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Change Your Space & Bring Your Dreams To Life

For years I rented places that felt nothing like a home, and for years my life felt that same vibe.  I was living in a bit of limbo, waiting for the opportunity to come along to have a place “worth” investing time in. My life was full of art and excitement so my house was sort of just a place to sleep and pass through.  I never really felt grounded, and I didn’t really know that being grounded was possible for me in my eclectic life.  I was scattered, even though I really tried to organize.  I was constantly on the go.

Sound familiar?

Then, one day, I got very very sick and was forced to spend more than a month at home after two weeks in the hospital. Beyond feeling totally wrecked physically, being in my home felt like I was squatting in a stranger’s place.  Online, searching for some solution to the weirdly feeling I had being stuck at home, I happened upon feng shui.  I wasn’t into bells and talisman and “lucky” coins.  I didn’t vibe with the compass directions and confusion of feng shui I’d seen before. I’m not into being told that my destiny depends on the compass direction my door faces.

But… I was into the idea of creating a home that magnified my dreams for once in my adult life!  That’s when I discovered the modern, accessible discipline of Pyramid School Feng Shui.

After a few adjustments in my own space, my cottage in the Hollywood Hills felt like a home and my life took root in a way I was hoping it would one day happen!

Fast forward 9 years to today: I’ve had the immense pleasure of working one-on-one  online and in person with hundreds of people around the world to align space & life, making dreams become less dreamy and very real.

If you are craving greater creativity, less stress, more flow, an expanded social life, more abundance, greater focus, balance, empowerment, openness, risk-taking and adventure… this could be your ideal space & life design process.

Unless you are in the market for all new furniture, we re-purpose what you already have to the greatest degree possible- (with very little crafty DIY skill required on your part)- to create a space that is uniquely fresh and completely your own.

Your house becomes like a holistic vision board; every day you walk through your dreams and stay focused on the things that life you higher.

Your Design, Your Way 

You know what you’d like to have more of in your life- energy, peace, love, creativity, self-empowerment, prosperity, focus- and you can design that into your life in very real ways that create big change.

In a consultation we work with color, elements, furniture placement, art, lighting, scent, nature, food and much more, all tailored to your needs and desires.  Its a multi-layered sensory experience, both fun and wildly effective.

House Feng Shui 

The Feng Shui House Complete Makeover-  $698.00

We focus on three intentions for your consultation that will focus our feng shui in your home.  This is ideal if you are moving into a new home and are starting from scratch, or have a lot going on and want to create a balanced space that reinforces several objectives.

After your consultation Skype or call (two hours on average, yet I don’t watch a clock) you will receive a full report (up to 40 pages) with images, specific design ideas & home projects, complete explanations and recommendations.

Two follow up calls are included to ensure that everything is moving in your home as you want it to move and continues to move that way.

Apartment & Office Feng Shui 

The Feng Shui’d Apartment Complete Makeover- $328.00

Just like the the Complete Makeover for your house, if you have a few things you’d like to work on in your apartment, this is ideal.

After your consultation Skype or call you will receive a full report (for apartments, roughly 20 pages) with images, specific design ideas & home projects, complete explanations and recommendations.

Two follow up calls are included to ensure that everything is flowing as it should!

The Feng Shui’d Office- $228.00

Its a feng shui consultation for your office with creative ideas to help you to work your way. Not only do we re-imagine your office through the eyes of feng shui styling, we also look in your home at specific areas that can enhance your office experience as well!

What do you need & want at home? 

Please fill out the form below and you will be contacted with 24 hours with more details to get the makeover started! xoxo Dana