Sensory Goodness

Life is experienced through our physical senses. Sensory information affects our body’s energy centers- the chakras. Adding layers of sensory goodness to a space (aromatherapy, music, plushness, texture, warmth, color) promotes richer, deeper, more peaceful and blissful lives. One of the easiest ways to increase the “chi” or energy of a home or any space is to add sensory goodness to the space. Something as simple as music or as commonplace as a coat of paint in the right color can make a major shift in the energy in your life.


The next few months are a parade of design, art, travel, love, friends and innovation.  I have much to share with you in the coming few weeks… and so much change is evolving in the first Catalyst Camp life de-clutter that its like a switch was flipped and I am totally in heaven.

And I’ve lost my voice, my jaw hurts (grinding teeth while I sleep) and I am not really excited today.

Or I should say, I wasn’t very excited today.

Until I started taking my own advice today.

This has happened to me much more intensely many times before.  There’s no medical reason underlying my absent voice (I saw two doctors and even got a CT scan!)… but I’ve found that these problems really point to much bigger lifestyle imbalances.

In the problem lies the solution. Always.

Today, here are my time-tested 8 ways to stay calm under pressure.   I don’t always get to them in time to prevent a small stress explosion, but I always find them helpful to get back to… dynamic balance!  Continue Reading…

chakra aromatherapy

(aura cacia)

If you’ve never heard of the chakra energy centers of your body you can learn more HERE.

When in balance, you feel just…. fantastic!!!

If you have never used essential oils before, this can get you started.  

After seeing this chart, I’m boiling up some ginger tea to feel more grounded and calm.  Love love love the power of essential oils.

xoxo Dana

green onions growing in water

I happen to have a huge greenhouse window in the place, now, and while I’m still living here, its time to start expanding the garden with… kitchen scraps!  This is not a new idea- but its a great one!  In feng shui terms, the idea of re-generating nature is excellent fortune, and the projects are endlessly fun.  Plus, you don’t really have to invest anything except your leftovers and a jar here and there to get started! Continue Reading…


Marsala is the 2015 color pick of the year for Pantone, a theme-settting color that washes everything in earthy, wine-saturated firey color.  A lot of purples, reds and browns combine to create a color so inimitable… so intriguing… and such a unique new classic.   Continue Reading…

frankincense oil

Frankincense essential oil is uniquely divine.  I have friends who go through a bottle of it a month, and recently I have joined that bandwagon.  Grounding, healing, somewhat mystical and even mythologically potent (the oil has been found in ancient tombs!) frankincense is the aromatherapy exploration of the day…! Continue Reading…


If you are stressed… or just swamped… even with great things… it’s very easy to lose sight of self in the mess of stuff.

Very rarely do I stay up all night (*never) but last night I was up testing and tuning the life-decluttering Catalyst Camp (it’s open today & you can sign up here!) and as a result of just a few hours of sleep starting at 6am I am putting the spotlight squarely on self-love today.

Everyone’s got a whole lot going on these days.  Being sweapt away by the current of “busy” though can lead to lots of stress.

It’s not practical to stop in the middle of a storm of things to get a massage, a facial, visit a spa or even do a yoga class, right?

I’ve learned that when the dial gets turned up in terms of being busy, I need to expand rather than complain or resist the wave of energy. And,  the best way to expand  that I’ve found is absolutely brilliant self-care.

So, yes, it is practical to stop and do great things for yourself in the midst of a wild time.  In fact, I say that its totally necessary!

Here are 7 things I do to feel fantastic when the volume gets cranked to super-high!

In fact, I’m doing each and every one of them today.  Continue Reading…

aromatherapy chart


(be youthful)

If you need extra supprt weathering difficult emotions, homeopathy is incredible.

Aromatherapy is the most luscious form of homeopathy because you can wear it, smell it, fill the air with it, blend it and sometimes even cook with it!  Its sensory greatness that envelopes your life and lifts you higher.

This is a fantastic starter chart.  The way I use charts like this is to jot down the oils I think would be most useful for me and the people around me and take that cheat sheet to the store to sniff some tester oils and see where I feel drawn to start.  This method never fails me. There are times I crave the scent of roses, or cedarwood, or oranges… and its usually what I need!

Have fun! xoxo Dana

sleep feng shui


Napping is genius stuff. There are lots of conflicting studies. Lots of people correlating naps to good and to bad things.

I love naps. And they make me more productive.

I figured, given the fact that I love naps as much as I do, that I would pull together some great tips to nap brilliantly!  Continue Reading…