Home Style

Home styling is lifestyle transformation.
Add flowers, accessories, fabric, color and design to your space and you activate life force in your home and your life.
Home style is how your personality is reflected in your surroundings and this aesthetic wow-factor can lift you up!
Get inspired here to create your own interiors in your own way.

triangles at home


Where you want to generate energy, use a triangle.  It is the feng shui geometry of the fire element, and as it adds a great dynamic rush to a room it also adds fixed points of attention.  We can’t help but be attracted to triangles for the power that they display.

Here’s a bit on my new favorite motif- layered triangles in gorgeous spaces- and how to use it to energize your own home!  Continue Reading…

fabric bolt


I’m sitting with a stack of big cut swatches of silk on a chair beside me, waiting to be stretched and stapled onto my very outdated Ikat dining room chairs.  This is a big day for my home decor!

It takes very little to transform a space with fabric- and the result is usually a giant transformation.

I used to fear fabric. I had no idea how, what or where to do with it… but one day, that changed.  Framing a piece of fabric renovated an entire room in my house and created what was a whole new feng shui’d powerful surge of energy.  I couldn’t fathom why I had waited so long to do something so easy and inexpensive!!!

Here are four ways to change space with new textiles.  The best part: None of these ideas require any skill at all…! Continue Reading…


(Ike Edeani)

I am ever on the hunt for ways to change space, and one of my favorite space shift is the houseplant.  Or tree. Or forest full of them!

My patio is presently an un-planted sea of tiny succulents waiting to fit in one big pot.  That is an easier fix than the whole greenhouse window of succulents in my kitchen that are ready for some fancy, more attended-to pots as well.  The theme of the present moment in my house is that things have outgrown their containers and need new pots.

I feel the same way about most of my life right now- surprise-surprise!- and as the boundaries stretch and I plant myself in a new “pot” of my own, my plants are ready to be center stage, growing with me!

This is important.  A few feng shui notes on plants: they are alive. As such, they should be respected and cared for properly.  Caring for your plants is an extension of caring for yourself.  Typically I see dying plants in homes where people also have neglected to schedule enough time for themselves, so watch your plant heath and I bet it will give you a self-esteem & self-love boost as well.

Now for the plant ‘spiration! Continue Reading…

watercolor inspiration


One of the last pieces of my home feng shui & design to finish is the very very vital bedroom wall art.

Of course, in this situation I feel the need to make it myself (and yes, I will chronicle it, even though I am a total beginner!), and I am really ready to have it up on the wall. What hangs over your bed as you sleep represents the interior theme of your mind.  That is, at the very least, my philosophy that holds true in every home I visit! (*more on this here, its a big topic) 

I am insisting  on watercolors over my own bed for my own fixated creative reasons, and it has sparked a great-big watercolor home round-up of the day…!

Get ready to swim in transparent color lusciousness! Continue Reading…

l shaped sofa


When you take an old “classic’ ( if the word can apply here to something less-than-typically-awesome) like an L-shaped sofa and bring it to new rooms, you create a room-within-a room that has the potential for greatness if- and only if- you style it well!  Here are a few L-shaped sofa inspirations to have you thinking high style and brilliant functionality.  I use the L-shape often in rooms, and I am pleased to let you know that it can be a fast-track to high-conversation, intensely welcoming feng shui’d spaces.   Continue Reading…


(desire to inspire)

Ever-present Nature will make your life better in so many ways. If you are looking for a jolt of freshness in your home to galvanize change and get yourself growing in ways that you have been stuck, fun ways to bejewel your floors with plants are your way of the day!   In Boulder, I have been staying at at house that is overflowing with many plants on the floors in bathrooms, hallways, livingrooms, all very lush and grounded, all invigorating and unexpected… very much my inspiration of the morning back at home in Los Angeles where my floors are about to get growing!!!  Continue Reading…

wire chairs


There are many design-shifting, space-making aspects of wire chairs that have me scouring the Internet for a pair for my own living room!  Not only are they near-transparent- so they work in spaces that would feel restricted by “solid” chairs, they are very “light” feeling in a room full of substantial furniture and bring in socializing style without distracting, weighty presence.  You can over them with cushions, faux fur or even knit, or leave them bare for a stark and lyrical side more to a space to counterbalance the plush. The design ‘spiration of the day… in such simplicity yet such high style.  Continue Reading…

book shelves at home


My book collection is something I prise, especially all the signed art books I have collected for years. As I sit and impatiently wait for a coffee table to load with some of my favorites of art – CVJ by Julian Schnabel, the Basquiat book released many years ago at the Venice Biennale, my fave Richard Meier- I am so inspired to share many ways to show off your own books and let them feed your life!

Your bookshelves are a reflection of your wise mind. Treat them well and your wisdom will flourish as you reach more and more toward your favorite volumes.

The design ‘spiration of the day is filled with many ways to load up books in your home without having them overwhelm your space.   Also.. you’ll see where books can unexpectedly, and awesomely, pop up!   Continue Reading…