Sensory Goodness

Life is experienced through our physical senses. Sensory information affects our body’s energy centers- the chakras. Adding layers of sensory goodness to a space (aromatherapy, music, plushness, texture, warmth, color) promotes richer, deeper, more peaceful and blissful lives. One of the easiest ways to increase the “chi” or energy of a home or any space is to add sensory goodness to the space. Something as simple as music or as commonplace as a coat of paint in the right color can make a major shift in the energy in your life.

believe in something beautiful

There is only one valuable thing you need to have in life to make it extraordinary.


The ability to sit in someone’s shoes and feel what they are feeling.  The ability to suspend your own way of seeing life and see it through the eyes of someone else.

Without empathy, you can’t be in love.

Without empathy, you can’t create art.

Without empathy, you won’t have success. 

Without empathy, you cease to be human, in an evolved sense. 

Being empathetic does not mean you have to take what everyone is offering you.  I used to confuse empathy with being a victim.

Empathy is actually all about being extraordinarily human and deeply integrated in life.

Empathy is heroic. Continue Reading…

bob relaxing

What I learn from Bob as I spend more time with him every day: relaxation is something to revel in!

In my downtime, I am never “down”… I am reading, writing, cooking, making art, cleaning, researching… and I say it is downtime because I’ve cleared space in my calendar where I don’t take clients.  But it’s not really downtime.

Bob does downtime. He actually does it so artfully and with such aplomb that I am not amazed he is my fur baby!

So today’s question, prompted from the edge of my bed:

Do you really know how to relax?

Here are a handful of great ways to create more relaxing space in an energetic sense, so that even if you are not sprawled out on a beach with nothing but sand around you for miles you can still truly relax right where you are right now.  Continue Reading…

panic attack cure

If you have ever had a panic attack or anxiety, you may want to practice this little tapping regimine and have it in your back pocket in case you need it.  To clarify a bit in case you need it, the Fourth & Fifth fingers are the ring finger and pinky finger.

For those of you just tuning in, I am obsesed with Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine book full of miracle energy treatments (many you can try on yourself) at the moment, and this technique is an invaluable one for any of you who have ever had a panic attack.

Panic attacks are way different from pure anxiety.  Panic attacks hijack your system to a degree, and they seem to come on from outer space.

I grew up as a witness to sheer panic, almost every day. My mom was plagued with panic.  She would sometimes not leave the house for days, and as a teenager suffered from a phobia so deep that she didn’t leave the house for a year.

Even if the panic isn’t your panic, it can seep into your life.

I know that having been raised in a culture of phobia has made me acutely interested in every way to overcome that lingering panic feeling floating in the air.

Try re-training your energy patterns. That’s what these emotional patterns are- patterns of energy.

In your home, doing some space clearing by burning sage, cleaning your corners or lighting some beeswax candles can also support your energy re-patterning.

Be calm & feel more free. These simple techniques and many more in Energy Medicine can help you to un-do everything that is keeping you from being fully YOU!  xoxo Dana


rainbow watercolors

I love a good rainbow.

While rainbows in the sky are fleeting, they are a brilliant representation of all of the color that everyday white light has stored within it, just waiting to explode out into the world.  We live in a world filled with light and yet we miss so much of the explosive colorsprays that happen when that light is captured and whirled-up by a crystal or even drops of water in a puddle to reveal all of its hidden colors.

Talent works in a similar way.  We all have this immense white light of potential. Talent has to be harnessed and unleashed to see the massive layers of color and genius manifested in our lives.

Everyone has talent, genius and a big purpose on the planet— yet only some people bring it all to light.  They saturate their lives in their purpose, they devote themselves to their mission and they immerse themselves in their passions to the point where the work of life ceases to be work and becomes something integral to wellbeing.

Today’s feng shui is all about that saturation in your own spectrums of awesomeness- your skills, your special gifts, your deepest desires- and creating the space for them to fan out like a giant colorwheel in your own life! Continue Reading…

baking soda

We all have fields of energy that surround us and weave through our bodies, animating all of life.  Its no secret that we are electrical beings, and just like a TV glows when it is plugged in and flipped on, you glow when you are similarly ignited with life force.

How to plug in to that electrical source of life?   We reach for night creams and energy drinks and glowing makeup and even sparkling accessories, all to have a bit more radiance. But real radiance comes from a very primal, natural place that can’t be served up at a cosmetic counter or attained at the dermatologist’s office.

If you are run-down, overworked, frequently drained by your environment or the negativity that lurks around us in everyday life, you know the toll it takes on how you look.  Seriously.  A bad day makes you look dim. Your eyes might seem darker if you look in a mirror.  Your skin may seem dull.  You might feel weak for no reason.

