Sensory Goodness

Life is experienced through our physical senses. Sensory information affects our body’s energy centers- the chakras. Adding layers of sensory goodness to a space (aromatherapy, music, plushness, texture, warmth, color) promotes richer, deeper, more peaceful and blissful lives. One of the easiest ways to increase the “chi” or energy of a home or any space is to add sensory goodness to the space. Something as simple as music or as commonplace as a coat of paint in the right color can make a major shift in the energy in your life.

nature mandala DIY from Motte

(these nature mandala DIY’s from Motte will get the beauty flowing at home!)

I’m a super-fan of You Tube. If you need to figure out how to do something, most anything, you can get started right now on You Tube. If you’ve ever found yourself in a lost-web of you Tube watching, I bet you emerged a bit wiser, or at the least, hopefully well-entertained.

I’m getting my head into the Summer project of You Tubing again in all kinds of new ways, as it used to be my weekly diary and way to connect more with all of you….and I miss it too much to not continue!!!

Now that it’s deeply Spring and after so much cleaning & purging I’m ready to get blonder, back to yoga and soooo inspired, I returned to my favorites.  I started looking to some killer YouTubers to get into some fresh new routines. All of these beauty, fitness and wellness Vloggers – and a wild card or two I love – are super-spectacular.  And the best part is: you can indulge right now in freshness, learning, idea gathering and DOING new things to glow much more… today…to start glowing more, inside & out! Continue Reading…

earth day reusable lunch bag

Have you ever noticed that the “lucky” symbols in many cultures are related to animals or trees or fruits? From the perspective of the ancient art of feng shui, your connection to Earth and respect for the planet is a major source of life force, energy and even prosperity.

Every single action you take that helps the planet is a major step forward in creating a more life-sustaining universe. These actions, even seemingly small ones like recycling your used-up batteries at a proper facility (*you can google search near you!), will lessen the stress we put on our entire ecosystem.

…. & if you head over to Inspired Home you can read all about my favorite sustainable practices and innovative products to “green” your life in beautiful ways!  xoxo Dana

rose petals

Today started in the office of a radical healer and life coach who is masterful in re-outfitting the subconscious mind with powerful new beliefs.

I know, that is a very wild, far-out statement.  But I’ve seen her work wonders with friends and I was more than curious about her methodology.

I had experienced a strange life detour where I stopped following my instincts and started trying to “think” my way to rational reasons for things that I didn’t like that were happening in my own life… and because I fell so far from my own intuition… I started to see that, perhaps, there were some signals I was missing.

As my morning healer talked to me and explained the Subconscious mind, she pointed to her stomach.

I stopped her at one point and said… “You know, you keep doing that… Are you saying that your gut feelings are actually a subconscious thing?”

Meaning: we aren’t consciously aware that we’re computing things and they rise to the surface as a weird vibe or a bad feeling…

And she said: YES.  Loads of actual science supports this.

We need to trust our gut even if we don’t fully understand logically why… And if you’re coming up against the same blocks and making the same mistakes, you might need to clear soome space in your mind and life so you can tap in far more easily…!

Today, let’s get really in tune with intuitive hits of our own genius.  Continue Reading…

the cosmos

(the actual view of outer space!)

When you’re shining bright, lots of people see that light.  Some get inspired.  Some – harmlessly, innocently- want to feed off that light.  And some are so low that they get offended and annoyed and even hate the light because it’s so far from where they are at the moment.

It can make you want to hide out from people when you’re happy… afraid that people will come to steal your light.  Some people have told me that they get nervous that when they’re really doing well that they’ll attract all kind of haters, all kinds of chaos and people that want to bring them down.

Have you been there?

I have, for sure.

I’ve also been asked hundreds of times how to “protect” energy.  There are crystals, energy exercises, feng shui cures… isolating yourself… playing it a bit smalle rand dumbing yourself down or dropping down to the influences around you that not shining and bright.

And then, there’s the conscious choice to shine brightly despite anything that’s happening.

That’s the real force-shield against negativity.

No matter what, it’s your best cause to make in life to shine bright.  It’s love.  It’s passion for life.  Cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton explains that your cells can’t be in protection and growth at the same time.  In fact, cells die in negative environments and they thrive with healthy environments.  

