Sensory Goodness

Life is experienced through our physical senses. Sensory information affects our body’s energy centers- the chakras. Adding layers of sensory goodness to a space (aromatherapy, music, plushness, texture, warmth, color) promotes richer, deeper, more peaceful and blissful lives. One of the easiest ways to increase the “chi” or energy of a home or any space is to add sensory goodness to the space. Something as simple as music or as commonplace as a coat of paint in the right color can make a major shift in the energy in your life.

mushroom d

When I learned that you can sit mushrooms outside in the sun for an hour before cooking them to dramatically increase their Vitamin D levels, I was thrilled. Most of us have less Vitamin D than we should, and it is essential for your immune system, your bones, your organs, your mood… everything.  You can even cook the mushrooms and you won’t lose the Vitamin D!  This little discovery also kicked off a series of wellness upgrades in my life that I am so excited to share.   Continue Reading…

low light houseplants


(warm hot chocolate)

Not only are these 6 air-purifying houseplants amazing for your Spring home in dark corners and less sunshining rooms, THIS blog, Warm Hot Chocolate, is a new favorite, teeming with inspiration to get growing!

FYI: If you are looking for a reason to get houseplants, THIS will get you started.  xoxo Dana


Do you show up for the day… or do you sort of hide out?

Be honest. Are you bringing all of you to your life right now.

People who typically show up for the day most days will know it.  You love what you are wearing. You feel the energy beaming from you.  You are surrounded by things that make you smile. There is less thought involved.  Your body language is open- open arms, open hearted- and an open mind follows.

But… there seem to be so many reasons to not show up… that its sometimes more typical to hide out and give good reasons for it. Practical reasons.  Awesomely sensible reasons.  Reasons of exercising good caution.

Despite all good sense to hide out- you should show up anyway! And today, here are a handful of ideas to get you here, powerfully present and radiant, right now!  Continue Reading…

bedroom feng shui

Sleep is the most important thing we do in terms of life betterment, even though most of us have at one point or another tried to “squeeze it in” in the middle of life happening.  If you aren’t getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night, these tips from my feng shui mentor Gabriele Van Zon might be a whole new world of wonderful for you! Continue Reading…


Confidence is a posture, a state of energy… not a mental exercise as much as a fusion of your mind, body and your life energy (otherwise known as chi!)  in a way that is stable, collected together and calm.

I used to try to wrangle confidence in my mind.  Its a very difficult way to figure things out.

Now, confidence is a whole life exercise.  Feeling alive.  Looking alive.  Being alive.

And confidence-boosters are portable.  Whether its a boost to your physical energy, your mental energy or your subtle energy that brings life to life, a little extra dose of power can do wonders for your whole being!  Here are 8 of my new favorite confidence-boosters that you can carry with you through the day.  Continue Reading…

feel beautiful

We hear things like, ” Beauty is on the inside…” and “Beauty is not skin deep…” but in a world of Instagramming, media-celebrating, perfection-seeking beauty, that’s not always easy to believe.  Live where I live in Los Angeles and the grocery store is filled with flawlessly created people aesthetically speaking… truly so classically beautiful and almost scary perfect in symmetry and structure that its hard to believe they are real.  But, somehow, I barely notice any more.

Beautiful people hit me with their energy first.  Some are gods and goddesses. Some are not classically so, but even more attractive than a classic beauty.

Feeling beautiful is where it’s at, because that beautiful feeling is something that transforms the world around you.

Do you feel beautiful today?  Are you ready to feel beautiful?! Continue Reading…


I don’t know about you but I have a history of restlessness that spans back to my earliest memories. At around 5 years old, drawing at the mini round white laminate table in my grandma’s house, sketching piles of pictures of myself in the home I was headed for one day in the life I envisioned back then. I was, I thought, in boxy pencil sketches on Europe (or what I thought it looked like) and dancing in exotic places that I knew had to see outside of Secaucus, New Jersey.

I remember thinking that I was so lucky to have my grandma sitting resolutely on her big yellow gold velvet chair watching me crumble up paper, eat waffles intermittently and sketch like fire.

It was easy to dream when I felt like someone was watching out for me.

But still… I was restless.

That restless spirit took me all over the world and, yes, dancing in exotic places that I couldn’t ever have imagined.  It took me on darker adventures and cinematic journeys.  Some of the voyages were less than productive.  Some, incredibly eye-opening.  But all that restlessness kept me in chaos until I knew how to use that energy to its best advantage.

I know I have that restlessness in me… but it is productive now that I’ve found a way to feel truly settled where I am, wherever I am.

Do you feel settled and secure?   If not, this is the feng shui for you!!! Continue Reading…

music and learning



Music is something I feel I was somewhat deprived of as a child, except, of course, from disco and radio pop in the 80’s that would filter through the intercom system of my house.

It’s almost like I never had a chance to catch up to the depth of music… and it’s been largely absent from life except for in chapters that have echoed through memories with great depth.

My new music explorations are more ambient, more a feeling that I need, and more purposeful rather than incidental.  And when I came upon this chart I thought” Yes!  This drives home the point that music is actually really important!!!”

As I head to immerse myself in afternoon Clascical to get my mind working more sharply, see if music might be an ingredient you can layer into your own space more fully.  xoxo Dana