Prosperity is thought to be composed of money, success and achievement. A prosperous life is full of health, love, relationships and wisdom as well! A prosperous life is balanced, integrated and fulfilling. Feng Shui tips, modern wisdom and lots of great science can give you some helpful tools to welcome more good fortune into your life!

shane mc adams

(Shane McAdams makes this amazing art with ballpoint pens!)

I feel there is a silent enemy that has wandered into our lives, one we have accepted as “OK” even though we know it isn’t.

As I type this, my phone is beeping with texts coming in, my computer has alerted me to new emails and the dogs are trying their best to beg for food while I snack on some fruit. I stopped to talk to them, I checked my phone to see if there was an important message, and then my email because, well, I don’t want those emails piling up. And as I tried to type this… I got annoyed, started over three times and had a bit of a dive in my energy. I walked away, got a tea, and sat back down, alone, in silence.

In my current life of multiple plans, a one-woman show of business and creativity, and lots of personal endeavors, I have learned that only one single bad habit can wreck me now: multitasking.

I used to think that multitasking meant doing two “important” things at one time.

That’s not what it is!

Mulitasking may be your own silent bit of an energy vortex, too. It is stealth, disguised as doing things that are joy-producing (a motivational YouTube video in your ears as you go through your morning emails) while it taxes your mind.

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painting tools

Do you take a lot of pride in what you do and how you do it?

It’s a question that’s been coming up often as I pack to move to a new home and confront all the forgotten-about bits of stuff that even me- the queen of de-clutter- forgot that I had!

Some people advised me to just pack up my boxes, forget about painting walls and cleaning things.  I’ve been told I should let my building keep my security deposit to clean up after me because they might keep it anyway (so it is rumored).   Why should I bother with all the cleaning and painting and details if I will never see my money back anyway?

The answer: It would make me feel really bad if I didn’t leave something better than when I first arrived.

I didn’t always feel that way.

That switch in my own outlook from “Yeah, screw them, they’ll keep my money anyway!” to “How do I leave this better than when I first arrived?” was one of the best attitude adjustments I have ever made.  Setting a standard that makes life feel amazing. It’s a game-changer.  Continue Reading…

go for it

You might need to get all kinds of emotional first. You may feel motivated by anger. You can have a very strong reaction to this moment of this is what I am supposed to be doing… but when it hits… take it and run with it! xoxo Dana


move forward


Lots of people will convince you to stay in a job, a relationship or a living situaltion where you just know you don’t belong.

From the well-meaning in your life you will hear about:  How you have to be cautious. How there aren’t many better things “out there.” How you need to have something better before you leave. How you need to stop being so emotional, so unreasonable, so fickle, so entitled or so ambitious.

Have you been there?

Trust yourself.

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At college, my first roomate and I sat one day in the Quad at Stanford with a mini-recorder making what we called “spontaneous poetry.” We were both super tall, skinny and sort of resembled each other,  and our ability to get into the existential quest for more meaning together at one point  was part alchemy and part the function of living with one’s mirror in many ways.

I was always on the hunt for an expanded reality.

Words, art, parties, adventures… I wanted it all.

I bet you do, too.

I didn’t know how to translate that into a career, however, which led to my very winding path of life to find “meaning” and “purpose.”  I happened upon it for myself by accident, as did most of my friends., kind of following a string of interests.

This weekend my dear friend explained how he was really a Millennial at heart. A 39-year old Millennial. For those of you not up on the Millennial categorization, Generation “Y” is charaterized by a want of a better lifestyle and a need for greater meaning and purpose in life and work. Need is the operative word.  Its a generation of 20 and early 30 somethings driven by purpose.

The question that was raised: “How do you figure out what that purpose is?”

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I think of transitions as rites of passage.  While some feel harder than others, everything from getting married to moving homes, changing jobs or being promoted to making lifestyle changes in diet and exercise, are all transitions.  While they can be thrilling, expansive and full of promise, transitions can also be disorienting, exhausing and even upsetting at the same time. Its the difficult part of the transition, believe it or not, that is the best. Here are some feng shui ways to manage a transition, no matter what type of transition you are in right now.  Continue Reading…

dream big

I have always loved this saying. And for a long time my own dreams were not big enough to be scary. I only had the small, step-by-step things that, after a while, became very annoying.

I lost steam. I quit things. I didn’t have vision.

There’s nothing wrong with simple and step-by-step. But it seems we all do much better and feel more alive with a larger purpose that we are drawn toward.

Someone told me what sounded like a crazy theory when I was in my phase of getting through the day. It wasn’t that I didn’t like my life, I just felt dull. I knew I had to do more but I didn’t know what would take away the dullness.

“If you don’t have something big in the future to pull you, you won’t get your immediate things done. After all, what’s the urgency? And what is the challenge once you are finished?”

That made fireworks of sense to me.  Continue Reading…

live with passion



I love Susanna Halonen‘s approach to positive psychology & life coaching based upon… PASSION.

Are you living passionately? Are you willing to do what it takes to have more of that energy-rush feeling of being super-alive?!

Mind you, I am not an advocate of weirdly displaced happiness. We all have bad days and that’s great, too. It doesn’t all have to be shiny and happy, but with passion even the dark and dismal clouds have golden linings .

Each one of these keys is a whole massive topic in an of themselves, but if you scan the list you can see what piece of the passion puzzle you may be missing. Get that part going for yourself and you are far more passionately living!

4 & 5 really sing to me as I am working to balance my online & offline life & work! What about you?!

xoxo Dana