7 Ways That Keeping Your Chakras In Balance Can Transform Your Days!

Energy Clearing Is A Daily Practice Of Self-Love And Abundance!

Feng Shui To Make A Breakthrough!

The Rice Experiment Has Blown My Mind & Proven The Power Of Love


Freshness is what we always need, perhaps now more than ever.

Elevating and aligning our energy — being radiant and focused– is the most powerful combination for creating more love, abundance, art and all great things.

In my way of Feng Shui that’s focused on pure empowerment, everything starts with the highest, lightest and clearest of energy.

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Having an ultra-positive magnetic mindset is the greatest. The best ideas are flying free, you feel confident, there’s magic in the air and all kinds of amazing things appear.

And, yet, when we need it the most it can seem like a challenge to keep our minds that optimistic and full of magical forces, you know?

If you’re having a hard time keeping your mind focused on what you want, you can shift your space to elevate your mind!

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A friend who hasn’t lost her wanderlust spirit (albeit now the wandering is at a far distance from other people) found these blooms carefully gathered from a very exclusive rose farm in Los Angeles.

It was such joy to see this treasure, I started thinking of filling my house with flowers, but since these blooms require waiting in line and I’m not that adventurous at the moment, I decided on more plants. I settled on plants, because I know that there are nurseries doing curbside delivery and I want to support them.

I can probably fit ten (or more) scattered around inside and out… so this is my research project of the day.

It’s also incredibly important. I want to surround myself with growth because the more growth I see the more I see possibilities come to light.

I want to feel as unlimited as possible. My plants are one way to harness that feeling.

While you don’t need a car full of houseplants, you might find that there are simple ways to start letting things go– habits, mindsets, old ways of working, clutter and even dreams that no longer suit you– to usher in lots of fresh energy.

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This struck me like a lightning bolt.

We are all art, and if we look at each day as an opportunity to create that art as we wish, the sky’s the limit as to what we can do!

I’ve been blown away from emails and posts from people who have been doing the Feng Shui in the Camps and even the FREE videos (*the next series of FREE videos is about setting up your space to make big breakthroughs, and you can grab them here).

Doubling income, getting new jobs, big assignments, big positive changes… in the midst of a huge global crisis, nonetheless.

I don’t take credit for that, but I do know that when you decide to engage in deliberately creating your life, amazing things happen!

That’s what today’s Feng Shui is all about!

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(good vibes only from @thejungalow)

In the midst of a global crisis, there’s no room for a single unnecessary bad vibe.

Energy is magnified now, you know?

What’s mean is striking me as ten times meaner, what’s outrageous is completely surreal and what is draining feels completely exhausting.

Truly, there’s never room for a single unnecessary bad vibe.

I say unnecessary because we all have arguments, we all experience a full range of emotions and we all have life experiences and even healing processes that pull up emotions that are far from unicorns and rainbows.

That’s part of living life. It’s a dynamic, full-on experience.

But, there are the bad vibes that are not necessary at all, including draining people, the ill-intentioned, the things we might watch and read as entertainment that stoke fear and so much more.

In normal times, these things can get swept into the big dramatic fold of every day, making things just a little (or a lot) more stressful and difficult.

Right now, we can decide to totally and completely close the door on all of those things that serve no helpful purpose and decide to keep it shut.

The stunning results will expand your life and transform your environment long after this crisis is over.

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I have no personal complaints and only an abundance of gratitude. The last few months have evolved this way for one major reason I can point to clearly as a big shift:


Specifically, committing to my spiritual practice in action in a whole new way and committing to visualization in a whole new way.

Essentially, it’s practicing the creation of a new paradigm.

And that’s the Feng Shui of the day.

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This is a season of making breakthroughs. I know we’re all ready for medical breakthroughs. Many people are looking for breakthroughs in their personal lives and triumph over challenges. There’s also an undercurrent of positive personal growth by many during this extraordinary time.

I’ve never been more moved to be of service, and to give/share/help/create more that can make any bit of a difference.

My work with Feng Shui isn’t about helping you become someone else. Not in the slightest bit. It’s about helping you become even more of the awesome you that you are!

Emerging. Shining. Owning your talent. Creating your days more and more powerfully.

Today’s Feng Shui is about elevating the words you use to talk to yourself all day long. Ultimately, it will transform your life. And, it will likely have an effect right away!

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I’ve been incredibly blessed to know so many amazing creators, to come upon so much wisdom and to have so much love in my life. Now, more than ever, this is my primary focus: surrounded by love, wellness and inspiration.

There are many gifts from students and clients in this post that I cherish that have making this time inside so much brighter. There are many ideas and techniques that have been so helpful to do everything from focusing my mind to manifesting much more. And, a special chat with a dear friend that is always exciting to share because it’s full of creative awakening ideas.

Today, it’s a long-awaited roundup of goodies that I hope will bring you joy and magnetism now and long after this time of stay-at-home is over!

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