Prosperity is thought to be composed of money, success and achievement. A prosperous life is full of health, love, relationships and wisdom as well! A prosperous life is balanced, integrated and fulfilling. Feng Shui tips, modern wisdom and lots of great science can give you some helpful tools to welcome more good fortune into your life!


Whether it’s a change of season, a holiday or a vacation… or even just a period of transition… there are times where we move into a mode of change and wanting more of things we feel we lack.

Whether it’s more sleep, more adventure, more romace, more creativity, money, vitality…

In my view of space and energy, having more of anything means more energy in more balance.

The great news is that you probably don’t have to work harder if you are already working hard to have more of what you want.  But… you might want to dare to energetically align yourself much more…  in totally pleasant ways!

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Check out the momentum of a giant waterfall. Looking Glass Falls.

The feeling in the air is teeming life, and so much water is rushing effortlessly over your feet as you stand in the creek that you feel like you can float effortlessly to anywhere.  All that rushing water gains speed and momentum as it flies off the cliff to make a waterfall of such grace and sparkle.

Momentum is what it takes to move you forward. Momentum is… moving in a direction until it becomes easier and faster and more exciting to move forward… almost automatically. Momentum is the snowball gathering snow and moving faster and faster as it rolls down the hill.  Momentum is sunning faster and faster without even trying or expending extra energy as you fly down a sleep slope.  Momentum is reaching the point where you find things falling into place more than you find yourself putting them in place.

To start the momentum, you have to start moving. It’s that basic.

Just move in the direction you want your water to run.  Find the waterfall that powers your boat in the direction you want to glide.

Even if you aren’t doing exactly what you want to do at this very moment, you will if whatever you do is moving you there.

How in-line with what you want is moving you toward where you want to go?

This is the perfect prompt to check my alignment in life:

ask yourself

Where do you fall on the spectrum of being in-line with your purpose? What will get you there?! NO IDEA.

But… Even if you don’t specifically know exactly what to do yet, do what feels right… keep your plan going… keep following that energy… and you’ll get there!

Idea for the day: “Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.”

What do you think? Can you make a little switch to get your energy in a more powerful line toward your pots of gold?!

xoxo Dana


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north carolina forest

I feel like I’m being engulfed by vibrance.

That’s what happened when I touched down in Asheville and walked into the woods.  Above you’ll find my backyard trees for the week.  I ate dinner on the porch while watching fireflies started to sparkle at dusk. A few minutes later I asked a woman walking down the main street of town if there was a pharmacy where I could buy shampoo.  She gave me shampoo from her luggage (she was just on the road) and hugged and kissed me on the cheek before setting me off on my way.

Where am I?

I’m in my dream life in so many ways.  I’m starting to see that it is portable, it is always growing, it’s radically imperfect and beyond belief.

It made me realize tonight that all the feng shui for living your dreams that I’ve been sharing for years about boils down to just one universal principle that I see prevail over and over again.  And it’s what my driver today, an entrepreneurial badass himself- echoed back to me as we went down winding roads into the woods.

Making people happy is better than money.

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get more done


Need to get more done in just a little time?

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solve problems


If you have a big problem that’s sticking around because, well, it’s really complicated (or seems really complicated), you may need to switch things up.

It’s already been proven in many scientific experiments that it’s easier to break habits when you move to a new place or take a vacation. It’s also easier to be calm in Nature.  You can design spaces that enhance creativity.  You can create more happiness and confidence with color.  You can create big changes by changing spaces.

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deli flowers nyc

These are the flowers of celebration for yesterday’s marathon of production in the new office I’m feng shui & designing in Brooklyn.  It’s not a small office, it is huge.  It’s not low profile, it’s high. Suffice it to say, as a stubbornly one-woman show (I’m getting beyond this. I can’t wait to hire an assistant!), the learning curve was steep.  It still is.  Every day I realize there are new things to think about.  Contractors, logistics, vendors, collaborations… But, it’s exciting.

The skill I never realized that I had has become apparent in this process: mental endurance.  I think I developed it early because I was determined as a small child to work my way out of the city where I was born, the city where I felt like an alien, the city I now love to visit in New Jersey where I’m sitting right now, this morning, typing this.

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rumi quotes


I believe in following your bliss, doing what you love, all of it… It’s huge. Vital. Exciting.


I used to make these really snap judgements that some things were “not for me.”

Do you do that? Have you done it… and then wondered if you didn’t consider it enough?

I’d lean on instinct, say that I just dont feel it, wouldn’t explore it further… and then, strikingly, I would always be “seeking” this ideal that I just knew was out there in some way…and not finding it.

While some snap judgements are clear- that very bad or really good feeling you just can’t ignore-  I’d say my own instant  “this is not for me” judgements on things I feel pretty neutral about have been… re-thought a whole lot.

In fact, as I’m headed to New York this morning I am struck by the number of things I’m doing now- and opportunities I’m grateful I’ve actualy taken- that I initially said “No” to… in fact, many that I thought were “not for me” at first glance.

Do you quickly decide if something is or isn’t for you before you explore it at bit?

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I’m in the business of creating spaces that are- for lack of a better word- abundant.  An abundant space- filled with energy, messages of wellness, lots of beauty, and flow- brings more wealth to your life.

If money is energy- and it is energy, for, what else could it be?- than the idea of a wealthy space is a space with the most awesome energy, ever!

The Money Camp is coming to kick off the Fall with an immersion in everything that brings you to a place of high happiness, but well before that, let’s start putting a new vision of wealth into the forefront of your home and life! Continue Reading…