Sensory Goodness

Life is experienced through our physical senses. Sensory information affects our body’s energy centers- the chakras. Adding layers of sensory goodness to a space (aromatherapy, music, plushness, texture, warmth, color) promotes richer, deeper, more peaceful and blissful lives. One of the easiest ways to increase the “chi” or energy of a home or any space is to add sensory goodness to the space. Something as simple as music or as commonplace as a coat of paint in the right color can make a major shift in the energy in your life.



Scent is what I call “invisible architecture” lately. I am not sure if I have heard that term somewhere or if I spun together that term, but it is pretty accurate to describe the powre of scent upon space.  We experience space through out senses.  When you stimulate a physical sense, you add shape to space and color experince in new ways.

Layering fragrances into a space can stimulate your imagination.  Scent is associated with memories, and great-memory scents are incredibly powerful. Aromatherapy- using pure essential oils from plants and fruits and resins in specific ways- can be healing to your body and your mind.

Needless to say, the searing power of scent is hard to ignore.

The good news about the science of aromatherapy is that  power of scent is something  scientists like to study!   Continue Reading…


We talk a whole lot about lifestyle these days, but really, what we don’t talk enough about is styling life.  When I say this I mean: we think a lot about a lifestyle that is categorized as “healthy” or “worldly” or “family oriented” and we can come up with lots of champions of each “lifestyle.”  But what I find more real and realistic and lovely and powerful is styling life.  The great news is that you can start styling life now and simply, while adopting a full-fledged, somewhat packaged lifestyle can take a very long time and may never quite fit you right.  So, this week’s big idea is Life Styling.  Continue Reading…



Today’s feng shui tip of the day is all about taking your power, energy, ideas, plans and emotion and amplifying them without force. Continue Reading…

fourth of july


It’s nearly Independence day, and time for more Summertime Feng Shui!  With fireworks erupting in the air, its a magic time to both celebrate and affirm our solidarity as human beings, no matte where we live.  Today I am thrilled to share some amazing feng shui’d ideas for a memorable 4th of July from my personal mentor & teacher in all things feng shui, Dr. Gabriele Van Zon.

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Well, good morning Bob!

Sitting down to work with my puppy after weeks away, both of us yawning and stretching in bliss together, it became very clear to me that this week’s lifestyle goodies are all about connection to blissful transcendence.  You can rise above the ordinary- even the stuck parts of life and the stuff you don’t like that you still have to deal with- when you connect to all that you love, all that makes you feel intensely yourself, wider, brighter and much more alive!

Of course, today’s lifestyle excellence is all about hugging the ones you love as close to you as possible. (*It reminds me a ton of the Rice Experiment that you can watch HERE)  The closer you are to that true connection, the more the world grows wider around that love.

This week filled with the divine and the ridiculously fun left me with much to share in terms of elevating life to a place that feels-  and is-  exceptional.

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Everything has energy.

This is a magnificent hunk of nearly black amethyst that was seething and shimmering like water in a sunrise with a life force so profound I can feel it from across a room.  I call it a Dana Magnet because, well, I will always be drawn to this type of complex simplicity and intense, naturally-connected energy.

Now, depending on your perspective and sensitivity, this might just be a rock.

Or it might be a beautiful-to-behold rock and nothing more.

When I start working with people in spaces, one of the first things I say is that EVERYTHING has energy.  Continue Reading…


The best things are natural, even when they are man-made.  Synchronizing with nature creates the amazing!

When Chihuly made these massive blown glass balls and piled them together, letting them spill from a canoe into a lily pond, a sort of dance with the primal was borne. It is very hard to look away from these illuminated color orbs, delicate and solid at once, as they almost impossibly float before your eyes.

These glass balls and lush woods together sparked a whole stream of laced-together ideas that I had to share because it suddenly made sense: a life of greatness is borne of this dance.  Greatness springs from being one with Nature.

Ready to have a much more vivid life?  Here are a few ideas to sync up your life with the powerhouse of free-for-all energy available to each and every one of us! Continue Reading…


We all have moments where we want to lose ourselves, but I believe that is just because we search for ways to find our forgotten magic and we can’t find it in daily life.

Escape is- for some- a functioning reality.

As a ex-escapist on a high level of marajuana and skipping meals just long enough to feel free of Earth, I understand the ecapist vibe- it can bring you out of the confines of the day-to-day and carry you to another dimension.  How you escape, though, can either help you to find more of yourself or nudge you farther from all the talents, dreams and secret wants that you may hae stuffed away, shelved and let collect dust in the confines of your mind.

Today is all about simple ways to escape TO yourself rather that away from all that makes you awesome.  Continue Reading…