Prosperity is thought to be composed of money, success and achievement. A prosperous life is full of health, love, relationships and wisdom as well! A prosperous life is balanced, integrated and fulfilling. Feng Shui tips, modern wisdom and lots of great science can give you some helpful tools to welcome more good fortune into your life!

water going down drain

Here’s a subject I am most passionate about : energy.


Its all of life. It’s the forces that rule the world.  It’s the mystical stuff we can’t explain that makes trees grow and bodies fill with life, it creates miracles and stirs emotions.  I don’t know exactly where this enormous energy source that animates everything actually began, but I feel it everywhere, I see it when I am really in tune with the day and, of course, I help people to design more of it around themselves every day.

You can eat for more energy (live food, food cooked with love and artistry, eating with intuition) and you can tap into more energy with sunshine, great decisions, even, if you are so inclined, prayer or meditation.

But, the greatest force of energy that seems to rock worlds- mine included- are the forces that link us to people.  And in the most subtle- or not so subtle ways- people can either inspire you or bring you down.

Is someone dragging you down?

Here are some clues that maybe you aren’t broken, cursed or not-good-enough, but, rather, perhaps yu are attached to someone who is draining the life out of you.

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build dreams


You may have to work on building other people’s dreams for years and years before you get out on your own… or until you get  a place where you are leading rather than following…

But, you have to start now.  Even if you are demoralized, feel like you can’t… Feel stuck… You have to start now.  Continue Reading…


The more you do, the more energy you need.

You knew that, of course.

Basic, simple.

But it’s so elusive sometimes to have that energy.  Especially when your life is calling you to invest energy into things you didn’t plan on… and errands you didn’t think about… upsets you couldn’t have predicted… Exciting stuff you want to do atop all you have to do… All things need that energy.

I guess the good news is that you likely have a lot of energy that’s un-tapped and waiting for you to find it.

Really. There’s a good chance you do.

I did.  And I bet you do, too!

This past month I’ve found a whole ocean of energy I never knew I had.  And how I found it may inspire you to find your own…. and there’s no coffee (not even Bulletproof coffee!) involved!  Continue Reading…

rejection is protection

What if you didn’t get what you wanted because something much better for you is meant for you?

And what if… because you reacted so poorly to not getting what you wanted that you decided to quit on yourself and your mission before you got to the greatness?

Today’s feng shui is all about getting what you want.  Even if it doesn’t go exactly the way you planned…! Continue Reading…



I ask this question to people- myself included- when I notice a persistent theme of woe that goes like this…

“I don’t know why I can’t ever get …..”

“Maybe I’m cursed because I can’t ever have …..”

“I’ve tried everything and ….. is just not possible for me.”

The more the record repeats itself the more slippery the downhill slope. And I hear it often. I have been the greatest complainer and blamer and comparison-maker of all time!

So I wonder, if you are thinking that you are just stuck empty-handed…

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Living is a trip these days.  Who knew that while you can carry in your purse or pocket a device that made it impossible to escape all the things and people and stuff in your life…and we all need an escape.

If you let it, life can take over completely. And it’s not just the digital take-over of life.  It’s even the expansive things- like the 2 1/2 hours it seems to take to get to and from and through a yoga class if its not planned well.  Or the trips to multiple markets to get the most amazing food… or just to get simple groceries, depending on where and how you live.

While there’s so much to designing a lifestyle that you can do, that’s a trap in itself.  I once had a life with days filled with cooking meals, taking walks, practicing Buddhism and doing all kinds of radical self-care stuff.  Yep. I didn’t work for that year.  It was at first quite amazing… and then, the returns diminished so greatly I can’t tell you how shocking it was.

Nothing is meant to be that intensely “perfect.”

In a decade of  helping to design lifestyles, I can tell you five big questions that universely spark change.  They might just inspire a great shift for you, too!

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gemstone rings

(golden deliciousness from Midwest Alchemy)

Value is arbitrary. Well, not quite arbitrary… its assigned.

And, when I see someone struggling with money, love or health habits I always ask, carefully… ” How much do you value yourself?”

If you can raise your own value in real ways, the problems seem to melt away…

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I got really incredibly stuck many years ago.  I thought I had everything figured out, finally.  I had committed to modest ambitions, finally, goals that were “doable” and “realistic.”  I had spent an enormous amount of time dialing back my own love of the fantastical into something smaller, safer and what I thought was far more “normal.”

Nothing happened.


Talk about a crushing blow to find that my “scaled back to miniature” life plan couldn’t yield a single result.

I said I was “balanced”… but I was bored.

I thought I was being “moral” …but it’s not quite morally excellent to give less that you can.

And for all my normal, balanced, modest desires, I was languishing. Sinking.

If its true that you are either growing or deteriorating, I was evaporating… fast.

Only in retrospect could I really understand what I did to myself during that time.  And now I understand why nothing worked out.

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