Life With Art

Explore the purposes of art, get familiar with the genius artists that shine throughout history and get lost in the beauty of your aesthetic. There is nothing more powerful that art to transmit multiple emotions in a single statement, to catalyze political issues, to bring depth to a day and to illuminate the mystical in tangible terms. Art-obsessed me has learned a tremendous amount about myself and life from art. Sharing my art obsessions, hopefully you will find your artistic expression, a bit of inspiration or the key to unlock the aesthetic potential of your life!

michelle armas

Michelle Armas makes art that feel like floating on clouds.  Her light, bright, surprising, enchanting and totally expressive prints and paintings can bring so much energy and so many lovely stories to a space!  Continue Reading…

pink salt space clearing

Beauty elevates your space.  That means beauty elevates your life.

When I first realized Art History was something that could be studied (not really that well-known in Secaucus, NJ in the 90’s) I was immediately facinated by the ways that art was valued, prized and commissioned in large part since its cave painting earliest days to tell stories and elevate spaces to sacred proportions.

Beauty can change space.

Art can elevate life.

It’s one of its major functions.

Artfulness doesn’t need to be relegated to paint, photo and sculpture… Artfulness can be pink salt, orchids and wildflowers… It can be the way you design your day.  It can be the Opera you play in your car on the drive home.

Here are a few ways to use natural beauty- the essence of artistry- to raise your space and inspire your life!!! Continue Reading…

Florian Maier Aichen


Florian Maier-Aichen is a German artist who, in my mind, filters the energy of nature, composes it into concise packages, colors it with passion and, in doing so, makes art that is impossible to stop admiring!

Today’s art inspiration is filled with nature glowing in radical hues.  Total love.   Continue Reading…

big painting


This really big spashy artwork caght my eye… and my imagination.  I think I’m due to remake the work I have hanging around the house… and bigger is typically much better!!! Continue Reading…

5 artist rules

(creative something)

To amend this… you don’t have to go to art school, but doing something that forces you to immerse in your practice every day all day will get you further, faster.

And, all I can say is I am very grateful to my friend who would say over and over to me, “Dana, you are an artist.”

Finally, it makes sense.

You are an artist, too.  Life may be all of our greatests works of art!  xoxo Dana

how to feel fulfilled as an artist

#1, #3, #4, #7, #10.

Ah…. I love them all.

PS: If you aren’t fulfilled as an artist (or as a person, a lover, a friend, a family member) you might not be giving yourself fully to the experience. Let yourself show up and dive in much more!!! xoxo Dana


abstract art  (the fox and she)

Art brings emotion, power, elemental magic and all kinds of depth and greatness to a home.  It’s my #1 feng shui way to bring more life to life…

While I am a champion of artists and encourage you all to support the arts and collect what you love, sometimes the best solution for your home is one that you’ve actually created yourself, with your imagination as a guide.  And, for those of you who can imagine themselves never making a piece of art(!) these 6 projects will more than inspire you… they’ll lead you through to the show-stopping finale! Continue Reading…

crystal books

When you take two of my favorite things and melt them into one with a strong sense of vision and purpose, I am addicted.  In this case, books & crystals melt into art that is so powerfully enchanting, I just can’t get enough!  Alexis Arnold,  I am so in love… Continue Reading…