Here is where I share everything that is 100% legal for the gluten-free Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) that saved my life from autoimmune illness without medication.

For all I struggled to get started on this diet nearly 10 years ago, the miraculous benefits of SCD made it worth learning all the tricks and food combinations and recipies that really worked!

Food Shui is my way to work with you to create balanced energy and a mindful, happy relationship with real food, even if you aren’t Paleo, gluten-free or SCD… these are dishes that even Omnivores embrace.

Plus: cooking is the most prosperous feng shui activity in a home!

And… oh yes, and there’s lots of cool food science when I find it, too. Love those insider tips, tonics and nutrional breakthroughs!

healthy life lounge rainbow juice

(healthy life lounge) 

One fabulous form of color for your life comes from the spectrum of colored plants that can paint your life in fresh energy.

I’ve noticed that I intuitively have more blueberries when I’m looking for more creative vision in my life, I get into red foods when I want to feel more grounded… its something I think I do after years of working with chakras and feng shui colors.

If you have no idea what a chakra is, THIS piece from Mind Body Green will get you up to speed. 

If you didn’t know that there were feng shui colors, THIS post will fill you in as to the power of colors in feng shui.  

If this all sounds too far-out for you, this can be simplified greatly.

Think about it: On a basic level we do eat with our eyes (more on this HERE as it’s been scientifically tested!) as well as our digestive system, so the colors of your food do make a difference in some way even if it’s purely aesthetic!

Why not eat and drink more rainbows… especially if it could possibly change your mood and even your magnetism?! Continue Reading…


Today I took a snapshot of my morning snack. I eat a whole lot when I write a lot (mental energy burns calories!) and I wasn’t intending this to be on the blog, but I had to share it.

Almond Biscotti are something I haven’t had for over 10 years.  Longer.  I’ve had to- long before it was trendy- give up all grain and gluten and even sugar and most sugar substitutes except honey- to spare myself a life of living on steriods and other scary medications to treat an autoimmune digestive disorder.   No flour and grain seemed a small price to pay for awesome health, but man, there are times when you just want something crunchy with coffee and tea.

I am thorougly addicted to these almond biscotti.  Even if you eat tons of gluten they are ridiculously satisfying and rich.  There is a trick to making them which I will share, as my first batch became a giant pancake in the oven that later got salvaged into brilliant, crunchy biscotti.   I hope you love them as much as I do! Continue Reading…

apple berry crumble Yes, its Fall. It may not feel like Fall, but as I ease into Fall here in Los Angeles with the sun still blaring I am collecting pumpkins and spices and yes… Apples!  While I haven’t gone apple picking yet, today the apples were calling out to me.  Mixed with some organic berries for color, the crisp became tart and stunning.

I am a huge fan of cobblers, crisps and the like.  I’d say this is a cross between both.  Extremely buttery, deeply earthy and very simple, this is Fall at its best! Continue Reading…

zucchini quiche

This extremely easy gluten-free, Paleo & SCD-friendly quiche is a stunningly good way to both have veggies, protien and something luscious any time of the day!  Given that I am not a fan of early morning cooking, a quiche to have in the morning is to be cherished, and it is so complete and filling and nutritious that I am excited to share it.

Remember: cooking is super-prosperuos in feng shui.  And from the perspective of energy, what we cook ourselves we infuse with our own energy.  Cooking is an act of self-love in so many levels, I am such a believer in food-shui!   If you don’t typically cook, you might find this to be a revelation! Continue Reading…

paleo lemon bars

I had no idea what to do with all my lemons.  I over-purchased thinking that somehow, magically I would need them much more than real life would ever suggest!  After my daily glass of hot water and lemon (I use only half a lemon for this) in the morning, the lemon bounty was starting to languish.  I hate wasting food.  So… I did some digging.  And experimenting…

I’m proud to say I’ve merged the best-for-me of all the gluten-free recipies for lemon bars, adding and changing and trying and after eating MANY lemon bars let me tell you, these are good.

Keep them in the refrigerator and they’ll be gone before they rest a day, though they are even better on day 2!  Continue Reading…

gluten-free mushroom pizza

Oh how I have missed pizza, and in the midst of testing my new creativity immersion experience that is almost ready to start talking about (!) I started making a ton of the foods I grew up with… but now gluten-free!  Pizza: the final frontier!

Today’s gluten-free pizza is awesomely good and disarmingly simple.  Follow the steps for the crust and you will master it in no-time, turning out homemade pizzas in under an hour!!! Continue Reading…

kale smoothie

Today, there are colds and allergies in the air, and it felt very much like the perfect time for some purity!

A quick coconut ginger kale shake seemed ideal.  And some bonus energy lifting with genstones also felt apropos of the moment! Continue Reading…

kale soup

Seeing magical white and coral pumpkins at the market, feeling the chill in the air even in Los Angeles, it is time to embrace Fall!

Soup is my favorite Fall foodie bliss.

While a pumpkin stew is up soon, today’s quick food shui of the day helps the grounding energy start to flow in these months to celebrate deeply rooted veggies in oranges and reds.  Not only are these seasonal fare, root veggies are often the colors of the lower energy centers (what are chakras?  see a full map and explanation here) that actually help you feel more present, calm, stable and powerful.

It’s time for a kale & red lentil soup that is totally addictive and intensely simple to make! Continue Reading…