I recently came across pictures of me from a time when my job was a 24-7 stress festival. My irises look almost black in the photo — and my eyes are yellowish-orangish-hazel depending on the day. I look about 10 years older than I do now, energetically older, if that makes sense?  I can’t recognize me at all in the murky mess that was my life, as glamorous as it was on the surface.

Two months after leaving that job, I saw pictures at a birthday party. I was a whole new person, energetically speaking. I could feel me in the photos. Something happened to my skin that made it look childlike. I could  see energy bouncing off of me in each image.

Energy is real. It is the entire universe we live in. We see it even if we can’t name it – we can see how awesome people look after a vacation at the beach, after a spa, or even a few amazing nights of sleep.

Glowing beings are thought to have big, bright, magnetic auras. Eating, getting energetically grounded and all kinds of great environmental shifts can help you to get your aura more dynamically rainbow-colored and shining.  THIS really fun post explains more about the role that food and environment play in our radiantly glowing lives.  

Today’s simplest bit of energy shifting is a bath that can help you to wipe off energetic gunk, negativity and, most importantly, help stregthen your electrically-charged glowing aura to amazing.

1 cup of baking soda in a bath.

That’s it.

If you are super-sensitive to energy, my friends sware by 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of Epsom salt in a bath.

I can’t tell you how wildly amazing it is making me feel.  I learned it in the book, Energy Medicine by Donna Eden. It’s the one take-away tip that you can easily do… and the effects are astonishingly incredible!

I am doing these for a week – plain baking soda- to restore myself after a whole lot of work and a big time ahead.  If you try it for a day, or a few, let me know how it goes!   xoxo Dana

energy medicine

Energy is everything.

I can count at least 40 times that I have found myself at the acupuncturist only to realize that with one needle flying into my arm or some other part of my body that the malaise I was feeling was attached to an emotion left unhandled, or a ball of energy collected in my system.

According to Donna Eden, the author of Energy Medicine, we have at least nine energy systems that can be identified that keep our really incredible ecosystem known as a body running in a symphony of motion and function.  If you think of all the thoughts, the repairs, the creation and the transactions happening in every cell right at this second, it is completely astonishing!

Accupuncture, reflexology, massage, reiki, cranio-scaral work, Rolfing… all are increasingly well-known forms of energy alignment for the body.  Feng shui is one form of energy work that less people know because it’s one step removed from the body, aligning the energy of the envronment.

Walk into a room where someone just had an argument and you can feel it in the air, you know?  That tension you feel is chi— the dynamic life force that we experience through our senses— that has gone awry due to emotion going into a tailspin.  That is a similar tension that is echoed in our environment when our lives are off-kilter.

Show me a messy person and I promise you in some way that their actions are contrary to their truth in life.

If your space can amplify the best of your energy  in your home- and even welcome in fresh energy- you will feel it echo through your life.

I am not a doctor, a healer or a guru.  I do know, however, that my own life can go sideways if I neglect my own energy and live in contradiction to my truth. I have seen the same with hundreds of others over the years.  Once you start aligning your life with your truth, and then your space to match your intentions in a feng shui way, what seems like magic happens!

Energy, I might add, is the stuff that creates money, love, power, art and everything in the entire universe including our bodies.

Today, I have three questions for you that may help you to kick-start your own self-alignment. From there, life unfolds beautifully! Continue Reading…

lavender candle


Look through an essential oil book and you will find that the cure for almost everything involves lavender. Flowers, essential oils, water infusions, teas… There are endless ways to use lavender.  It is calming, mood-lifting, creativity-inducing, chakra-balancing, space-clearing… You name it, lavender somehow gets the job done.

Plus, I have grown to lean on lavender essential oil. It is safe enough to literally pour on (ok, mixed in some oil like coconut oil) and/or put on the soles of my feet to almost instantly calm down my mind and body.

Good stuff. Magically good!

As I go to douse myself in a blend of high vibration lavender oil and vanilla essence, here are some of my most recent and favorite lavender inspirations. These ideas – from ice cream to mascara-enrichment- are easy to do but impressive and elevating! Continue Reading…

bright flowers

Sometimes you need a fresh start. I think of it as hitting a “Reset” button on life.  This weeks five feng shui’d ways to hit that reset button start in Downtown LA with Alexis Hyde, art guru and the mind behind Hyde Or Die, running through roses and sifting through succulents… and from there, all the possibilities to reset yourself flow! Continue Reading…