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I’m not going to tell you that everything’s simple.  That’s not true.

But… a whole lot of the things we’re struggling to do to the point where they’re soul-crushing might not be the right things to do.

Nope, I’m not suggesting you quit when things get challenging.  I’m a huge fan of never quitting on dreams.

But… if something is making you feel miserable (not challenging… but truly miserable)  it might not be for you.


Maybe it’s not even your dream!?

If you’re feeling that life is super-hard for you right now, too, could it be that you’re making life harder than it needs to be?  Continue Reading…

the opaque crystals are beyond belief

(@_theopaque_ is a must-follow instagram!!!)

I know that you know about the power of positive thinking… but there’s so much that I learn every day about the magic of immersing in it that I’m thrilled to share the science, and more science and more reminders because this is life-changing stuff reflected in your home, your personal energy and the way you feel about your life every day! Every step away from negativity and into fluffier, happier and more harmonious ways of living is a step toward reorganize the universe to reflect your greatest dreams.


Intention is so powerful it can reorganize the cells in your body, and it can help them to survive and thrive.  It can change the structure of space. It can lift up or drag down everything around you.

The practical magic of intention has been tested in so many potent ways and repeatedly it’s proven: we are super-powerful reality-makers.

This is the science and energy-shifting stuff that will turn your world to glitter and instantly give you a boost of light and focus! Continue Reading…

detox waters


I don’t know about you, but I have trouble in anything but hot weather or the sauna drinking my quota of plain water for the day.  Without slices of lemon and lime at the very least, or hunks of ginger floating all day, I’ll feel very little pull toward a glass when I’m not “thirsty” and when you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated!

I’ve had a lot of fun with these recipies, especially by muddling (think: smashing up herbs and fruit in a mortar & pestle) or, at the least, really dicing up the fruit and herbs to get maximum flavor in every glass of water! If you want details, you can find every one of these recipes right HERE.  

Drink up! And then drink more.  It might actually help you- as a side benefit- to become more intuitive to drink more water!!! xoxo Dana



feng shui 101And, if you want to dive in to your own personalized feng shui in a modern, practical way, Say hello to Feng Shui 101.  Its the guide I made for you to create your own personalized feng shui at home, in the office, wherever you may be… in 8 weeks.  It’s not filled with strict rules or what you “must” do.  Its filled with information, questions, exercises and even videos and classes to help you confidently create amazing spaces with killer feng shui and live with more flow.   Learn more about the 8-week feng shui adventure & grab your copy to get started right HERE…  And, as always, please let me know what happens!

crystalsncreations amazing crystal grid


While being steeped in positive emotions is the ultimate in all of life- work, love, creativity, wellness- the bliss isn’t there 24-7.   We’ve all been sitting in hours of traffic, face-to-face with fears… or really climbing an uphill battle through heartbreak, misfortune and grief.

All of it is valid and totally OK.  In fact, without the struggles and the obstacles, it would be hard to see the ways to really grow.    If you’ve ever been to a personal trainer or physical therapy of some kind, you know that you don’t really get stronger without moving to the edges of your own strength limitations.  Not forcing it… but stretching to see what’s actually possible and letting that stretch help you get stronger.  The extra weight, the extra pushups, the extra mile… If you never do the extra bit, you won’t know if it’s even possible.  You just have to overcome the resistance, and then you see this awesome possibility that you might not have seen before.

Expanding what’s possible is what fascinates me about all of feng shui in it’s most quantum energy sense that I’ve pushed to it’s own limits and keep stretching.  Finding new ways – beyond just moving a bed or adding a fountain- to change space and life is what drives me.   I was born with an urge to see beyond the walls and the ceiling and the furniture and the money in the bank and the amount of love that’s immediately obvious around me, and it led me in a circuitous route to my own work and art where so much more is possible.

You’re likely moved by the same urge… to live lighter and experience more joy and magic.  I’ve met thousands of people over the years who are in the mindset of determination, exploration, seeking practical magic, going beyond what’s obvious. They all decided there was more to life than their day-to-day and they started seeking that more.

Determination and decision are the start of real alchemy.

If you’re hitting the bottom in a certain way of life or a certain feeling of limits, you’ll be more open to seeing a path to your own expansion… from the inside out and the outside in.

Often it’s the negative stuff that becomes a road to the most incredible steps forward and there are so many ways to transform negatives to positives if you’re up for the adventure!  Continue Reading…

lavender in Nothern California

Lavender should be considered the feng shui flower in my mind.  My infinite lavender love affair has sparked many posts extolling it’s wonders in your home to clear space and raise the vibrational greatness around you.  I make my own smudge sticks from lavender that’s been dried.  Lavender essential oil gets spun in the laundry once clothes are dry, on a heat-free setting for a few minutes.  Drops of high vibration pure lavender oil (the more pure, the more vibey the oil!) lavender are almost always on my wrists.

Plus: lavender is a beauty ingredient of natural bliss.

