Prosperity is thought to be composed of money, success and achievement. A prosperous life is full of health, love, relationships and wisdom as well! A prosperous life is balanced, integrated and fulfilling. Feng Shui tips, modern wisdom and lots of great science can give you some helpful tools to welcome more good fortune into your life!

bird nest

Bird build a nest diligently to ensure they have a place to raise their family. Can you imagine if you had to fly around with stray and sticks in your beak, somehow weaving them into a recepticle to hold your babies? Its pretty magical. Indeed, its almost mind-boggling. Bees make giant combs, ants build colonies…. Nature builds with care and regularity.

This makes me think a lot about how we- you and me- are building our own nests.

I know we all want things… but what do we build on a daily basis?

What you want is likely different from your daily thoughts, words and actions if you aren’t living the life you want.

Building your dream life is a process.

If you are willing to be awake and willing to really look at life for all it is right now, you can create an amazing future.

It starts with the decision to have your lifestyle align with your intentions.

And can be easier than you think to get started!

xoxo Dana

green smoothie

If there is one theme that emerges when looking back at the feng shui time I have spend with clients, and one single idea that echoes in my own life over and over again, it is that big, bold moves are what we think creates major change.  Continue Reading…


I am a relatively simple, complicated person. I once set a goal for a year that I knew would be challenging. I determined to be happy. Truly happy.  I started off rosy and free-flowing.  I told everyone I knew that my only goal for the year was to be happy. Lots of people pointed out that I wasn’t actually unhappy to start with, but what I was looking for was a kind of profound happiness where all the parts of my life fell in alignment.

Do you know what I mean? Seamless happiness.  Simple goal, right?  That was my 2006.

It was the hardest year ever, ironically, because every time I hit an obstacle I felt that my one very seemingly modest wish for an entire year was being taken from me.

I would get so angry at myself for wasting a New Year’s Wish (I take them quite seriously, thinking over and again that  should have wished for the gift of a Warhol Jackie Onassis painting! Or a Paris apartment…) and I became more frustrated that year than happy.

Happiness is not for every moment of every day (that’s excessive and denies all kinds of emotional greatness), but it is an overall life state to live in if you are looking for wellness, or so say the experts I’ve been lucky enough to know.

I didn’t make a wrong wish. I just approached it with the same do-or-die, all-or-nothing mentality that was challenging my life in the first place.  Once I became more calm and more present,  thanks  to tons of Buddhism, art-making and kindness it was actually harder to be unhappy.  

If you have been struggling and striving and even exhausting yourself in the pursuit of “success” to bring you the happiness you crave so deeply, you are not alone.  The thing is, you may need to flip the equation.

Happiness actually brings you success.  Continue Reading…


Welcome to the inside of my mind, where I am re-imagining the feng shui bagua map my own way. (*if you have no idea what that is… see HERE the tool that can create lots of new awareness in your life!)

I find the old bagua limiting in the way it presents information, and at the urging of a dear friend and wise adviser, I was tasked with creating my own way.  After 8 years of working with the old way, having that be the normal, I realized I can do something better for me and, I believe,  for all of you to understand space in new ways that are empowering and helpful.

It took a suspension of “reality” and turning a blind eye to what is “normal” to start to reinvent ,my way of working. Because I have never been particularly find of social norms or fitting into molds, it wasn’t that hard to shut off the noise of “what is right.” It was more challenging to break out of a habitual way of thinking that has been the NORMAL.

What is is normal to you?   I have had clients tell me that they are comfortable in mess, they are used to be lonely, they have grown accustomed to a certain type of pain…

There is a social component to what is normal. My friends who work in bars and nightclubs see nightly drinking that would rock the average person’s world- three or four or five cocktails a night or a day for some, not even drunk from this amount of drinking- as being totally normal. 

Normal is a habit that is unconscious and comfortable just because you know it. Wherever things don’t change and the recording seems to repeat endlessly in life, a return of the same issues or feelings or events over and over again, that is somehow your normal.  Even if you hate the status quo and feel put-upon, heartbroken or really stunted by these feelings, somehow they get swallowed, accepted as “just how it is,” and folded into the concept of normal.

While there’s nothing wrong with accepting what you can not control, there is nothing good about feeling saddled by tradition, family stories, a feedback loop of emotions or anything else that is telling you who you are and what you can have in any way that is limiting or damning.

