Home Style

Home styling is lifestyle transformation.
Add flowers, accessories, fabric, color and design to your space and you activate life force in your home and your life.
Home style is how your personality is reflected in your surroundings and this aesthetic wow-factor can lift you up!
Get inspired here to create your own interiors in your own way.


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You can’t get more boho than a vintage caravan, can you?!

While this is an extreme styling option for the hippie chic look at home, its an option!  I happen to be inpired by the wild smattering of plants in various Earthy pots all over the place.  This you can do!  In fact, there are some great ideas to style a touch more boho into your own home and they are all quite within reach.  Even the most modern of homes can benefit from a bit of free-thinking, grounded and natural that the boho lends to space…! Continue Reading…

soft textures


Not just for the cold months, but all year round there is a great value in softness.  Textures bring rooms to life and create a mental as well as physical love for a space.  It takes very little to get “softer” in decor, and yet the echo into your life is a more receptive, more magnetic you that finds it easier to be comfortable, intimate and rested.  This is the kind of expansive design that thrills me!  Continue Reading…



Not long from now I think my home will be consumed by enormous crystals and gems.  I’m dying for an enormous amethyst geode that charges everythng near it (I foolishly one go, it was perfect and a steal), a rainbow assortment of little tumbled guys to ombre over the top of my low teak bookshelves and a really neato crystal ball.  I have a feeling I also should have a giant piece of citrine.  And I’m sure there’s more.

These stones speak to me.  I don’t think they are cosmically endowed, but they are charged by Earth energy-  and so are we! This makes a strong affinity to gemstones less weird and more… excitedly natural!

I feel that great gemstones raise the wow factor anywhere in a home. I personally love putting clear quartz in my bath (as I’m about to right now) but I have these stones constantly moving through my home… and they never grow old.  Today, some crystal inspiration to get you reaching for a few stones!

Continue Reading…


Even me, the purveyor of nightstands and bedrooms with solid headboards, just couldn’t resist posting this image of a luscious Moroccan wedding blanket known as a handira. 

Here’s a beautiful bit of history about the handira from Designers Call:

“They are woven on looms by hand out of sheep’s wool, cotton and linen. This thoughtful process of hand weaving infuses the blanket with blessings, and when complete, it is not only functional and beautiful, but is a symbol of fertility and good luck. It takes many hours of work to attach the hundreds of mirrored sequins to the blanket once the weaving is complete, during which the bride’s relatives teach her about her marital duties and expectations.”

And now, some handira inspiration.  A shimmering handira can become art on a wall, a throw rug, a blanket or a bedspread… Even pillows or a shawl.  I can’t get enough! Continue Reading…

sputnik lamp


A sputnik chandelier is an investment in feng shui magic.  I have a dream plan to put enormous ones into a big design project… in fact, I can see them, multiples, falling from the sky like exploding stars.

Here are some of the coolest sptunik chandeliers that I’ve seen in a while- vintage and also new-ish- to perhaps inspire a shooting, exploding stars cape in your own home?! Continue Reading…

textured walls


You don’t need to blanket your home in the somewhat tricky commitment of wallpaper to get its super-effects.  In fact, its just a small bit of wallpaper that will shine in texture, color, pattern…. Talk about transformation! Continue Reading…


Not-so-secretly I am a lover of very chic bohemian touches to homes.  Even ultra-modern homes layered in plants with spectacular views have that feeling of deep connection to Earth that rings true with Boho spirit.  Today, I am diving deep into fantasy boho spaces to give you tons of inspiration to fold into your own home design with Nature and mystic wonderment as the star of the show! Continue Reading…

beautiful bathroom


I like to widen the scope of possibilities, especially  where homes are concerned.  You don’t need to remodel or even to re-decorate to live in a space that looks and feels more… done.  More custom.  More elevated.

All it takes are some smart moves.  Like perhaps a little “real house rug” in the bathroom… Or some painted shelves… or other gorgeous stuff that rounds-up into the design inspiration of the day!!!  Continue Reading…