Home Style

Home styling can fuel your feng shui intentions and help you to create intimate, exciting spaces. From adding flowers or a fountain to painting walls and accessorizing, home style is a personal part of finding the Tao or “connectedness” that powerfully links you to your environment. Gorgeous interior design, ingenious innovation, furniture, accessories and weekend projects that can take your home to the next level.

interiors spain


Generally lovely rooms are generally lovely.  Exceptional feng shui, in my way, has detail that is memorable beyond the generally lovely. I don’t know about you, but once I spotted the clay bird in this scenario, I was transfixed.  Such is the way with design that blends personality with style.  Here are a handful of rooms with memorable details that you can make your own! Continue Reading…

pastel living room


Sheer color, sweet thoughts, open space… I have such a fancy for the pastel these days because of their light and easy ways.  Pastels are relatively neutral, despite what you might believe, and they lend themselves to being layered in a spectrum… if you dare!  Today’s design ‘spiration is a wonderland of soft, muted colors.  Continue Reading…

joyful table

(merriment events) 

Relaxed and yet exploding with color, this table is the epitome of a happy gathering. Earthy, easy, re-purposed goodies, sizzling  and popping flowers. It makes me smile to see it.

Home styling can be as simple as a soup can cleaned out and re-mastered as a home for wildflowers, a fresh way to hang jewelry or a new look at outdoor space with some textile and texture.  What adds real style is the sentiment behind your decor choices.

Here are a few confetti colored, festive ways to style some life and joy, energy and fun, into any room.

Continue Reading…

boda_inspiracion_marroqui(dar amina) 

Take me to this space…! What a dreamy day feeling the world supporting you as you lounge on warm sand, right?

I can close my eyes as I sit and type and feel it.

And then, I have to get off of my chair and sit on my own floor to really feel it.  But it’s not quiet enough…

So I have to go outside and sit on the ground.

The feeling of the Earth penetrating every cell is the ultimate in grounding bliss.

It’s clearly time for a beach weekend.  But, in the meantime, it’s time to share a gorgeous blog- Dar Amina- and a whole round up of on-the-ground seating that makes a space feel more intimate, empowering and uniquely human!  Continue Reading…

globe decor

While Interiors are a big piece of what I do in my feng shui’ing design ways, inspiration is the bigger piece of my life and work.

It requires a whole lot of energy to enter a home, be invited into a life or a business, and really shift its flow while making it look fantastic.

Part of being lit up with ideas is embracing the hunt for that level of inspiration.

Many people want me to hunt for them…and I am happy to do it… though I encourage collaboration.   I want you all to go out and hunt a bit, too… so you aren’t missing out on the best part of the “life explorer” experience!

Today, I thought I would share a few of my favorite spots to score home goods off the grid of Hollywood… and talk a bit about the thrill- and the energetic value-  of the hunt!  Continue Reading…

golden yellow sofas

(glitter, inc) 

Yellow is a color little-used in modern homes, it seems.  It is a color that, after the 70′s gold & yellow heyday, people seem to struggle with in design. Too much yellow in too acidic a shade  and a space can feel aged in a bad way, sort of weathered and sallow.  The right amount of buttery, warm yellow can put an instant smile of your face.

Two rules for yellow: it has to be a shade that makes you feel happy and it can not be used everywhere.

Otherwise, feel free to splash out the happiness!

Here are some yellow-inspired decor ideas that are grounded, warm and light hearted… intuitive and fresh.  Who can argue with that?!  Continue Reading…

neutral bedroom



Texture, restrained color and lots of deep breaths…. that’s what makes a room worth sinking into.

Today’s interior ‘spiration is all about easy, relaxing design.

Every home should be a bit of a sanctuary.  Continue Reading…

pink office


My new home needs an office!!!   I know I promised a house tour soon-  including all feng shui- and I am 50% there.  The office (or the creative way I am creating an office that works for me) is the challenge at present.

I moved to this new place- filled with lots of stunning new energy-  and then… hopped on a plane.  then another, and another, and another… It has been nearly a month since I could dig into my home that I’ve had for 2 months, and a lot has shifted with the new feng shui of this space… all for the better!

 That said, I  gave my “office space” to the two dogs.  It suits them better than it suits me.  My office is more… well… my office is actually your home or office or hotel… so it’s not intuitive for me to sit at a desk and be in one place creating all this stuff.

But… even if you have a creative life and a portable business, having a grounded and set way to work and stay organized is crazy-important.

That’s why today’s office ‘spiration is all about pink, my version of a work color, and the creative ways to weave some personality and grace into an office in rose tones.  Even if you are skeptical, I promise there’s something good in here for you! Continue Reading…