Prosperity is thought to be composed of money, success and achievement. A prosperous life is full of health, love, relationships and wisdom as well! A prosperous life is balanced, integrated and fulfilling. Feng Shui tips, modern wisdom and lots of great science can give you some helpful tools to welcome more good fortune into your life!


These gorgeous, powerful crystals stuffed in tiny boxes are a great example of potential energy that becomes “stuck” in a problem.

If we were to free these guys from their boxes, suddenly they would be useful and far more beautiful.

They are presently confined.  Just like your own potential energy may be confined in problems.

Distractions, worries, ruminations, regrets, upsets, traumas… they all hold us in these boxes.  Sometimes everything looks attractive…. but the boxes are still there, creating limitation, stuck-feelings, big fears, panic and more problems.

Your biggest opportunities can be hidden in your mess of clutter.

HERE’s how.

There’s huge space-clearing, life-widening stuff coming for you in many free video series and giant immersion camps I will be hosting throughout the year to help you live a wider and richer and more awesomely fulfilling life.

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space clearing

Space Clearing in feng shui refers to the things you can do to create a more peaceful environment in a subtle, energetic sense.

There’s a whole lot of confusion about what this is. There’s a lot of mystery, secrets and intrigue.  There’s a sense that some people hold a magic power to clear space in ways that are enchanted.  And that’s not necessary.

Today I want to break down the mystery surrounding Space Clearing in my way and shine a light on the benefits of clearing space in a way that is pragmatic and personal.  These 10 benefits of  clearing space can open your eyes to a world of awesome already waiting for you in your home!  Continue Reading…

make a great prsentation

(soap presentations)

These tips are so awesome even for a meeting, an interview, auditions and yes, presentations at work if you do that kind of thing!

Confidence is something we see as well as feel from people, you know?!  xoxo Dana

self sabotage


I see this everywhere around me.

I’ve lived it far too many times to count.

Are you doing it right now?

Self-Sabotage looks something like this:

  • You are gifted with time and money to make a piece of art and discover every way to blow off your creative time including unforseen drama and other amazing nonsense that was voluntary to be involved with in the first place.
  • Just as you start gaining momentum at work you pick up a very obviously bad-match, trouble-filled relationship.
  • You “reward” yourself after the gym with outrageous junk food daily and explain away the strange paradox that makes you feel bad, yet you complain that you aren’t getting in better shape.
  • You know that one habit makes your whole life better, and even though you enjoy it immensely, you blow it off to take care of small problems.

When every step in one direction results in a few steps sideways or backward or off the grid, and all of these steps are made by you exclusively, you are likely in self-sabotage.

Can you think of a way that you sabotage yourself? 

Are you ready to stop?  Continue Reading…

the four agreements

So simple and powerful.  One of the books on  Jason Wachob’s Top 40 must-read book list.  Read ‘em all!  xoxo Dana


Every deep dark bad thing that happened to me that I internalized as pain and shame managed to hold me back for years.

Are you in the same boat?

I was always envious of people who could just say and do what they felt.  People who were actualized. People who lived in a very real way. But.. if I did that, I felt I would be shunned.

All these traumas and things I didn’t want to share because I thought they’d make me too different or judged instead became a way that I alienated and judged myself. And as life unfolded around me – even as a child-  there was so much I couldn’t share with people because it would damn me- so much that made me feel trapped- that it became a bigger problem.

I had no idea my problems would be my opportunities!!! Continue Reading…

japan taisekiji

For many years I felt injustice should be punished.  When I felt wronged I felt there had to be a scenario to dream up and act out that would create a better picture where I was truimphant and whoever wronged me got to sit back and watch the show.

Have you done this?

It was a great big waste of time and a huge focus on the negative. It stopped me in my tracks rather than stopping anyone else from being awful to other people.  Even when I was successful at my revenge, I felt horrible because I had to sink into that space of hurtful, dark games in order to accomplish my goal.

But the thought of revenge feels so good sometimes, doesn’t it?!

Its a hard thing to admit, but we all want a shining moment where we strut past the person who fired us with the competition who has now hired us, where the ex gets an eyeful of us with a new, bright, dazzling person who loves us, where there is some kind of awesome payback for being mistreated and misled.

You don’t need to seek revenge, ever.  Here are a few ideas to get you out of the revenge-zone and a much higher place of peace that creates real greatness!  Continue Reading…

mosaic steps

Since I moved into my new duplex I have swept the stairs religiously.  Its a vintage building and I love it, but the very old steps had seen better days.  I figured that the least I could do was sweep.  Every time I swept the stairs I would see a bit more character in the layers of dulled red paint.  Each time,  they felt more fresh and more alive.

In feng shui, the walkway to your home is very important.  It’s where you start to welcome everything you want into your home and your life.

The crazy thing is that after all these months of sweeping I woke up two days ago to see that the steps have been freshly painted!

And, it happened the day after I bought a new welcome mat for my front door.

Do you think its a coincidence?!

Maybe… but not completely.   Continue Reading…