Prosperity is thought to be composed of money, success and achievement. A prosperous life is full of health, love, relationships and wisdom as well! A prosperous life is balanced, integrated and fulfilling. Feng Shui tips, modern wisdom and lots of great science can give you some helpful tools to welcome more good fortune into your life!


Living in love, living with more love, the energy dynamics of love… and even the magnetic fields of your heart…  all are the concepts that pervade much of modern wisdom about conscious living and loving and wellness.

But it feels a bit flimsy to some who are used to thinking, being rational and trusting science over fluffy ideas like “our hearts communicate with one another.”

Even the radically conscious people I know who are dedicating their lives to healing arts and spiritual development have a hard time with some of the more love-centric concepts of gurus and sages.

Until now.

HeartMath is proving that there is scientifically vaildated truth to the notions of  living with love, following your heart and the notion of our total connection to one another.  These are all measurable facts!

HearthMath is all about linking your mind and your heart.  It’s all about leading with connection and opening up to a realm of superpowered living that can only be achieved when we make this profound and natural connection to LOVE.

If you’re looking for more ease, love, synchronicity, flow and intuitive guidance, HeartMath will blow you away!  Continue Reading…

spirit quartz


If you marvel at the ease that some people seem to adapt to new routines, learn new things and soar with a seeming Midas Touch.  Everything they do seems to be brilliant.  Every endeavor is a great one.   They’re always making the best of situations, constantly moving toward goals, living dreams…

And they seem so happy and so at ease and it is sometimes like they’re just lucky and everyone else isn’t or they know some secret…

But… they’re just tapped into life and possibility.

In feng shui, it’s called Tao.  It’s what happens when you get deeply rooted in life rather than in your mind the way that it is right now…

It’s actually quite easy once you can move past all you thought about your mind and it’s capabilities and what is possible.

You can constantly learn new things.  You can change focus from negative habits to positive habits.  You can heal trauma in life on every level.  You can transform any situation.

Your brain is plastic.  You can rewire it to create a new reality

The universe is also “plastic” and you can work with it to create a life that exceeds your wildest dreams.

This isn’t New Age.  It’s actually some of the most hotly researched science. It’s what’s putting robots on the planet and putting computers in your pocket.  It’s the stuff that’s creating new universes.  And it can help you develop your own midas touch! Continue Reading…

bob the puppy

Bon takes his time.  He’s really not interested in anyone elses timeline.  His days are a success when he plays, eats, walks, sleeps and gets lots of love.

You know, that’s pretty remarkable.  And sometimes I feel like he’s my life coach.

I live in a city where the ethos is a mad rush to get to some unknown place where who knows what will happen once you get there…. but the believe is that once you do get to this place of accomplishment it’s all going to be paradise.

It’s a rush to percieved fame, a rush to be the fittest, a rush to beautify, a rush to be rich, a rush to be cool, a rush to love, a rush to be the most spiritual, even… Because it’s Hollywood, there are all kinds of percieved ticking clocks and competitions and what I see happening in the rush is terrifying.

Breakdowns, meltdowns, burnout… competing with smart drugs (i.e.: they are still drugs even if they have the word “smart” in them) and amphetamines and cocaine and massive debts piling up in the name of getting “there” faster.  The “there” is often so fuzzy and so abstract that noone really knows where they’re headed and when and if they get there… it’s typically a let down.

Paradise isn’t far off in the distance.  It’s something for right now!

Are you rushing like mad to get things done?  Continue Reading…

live in the present

If you can’t be present, you might have a problem with showing up and being seen at the moment.  For big-dark-secret-keepers, every moment is a difficult moment to show up.

Secrets and lies keep you in a veiled life, even if the secrets aren’t yours.  Being around secret-keepers can be a very scary struggle.

I once worked for a very secretive man and I didn’t know how he could so elaborately hide everything about his life.  Noone even knew where he lived.  I believed that when his giant steel office door was closed he spent hours moving around papers and hiding things so that his secrets would never be revealed, even though he had so many vibrant stories to tell and so many controversies that swarmed around him.  I didn’t last long at that illustrious job because the secrets and the questionable things I saw piled up every day… and when I started asking questions, I started becoming the enemy.

