Pets are an amazing addition to your feng shui! Holistic pet care, wellness, great pet accessories and the best advice from experts on raising healthy pets can help your furry and feathered and finned-friends to thrive!

pet painting

(Nina Huang’s Papi) 

You don’t need to know me long to understand that there is a fur component to my family!  So, obviously, when I discovered Nina Huang’s animal paintings, my eyes opened wider!  Nina is a Harvard-educated scholar, and inspired in part by the Artist’s Way, among her many influences, she decided to pursue life as a professional painter and artist.  Her story is beautiful, her work is fabulous…and she does custom pet portraits! I am already dreaming of them for Bob & G in our next home!!!  Nina’s story & her work may inspire you to not only expand your connection to the animal kingdom but, also, to pursue your own art with passion!  Continue Reading…

bird feeder

To bring the tweeting sounds of nature to your backyard or patio, hang a bird feeder!   I happen to love this hand-woven wire feeder from Etsy that loks more like a postmodern sculpture than a birdhouse…and the birds seem to dig it, too.   You’ll be drawing nature close to home, and that to me is a beautiful thing!

This fast suggestion to implement will take a bit of research on your part to get it right and not encourage the wrong visitors to your home! The Cornell Lab of Ornithology explains what to put in your bird feeders right here.  Take a peek, because you probably want to discourage squirrels and raccoons who try to steal all the food! Also, mixing cayenne pepper into birdseed might help to deter the squirrels & raccoons, but not the birds.

One note on this: if you live in a building. be sure your neighbors are OK with your bird-feeding.  What is music to your ears could be heard as disruptive by your neighbors if they aren’t on the same page! xoxo Dana

Perks of Pets Infographic

I always knew that my little puppy made my life better- but I didn’t realize how much he could save my life! This info-graphic from Masters In Healthcare is amazing!

But, then again, so is Bob!

Adopt a pet! Get them health insurance- its affordable and life-saving!  Take more walks. Love your animal. You will never regret it!!! xoxo Dana

(you can get your very own Macquarium HERE!)

Fish are traditionally thought to be symbols of prosperity and abundance in feng shui.  In my experience, fish are symbolic of grace and ease and add tremendous life force to a space.  Fish create a sense of moving water even though their bowls are still.  The element of water sings in a space that has an aquarium or fish tank.  That water element helps you stay in touch with your emotional core, helps you to flow, germinates new cycles of action and ideas…. Plus, fish are just lovely!  Its a win-win-win!


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(Bob is really human, but for our purposes today we’ll call him a pet!!!)

There are endless ways pets can significantly make your life better.  Pets are key to survival and thriving.  I can not think of a single living being that would not benefit from a pet, even a hermit crab or a Betta fish!   Chris Rock the Betta fish was the start of it all for me.  I had an insanely high-stress job and I would literally hold Chris Rock’s bowl when I thought I would melt down.  He was a champ.  Another Betta followed… and then, one day, unexpectedly, I saw Bob and took him home.  He has literally saved my life in several very real ways, and started me on my quest to bring you the feng shui of feathers & fur— Pet Shui!!!   Continue Reading…

green smoothies for dogs

Inspired by Victoria Boutenko and her incredible books on nutrition and green smoothies, I had to share with you what I learned about the importance of green smoothies and share a few ridiculously cool puppy and kitty green smoothie recipes. Yep, your furry friends cant go green, too.  Thanks to the Boutenko’s I’m converting the household- puppies included- to constant green smoothies! Continue Reading…

these little boys LOVE cake!

Cooking brings us closer to the ones we love, and that applies to our furry friends as well!  This almond-butter cake takes about two minutes to prepare before baking, and my little dogs go nuts over it!  Its about as nutritious as basic dog treat, but, unlike those biscuits, you…and your guests… can eat it and truly enjoy it!  Rarely do the puppies get to this cake before humans have eaten half of it, straight from the often. Bonus: its gluten & grain free! Continue Reading…