Home Style

Home styling can fuel your feng shui intentions and help you to create intimate, exciting spaces. From adding flowers or a fountain to painting walls and accessorizing, home style is a personal part of finding the Tao or “connectedness” that powerfully links you to your environment. Gorgeous interior design, ingenious innovation, furniture, accessories and weekend projects that can take your home to the next level.

fresh bedroom

(avenue lifestyle)

If your home is a mirror of your mind (& it is!) sometimes you need to pare down and know that less stuff and more freshness can be exactly what you need. If you are in a transition (*more here!) or in a rut, fresh space creates lots of clarity in your mind, allowing you to think in new ways with less stress.

Here’s a little fresh-spiration to get you thinking about the more that you can find in the less!  Continue Reading…

west elm stickwood

(West Elm  has Stickwood!)

Taking what you have and making it much better with a little upgrade is a passion of mine.  When you are like me- not handy with power tools and not big on complications, it makes transforming things a bit more challenging… yet not impossible!  Here are a few fabulous ways- starting with Stickwood panels from West Elm (these totally remind me of New Jersey!) to pretty easily make some major decor switches.  Continue Reading…

urban bohemian


Urban Bohemian. I think that is my new style aptitude: one part hippie chic and one part traditional, even ultra modern, home. Rather than the plied on wildness of a rustic boho space, a little earthy free-spirit aesthetic mixes here with reatraint to create a relaxed home with lots of richness in its detail.  Continue Reading…

warm bedroom

No matter what the season, rooms can feel cold.

Cold rooms tend to be stark, lacking sensory richness, overly monotone or just plain cool-feeling.

Where your bedroom in concerned, the chilly feeling can prevent you from getting proper rest.  In a cold room you may feel more worried than usual, as starkness can overstimulate the mind to fill in all the sensory information that is missing, the information that we crave.

In feng shui, cold is the absence of yang (loud, stimulating and warm) and/or the prevalance of lots of mentally-charged stuff (*massive bookshelves, electronics)  that can be overwhelming.

Creating warmth is nurturing, rejuvenating, comforting and sexy.  It is also easy to do! Continue Reading…

diy sheets


While it is tempting to just dump what you have and rush out to get new things, repurposing is a way more feng shui-friendly solution whenever it is possible.  As I move into a new home hat is far more sophisticated than my present one, my mind is one what to keep and what to repurpose.

Today, here is a round-up of amazing projects you can make with things that you may already have, or can find cheaply. Their end products are all  enormously useful, and mostly stylish, too!  Continue Reading…

david tsay photography

(david tsay photography)

Some suzani fabric, in its folk fantastic patterns, bold colors and wild hisorical swatches can be a space makeover in itself.  From vibrant curtains to a one-of–kind headboard, pillows to art, suzani goes the full distance in its chamelion-like, use-it- anywhere greatness.  Continue Reading…

color block


I’m moving to a space where storage from New york will finally be unveiled. An antique china cabinets, bright orange leater sofa, gold disco mirrors…to mix with my teal ultrasuede deco couches, stacks of floor pillows in wild prints and an immense dining table.

Think Boho meets 70′s.

But to make it all work, I was trying to convince my sister that magenta curtains along with a moroccan rug were the way. She initially wanted no more color, and rightfully so. It seems illogical.

But to succeed in a colorblocked space, you have to truly colorblock it! More color, not less… And, and more dynamic touches.

Here is some colorblocking to inspire your own dynamic design touches! Continue Reading…

lights in dining room

While a greatly mismatched table that pulls together the best of the chairs in your life (or the local thrift store!) is always charming, its the shining, popping, unexpected touches that make spaces memorable.

The best touches are always your own touches, re-imagined and re-purposed design touches- so free yourself to play at home to bring your space to life!

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