Prosperity is thought to be composed of money, success and achievement. A prosperous life is full of health, love, relationships and wisdom as well! A prosperous life is balanced, integrated and fulfilling. Feng Shui tips, modern wisdom and lots of great science can give you some helpful tools to welcome more good fortune into your life!

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Five Huge Reasons To Simplify Your Life
I woke up today and walked out onto the beach. The water was cold, the sky was ice blue and became more pigmented every few minutes. The sand was graciously cool despite he heat here recently. I had a coffee mug filled with Irish Breakfast tea in one hand and my free hand stretched out to the horizon.

It only took a few minutes to let go of any residual  rumblings in my mind and the accompanying questions… Am I… Did I … Should I… What if I…?  

It was all gone with the crashing waves that pulled back the shore.  I willed them away just like I willed myself time at the beach.

From less choices to less worry to less furniture, there are so many compelling reasons to strip down your life to more basics. Continue Reading…

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Are You Doing So Much To Be A Better Person That You're Over-Correcting Your Life?


Are you doing a whole lot in the name of being a better person, all at once, maybe, and really passionately doing it…and it seems endless?

It’s funny what I realize now…after a life of living that way.

A huge way to turn self-help into self-hatred : setting out to fix everything you percieve to be less-than-awesome all at once.

An even huger way to turn self-betterment into a curse: thinking that everything needs to be fixed in the first place.

And the worst way that self-improvement and life greatness stuff turns bad that I’ve seen: using it as a way to try to avoid bad things happening and possibly control the universe. Starting to deem things as bad, wrong, destructive and to-be-avoided-at-all costs that are normal and great parts of life (you know, arguments, bad days, obstacles, hard choices)… it’s a slippery slope.

If you are under the impression that many things are wrong with your life and you’re focused on this… self-help may be serving you destructively, or you may be using it as a way to stay… stuck!

Here’s some feng shui to make bettering life much more beautiful. Open. Flowing.  Easy. Radiant.  Continue Reading…

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3 Crystals For Lighting Up Your Personal Magic

I’ve never been one to think that a stone could be the key to my life. After all, if a stone had that much power, it would be sort of absurd that everyone in the world wouldn’t just grab one and turn into the best version of themselves instantly, you know?

Crystals do have mesaurable energy.  They also have rich color and shine and tremendous stories that can fill your life with reminders that are far more dynamic and gorgeous than a post-it note or a phone alert!

I’ve come across three stones lately with supercharged stories.  They aren’t your typical crystals: a bit more rare, more enchanted and more divine.  Continue Reading…

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 Clear Clutter To Enlighten Your Home & Life!There’s this beautiful part of Buddhist philosophy that I have been thinking about non-stop these days as more and more stuff- products to review, opportunities to explore, people to see and know- come through my doors.

Everything is capable of attaining enlightenment.

Even my computer.

And… Even your chair.  Houseplants. The stove.  Your pillows.  The ground beneath your feet.

Today, let’s enlighten your life with simple space-making.    Continue Reading…

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A Big Cure For Stress That Will Inspire You!

I’m about to finish an exciting project, and inspiration is everywhere, jumping out from the streets as I walk around Brooklyn.

Finishing what is unfinished isn’t just common sense… It’s vital.

Finishing an unfinished project can inspire your life and cure tons of stress in the process.

Plus, that thing that’s lingering will now be done! Continue Reading…

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 Feng Shui To Break Free Of A Cycle Where Nothing Is Working

Ever find yourself trying to make something better and yet things don’t get better…

And even when you work harder and harder at it they still don’t really improve?

I have.

It is the worst.

And you can change that cycle of stuck right now.  Continue Reading…

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Feng Shui To Break Free From The Quicksand And Start Succeeding!

Why do we keep on doing the same things and wait for change to come then curse life when nothing changes… or it even declines?

When you think about it rationally, its nuts that we don’t change things yet we expect them all to be changed, you know?  And it’s common, whether we can all admit it or not.

Today, here’s some feng shui to break free of the endless cycle of  insanity we make for ourselves! Continue Reading…

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Energy Muse Feng Shui Prosperity Grid

One of the best things feng shui does for your finances is help you to both collect and organize your energy so that it flows where you want and need it to go.

And while energy may seem very “airy” and invisible, mystical and sort of a mess to try to direct (I mean, it’s energy, you know!) in feng shui there are tools like art and color and yes, crystals, that can help you to SEE that energy that you can feel but have no idea how to organize in its invisible, unweildy ways.

When you can SEE energy, you can USE it to create more of what you want!

I’m so excited to share this Feng Shui Prosperity Grid that Energy Muse designed for the blog for you!!! Continue Reading…