As human beings, we have a choice in our environment.  Consciously we can choose to stay in the light thoughts, the lighter actions and the lighter environments.

Nothing can really pentrate the light that you shine in life unless you let it.  

It’s all a choice.

There’s no need to fear because fear literally kills cells in your body and it’s the opposite of bright and shining and radiant living, you know?

There’s no defensiveness and nothing to do to super-child yourself  but to keep choosing to shine.  Continue Reading…

3rd chakra feng shui


If  you’re typically pretty “together” as a person but you’ve been knocked for a loop in life, you’ve likely experienced what happens when your core/center/ aka: third chakra is out of whack.

If you’ve grown accustomed to a sense of powerlessness or feeling “ungrounded” or constantly looking for answers or advice outside of yourself where you should really feel it inside… Or you’re addicted to things… or even addicted to people… It all points to “losing your center.”

It’s almost like an empty feeling that we’re compelled to fill with just about anything to create a sense of gravity and fullness.   The most decadent and clearly self-punishing food, drinking, drama, noise…

Instead of loading up your life with more imbalance, you can try to clear the negativity and habit and  stagnation from your core and fill it, instead, with confident action, love and decisiveness.

  • All of the golden & vibey sensory tips above are a great place to start.
  • Breathing deep into your belly is the simplest of all… just a few breaths are instantly energizing!
  • Therapy for trauma and support groups for healing and recovering autonomy are a powerful energy-cleanser and fresh-habit-building action.
  • Gathering up lots of positive energy- from plants to crystals to people- and keeping that core of stablity and energy around you everywhere will keep you lifted up.
  • And practice.  We don’t give away our power, fall off balance and sink into spirals overnight.  They’re learned patterns.  And every learned pattern takes practice to replace with fresh and new.

You can also clear lots of negativity from the air around you.

Some holistic ideas can inspire even more clear space where you can regain your power in a positive way.

Stay close to your center, live more from your truth and even through the crazy days, wild events and unexpected surprises, nothing will take your power away, ever again.

xoxo Dana


color chart

(wet canvas)

Every single way you can infuse a day with intention will make it more powerful and more positive.  With feng shui you can make conscious choices to infuse more of your life and home with personal reminders of what you want to create.

There are so many ways to infuse your life with intention and more positive energy and magic.

Today, a numerologist (and my sister!) Nicole Claudat share a way that you can tap into the energy of each day and use color to enhance the special days- from the clothes you wear to the food you eat to the pen you write with- all to add more enchantment and creativity and personal power to your life!  Continue Reading…

love nature

(crystals of australia instagram)

Wherever you put your attention is where you are going to go.

It’s where you’re energy goes, and truly, where your energy goes is where you’re going to see things grow.

When you change your space, you dramatically shift where your attention will go every day. And when that happens it feels like magic because suddenly you’re paying more attention to beauty, to positive intention, to love, to dreams…

Of course, if you’re in a place of chaos or you’re super stuck and you dramatically change your space or you make a dramatic decision to alter your life from a negative, destructive patterns to positive ones overnight you’ll likely feel totally amazing… but you may not know where to go from there.

In fact, if you aren’t really grounded in your big change, you might slide back into your old habits and feel the stuckness creep back in… and, along with it, you’ll see the outside of your life start to devolve, too.

It’s not that you’re failing… you just haven’t had the growth inside yet to match the growth outside.

If you want to make changes that stick, endure, built and become a new reality, you need to be able to put your attention on growth in every way.  It’s an immersion.  It’s a lifestyle.  It’s a commitment.

Shifting the outside of life- from a makeover to a new home to new habits and actions-  is a powerfully instant way to propel you forward.  But to stay in this elevated space takes practice, presence and this secret ingredient called love.

Continue Reading…

the power of forgiveness is huge

I read this awesome quote and had a sonic boom of forgiveness wash over me.

I’ve thought for almost my whole life that people have failed me… and so… I held them in contempt.  I spend my life trying to do things – from success to self-destruction- to prompt these people to change.  They wouldn’t listen to me because they weren’t conscious.  They wouldn’t help me because they couldn’t help themselves.  But all I saw was they they needed to change and I set out on a quest to demonstrate with my own life just how much they hurt me, how much they let me down and how much they needed to be better and make better choices.

Have you done this?

Are you doing this now?  Continue Reading…