Prosperity is thought to be composed of money, success and achievement. A prosperous life is full of health, love, relationships and wisdom as well! A prosperous life is balanced, integrated and fulfilling. Feng Shui tips, modern wisdom and lots of great science can give you some helpful tools to welcome more good fortune into your life!

you are not a victim

(melanie koulouris: this is an awesome quote!!!)

This quote from Melanie Koulouris pretty much says it all where being a victim is concerned, doesn’t it?

You are either powerful for surviving or you are the effect of your circumstances.

While a lot of us have that awareness, putting that into practice is another thing.

Here’s a little feng shui for your home & life  that can help you to transform the victim stories that are holding you back in your daily life!  Continue Reading…


How do you wake up in the morning?

Is it begrudgingly, hitting snooze as many times as possible before you have to literally force yourself out of bed with sheer will? Do you wake up most of the time clear-minded and excited for the day?

This morning, with birds chirping and newly sprouting plants surrounding me, I am really aware of the morning routines I have designed and how they affect my well being.  This is an enormous subject, but if you are struggling to wake up every day, you might find some thing to spark your own morning love affair starting now!  Continue Reading…

be interested


So many people come to Hollywood trying to flaunt how interesting they are as a means to getting acceptance in a world of low-attention-span, flashy personalities.  The most powerful people I know here are neither flashy nor flaunting.  The ost magnetic of my friends are truly interested in all of life.  Curious.  Asking. Deeply wanting to know more, to know people better, to make a real connection rather than a social media friend or someone to call upon for favors or brag about knowing.

Interested rather than interesting.

Curious rather than an item of curiousity.

A few months ago I made this video one dewey, early summer morning in Boulder.  Its all about getting more of what you want in life, all the feel-good stuff we all crave. If you’ve been trying to attract more attention to yourself or to your career or life in any way, it may spark a great shift toward fulfilling your desires!

Have a gorgeous day! xoxo Dana

i can and i will

If you are feeling dragged down, oppressed, bored, scattered or anything less that terrific…

It’s time to remember that you can and you will.

You actually can and you actually will.

But, that’s abstract.

So make it more real… right now.

Walk away from your computer (after you watch this) and try this….!

Its the most exhilarating minute. A real game-changer for a day!
xoxo Dana

womens global education project

When globe-circling photographer Laura Grier told me about her work in Africa to encourage young women to attend school, I was transfixed.  How small and myopic my world had become in Los Angeles that I had taken for granted the idea of education worldwide and the great struggles that children have to even learn to read.

All of you reading this are blessed.

Literacy is a major form of empowerment.

Education is a gift.

And today, it is time to expand our worldview and learn from Laura about the Women’s Global Education Project and, with amazing gratitude, share this incredible mission to help women to create a better world.  We are all in this together on this planet, and the more compassion we can generate actively, the more prosperous all of our lives will be (*that’s a proven fact!)!  I am so excited to share this incdredibly eye-opening and uplifting and important work with you today! Continue Reading…


(the supermoon is a big harbinger of change!) 

I am all about small changes. Progessive steps. Organic growth.

But there are times when you wake up and know that its time for a real change.

Its like a seismic boom.

People around you may think you are crazy. You may not understand it yourself… but you know.

And if you fail to trust this feeling, you hand your power away.

Each time you do it, – fail to listen to what you know- you become the effect instead of the cause.

Victims don’t live dream lives. And I know your intention is not to be a victim.

There are ways to know you are more than ready for a change… you are being shown that you need change.  Once you can trust what you know,  life expands brilliantly and you wonder why you waited so long to do it!  Continue Reading…

holstee manifesto


(holstee manifesto, forever a classic!) 


The best way to love your life more, live with really easy-breezy passion (as opposed to forced, panicked energy of intensity), and feel more of the greatness of every day is to show up and feel empowered.

Here are some gorgeous & some extremely simple feng shui tips that can bring you to a place of your own power right now.

Gather up your genius and start bringing it to your world in full color and excitement!


xoxo Dana

organize your closet


The visual bullet-points on this 10-great-tip infographic were so clear, I had to share it. In fact, I am implementing most of it tonight!

It is very seductive to let a closet fall into despair. After all, by shutting the door, the mess just vanishes.

But… that mess is not gone


  • You feel it as anxiety, stress, overwhelm or numbness.
  • Your self-esteem feels it every time you look for something to wear.
  • And your feng shui is affected by it, too!

You need awesome closets!!!  Maybe even more than you need brilliant decor!

Continue Reading…