Home Style

Home styling is lifestyle transformation.
Add flowers, accessories, fabric, color and design to your space and you activate life force in your home and your life.
Home style is how your personality is reflected in your surroundings and this aesthetic wow-factor can lift you up!
Get inspired here to create your own interiors in your own way.



2015 will be stable and passionate! That’s the earthy, fig & wine coloring forecast of Pantone, naming Marsala the color of the year.  Marsala was the only wine in my house most of the time, a wine that was used only to make one holiday dish- marsala chicken and mushrooms that were fragrant and sweet.  I see the dark burgundy bottle in mind so clearly.

From washes of wine to deep ripe fruit plums, this year, riffs of marsala are color power.

Earthy undertones provide stability.  Rich pinks and reds light up energy.  The result is divine, unique and such an exciting time in 2015!!! Continue Reading…

gorgeous shelves


Above you’ll see my version of dream storage.  Colorful, geometric, artful, designed… there’s not a thing I would change about this wall of shelving.

Great storage is deceptively simple to create, even if it doesn’t look this streamlined & wow-inducing.

You know, some use storage units as an excuse to stuff more stuff away. These storage solutions present an opportunity to simply hold things within reach

Here are some of the more artfully inspired home storage solutions I am considering for my own home… and perhaps they’ll inspire you, too! Continue Reading…

dark walls


There’s a theme lingering in my life- the mixture of the divine and the dark in everyone- that I think dark walls of charcoal and even jet black embrace beautifully.  While we are all quick to deny our darkness, there’s something lovely about turning things inside out and expressing the dark in design… The more light you add to the dark, not surprisingly, the more mystical the dark appears to be.

I love these rooms, and I love the concept of yin and yang- the marriage of opposites- as the force that moves the world.

Are you afraid of dark walls? This may change your mind a bit! Continue Reading…

neutral home style

(vintage piken)

Warm and soft are two very descriptive words that mean luscious in my life!  As I’m about to hunt for some faux-sheepskin rugs for my living room and office, the warm and soft are on my mind! Here are some stunning rooms that leap to the next level with home style that is improssible to ignore.  Continue Reading…

gorgeous living room


While all the rooms I’ve circled up for you today are lovely design in and of themselves, they each have natural touches that style them to be extraordinary.  These natural styling touches can elevate your own home with very little investment.  Like- for example- the dual bunches of unusually colored blooms above that are hard to ignore.  Unusual florals are a sure-fire way to get the imagination going… And we are just getting started! Continue Reading…


(design files)

You can’t get more boho than a vintage caravan, can you?!

While this is an extreme styling option for the hippie chic look at home, its an option!  I happen to be inpired by the wild smattering of plants in various Earthy pots all over the place.  This you can do!  In fact, there are some great ideas to style a touch more boho into your own home and they are all quite within reach.  Even the most modern of homes can benefit from a bit of free-thinking, grounded and natural that the boho lends to space…! Continue Reading…

soft textures


Not just for the cold months, but all year round there is a great value in softness.  Textures bring rooms to life and create a mental as well as physical love for a space.  It takes very little to get “softer” in decor, and yet the echo into your life is a more receptive, more magnetic you that finds it easier to be comfortable, intimate and rested.  This is the kind of expansive design that thrills me!  Continue Reading…



Not long from now I think my home will be consumed by enormous crystals and gems.  I’m dying for an enormous amethyst geode that charges everythng near it (I foolishly one go, it was perfect and a steal), a rainbow assortment of little tumbled guys to ombre over the top of my low teak bookshelves and a really neato crystal ball.  I have a feeling I also should have a giant piece of citrine.  And I’m sure there’s more.

These stones speak to me.  I don’t think they are cosmically endowed, but they are charged by Earth energy-  and so are we! This makes a strong affinity to gemstones less weird and more… excitedly natural!

I feel that great gemstones raise the wow factor anywhere in a home. I personally love putting clear quartz in my bath (as I’m about to right now) but I have these stones constantly moving through my home… and they never grow old.  Today, some crystal inspiration to get you reaching for a few stones!

Continue Reading…