Life With Art

Explore the purposes of art, get familiar with the genius artists that shine throughout history and get lost in the beauty of your aesthetic. There is nothing more powerful that art to transmit multiple emotions in a single statement, to catalyze political issues, to bring depth to a day and to illuminate the mystical in tangible terms. Art-obsessed me has learned a tremendous amount about myself and life from art. Sharing my art obsessions, hopefully you will find your artistic expression, a bit of inspiration or the key to unlock the aesthetic potential of your life!

elizabeth neel

“All I can say is that when I paint, I am looking at things that are in the world.” ~ Elizabeth Neel in Interview Magazine. 

And with that statement, all of life becomes a visual inquiry with twists and turns, whirls of color, washes of pastel, times to pause and mind-racing streaks. Light and dark become a play against each other. Everything is buzzing and settled at once.

This is the kind of painting that I find rapture in… and that is what I love about the art inspiration of the day from Elizabeth Neel.

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pae white

(Pae White) 

Artists have a way of encapsulating both fantasy and reality through their eyes and creating universes to be experienced outside of themselves.  While I can’t say for sure what Pae White thinks about the universe, her multidimensional, gleaming, patterned reality is arresting.  For all its surprises and ways to rethink the everyday and  natural, so she becomes the gold-popcorn filled art ‘spiration of the day! Continue Reading…

chad wys

When the classical becomes remixed, when an artist presents a new way to see, when you literally re-write history in art… this is all the alchemist greatness that makes me so excited!

Chad Wys has a way of presenting polarized ideas in a way that is thrilling.  If opposites attract, in his art, they slam into each other and produce fireworks.

Today’s art inspiration is from Chad Wys, the most awesome re-mixer of history and one of my serious art crushes…! I think you will just love this…! Continue Reading…

jack vanzet


Jack Vanzet makes music, art and culture so effortlessly that it feels like the most well-styled candy, too beautiful to believe and too delicious to not want to devour!

This week’s art is filled with the sweet lyricism of a young super-nova artist.  Continue Reading…

olivia steele Happening upon electric words scrawled with fire across street bricks, lush leaves and dreamy imagery, a type of synergy happens that takes words and fills them with feeling.

Words are funny. They are empty without context, inflection, emotion and energy behind them.  In a sense words only exist when we can fuse them with pictures and memory, reference points that make them real, intentions that allowthem to impinge.

Olivia Steele is the seeming sister of Tracey Emin… yet, of a more touchable nature.  Her neon is packaged with precision.  Strip it of its context, background and space and it is just glowing tubes of words that are common. View it as she has devised it, and it brings new meaning to the importance of design and the layers of complexity that comprise the fundamental human experience of expressing ourselves.

If you have found that your emotions fall flat or you can’t quite communicate what you need to say, the full experience of Olivia Steele can unlock a few secrets to connecting with others in unforgettable ways.  This, my dear friends, is yet another reason why I love art so much! Continue Reading…



Portraits directly inject personality into a room.  Today’s design’spiration is all about the wonder of the portrait.  You can see how each one brings a gaze, a feeling, a whisper, and emotion into a room.  While you likely won’t do well plastering up a bunch of pictures of yourself, a well-composed portrait or two is brilliance!  Continue Reading…

sam falls

Sam Falls creates instant enchantment for me.  His play with paint washes and geometric fields of out-of-the-ordinary color upon fabric and landscape imagery is an orchestrated elevation of life.  The way he uses everything from soft textures to more massive sculptural plates to reconfigure buildings and big trees in space is extraordinary.  A bit of Donald Judd, Dan Colen, Rauchenberg and Instagram filters rolled into a new visual vocabulary, this work is a bold way to see life that is thoroughly 21st Century.

I want to live with them, collect them with clients and basically just admire them, intently.

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floto warner

Floto+Warner- Cassandra Warner and Jeremy Floto- have captured my imagination today with liquid sculptures I want to swim in!  These images feel like explosive thoughts crystalized in high speed photographs that bend solid reality. It’s a new way to see, enveloped in organic simplicity. And.. I think you will love these!

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