Life With Art

Explore the purposes of art, get familiar with the genius artists that shine throughout history and get lost in the beauty of your aesthetic. There is nothing more powerful that art to transmit multiple emotions in a single statement, to catalyze political issues, to bring depth to a day and to illuminate the mystical in tangible terms. Art-obsessed me has learned a tremendous amount about myself and life from art. Sharing my art obsessions, hopefully you will find your artistic expression, a bit of inspiration or the key to unlock the aesthetic potential of your life!

mitch gobel resin art

Mitch Gobel is driven by a vision.  His passion for wildlife conservation- a dream put into action to contribute great funds and raise great awareness for the planet- is a driving force behind his very large, very beautiful resin artworks.

I love stories where people have a hero (in this case Steve Irwin) and a mission (being a wildlife warrior) and actually take steps to activate that passion in life.  In this case, Mitch Gobel launched an art career that funds his philanthropy… and while its only just beginning… and it is stunning!

These are nothing short of spectacular, and well worth collecting for both their beauty and their spirit of preserving nature and humanity. Continue Reading…

Ger Kelliher

The sea is very much alive. And when captured in the high-speed photographs of Ger Kelliher, the sea is priceless artistic moments, a dance of energy and explosions, softness and solidity… This is the kind of art that I feel compelled to live within… Continue Reading…

jen stark

(jen stark) 

When I see impossibly beautiful, impossibly concieved art it is expansive in ways hard to articulate.  When I first encontered Los Angeles artist Jen Stark’s art, I was floored. Paper: paper sculpture, paper animation, paper turned into layers of intrigue and joy.

I am still floored, today, looking at all this work.  Get ready to gasp at the impeccable genius of Jen Stark’s paper wizardry!

Continue Reading…

raphael hefti


Big, transparent, explosive, space-shaping, challenging, luscious… these are just a few of the words that spring to mind when I experience the art of Raphael Hefti.  Today’s art ‘spiration is dreamy, gorgeous and multimedia fantastic.  It gives me many ideas to use space and art with more dimension… and its the perfect blend of sold and transparent that reads as pure divinity.  Continue Reading…

gabriel dawe


When you see art so dreamy that it looks transparent yet solid at once there is a special effect of optical illusion happening so profound that it is chilling.  In the case of Gabriel Dawe‘s sculptures made from string- yes, all string!- the spectrum of color and the planes of geometry that emerge in space are like a real, fleeting rainbow in the sky.

This is art that puts an exclamation point on how space can transform with color and light.  If you wonder why I am so emphatic about living in and with and in the exploration of art, this is the perfect example.  His art creates new possibilities, fashioning something grand from something as simple as colored thread.  And it is massive.  And it is brilliant.   Continue Reading…

Ara Osterweil

A world of color, inky, trasparent, dripping… yet sometimes geometric and deliberate. It feels to me like you can walk right into the rainbow colored world of Ara Osterweil and play in the layers of dreamy flow.  This art is spectacular for me to kick start my own imagination. I hope you love it as much as I do, in an excited flash of magenta and whispery glazes of pastel! Continue Reading…

alicia scardetta

Now, this I plan to collect.   It’s art made of fibers, twisted, knotted, knit, pulled, constructed and deconstructed.  It’s handmade. It feels like you can read the lines and rhythms of each piece.  This is the textile art of Alicia Scardetta and I want it all!  Continue Reading…

gerry barry artwork

I love a great ring of stones, a field turned into sculpture, even sand carved with shapes.  The thing about land-based, Earth-borne art is that it is just like Nature itself- fleeting, not meant for forever, yet enduring in such a magnificent way long after the stones are washed away, the grass grows and the delicate installation has been churned back into Nature.

Gerry Barry doesn’t just make brilliant land art, he captures it in ways that feel vintage and timeless yet modern and fresh.  This is such raw inspiration and true beauty.  Continue Reading…