People who keep secrets don’t like being questioned.  I can only imagine how this guy feels now that so many of his secrets are being probed by forensic accountants in a massive- and very public-  investigation.

Karma always comes around.

Big bad secrets always get revealed… or… worse… they are forced out into the open.

I’ve found myself in one relationship that was unforegttable maddening with a secret-keeper.  Many of the secrets were revealed purely by my instincts after I fell far into a web of craziness and watched him deteriorate… sort of perpetually exhausted and miserable and weak.  And it got worse when I asked questions. Much worse for me.

Secrets are pretty similar to lies when they are masking wrongdoings.  By keeping things hidden, it feels like it’s all going to go away… but it just gets worse.

By omitting the truth and keeping secrets, people tend to either: withdraw from you in a profound way, leave your life without explanation, condemn and blame you for things you don’t understand… and always leave you feeling cold inside.

Do you feel like people are keeping secrets from you that need to be revealed? Do you have secrets that you need to come clean with?
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alicia coral amethyst

(alicia coral) 

There are stones to purify your heart energy and heal the love in your life like amethyst.  There are books that will impart all kinds of wisdom on love.

But love is an action word.  And it can only really happen when you engage with it.

There are not enough stones and proverbs in the world that can replace actually going out and living with love.

The major relationships of my life have taught me more about myself than I could have ever learned in books.  The heartbreaks have uncovered burried fears that needed to go.  The adventures have stretched my imagination and sense of what was possible.

What about you? Have you learned from love?

Or a better question… are you engaged in love as the power source that lights up your life?

Science, biology and ancient traditions all agree that love and relationships are an enormous part of growth, thriving and manifesting your higest potential.  And… they are not reserved for just some people.  This electric energy of self-actualization is available to everyone.  Continue Reading…


I’ve lived this crazy feeling for so long— feeling blocked by some invisible forces that I could never quite explain.

Consciously, my beliefs are so clear to me that it’s stunning.  I know what I’m all about, consciously.

Chances are, you do, too.

You know what you like and don’t like, you know that possiblities are endless, you know that you have so many abilities, you know you can think positively and work toward the things you want…

But, despite all I can say and know consciously, something was holding me down like weights on my ankles.  Something would kick in and steer me away from the things I said I wanted when they’d arrive.  Something would make me move slower when I said I wanted to move faster.

You know, that same something that makes the healthier diet start tomorrow, the  exercise program sort of fall flat, the creative project never take flight…

If you want to know what that something is… you can look to your life to show you.   Everything that’s in your mind is reflected in your life.  Your beliefs- even the deepest, most subconscious- unfold in your universe all around you.   Continue Reading…


This is a very interesting phenemenon that I didn’t understand until I experienced it once.  After dealing with it so completely, I’m not scared it will happen again, though I was scared.  My sister Nicole finally found a name for what had happened, and embarked upon a lot of research that’s shared today.

Gaslighting.   You start out confident, happy and well and suddenly lose yourself so completely and literally feel crazy, lose trust in yourself, feel dependent upon another person…

I went from a shining, happy person to a scared, anxious, stuck mess who couldn’t funtion well, constantly lost sleep, spun in circles of denial, started questioning my own sanity… and… as luck would have it… I got away.  Yes, my dramatic language is not misplaced: I literally felt like I escaped from a personal hell.

If you’ve ever been in a relationship that makes you question yourself, your confidence, your worth, your sanity or reality in general (!) this one’s for you! Continue Reading…

gorgeous crystal grid


All In.

As I’ve come to define it: fully, completely, totally & unequivocally committed to something, someone or, most vitally, yourself.  No doubts, no huge fears, no monstrous worries… and nothing can stop you. 

That’s a very big place to be.

Most of the time if something’s not working- be it a project or a friendship or a living situation or anything-  there’s a foot out the door.

What would happen if you cancelled out that “maybe not” feeling?  Continue Reading…