Sensory Goodness

Life is experienced through our physical senses. Sensory information affects our body’s energy centers- the chakras. Adding layers of sensory goodness to a space (aromatherapy, music, plushness, texture, warmth, color) promotes richer, deeper, more peaceful and blissful lives. One of the easiest ways to increase the “chi” or energy of a home or any space is to add sensory goodness to the space. Something as simple as music or as commonplace as a coat of paint in the right color can make a major shift in the energy in your life.

life detox

These 1o basics to detoxing the static from your life can help you create more flow… and flow is what creates health, happiness, creativity, love, prosperity and LIFE itself!!!

I just re-designed the FREE  5-Part Life Detox Jump Start Course. If you have not done it yet, HERE is where you can get started!

It’s wildly important to have less stress and less negativity.  For each one of us who can detox a bit more, the world becomes lighter.  It is an honor and a thrill to share all the methods, ideas and tools I can to help all of you  to live brighter, with so much more freedom and joy!

xoxo Dana

energy vampires


Ah, yet again, its not “them” its “us” that is creating the crazy.

I wondered how I attracted some people who were vocal, loud and even righteous and proud of all their problems but short on solutions. Why did so many people show up who really just wanted to use me as an unpaid life coach. Devaluing my time. Taking from me and giving very little.  Pretending to care.


Could it be that I was devaluing my own time and my own worth and my own life?

Yep. Indeed I was!

Its well worth embracing even your very-dark darkness in the serive of making real shifts and creating a world free of energy vampires.  You may think you are worthless, helpless, damned… and owning it, seeing it, understanding it… you can transform it. Its way more effective to meditate, journal or  involve yourself in therapy  or spiritual awakening than it is to surround yourself with people who keep reminding you of your darkest fears about yourself and keep pulling you down as you try to move forward in life!

xoxo Dana




I am not one for quick fixes, but I am a lover of the many ways to get unscrambled, un-stuck and find more focus in a day.  I’m betting you are, too… if they work! Today I want to share a super-quick energy exercise to get focused… in a few seconds.  I’ve been testing it out for a while now.  Friends, family… everyone is having ah-ha! moments.  Perhaps today you will, too?! Continue Reading…

sea salt

 (so this is what salt looks like in the sea!)

Sea salt is so beautiful it’s surreal.  It’s no wonder something so elementally powerful is harvested in areas that resemble paradise.

Sea salt is rejuvenating for your body, to breathe it in saunas can purify your whole respiratory system, to bathe in it brings you minerals and draws out toxins…. And there are more ways to use sea salt… particularly to let its magnetic greatness suck some of the stagnant and stale bad energy vibes from your home.

If you want to really purify your home & life, these sea salt tricks can create lots of fresh space.   Continue Reading…

lipstick portrait


I’m sure you know that there’s a big dividing line between self-love and feeling that the world revolves around you.  Some people have more than a blurred line in this department.  They are commonly known as narcissists.

With all the new ways to flex your social prowess online and splash out a zillion photos of yourself, never has the idea of narcissism- extreme self-worth & self-aggrandizement- become so big an issue.  Stir in the new trendiness of self-help and the ease of getting more and more of things that you want on demand at the click of a button, and the very dangerous idea that we can be entitled to more or to better than other people, a commitment to perfection, to elitism… to being the best…

It is a very tricky place to be.

A man I was dating once called me a narcissist because I said that I didn’t want to continually have my feelings hurt. I wanted to be acknowledged. He didn’t even like to call me on the phone. I was hurt… but was it something else?   The word stuck with me.  Especially in the context of love.

Was I a narcissist?

Narcissists want to have their cake and eat it too.  They want to be in control and yet they want to be cherished. They want devotion to them while they want their freedom to do as they want without reproach.  They feel there is an ideal that people need to meet in order to be worthy of their love, and yet they can’t really feel for other people very much in this preoccupation.

I found this definition amusing and somewhat of an earthquake:


There was no way I was a narcissist. Was there?

