Food Shui is my way to work with you to create balanced energy and a mindful, happy relationship with real food. If you have a perfectly feng shui’d environment and eat junky or imbalanced foods, you are missing out on so much delicious, powerful joy. If you’ve dreamed of a life free of endless blah, frequent colds, insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, senseless pill-popping, physical stresses and sugar binging, Food-Shui opens the doors to sane, time-tested, natural answers! Greater creativity, focus, vitality and connection to the cycles and fruits of nature create a more enchanting life. Greater fortune in every area of life flows from a well-fed body, so without Food-Shui, your dream life design would be very incomplete.

From Traditional Chinese Medicine theory of yummy yin and yang foods and nutritional breakthroughs to amplify your energy to the good fortune activities of cooking and entertaining, your dream life needs nourishment. Food is essential to your life, and the energy of your food will affect your overall well-being. If you have a perfectly feng shui’d environment and eat junky or imbalanced foods, you are missing out on so much delicious, powerful joy. Get ready to find the answers, and the simple shifts that can improve your life force chi! xoxo Dana

cashew smoothie

Cashews happen to be high in iron, and so, being anemic lately (not fun: if you are exhausted for no good reason I suggest you get your levels checked— this was a shock to me to learn how low I was!) I have been on a bit of a cashew kick.

I used to love almond milk and all kinds of nut milks, but if you are mainly using them for smoothies, you can toss in soaked nuts or even… nut butter or flours you have at home.  Also, if you don’t do it already, freeze your over-ripe bananas in pieces in a tupperware. Its smoothie fuel for days, and you are wasting far less fruit that you don’t eat immediately!

This quickie smoothie was made to use up all the stuff I had in the fridge before I move: frozen banana chunks, leftover cashew flour, some honey to taste and loads of cinnamon.  Blend it all up with enough water to get  it creamy and drinkable.  Totally easy & yummy.  xoxo Dana

watermelon soup

Today’s little treat of the day is a super-cooling dessert soup that takes no time at all but looks so elegant and truly is divine. You can also freeze the mix in an ice cube tray to put in your water at the beach or poolside!

All you do: scoop out seedless watermelon.  For every two cups add a teaspoon of honey and about 10 fresh mint leaves. Whirl in the blender, chill, stir and serve!

Super-hydrating, elegant looking and totally natural soup after-dinner watermelon soup! I’ve been having this by the pool as the city heats up!  Enjoy! xoxo Dana

white chocolate paleo

 Super-yum for the day and super-food simple. Spring White Chocolate with peanut butter, cherries and pistachios that looks bejeweled and tastes like the best elaborate candy bar ever… with zero sugar, no chocolate, no milk and unrefined super-food bliss chemicals, to boot!

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mindful eating


Mindfulness is not just a fad. If is the way that even medical science is shifting to create balance and harmony in our modern world of lightning speed.

When you are present, everything is dramatically different.

Even your eating habits!

Here’s a challenge: try eating mindfully just once a day. Very very few people mindfully eat these days.   Even just following step 7 and only eating while you are eating is a very big deal. When you mindfully eat yuo give your body a chance to actually absorb what you are eating in a far more vibrant and energetic way.

For example: sudies have proven we do eat with our eyes. If food looks better, we will potentially digest more nutrients in that food.  You can’t experience that phenemonon while working, watching TV and eating at the same time.

You may be amazed, also, what you eat and what you don’t eat “on the run.”

Are you game for the challenge?!  Wishing you a zillion memorable mindful meals!  xoxo Dana

pea soup

You are going to love this Spring -Perfect soup!

Decadence without cream.  That was the challenge today in assembiling a pea soup made here with frozen peas- since I know they are far easier for you to find- that is chilled and perfect for Spring and Summer.  Rich enough to be a meal, this soup traditionally has the distinct ingredient I can not eat- heavy cream-  as a major component.

Can you substitiute cream made from soaked cashews and have the same results?

Yes.  And today’s very simple soup is all about that, along with the sunshining freshness of peas! Continue Reading…

paleo scones

Every morning when I walk into Coffee Bean for my tea, I am faced with a wall of glass beneath which scones – some glazed, some nude, some fruit-jeweled- shine at me.  Unable to eat wheat and all grain since 2005, I am no stranger to the mantra of “just say no”.  And, often, I sigh.  I miss the ritual of tea and an American scone. I miss real English scones as well, but that’s for another day.

Today, I was craving blueberries and these gorgeous triangles shine with organic berries and the brightness of notes lemon. They are not a real sweet treat, and they are actually incredibly bread-like and hearty… words I also miss dearly since bread left my life. I only had time for an iPhone photo, so please forgive me and trust that these are worth it!

There is a somewhat “classic” passed-around gluten & grain-free scone recipe.  I have no idea who created it, but it seemed like a sensible place to start, with this tried & true base. I would like to attribute the author of the base of this awesome scone but I saw the recipe on so many blogs as I searched around that it seemed ludicrous. If you created it or know who did, I would be thrilled to update the post.

Now, lets make some very fast, easy and impressive scones, shall we? Continue Reading…


I started taking vitamins recently. It is a whole life revolution.  I thought I was iron deficient or just exhausted, but, as it turns out, my instinct to buy a whole food multivitamin was right.  I don’t really care what the recent studies say about how vitamins don’t work. I am radiantly happy with this small adjustment to my diet.   Oh, yes, and now that I take vitamins, I have to eat a more substantial breakfast.

Why not make breakfast another creative superfood?

While it stands to reason that walnuts are a “health food”, lately they are being touted as the “brain food” super tonic, and I am not surprised. After all, they look like a brain. And, my Russian best friend from college would remind me that in her country, you ate walnuts to be a genius.

So, this morning, we are whipping up a much more pleasant way to eat fruit and nuts. As ice cream! Continue Reading…

mango salsa

Today’s quickie  & gorgeous energy food is a salsa so teeming with vibrance that it leaps off the plate.

Brighten up salads, mix with black beans  (or soaked & cooked white beans, if you are on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet) to make a full-fledged meal salad, or pile on grilled chicken, seared scallops, or whatever your bright color loving heart desires!  Continue Reading…