Home Style

Home styling is lifestyle transformation.
Add flowers, accessories, fabric, color and design to your space and you activate life force in your home and your life.
Home style is how your personality is reflected in your surroundings and this aesthetic wow-factor can lift you up!
Get inspired here to create your own interiors in your own way.

dark natural colors


The near-slate tiles here shine with so many plants and fresh white in the bathroom.

This is the energizing effect of dark and light side by side: one expands, one contracts and the result is musically enchanting. When you bring in enough Earthy nature, however, you get a result that is both peaceful and mysterious.

Get ready for some new versions of balance in decor that are nothing short of gorgeous!!! Continue Reading…



Botanicals… herbal, wild, amazing… I love greens.  Leaves, flowers, trees… vines… This botanical bliss is completely brilliant!   Continue Reading…

domaine home

(domaine home)

When I stumbled upon this tropical lusciousness on Domaine I was totally stunned by the perfect mix of “urban” and “retreat.”  For me, the tropical harkens back to the 70’s style home I grew up in, replete with fountains full of plastic birds of paradise, massive faux trees everywhere, white sofas, gold carpets and an orange kitchen to top it all off!  An updated version of this style comes in where the tropical and city styles meet.

This inspiration can warm up, glow up and even supercharge your home.   Continue Reading…



Yes, your patio or balcony can be more plush.  Your office need not be a study in hard lines and rigor.  In fact, the more you want to snuggle up in unexpected spaces, the more you are likely to soar, wherever you are, whatever you are doing! The design’spiration of the day is all about snuggling up.  Continue Reading…

hampton home


Every once in a while I get flashes of the future that are so crisp and clear that they simply have to be real. Today, it was Summer… in the Hamptons.  I haven’t been to the farm-fresh, spacious, history, lush, beachy Long Island paradise in almost 10 years… but my eariest memories of the land, the old homes filled with modern decor backed up against salt air and waves… the mix of lush and simple.  It’s not like the California beaches and nothing like the tropics… its rough, majestic, stately and supernaturally natural.

Today a mix of rustic and modern, beach-styled inspiration.  Continue Reading…

spacious homes


Wide open space.  I crave it.  It’s luxurious. It makes you feel taller, stronger, more limitless…

You can turn just about any room into an expansively designed, life-lightening home.  This inspiration will get you thinking clear, clean and- yet-  highly stylish in your own home!  Continue Reading…

plants display


While you might think of feng shui as spare rooms with less stuff, at times its about more stuff, or stuff displayed in ways that are intentional, delightful, meanigful and powerful.

Chances are you have a lot of what you need already to style a space that is an art form in itself.  So, today, here are lots of favorite inspirations to get you thinking big in super-styling your space! Continue Reading…


From lining steps with pots of exotic plants to encorporating more flaxen and plush carpet under foot, there are so many ways to create a stunning space with charmed Earth element power.

Right now I am craving Earth more than ever for its very supportive, grounding, creative magic. I want to be in the desert.  I’m camping out this week at the beach.   And, at home, I can see the need to multiply the Earth energy in dynamic ways.

While you may think of Earth as dull, stuck, sort of tame and boring, I promise you, this enchanted, far- more-fashionable look at the earthy & all of its all life-giving wonder can change your mind! Continue Reading…