Prosperity is thought to be composed of money, success and achievement. A prosperous life is full of health, love, relationships and wisdom as well! A prosperous life is balanced, integrated and fulfilling. Feng Shui tips, modern wisdom and lots of great science can give you some helpful tools to welcome more good fortune into your life!


The big question of the day:

Do you need to get rid of some goals that no longer fit your life?  Continue Reading…

running water

I’m talk about expansion a lot these days as an idea for your life.  Expanding.  Stretching.

There’s a reason.

When you get more of the great things you want in life, you have to be able to handle them.

On a very basic level, you need time in your schedule to handle things: actual physical time to take care of things.  But on an energetic level- sort of the circuits of your brain level- you have to be able to handle increased energy.  Lots of it.

With success- in any way you define success- comes lots of energy.

Even when its super-positive that energy can be scary sometimes. I know its a giant paradox but it is true!

I’ve talked about fear of success as a real thing in the past.  It’s been studied and the reason it exists makes perfect sense.  Success can bring a rush of energy to your life which can overwhelm you and feel like anxiety or other negative symptoms.  You can read more about it HERE. 

I just don’t want you sabotaging your success because things feel… different. Or even scary.  Its just energy.  And you can handle it. And even crave it! Continue Reading…

unlimited life


Do you believe that life is unlimited?

Do you think that you are destined to have things go just one way?

Are you struggling to find more of the unlimited possibility in your own life?

Lots of questions today!  And lots of expansive design ideas for you today to get rid of the life limitations that are self-imposed!  Continue Reading…


(clouds, and more majestic clouds)

I have wished for a long time I could change the world around me, and lately its become the thing that motivates me.

Since I’m just one person, and I am terribly flawed (and can have as bad of a day as anyone else) and hardly a Godlike figure, it seemed daunting at first to attach myself to something that encompassed the wellbeing of more than just me.

But… Even if I can’t lift up the world, what if there are one or two people I can be kinder toward? What if I can give more to help? What if I can do more to be more of all that peace, love, humanity and equality in myself…?

After all..We all create a universe each day on our own and in groups.  And as Gandhi famously said, we all need to “be the change you want to see in the world.”

Today, here’s some feng shui about becoming a catalyst for change around you. This is stuff that I have seen work, time and again.

It is possible. Its not always easy. Its not always executed flawlessly.  But it is possible!  And its the greatest feeling ever!

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outdoor garden


Even if you have an exciting life, that excitement can hit a plateau where everything feels as though the invisible glass celing has been reached.

Do you know what I mean?

Its almost like you hit a point where you can really dive into a whole new way of life or you can turn back and slow down and keep things more as-is, even though something amazing is waiting for you if you let go of what is as it is.

If you want that crazy awesome exciting new paradigm you’ve dreamt about for your life, often it requires that you re-write what is “normal” for you.

As a friend explained to me yesterday who has gone from small scale to enormous business in a progression that just leapt to the bigtime recently: ” There’s a time where what you do is bigger than you.  You have to be OK with things being way bugger than you., and roll with it.”

After all, how could you possibly get what you dream about by doing the same things over and over again?

Could it be that you are inadvertantly slowing down when you shuold be staying in the flow just to keep things to a managable “normal”… ?

Today’s feng shui is all about expanding the possibilities around you and letting yourself have the life you dream about!  Continue Reading…

purple market bankok

(Purple Market, Bangkok)

Exotic spaces to my eyes may be typical to yours. I may be jaded by the amazing things that surround me- like a Hollywood sign I basically slept beside for years-  which you may be thrilled to see.

If there’s one way to make the boldest and brightest dreams come true, it is to stay in the flow of energy- or chi- and keep it moving.

We all get used to what we have.  To keep energy moving, you need to  explore a whole lot more.

Here’s a little feng shui to move you toward greater adventure…for a very big reason!  Continue Reading…

timing of your life


Do you think that some things should be happening faster for you… so you sort of hit the fast-forward button on the process?

I see lots of Insta- things- instantly concieved almost from thin air-  around me in Los Angeles. Insta-marriages, Insta-businesses, Insta-fame.  Insta-enlightenment is being sold all over the place, along with Insta-fitness and Insta-happiness.

It seems that if it isn’t fast, easy and relatively seemless it isn’t desirable to lots of people.

When people come to me looking for Insta-manifestation of their desires without any effort at all, I take a moment before moving forward.  We have a talk. Usually I can’t work with them because they are caught in the fast-forward.

I was the hugest lover of Insta-everything. I felt that after years of academic commitment and life work that my few years out of college that were less-than-serious living (and partying) had left me to fall behind.  I was no longer in the imaginary race of life I clung to so dearly. I needed to catch up, so I needed some things instantly to fill in the things that I lacked.

Every instant fix was a giant step backward.

Not only did I not get instantly what I wanted, I grew frustrated, lost and detached from myself in the process.

Try a crash diet and you know there’s only so long you can go before you feel like you are floating through life, barely connected to the day because you are starving.

Insta-anything designed to skip many steps of a process will likely leave you with that same detached, floating feeling that is deeply unpleasant.

I wonder… Do you try to make things happen faster than maybe they should?  Do you trust the timing of your life?  Continue Reading…



When things are simple and clear, their extraordinary nature shines.

Same goes for everything in life.  Simplicity allows the exceptional to emerge.

Try this: Look at the room above and imagine the whole console was filled with framed photos rather than just a curated few. Now, also imagine that the wall of this room had a few extra things hung on it. Three or four.  Trade the muted carpet for a much busier carpet.

It’s hard to see how glorious the golden console and the ethereal art and the stunning rocker are when you add all that stuff, isn’t it?!

Curation is a big deal.

Curation in art – when done well- helps you to walk into an art exhibit and experience each piece completely and most powerfully.  Curation in a home allows the beauty of what you want to see- where you want your energy to focus- to shine forth.  Curation in your life takes away all the clutter of extra things- from extraneous ideas to nightmarish drama- so that you can focus on what you love.

Simplifying your life is far more than just dumping junk and cleaning your house.  That’s a huge starting point, but it’s not the full picture.

When you can really simplify all of life, you open yourself up to true prosperity.   Continue Reading…