Prosperity is thought to be composed of money, success and achievement. A prosperous life is full of health, love, relationships and wisdom as well! A prosperous life is balanced, integrated and fulfilling. Feng Shui tips, modern wisdom and lots of great science can give you some helpful tools to welcome more good fortune into your life!

philip taafe

(philip taafe)

Repeating Patterns.

You know what I’m talking about: over and again you find your same job with different people involved and maybe even a different set of responsibilities, yet the crazy dynamic is the same no matter where you go.  Or the relationship that runs in the absolute same course, no matter how different the partner.  The stress-bourne health situations that run in a cycle even when you commit to a change and even make the change…

I’ve had people tell me they think they are cursed.  I’ve been the person who feels cursed.

After complaining for the umpteenth time about a life situation (the classic “Why does this keep happening to me?!” ) about 4 years ago a deftly genius friend who is also a brilliantly recognized psychologist said,”You know, the only common denominator is all of these events is YOU. Maybe its not them.  Maybe its YOU?”

Of course it was me. And if you are in an endless “repeat” cycle of stuff you don’t want, maybe its you?

The cool thing is, once it’s you, and you see it clearly, you can really end the viscious cycle.

Do you have patterns you want to stop repeating?  Continue Reading…

bed with plants


While I doubt you needed reminders of something you already know, its really vital to take breaks.

If you just “go, go, go” you don’t have the energy to actually recieve. Believe it or not, its a feng shui principle.

This weekend you’ll find me at the spa, maybe hills or the beach, the flea market buying crystals and sage, in bed and… not online!

Breaks and rest make my life magical.

free your mind


Everyone knows when they have truly hit a wall for a moment, but if this is the way you’ve been living dat-to-day,  these are signs I’ve found that a true lifestyle switch is in order…

1. A malady that’s strange pops up (like a persistent sore throat or just-won’t quit exhaustion or headaches)  and no doctor can get to the bottom of it.

2. The thought of seeing people is overwhelming, even at the grocery store.

3. Insomnia is replaced by an inability to get out of bed.  (the stress finally pushed you over the edge)

4. Something as easy as checking an email feels like a monumental burden.

5. Eating is something you only do when its convenient (*this is a very bad one, as hunger can appear to be all kinds of maladies and hunger is also a major form of stress).

6. You aren’t able to grasp how amazing life is because you are always rushing.

7. Your social life shrinks because the idea of fitting in other people feels like its just too much (see #2)

8.  Relationships you have start fading to dark, and you fear rather than embrace the idea of repairing and maintaining them… after all, do you really have energy to give?

9. Clutter is everywhere.   Everywhere.  Want to take an awesome break that rejuvenates your life? Start clearing clutter. Clean your house.  Life-changing-stuff!

10. You are not on time for anything.  And if you are on time, you are barely prepared.

If this reads as you, are you ready to make a change?

Can you percieve your life without this drag or this block?

Luckily there are 2000 posts of ideas to use homeopathy, lifestyle shifts, feng shui and modern science to really do the work of revamping your life.  I know you can do it.  All you have to be is willing to rest first….and then keep choosing you first.  Wellbeing first. Trust me you aren’t going to regret it.



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You know, I think more people are in their “dream life” than they realize.  I mean, how lucky are we to be able to read blog posts and have homes and the luxuries that seem small in comparison to what we want but are so enormous its crazy…!!!???

I realized that I am surrounded with people who are living their dreams on a high, or are on the way to doing it, and the apparently Alanon-borne adage, ” You are like the 5 people you spend the most time with,” is a beautiful one.

Are you on the road to living your dreams or…are you living them… and perhaps you don’t realize it?

Today’s expansive design idea is all about what it sems to be like when your dream life is your real life, and how to close the gap if you aren’t there quite yet.  Continue Reading…

sunset beach

There’s so much beauty in the world, but it can be such a challenge to see it.

After all, there’s a lot to do and no time to watch a sunset, you know?

If you’ve been feeling flat, exhausted, overwhelmed or otherwise less than psyched, you may have sort of energetically filled yourself… even if its not with the energy you want!

Whether its 90 hour workweeks, intense family problems, a tempestuous relationship or anything else that sort of consumes your life, it can be easy to become so “full” of energy that you can’t handle any more.

Getting lost in internet, TV, something to sort of run away from the sizeable mountain of stuff that can overcome your life…All so seductive… But really, all you want to do is check out, stay distracted, cope… keep it together…

Sound familiar?

If you dream of a life where great things can come in, you need to make space for them.  And today’s expansive design idea is all about making that kind of calm, clear space.   Continue Reading…

lonny roses wallpaper


We all want to experience more of the shower of feel-good chemicals and soulful oneness that we call love and feng shui is an amazing tool for stirring up the love vibes everywhere you look.

While I believe that symbols are only as effective as they are personal, I have personally fallen in love with many of these amazing symbols and concepts that are full of the energy of love.

Like roses… enormous, wall-expanses of roses!!! And more… Continue Reading…

go the extra mile


For as long as I could remember I never could just stop at “good enough” because I felt like there was so much more.

Even as a five year old my drive wasn’t perfection… it was expression.  I would create plays for family holidays and design group photos that one day I would cherish.    I was filming commercials with a massive camera (betamax?) as extra credit to illustrate my points in creative writing at 10.  By 13 I orchestrated a whole New Age crystal event for my sister’s science project, dressing her and a friend in all black with slicked hair and white powdered faces complete with red lipstick, a lawn chair to use as a treatment table for the judges, a cassette tape of music (cassette!) to play and a bag of crystals to use to do chakra healings on the teachers in Huber Street School.

I had no idea why the world dropped me in Secaucus, New Jersey where people didn’t understand me even as a little kid, but I was determined to try to get them to understand me.  If you grew up like a transplanted alien, you understand.

If you feel like the world around you doesn’t understand who you are or how you think right now- your co-workers, your family, even your friends- its tempting to try to shut down your own voice and be more like the group.

Don’t do it.  I’ve tried it.  It’s a ticket to depression, a stifled life and a host of problems from mental to physical that are screaming to tell you that you have to make a change.

At least that’s what happened to me.

If you are there right now, you can get yourself out of it.

In fact, if you want to truly succeed at anything- including life-  the only trick is to not stop at “good enough” or settle for being less than you are.  It’s not easy.  It’s not quiet.  It’s not always peaceful.  But it always works. Continue Reading…

heart in tree

Do you treat life like it is precious… and living it fully in your own way? Or do you sort of put things off, let fear win, sink into your problems rather than solving them?

I’ve been very guilty of the latter, and if we are honest I think everyone has been.  There is something quite easy about making excuses, something tantalizing about staying stuck…


Here’s a bit of expansive design for the day to help you get past your own time wasting… Continue Reading…



I think I’ve mentioned this before: I was almost blinded in one eye by an indoor cactus.  One that looked just like one of these in this bowl.  I took a nap after watering and moving the cactus around the house.  Apparently cactus quills sprinkled on my arm as I moved them… and then migrated into my eye socket as as I slept.

It’s no wonder that even the thought of an indoor cactus has me jumpy and nervous.

Once you have had a trauma, upset or any kind of shock, its sort of hard to approach the same thing again.

If it comes anywhere near your life, you may persistently worry.

You may be justified in your concern.  Something reall terrible may be happening.

But its really important to not worry.

And here’s why… Continue Reading…