Home Style

Home styling is lifestyle transformation.
Add flowers, accessories, fabric, color and design to your space and you activate life force in your home and your life.
Home style is how your personality is reflected in your surroundings and this aesthetic wow-factor can lift you up!
Get inspired here to create your own interiors in your own way.

gorgeous decor from my scandanavian home

(my scandanavian home)

I can’t say enough about the poewr of nature.  In the past months alone so much science is pouring into the world to support every heartbeat of the truth I’ve always felt- trees are wise, connection to Nature brings us life-force, we are cellularly linked to plants and crystals in our geometric structure on the tiniest atomic level, we heal faster with nature, we are calmer with nature, being grounded is the key to being calm and mindful… And the list flows on and on.

Of course, the feng shui of it all means that more and more nature should flood your home to bring you lots of empowered, calm, peaceful sanctuary vibes.  This inspiration- from branches to decorate to dyes made with skins and peels of produce and more- will open the door to more ways you, too, can harness Earth power at home!  Continue Reading…

tulip table

(desire to inspire)

I’ve been having quire persistent thoughts that it’s time to donate my giant vintage dining room table to Goodwill along with the rug beneath it… and replace it with a silk overdyed punch-colored rug and… a vintage tulip table!

Whether marble-topped, wood-topped, pure classic white… a designer original or an Ikea knockoff (yes there is such a thing!) … the tulip table is an almost-always-perfect dseign move, especially when it’s placed in classical settings as a refreshing sculptural piece of wonder!  Continue Reading…

vintage lockers from A Beautiful Mess

(a beautiful mess)

I’m so inspired by vintage lockers because they come fully-loaded with memories.  Whether they remind you of the gym, your high school or your sports team, most all of us have had a locker at one point or another, so they’re already “familiar” private spaces.  Bringing lockers home is the next level of creating private space: the most clever storage, organization and decor is borne in inexpensive and super-memorable ways.   Continue Reading…

semikah textiles wow-factor texture

(honestly wtf, semikah textiles)

Boho design is so intriguing when it’s uncluttered and yet so lush.

There’s a sense of the handmade.  There’s a feeling of nature.  There’s imperfect perfection.  There’s lots of happiness.  There’s a softness that triggers welcome in your brain and body.  There’s ease.  There’s retreat.

And today’s boho inspiration is all about making your space more instantly creative… even if you’re not a boho styling person, but especialy if you are!   Continue Reading…

tall rubber tree

(i love this)

When I think of “personal growth” I have an unfortunate picture burned in my brain of casette tapes and highly un-stylized book covers from the 1980’s.  The majority of these growth-leaders I was exposed to by my father who seemed to devolve with every book and casette tape into more of a self-obsessed weirdo.  Nevertheless, it made an impression, albeit a negative one.

Personal growth and goal setting and success got mixed into this big pot of obsession, completely no art or aesthetics and unnatural forcing of ideas.

I wondered how I could be a combination of all things that seemed to work against me- female, creative and a happy person-  and still be successful?

And, I wondered if this was actually the only way.

Luckily for all of us, much of this hard-driving stuff has been overturned by great science and evolution of society. In it’s place, personal growth and goals and success as an overarching concept are starting to look more like yoga and meditation and lifestyle… and I wholeheartedly embrace it all because it finally works!

Your home can be your greatest visual reminder of your intentions, your goals and your desire to grow.  There’s no forcing,  no obsessing… instead, there’s loads of art and nature and easy design.

Here are some of my favorite design cues to spark your own personal growth revolution at home, every day!  Continue Reading…

design*sponge living room bliss


It’s come to my attention that when you THINK you’re grounded you’re probably not grounded. In fact, if you feel totally grounded and stable and secure, you won’t be thinking much about anything but the present moment.

Being in stress pushes us out of present time.  We get spaced-out and ineffective, freaked out and stressed, off-balance and wobbly.   And if your life is a series of “catching up on sleep” sessions coupled with coping through the week, chances are you will deeply benefit from a far more grounded home.

To boost your own meditative bliss, start here and set up an inspired living room where you can sink into the ground and truly check in with the moment…!  Continue Reading…

pastel living room from decor8 via the design files pinterest

(decor8 via thedesignfiles)

Today, I’m feeling pastel.  There’s been a lot of extreme energy flying around. It’s finally come to a bliss point.  I think Mercury Retrograde lived up to it’s fabled chaos powers in the last three weeks, despite how much I love this time of year historically.   Lots of loud, lots of hot, lots of bright, lots of bubbling up.

Tons of color and action are the greatness of life as long as they’re counterbalanced with calm.

If you’ve been in a time of heat and action, or groundswells of emotion, I am right there with you.

It’s times like these that I trade intensive colors for pastels. From my plates to my dresses, from purses to  pillows… pastels are peace.   Continue Reading…


(my domaine)

When it’s raining, the sun comes out in my house. And a serape- my prized big blue and rainbow hand woven Mexican blanket- takes center stage to bring the light back into life!

You can add a serape to almost any everyday decor- from the starkest minimalism to the love of lush and layered.  They can be rugs, bedspreads, even table-runners, curtains, and pillows.  My dogs love ’em as blankets.  And my orange leather sofa loves ’em too.

If you’re looking to inspire a room and add fresh rainbows of colorized energy, a serape can be perfection. Continue Reading…