Food Shui is my way to work with you to create balanced energy and a mindful, happy relationship with real food.

And…cooking is the most prosperous feng shui activity in a home!

Explore cutting-edge wellness, nutritional breakthroughs and ways to feed your life with much more radiance.

All of the food on the blog is Gluten-Free, Paleo, easy-to-make and allowed on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet that has saved my life- and many others- from autoimmune digestive illness.

kale soup

Seeing magical white and coral pumpkins at the market, feeling the chill in the air even in Los Angeles, it is time to embrace Fall!

Soup is my favorite Fall foodie bliss.

While a pumpkin stew is up soon, today’s quick food shui of the day helps the grounding energy start to flow in these months to celebrate deeply rooted veggies in oranges and reds.  Not only are these seasonal fare, root veggies are often the colors of the lower energy centers (what are chakras?  see a full map and explanation here) that actually help you feel more present, calm, stable and powerful.

It’s time for a kale & red lentil soup that is totally addictive and intensely simple to make! Continue Reading…

phoebe lapine

(food & wine)

I love kitchen feng shui because it is all about cooking up prosperity in the way I think prosperity should be— not just about money but also about sensations and nourishment and the fortune to have these things.

I encourage people to cook a lot, but I know many people have a hard time because they don’t have a lot of space in their kitchen.

Today, I am very thrilled to share a talk I had with the small-kitchen wizard Phoebe Lapine .  She’s a cookbook author, private chef, culinary instructor, recipe developer, blogger and caterer (super-productive & brilliant, I might add!) with killer gluten-free recipies and lots of ingenous tips to share!   Her book In The Small Kitchen will become your must-have resource for awesome meals and methods when you have limited space on hand.

If you have a small kitchen and feel defeated by the idea of cooking at home, this very generous interview is a gift from Phoebe to jump start your small-kitchen culinary adventures! Continue Reading…

beet salad

If you are looking for ways to infuse more excitement and a spectrum of energy into your world, eating vibrant colors is a great way to start.  With each fork-full of vibrant superfood you flood your body with nutrients, including bad-ass cell-protecting antioxidants and, yes, the vibration of big, wild color!!!

Today’s glowing beet salad is an extremely simple version of Russian Beet Salad, flooded with superfoods. It happens to be Paleo, SCD, and gluten-free… and it turns a plate into art!  Continue Reading…

collard greens

This is much more of a food idea post than a major recipe, yet its a great way to expand your repertiore of superfood choices with very little investment or effort.  I wish I hadn’t waited so long to try it.  I have definitely wasted loads of money buying these pre-made, puzzled as to how to make it come together.  If only I knew how easy it really was….

The collard green wrap.

Today I fiddled with a giant pile of collard greens to come up with a very easy way to do a wrap that is totally convenient and delicious.  The great news is that once you get your leaves all prepared, these take just a moment to fill and serve like little superfood sushi rolls! Continue Reading…

Rainbow Carrot Chips!

rainbow carrot chips

These baked rainbow carrot chips will have you standing by the stove…but the result is worth it! Continue Reading…

birthday_cake_ice _cream In a countdown to my birthday, I decided to start celebrating a week early. And, in fact, I think I’ll celebrate every day of this coming year… starting with the most killer cake-battery, buttery, gluten-free, Paleo & SCD legal ice cream that has done much to get me pleasantly high this morning on life!   Continue Reading…

coconut paleo oatmeal What did you have for breakfast today?

All-too-often lately I have slid into a no-breakfast cycle, alternating with a sad breakfast without protien (like a banana or two) or one with no variety (eggs, plain).  While the somewhat uninspired breakfast is better than nothing, there is simply no excuse for not eating well in the morning.

Without something delicious to start the day, things are less energetic. And after learning that every day it is optimal to have two to three cups of berries and other dark fruits (here’s more, as THIS way to eat will revolutionize your life!), the imerative need to sneak them into more meals has been a real thing on my mind.

By the way, science has proven that we do eat with our eyes, so its worth not just having breakfast, but also having it look good, too!

Time has been, of course, my biggest excuse for living breakfast-free.  So, I scoured my favorite grain-free blogs to find breakfast ideas… and on one of my favorites I found what became the base concept of this crazy-awesome wild berry coconut oatmeal! It is 100% Paleo, Gluten & Grain Free, SCD legal and totally satisfying!!! Continue Reading…

banana cashew pancakes

What do you do with your browning bananas?

Typically I freeze mine, but in a spree of inspiration, and a desire to have breakfast for dinner, I decided to whip up these 4-ingredient  banana pancakes that are truly stunning! You will not believe that they have no grain, and not even nut flour or coconut flour in them!   Continue Reading…