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Healthy beauty and fashion feng shui enhances your image and your body. Inner beauty radiates when you remove the toxic chemicals and dress to shine! Your personal style is key to who you are as a person, whether that means wearing pajamas or being a total fashionista. Beauty and fashion are more than on the surface- they are a reflection of what you love and how you feel about yourself.

express radiance ice cubes

Ice is a big part of beauty that’s rising to the forefront of our consciousness. I just watched a cryotherapy center (yes, flash freezing yourself for a few seconds) open in the center of Los Angeles.  And while that’s extreme, there have been no, for ages, the icey gel eye compresses and the idea of plunging your face in ice water before starting a morning beauty routine.  While the former seems dated and the later seems really unappealing in many ways (like diving into an ice cold pool) there’s a lot of wisdom in using ice for beauty that one company has turned into an innovative and effective skin treatment. Today, Chantal Moore changes your daily skincare game this summer with some iced and brilliant beauty.   Continue Reading…

summer beach vibes

Natural beauty is where it’s at.  And every season, small shifts to your beauty routine can make a very big difference in creating radiance.

As it heats up, our need for lots of fresh water becomes so much more vital.  Hydration is so key.  Eating lots of organic berries and other fresh produce and unprocessed foods help you glow from within, and as it gets warmer it’s more balancing to choose more raw and full of enzymes and energy.  And… of course… as the seasons change your routines each day for beauty can shift with the seasons, too!

Chantal Moore is both my makeup and beauty guru.  She’s taught me the vital importance of really cleaning my face brilliantly (now I use a toner, now I religiously cleanse my face morning and night with a natural cleanser and a sonic brush).  Thanks to her words of wisdom,  now I sit in the shade instead of my love of the sun, now I load up on coconut oil as a body moisurizer after exfoliating my whole body morning and night and now I do face masks several times a day.   All simple stuff, but wow the difference it’s made!

Today she shares her most incredible and simple tips to get your skin ready for a radiant summer!

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exfoliating face brush by Pretika

When you’re feeling off center or not as sparkling as you’d like, there are simple, natural ways to refresh your beauty routines to get the energy glowing again. While you may dream of checking yourself into a spa for a day, if you bring more of that spa to your home, every single day you can amplify your self-loving, beautifying routine and feel more vibrant!

Start with a little meditation.

When you are calm, focused and centered, you’ll be far more radiant. You don’t need to know “how” to meditate to do a simple exercise of closing your eyes, breathing deeply and counting from 100 to 1. When you reach 1, linger here for a while and feel the peace. When you are ready to ease into the day, count up from 1 to 10 and open your eyes, refreshed. Meditation even improves the quality of your sleep, and that is exponentially beautifying.

Now… go deeper and get glowing in more radical ways! You can read the rest of this post at Inspired Home &  check out my favorite new product finds for more energized beauty every day!

xoxo Dana

Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Moisturizer

Probiotics are a huge part of beauty and radiance and wellbeing and even happier moods!  Your microbiome is the ecosystem in your gut, and there’s a whole nervous system in your gut itself.  Those “gut feelings” are a part of your nervous system.  When you have lots of probiotics in your system, positive changes occur in your whole body… from happiness to radiance and much more!

So, balanced beauty to start the day: limit sugars of all kinds and try some fermented foods and probiotics like yogurt, keifer or even supplements.  THIS super-yogurt  is awesome in my own life.

But the big balanced beauty breakthrough for all kinds of stressed skin today from beauty guru and celebrity makeup artist  Chantal Moore is a moisturizer made with a big dose of probiotics!

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100 Percent Pure Fruit Pigmented Pomegranate Oil Anti Aging Lipstick

Anything beauty-related that’s 100% pure gets my attention instantly, and this line is luscious from start to finish!  100% Pure is 100% awesome, and today, my favorite skin guru and celebrity makeup artist Chantal Moore shares her gorgeous picks of lipstick colored by fruit!  Continue Reading…

Pur Eye Polish

(musings of a muse)

When I think of the best days, my eyes are bright and shining.  Some makeup is the finishing touch… as the shining brightness starts first from within!  When my eyes are not bright and shining, there are a few holistic things that I do immediately…

  • shower with some eucalyptus essential oil sprinkled on the floor tiles.
  • drink a kale or other nutrient-dense green smoothie
  • write out all that’s concerning me on a piece of paper
  • smile in the mirror
  • & sleep an extra hour or two if possible!

Of course, there are allergies, puff-inducing foods and stress that can be in the way of a sparkle… but that sparkle is waiting for you to emerge bright & shining.

When your eyes are sparkling bright, there’s a certain magnetic pull that can’t be beat.  I notice that after a long time in prayer or on spiritual trips my eyes become almost crystal.  There’s a lot to be said for happiness… it is beautifying!

Now… to brighten your eyes with makeup (a *must* finishing touch for me, super-enlivening!) the best way is always the natural and non-irritating way!  Skincare guru and celebrity makeup artist Chantal Moore today shares special pots of sparkling mineral-based eye magic to light up your makeup routine.  Continue Reading…

rms un powder

One of the premiere balanced beauty lines that I’m both intrigued and hypnotized by is RMS.  Professional and flawless makeup and beauty products like their multi-purpose magical beauty oil  first introduced to me by Chantal Moore got me hooked, and their extensive line of super-pro makeup is beyond fun and gorgeous.  Today, Chantal shares a finishing product that may seem “extra”-  to add a loose powder to skin at the end of your makeup application-  but it can be the greatest boost to your beauty routine that turns skin to silk.

From Chantal: “This week I’d like to sing the praises of RMS Beauty’s Organic “Un” Powder. This invisible powder tackles shine and provides a flawless, oil absorbing finish. It also minimizes the appearance of pores, wrinkles and blemishes. This powder works for all skin tones. It’s also paraben, talc, perfume and silicone free.” You can learn about it HERE. 



chantal moore Chantal Moore is a Licensed Esthetician and Celebrity Makeup Artist. She works closely with some of the biggest names in music, fashion and film.

Her beauty and makeup advice regularly appears in such magazines as InStyle and Glamour, and she has appeared on television as a beauty expert for E! Entertainment Television, The Style Network and Fine Living Network.

sandalwood beads

(sandalwood beads from nature beads)

In our world of highly-sensitive bodies that have been overloaded with stress and heavy metals and chemicals in the environment, in makeups, beauty products… I’m not a skin expert but I have friends and family who have had full-scale skin duress triggered by everything from copper buttons to laundry detergents.  Plus, there’s the effects of harsh climates…

Inflammation is a whole body condition.  Our nervous system gets overloaded, our body itself reaches it’s limits and it sort of erupts in stress and body aches and yes, skin inflammation.

Today, Chantal Moore shares an incredible alternative to prescription steroid creams that your body will absorb.  It may just be a skin miracle for you.   Continue Reading…