Home Style

Home styling is lifestyle transformation.
Add flowers, accessories, fabric, color and design to your space and you activate life force in your home and your life.
Home style is how your personality is reflected in your surroundings and this aesthetic wow-factor can lift you up!
Get inspired here to create your own interiors in your own way.



The amazing thing about the Retro Modern, Mid Century and everything in the realm of vintage is that you can, with an eye toward simplicity, use key pieces to totally transform spaces.

Key words here to make the vintage feel and look fresh and alive to be feng shui-friendly: natural light, minimalism, geometric shelves, fresh plants & happy color.   Continue Reading…

eclectic home

(the design files)

Eclectic is really everyone’s style when they really own their home spaces.  We all love different things. Our lives and our inspiration and color and texture is all a unique fingerprint of who we are… if we let ourselves be fully expressed.

Here are some awesome eclectic design ideas to load you up with even more ideas to personalize your home!  Continue Reading…

floor pillows

(urban outfitters floor pillows = amazing!) 

Floor pillows are the ultimate meditative and grounded seating solution.

But, as it turns out, my little fur baby Bob managed to turn my two favorite floor pillows into a wee-wee pad and so, yes, I am without floor pillows at the moment.  As a result, all I want are floor pillows.  I daydream about making them (here are the instructions for just about every kind of pillow under the sun) and  I constantly have an eye out for them… and so, today, my daydream extends to all the cool things you can do with them… Continue Reading…

plum color,  justina blakeney

(my design hero, Justina Blakeney)

Plumb is rare and fantastic.  How often do you see any shade of purple- from fig to deep grapes- anywhere? Look around you.  Is anything violet or even magenta?

Because of its rarified power in color psychology I think we see less purple than other shades as a function of practicality.  Purples can seperate you front others, elevating your uniqueness, enhancing spirituality, creating a sense of heightened awareness.  To be a bit metaphysical for a moment, purple is the color that resonates with the crown chakra, the energy center of the body located “over” your head that essentally lights up your whole being.

Cool stuff… but all stuff that isn’t an easy sell to the world at large.

I for one am a fan of integrating plum and grape and fig in places where it makes a vibrant impact.  Like this plum ceiling from Justina Blakeney that seems to make the whole bedroom above almost levitate!

Here’s a little plum-spiration to expand your sense of possibility with the color that can lift your world higher! Continue Reading…


This morning, I’m so psyched to share with you the coolest feng shui feature ever in Lonny… my top 7 tips that can make your home feel so much more alive…!   Not only is this the coolest feature ever and not only am I the hugest Lonny fan in the world,  this one I both styled and shot myself… a huge honor!

home energy makeover

So, if you are looking for quick tips, like moving 27 things (yes, this is a great one to get your energy moving!) or adding multicolored greatness to your space to liven up anywhere the energy dives down… THIS is for you!

Check out the whole piece HERE!  

xoxo Dana

dark walls


I’m on a permanent Spain high, and this space above in Barcleona is a perfect example of the design sensibility of total design giants, as evinced by the super slick, velvety dark walls that almost feel like they are covered in silk.

Dark walls are not for everyone.  But let me tell you, when they work, they are utter magic.  Sweet & stunning design inspiration of the day might move you to go darker with your own walls. Continue Reading…


(lay baby lay)

Posters.  We collect them as kids.  Some of us get attached to them from concerts and museum openings.  Now, with inspirational quotes and design, they are all the decor rage starting with the classic “Keep Calm And Carry On” of many years ago that rocketed the trend.  Movie posters are a fanatical collecting artform.  Expressive and loaded with memory, message and graphic wonder, posters are a fabulous way to style your style into your home.   Continue Reading…

ad espana

One thing is abundantly clear to me: I am living in Spain at some point in the near future.  Or taking long trips. Or working there.  I don’t know, but there’s something rich and magetic here.

The only clear things about Spain and why I love it so much: passion, perfect architecture if ever there was such a thing, design brilliance, artful rapture and stunning color and design.  Spain is art.

And this design- all plucked lovingly from AD Espana-  is more of why Spain is on my mind. So many ideas, so much incredible curation… Get ready to be lifted to new heights of possibility for space with high art and style!  Continue Reading…