Life With Art

Explore the purposes of art, get familiar with the genius artists that shine throughout history and get lost in the beauty of your aesthetic. There is nothing more powerful that art to transmit multiple emotions in a single statement, to catalyze political issues, to bring depth to a day and to illuminate the mystical in tangible terms. Art-obsessed me has learned a tremendous amount about myself and life from art. Sharing my art obsessions, hopefully you will find your artistic expression, a bit of inspiration or the key to unlock the aesthetic potential of your life!

matthewWhen I am introduced to a new artist that turns up the volume on my creative pulse, I am always thrilled to share. Los Angeles artist & musician Matthew Eikelberger is my big share of the day.  His art is infused with a particular kind of fantasy – and his home is designed with a particular kind of awesome clarity in its  eclectic nature- that I think you will love!

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It’s the one-year anniversary of one of my most favorite furniture shops and design firms in Los Angeles, Hammer & Spear (*here was their opening party: stunning!), and just in time for a celebration they have kicked off a new art collaboration: Arts District Printing Co!

Kristan and Scott of Hammer & Spear are huge fans of Downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District where they are based. As fans of  Jonathan Ventura’s Anon_Y_Mouse photographs, a collaboaration was not far behind.  First, a series of prints appeared at Hammer & Spear for sale featuring Downtown Los Angeles & the Arts District.  And, as the prints sold out, a new venture was borne!  Its a great one! 

When you mix designers, photographers, inspired ideas & nature you get something you will crave for your walls!

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yarn bombing


Today is a day for a bit of fantasy and the impossibly brilliant artistry of yarn bombing.

For any of you that still think street art is a lesser form of art, I have talked to many a well-heeled street artist who has climbed scaffolding or hung from a ledge dangling a can of spray paint in the process of creating some of the most beautiful murals you have ever seen, risking life and jail in the process.

Yarn bombing has textures and layers of a different form of intrigu.  After all, there is tremendous behind-the-scenes handiwork and stitchery to create a simple yarn bomb…and the more elaborate we get the more the vandal sweaters blanketing everything from soaring trees to telephone booths become total masterpieces! Continue Reading…

chrissy angliker

 Chrissy Angliker’s art literally leaps from the screen and helps me to feel a kind of excited bliss that is rare and divine.  Today, a sneak-peek at her work, including a few awesome studio shots from her Tumblr, to fill your own day with exuberance!  Continue Reading…

 laura grier photography
Explosively talented photographers have a way on making you feel as though you live within their captured moments.  Laura Grier has made an artform out of life, designing a career that suited her passionate love of photography as well as a pull toward travel and adventure.  Not only is Laura sharing her work with us today, she is sharing adventures, giving us a backstage glance at her artistic process as she circles the globe as well as explaining how she  has expanded her work into the real of fine art.
And,  yes… you will learn what it takes to come home from your next vacation with pictures that will wow!
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John Singer Sargent

(John Singer Sargent)

What happens when a materpiece of art is displayed in a strange place?

We don’t often have the luxury of exploring whether “great” art is great within a “great” context… or if it is “great” anywhere.  We tend to see art in rarified spaces: galleries, museums, private estates, universities.  We rarely see a prized collection in a less-than-dazzling home.  Or a bathroom. Or a laundromat.

I once heard a memorable lecture by Richard Serra, the great creator of monumental sculpture in metal. LACMA had just installed a massive piece of his. One of the first things he said, standing in the theater just beside the exhibit, was: “The space is all wrong for this piece.”

It was funny for a multitude of reasons, namely how brazen it was. But, also, it raised a question I hadn’t stopped to ask quite enough: Is art only great when displayed in a great space? And then another:  Can masterpieces elevate a terrible room to extraordinary?

Great Art In Ugly Rooms is a Tumblr by Paul Kremer that explores the greatness of historically profound work when hung in ugly spaces. Here are a few of my favorites! I’m so curious to know what you think… Continue Reading…

lee jeong lok

(lee jeong lok)

Reimagining nature in twinkling, euphoric light. That is the wonderworld of artist  Lee Jeong Lok. If you are in the mood for a splash of fairy tales or a bit of escape, get ready to be enchanted!  Continue Reading…

matt molloy

When the day comes in on you and emotions take hold… you need space.  No one I have seen creates more space of majesty in photography than Matt Molloy.  These skies so streaked and rainbow swirled they could be paintings are total art joy for the day.   Continue Reading…