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Home styling is lifestyle transformation.
Add flowers, accessories, fabric, color and design to your space and you activate life force in your home and your life.
Home style is how your personality is reflected in your surroundings and this aesthetic wow-factor can lift you up!
Get inspired here to create your own interiors in your own way.

pastel living room from decor8 via the design files pinterest

(decor8 via thedesignfiles)

Today, I’m feeling pastel.  There’s been a lot of extreme energy flying around. It’s finally come to a bliss point.  I think Mercury Retrograde lived up to it’s fabled chaos powers in the last three weeks, despite how much I love this time of year historically.   Lots of loud, lots of hot, lots of bright, lots of bubbling up.

Tons of color and action are the greatness of life as long as they’re counterbalanced with calm.

If you’ve been in a time of heat and action, or groundswells of emotion, I am right there with you.

It’s times like these that I trade intensive colors for pastels. From my plates to my dresses, from purses to  pillows… pastels are peace.   Continue Reading…


(my domaine)

When it’s raining, the sun comes out in my house. And a serape- my prized big blue and rainbow hand woven Mexican blanket- takes center stage to bring the light back into life!

You can add a serape to almost any everyday decor- from the starkest minimalism to the love of lush and layered.  They can be rugs, bedspreads, even table-runners, curtains, and pillows.  My dogs love ’em as blankets.  And my orange leather sofa loves ’em too.

If you’re looking to inspire a room and add fresh rainbows of colorized energy, a serape can be perfection. Continue Reading…



To know me is to know I love living with less… but I don’t love blank, cold minimalism.  A space that’s just empty is not an empowered space.  There’s a difference between a clutter-free, spacious environment and an empty space devoid of feeling.

My own home is very white, but sprinkled with big pops of color and very exciting bookshelves and aromatherapy and music and crystals and more.

That was a big lesson for me: minimalism, even the starkest of spaces, does not mean that there’s an absence of sensory richness.  In fact, in spaces where you are living with much less, layers of fragrance, texture and even music will create a massively empowering environment! Continue Reading…

minimalist bedroom


You’ve heard that living with less makes life easier.  It’s also monumentally freeing in so many levels, it’s feng shui of the highest order for every part of your life!

Let’s get lost in some minimalist – yet deeply gorgeous- design inspiration and talk about the life-changing benefits of living with only what you need and want and love.  Continue Reading…

Cosmic & Calm Decor Mixes

(urban outfitters)

The above bedding is cosmic beyond belief, not unlike the reasl images NASA publishes every day, believe it or not.  I’ve always found it strange that we humans tend to believe at large that we are the center of the universe, but space itself is so vast it’s humbling to a fault to see just how infinite space actually is…

The cosmic just highlights the unlimited. The  vast. The reasons to feel enchanted every day while still feeling present on the Earth.

Decor that manages to stay grounded and also space age at once is the very best of all worlds.  Here’s some feng shui’d inspiration to shine like stars and keep your feet firmly planted on our planet to do the most we can for humanity as a whole every day in our on ways!   Continue Reading…

Minimaist Gorgeous Home Office Spaces



That’s what you should think when you walk toward your workspace.

Anything less is cheating yourself of a lot of power.

Stunning doesn’t need to be elaborate, intensely decorated or even typical.

It can be a piece of art, streaming light or a stack of books in a simple, clear space.

It can be a single amazing piece of furniture, a lovely lamp or a hunk of crystal in the corner of a desk made with planks.

Here’s some minimalist & maximum gorgeous space to inspire your own.  After all, making room for the new never fails to be amazing.   Continue Reading…

Layer On The Boho Fabric Inspiration!


The bohemian vibe is so popular…and I really feel it’s because it helps us all feel more creative.  The punctuation marks of earthy material, the richness of textures and the flowing fabrics all create a sense of bliss in a space.

From framed scarves to walls blanketed in fabric, the boho in textile takes center stage today.  Just a little can go a long way in re-vamping rooms that are longing for spirited love.  Continue Reading…

Mind Body Green's Your DIY Design Guide To Creating An Inspiring Sanctuary Room-By-Room

Today’s an exciting day.  The big celestial eclipse energy lingers, wanting us to make a fresh start and mind the details of life.  The “slow-down-and-finish-things” vibe of Mercury Retrograde is in the air.  And my new video course in partnership with Mind Body Green is HERE!

Make your own sanctuary in simple ways using feng shui, your creative genius and lots of simple holistic methods to de-stress, beautify and flow through your days!!!

Check out more previews and grab the course HERE.

Excitedly wishing you an amazing day!

xoxo Dana