Today’s feng shui’d ideas are all about what is normal. 

In fact, if you can get a good look at what normal is for you at the moment in all its dark and light, you can then start to shape a new normal.  Your normal is 100% up to you!  Continue Reading…

the future

Are you judging situations in your life and people in your life based on things that happened to you in the past?

Someone told me today that she had been in a panic creating worst case scenarios for a situation.  A panic. Just because her new boyfriend didn’t return a call when he said he would.  Turns out he fell asleep.  Her ex-boyfriend had done this to her before, but when he didn’t call he’d be out, cheating on her.

Now, this new guy doesn’t stand a chance if she can’t get beyond judging people because of one bad experience in the past.  Or, she doesn’t stand a chance to be happy if these little things from a new person are met with huge reactions because of… the past.

You may be doing the same thing with opportunities, with your career, with friendships, with love…

It’s easy to do.

You may be doing it unconsciously. I definitely have done it…and I still catch myself doing it and have to shake myself out of it!

If you have had a few- or even one great-big- bad experience, its very easy to justify the idea that they will keep happening again and again if you try to do the same things again.

So, you stop daring in certain ways.

But then, you are imprisoned by the past.

And you may think this is being self-protective or wise.

Anything that keeps you from doing what you need and want to do with your life is neither self-protective nor wise.

So, here’s a little feng shui to help you stop the past from messing with your future! Continue Reading…

feels good to get some stuff done


This is a tricky one because when you feel bad, the last thing you want to do is actually DO anything… but if you are having a week of the blahs or a really bad day, the most no-nonsense way to shake it off is to get your head in the productivity game. You can’t possibly be creating things and dwelling on problems at the same time.  So, yes, it feels good to get some stuff done!  And if you are really stuck, let clearing some clutter be the thing that you get done first!  xoxo Dana



Emotions are contagious. 

This has been much-studied and much-proven, even in clinical science settings.

To be much happier, lighter and much more successful all-round,  the very agreed-upon ideas is to surround yourself with light. Light environments, bright people, expansive ideas and illuminated visions and creative feats.

Negative people bring you down, make you feel sick, stress you out and distract you from life. I am pretty sure you realize some of that already.

But… even if you are aware of something doesn’t mean you know how to deal with it!

How do you avoid getting drained by negative stuff  if you are living and working in the modern world? How do you keep your head above water in space  that isn’t stocked exclusively with  rainbows and unicorns?

Continue Reading…

bad things can be the best things


While I am not one to hunt out dark times and sink into them, I have come to see that darkness really can illuminate life in the end.

After some bad things happen, its almost the safest thing to do to proclaim that this misery will never happen again. You know what I mean. You can make really interesting decisions based on darkness.  “I’m never going to fall in love again, ” is the soundest decision to make after “love” shatters your sense of self, right?  Or, “I’m never going to take a crazy risk with my career after this disaster.  I’m going to do everything right from here on out.”

Or some version of that self-protective, seemingly wise stuff we tell ourselves because its just stupid to repeat the past.  Right?

But… you can’t live without risks, without love or without the dark as well as the light.

Fairy tales- and people’s very romanticized tellings of their life stories- suggest that at one point, if you are lucky, everything will be happy ever after.

This is not true. And I am so glad its not true.

Have you ever tried to get stronger by just barely doing the minimum amount of exercise to avoid all strain? I call it the Hollywood workout. A pile of magazines, wearing makeup on a treadmill, not breaking a sweat… but you are working out, right?

Yet you never seem to get stronger….

I love that this is puzzling to so many people. Its a huge conundrum of life, especially a stuck life.

I am not advocating suffering.  I am a big advocate of looking back and seeing the past for what it was, not how it got reinvented in your mind to create a sense of safety after things went bad.

The very darkest times I can reacall were where life pivoted for me. I bet for you, too.

Sometimes that shift took you to places you never thought possible, really opening up possibility.

Sometimes the flash-flood of pain took you far away from life and shut doors that might be still shut in your life.

What can you un-decide that you decided sometime in the past to avoid bad things from happening? How does that decision to avoid possible bad stuff affect your life today… still…? 

Big questions.  But the kind of questions that can set you free.

If you are curious about this, HERE’s a little feng shui for all of you very wise people who want to avoid all bad things happening.

Maybe risks are safer than the safety you have decided on? The great thing about today is that you can decide anything you want, fresh, all over again.

xoxo Dana