First, I took THIS quiz. I was in the middle. Not quite a narcissist at all but high enough to think that it was worth investigating further.  Maybe a bit of the self-help and idealizing of how things should be had pushed me closer to “self “and futher from “love”?

Then I  started looking further into the vast morass of the subject of narcissism.

Learning about narcissism completely changed my views on love, on life and on building successful relationships in every way.  In feng shui, Wisdom directly feeds your Relationships.  If you find you have been in love with narcissists, or if you are a narcissist yourself (!) , you may find this to be the “ah-ha” moment you were waiting for.  It may just be the key to having real love in your life that involves no rules, no strategies, no thinking and no struggles.   Continue Reading…



I look at these little fur kids and that’s all I see.


I talk a lot about getting rid of clutter, toxic chemicals at home, lots of talk of poisonous ideas, vampire people… What I realized when these boys came rushing up at me for water with giant smiles is that purity is very rare and it is beyond gorgeous to see!

I’ve had to shake off a lot of hurt, hyper-materialism and ideas that squashed my mind in the last few weeks. I had run-ins with the very impure— the selfish, the self-serving, the power-junkies and the game-players.

I couldn’t believe how far it took me from balance in my life.  I didn’t sleep for weeks, I didn’t eat well for days, and I felt… toxic.

Have you been in that space where it feels like demons (for lack of a better word) have rattled your life?

I was.  And I have been so many times.  This time, though, I took the reigns and decided to get to the bottom of things. It started to feel like perhaps I was wanting to go through these cliff-dives into the dark side for some puzzling reason.

I burned lists of fantasy ideas that were not good for my spirit, I took baths in crystals and baking soda, I immersed myself in Buddhism, I started flower essence healing and Energy Medicine, I started The Artist’s Way book and a group one more time…I found myself sleeping again, feeling like myself again

But…. After purging so much toxic stuff, I found myself somehow empty. Where was that boiling sense of injustic to fight against?

Had I grown accustomed to being suppressed and stressed?

I think so.  I think its like a rush of adrenaline, a big war to win, a battle that gives life a familiar theme of “I will overcome this!”

Why did I feel I had to overcome things I was creating for myself? Why did I need big problems to excell in life?

I think we all can become used to some sort of self-squashing stress or oppression as we move through life. Some of us accept it and wither under the pressure because we can’t see a better way. Some use an enemy as motivation, and this is a slower way to destroy yourself but equally as horribly addictive.

I had been used to having an enemy to react against, used to having to fight a noble fight. I grew up as the ultimate outsider, underdog, the kid who comes from behind…  Being suppressed and squashed and fighting against it became a very bad habit.

Do you have these habits generating themselves in your life?

In its place, in this void,  I find myself reaching instictively for the pure.  Pure food, pure people, pure ideas, pure water, pure nature… Its crazy to me that we have to seek these things now, but to some degree we do.

What is wonderful: you can undo the habit of needing pressure and stress and horrible self-sacrifice in order to feel valuable.  You can also create far more and far better without negativity, drama and crazymaking people near you.

Continue Reading…

light silver sage


I can go on and on about my love for silver sage colors… and I have before, many times.  If you’ve worked with me, I am likely to sneak this color in somewhere that you space wants some sweet, fresh, creative and soft energy.  To know me is to know that when I love something that endures, I champion it fantastically.

This very hot afternoon, some cool sage inspiration will give you an idea of the incredible dimension of grey/blue/green and all the energy it can bring as a stunning neutral in your life!  Continue Reading…


I’ve been told that it is unrealistic to think that the typical morning should be greeted with excitement.


I totally disagree.

The people who caution me to be realistic tend to be very unhappy and unfulfilled.

I might add, these cynics who have told me that I am Utopian to think that days should be happy as a rule all tried to, at some point, syphon off my energy and happiness for themselves!

If you have nothing to look forward to, how could you possibly bring yourself in full to today?

So, my question is:

How excited are you for today?

If your answer was lukewarm to cold, here’s a little holistic juju and feng shui to get the day far more sizzling in excitement! Continue Reading…