and I have to say I am beyond deeply inspired.

I’m moved to shake things up much more all around me!

One of the things that most impresses me about this friend is that she’s tireless and always learning, always doing something new and, literally, always prospering more and more.

And there’s no sign of slowing down. Ever!!!

On days when I hit snooze six times (rare these days but they happen) I am reminded that it’s my beliefs and thoughts and actions that are shaping my reality, right? So… if I don’t have something exciting enough to hop out of bed to do… it’s time for a change!

If you want to shake up the status quo and feel more passion in a visceral and exciting way… do new things and reinvent yourself in awesome ways!!!

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Hot pink houses.  That’s a creative catalyst for me!

The energy of creativity brings life to life. Quite literally, it’s the energy- or chi- that flows through our bodies that is our glow and electricity.

In an acupuncture session you can balance that energy physically. With feng shui you can balance that energy in your space.  In your lifestyle, you can balance that energy with actions that make you glow.

When empower this flow of energy in your whole life and expand your container of energy to hold more brilliance and more fresh ideas, you become a magnet for all kinds of greatness!  Continue Reading…