Here is where I share everything that is 100% legal for the gluten-free Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) that saved my life from autoimmune illness without medication.

For all I struggled to get started on this diet nearly 10 years ago, the miraculous benefits of SCD made it worth learning all the tricks and food combinations and recipies that really worked!

Food Shui is my way to work with you to create balanced energy and a mindful, happy relationship with real food, even if you aren’t Paleo, gluten-free or SCD… these are dishes that even Omnivores embrace.

Plus: cooking is the most prosperous feng shui activity in a home!

And… oh yes, and there’s lots of cool food science when I find it, too. Love those insider tips, tonics and nutrional breakthroughs!

colors of nutrients

(natural healthy concepts)

When artful living finds merit in scientific ways, I’m just thrilled!  Eat rainbows of food!  I’m off to make a giant salad!  xoxo Dana

fruit waters


While all clean water is naturally detoxifying, it just isn’t that fun to drink all the time!

Pretty up your water with fruit, herbs, tea, spices.

One unique water I’d never heard of for a liver detox is the addition of a chopped up organic apple and cinnamon sticks.  

Another great water to get rid of bloating… watermelon and fresh mint… 

The combinations are endless.

Herbs go a long way in water, and ice-pops too!  I love sprigs of rosemary with berries in spring, sort of the mild transition from the rich to the light and fruity.

Whatever you do… make sure you drink enough.  If you aren’t sure how much to drink, THIS hydration calculator can help!  xoxo Dana



(super herbal foods)

When I am not feeling quite right, the pantry is the first line of defense!

From a glass of hot water and lemon juice to a fantastic turmeric tea, I’m always expanding my list of “from the grocery store” home remedies.  Before you dismiss these as “not good enough” and pop some ibuprophin, remember you have nothing to lose with a small ache or upset to try something natural first!

Kitchen magic.  Truly!  xoxo Dana

color wheel veggies


I realized recently that many of you love checklists.

You asked for them.  And more of them.

I happen to love checklists too, so this was a thrilling revelation.

As I reviewed all that I did today to halfway (I’m getting there!!!) conquer the start of a bad cold before it settled in and became a “thing” in my life, I realized it was checklist-worthy!

Here is my ultimate holistic guide to beating a cold.  Everything suggested is sugar-free, chemical-free, gluten-free and nearly free of cost as often as possible!  Continue Reading…

turmeric smoothie

If you have tried to put turmeric in smoothies as I have… only to be madly disappointed, this is the smoothie for you!

Turmeric is a wonder spice. While it’s not clear precisely how much we can absorb of turmeric readily, when its mixed with black pepper and some fat to get the most out of it.  In this case, its a pinch of black pepper and a healthy dose of nut butter.

The reasons to have this anti-inflammatory, immunity-boosting spice are surreal.  Its one of the most potent health tools that someone like me with a bit of a tricky immune system at times can lean on, and I lean… bigtime!

This smoothie tastes so good its hard to imagine it is filled with spices! Continue Reading…

zucchini noodles

Its great that I got a cold this week. It gave me a weeks worth of days at home to experiment with zoodle (zucchini made into noodles) technique.

Thank goodness for the simple things! Blessings in disguise!

Growing up with homemade pasta blanketed over sheets lining every imaginable surface of the kitchen to dry, grandmas hand-cranked pasta maker still in my closet, its somewhat against my heritage to call anything but a noodle a noodle.

That said, if you are in the celiac, Paleo, SCD, gluten or grain free set (like me!) for whatever reason,  zoodles emerge as the great hope for a plate of pasta made manifest. And if you practice and get the hang of the technique, you’ll be year-round zoodling like me! Continue Reading…

orange cranberry sauce
Cranberry sauce as a child was a gelled, bitter, bright red cylinder that would fall from a tin can and holds the marks of the can in its jello-like body.

Did you have this one?

Sliced into disks, it was rarely consumed but deemed vital to have on both the Thanksgiving and Christmas tables.

Why would anyone voluntarily eat cranberry sauce? I just had no idea.

Until I picked up a mysteriously forign bag of cranberries and made my own.

I have been making a version of THIS cranberry sauce for years, and each time I am astonished by how quick it forms itself from a bright red cranberry slurry to a luscious, bright-orange flavored, richly gelled sauce.  If you are headed out to parties or have some leftovers to transform, this cranberry sauce is an “add to everything” amazing superfoodie condiment.

I’ve even been known to add it to simple salad dressings in the winter! Continue Reading…

peanut butter brownies

This morning, jetlagged a bit still, off track, a bit too late for just some green tea, I mixed up a bowl of fudge-textured, intensely delicious peanut butter brownies while my tea water boiled.  These have four ingredients, they take two minutes to mix up and once they cool off you may have a problem walking away!

The recipie came into my inbox via the Specific Carbohydrate Diet email list years ago, as a nut butter cake that used 4 eggs.  A few less eggs and brownies were born!

Note: if you are on Paleo, peanuts are not allowed (they are a legume) so feel free to sub in another creamy nut butter. It works great with almond butter… but I would love to try this with a big jar of pecan butter, too!   Continue Reading…