Today, celebrity makeup artist and skincare guru Chantal Moore shares her love of lavender, and, owing to all its greatness, you’ll want to mix it into your home and life every change you get! Continue Reading…

water ripples are magical

We interact with each other through an exchange of energy.  From the colors we wear to the ways we fuel our glowing energy from the inside out to the words we use and… even the sounds of the words we use!  And even the sounds in the air around us!

Sound is vibration that tunes in to like vibrations.  We can “hear” a spectrum of vibration, but aminals, with different caliber “hearing” capacity, can pick up on frequencies we can’t even hear.  We can feel vibration even without hearing it, as our heart and brain and whole body have a vibrational frequency that’s been measured and can capture “similar” frequencies.

Sound is so powerful because its waves are powerful.  Fir those of you who make music or love music, you know the emotive power of sound in profound ways.  Sound can help us access brain states that are not easily available to us in everyday life.  And, for some, sound is healing.

Today’s feng shui is an exploration of sound as a way to change your day, your mind and your life!  Continue Reading…

aura crystals

(amarisland instagram)

Your own electric greatness is magnetic.

We’re all balls of energy at our most fundamental, and we’re meant to thrive by generating and sharing energy.  It’s energy that allows us to make things every day- from having a brilliant day at work to making the best dinner to feeding our ideas and turning them into actual things in the universe.  Love is energy.  Money is energy.  Peace is a quality of energy.  Health is radiant energy.

When you’re lacking in any of the above, chances are that somehow your own energy isn’t getting charged up enough.  Or… it is… and you’re giving it away in places that feel noble (or feel vital) that are actually a huge drain.

These “aura crystals” are so profound because they’re both breathtakingly gorgeous and… if you see and experience them live… they’re like sparklers on a birthday cake tossing energy and magic and glitter into the air.   They are the ultimate visual “energy generators” I’ve ever seen.  I’m so attracted to them because they have a raw supernatural gleam that’s so pronounced, like an exclamation point on every sentence.  They’re actually thought to vibrate at a frequency so high that they affect life life a giant tuning fork, making us reach higher and feel lighter.

This is the most gorgeous way to describe soaring energy.  It doesn’t judge.  It doesn’t get stuck on problems. It doesn’t try to breakdown doors that don’t want to open.  It doesn’t think.  It radiates and finds it’s way to flood life in all kinds of creative solution, all kinds of infinite possibility and all kinds of abundance.

Today’s feng shui is about where you’re putting your energy… and how to shift your energy flow toward a more soaring state of creative abundance.   Continue Reading…

worry is not helpful

A funny thing happened to me a long while back.  I had no big worries. I was so happy.  Then I met someone with seemingly no big worries.  Then… suddenly…  many immense negative spinning  worries were revealed to me slowly and powerfully as themes that were dwelled upon daily.  Suddenly, I had so many worries.  And bad feelings.  And spinning thoughts.

I couldn’t understand why I let someone else’s life affect me so much!

Have you ever had this happen?

And it turns out, this is, in part, a cellular biological reaction thing.  We actually pick up on the broadcasts being sent out around us from people’s minds loaded with emotion.  We also broadcast things that other people pick up on and react to powerfully every day.

Don’t get me wrong: I help people daily with problems and have my own problems.  We all talk about our stuff, but there’s a difference between constructively sorting out problems and making your worries into the heartbeat of your life.  There’s a vast difference between dwelling on drama and judgements and the isolated act of having an argument and settling it.  The kind of stuff that can spin the calmest mind into a tornado is the stuff that’s ruminating, festering, dwelling and coloring life in all sorts of endless turmoil.   When that happens… we go toxic.  We become poison to others and we start creating drama all over the place, broadcasting it like a cellphone tower.

Color your own life with beauty and grace and lightness and you’re already on the drama-free path.  But… there’s so much more… and it’s so interesting…

I’m reading so much about quantum entanglement these days and there’s been much “proof” offered by science that our brain will “entangle” with the brain of another.  Literally, we can share consciousness.  Take it a step further and there’s the fact that the brain “broadcasts” signals outside of the mind (this is not simple Law Of Attraction, this is actual brainwaves measured by instruments that are not attached to the head reading brainwave broadcasts) in rapid succession and we’re both affected by and affecting the space and people around us continuously, both consiously and unconsciously.

You’re essentially creating your life every single minute and then linking up with others in our world of connectivity to affect them as well.

So: to follow this line…your thoughts affect you profoundly and your thoughts affect others profoundly.

I knew it!!!  I’ve always thought that people could feel my thoughts, and now I see that they can… even if not perfectly, they can, even it they’re not aware of it.  Not only that, but I’ve always felt the effects of people’s thoughts about me.  Super-profoundly.

To start living with less drama and worries, I had to pivot away from my own worry thoughts… and also… move some distance from people with bad vibes and endless, never-addressed issues that create universal, seemingly-endless drama.
Continue Reading…