Here is where I share everything that is 100% legal for the gluten-free Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) that saved my life from autoimmune illness without medication.

For all I struggled to get started on this diet nearly 10 years ago, the miraculous benefits of SCD made it worth learning all the tricks and food combinations and recipies that really worked!

Food Shui is my way to work with you to create balanced energy and a mindful, happy relationship with real food, even if you aren’t Paleo, gluten-free or SCD… these are dishes that even Omnivores embrace.

Plus: cooking is the most prosperous feng shui activity in a home!

And… oh yes, and there’s lots of cool food science when I find it, too. Love those insider tips, tonics and nutrional breakthroughs!

zucchini noodles

Its great that I got a cold this week. It gave me a weeks worth of days at home to experiment with zoodle (zucchini made into noodles) technique.

Thank goodness for the simple things! Blessings in disguise!

Growing up with homemade pasta blanketed over sheets lining every imaginable surface of the kitchen to dry, grandmas hand-cranked pasta maker still in my closet, its somewhat against my heritage to call anything but a noodle a noodle.

That said, if you are in the celiac, Paleo, SCD, gluten or grain free set (like me!) for whatever reason,  zoodles emerge as the great hope for a plate of pasta made manifest. And if you practice and get the hang of the technique, you’ll be year-round zoodling like me! Continue Reading…

orange cranberry sauce
Cranberry sauce as a child was a gelled, bitter, bright red cylinder that would fall from a tin can and holds the marks of the can in its jello-like body.

Did you have this one?

Sliced into disks, it was rarely consumed but deemed vital to have on both the Thanksgiving and Christmas tables.

Why would anyone voluntarily eat cranberry sauce? I just had no idea.

Until I picked up a mysteriously forign bag of cranberries and made my own.

I have been making a version of THIS cranberry sauce for years, and each time I am astonished by how quick it forms itself from a bright red cranberry slurry to a luscious, bright-orange flavored, richly gelled sauce.  If you are headed out to parties or have some leftovers to transform, this cranberry sauce is an “add to everything” amazing superfoodie condiment.

I’ve even been known to add it to simple salad dressings in the winter! Continue Reading…

peanut butter brownies

This morning, jetlagged a bit still, off track, a bit too late for just some green tea, I mixed up a bowl of fudge-textured, intensely delicious peanut butter brownies while my tea water boiled.  These have four ingredients, they take two minutes to mix up and once they cool off you may have a problem walking away!

The recipie came into my inbox via the Specific Carbohydrate Diet email list years ago, as a nut butter cake that used 4 eggs.  A few less eggs and brownies were born!

Note: if you are on Paleo, peanuts are not allowed (they are a legume) so feel free to sub in another creamy nut butter. It works great with almond butter… but I would love to try this with a big jar of pecan butter, too!   Continue Reading…

make your own rules diet

Today I raced through Hollywood to get to a very special yoga party.  Typically I don’t do yoga.  Nor do I do anything on Sunday morning except go to my Buddhist temple. But this was not an ordinary Sunday… it was a Tara Stiles Sunday Strala Class and book party!   Hovering over a sunny Hollywood, dancing around on a yoga mat, nothing could be better!

Feeling open, free, full of green juice, orange juice and loads of spaciousness and love, today I wanted to talk a bit about doing life your own way.

dana claudat

Early mornings in the W Hollywood are colorful lights and lots of shining space.  A perfect place for a morning like this!

Tara is the proponent of making your own rules for everything.  While she’s known for yoga, her spirit of staying connected to everything she loves… her own Tao… filled the space.  The room was filled with the most gorgeous pants I’ve ever seen in a yoga class- cloud pants, rainbow stripes, all part of her line wth Reebok) , and jewel toned mats to match the crowd.  Super fun music was spinning beside me in a DJ booth.  The breakfast afterward at the pool was an array of favorite recipies from her book all about… yes… staying connected to the things that make you happy.   In the case of Make Your Own Rules Diet, it’s about staying connected to the food you eat and becoming intuitive, choosing foods that make you happy and finding your best way to eat.

strala yoga

Fun stuff, right?!

Diets and Me are a tricky situation.  When my dad was in jail when I was only 11 he sent me a package of two books.  It was the Pritikin Program book and another book called Fit For Life.   He sent his super-skinny young daughter a letter and two diet books from his white collar prison.  For some reason I still admired him since he was my father and I was compelled to read them intently.

Within a year of that gift I had thoroughly indoctrinated myself in the rules of both books combined.  I am not going to say that this kick started my deacade of near-death anorexia, but I will say that these two books stand out as a shimmering guidepost on my journey into a young hell.  The rules of when and how to eat, the rules of what and how many calories could be configured like a game.  I was taking power-walks in the freezing cold in New Jersey and turning yellow from the lack of protien.  My family doctor thought my liver might be failing. My hair was pouring out.  I took naps in school in the nurses office until they threatned to expell me if I didn’t go to a hospital. I knew that death was on the horizon when I skid down into the 80lb range at 5’9″.

My own turning point was a time I still can’t articulate and definately don’t want to oversimplify, but it happened and it can happen for you if you are struggling.  It was borne of loving so much more of my life than my self-imposed death.  It was a giant act of rebellion against all the rules I learned in these books to learn to feed myself and to get well.

That’s why I don’t work with rules.  I work with people and spaces.  That why my friends don’t color in the lines… they create the lines.  I’ve gravitated toward a life that is the opposite of dogma. There’s still lots of structure and responsibility in life and tons that has to get done.  There are best practices, wise ways to approach situations, good advice… But no rules.

Tara Stiles lives the no-rules philosophy.  The Tao Of You is what Strala yoga is all about.  There’s no wrong thing to do in a Strala class.  There’s no bad.  There’s a lot of lauching, cheering and a ton of breakthroughs.  In the middle of the class my friend looked at me and said, “Wow! I’ve never been able to do a Crow pose before!” And that’s what happens.

Did you know that in some cultures women aren’t told that they can’t have kids after a certain age so they have babies into their 50’s? Did you know that rules you adopted that you don’t really even believe in, or perhaps fear, could be making your life really difficult for no good reason?

Here’s what I’ve learned from years of knowing and adoring Tara about making your own rules…

It works.

It works.

It works.

And you only have to be able to stand in the truth of who you are and allow yourself to have the happiness and lightness and space all around you.  We all have our bad habits, environments that make us feel less-than-awesome and the times when everything is heavy.

It’s OK.

You can find lightness anywhere. She’s showed me that, too.

It works.

And its so deceptively simple to move in ways that make you feel good, to wear clothes that make you feel good, to choose friends that make you feel good… to even design a whole life that makes you feel good.

But it works.

She lives it. It works.  People around the world are living it.  It works.  The ways she’s inspired me have been game-changing. Yep, it works,

Check out Make Your Own Rules Diet for the inspiration, the awesome food and the very straight talk about being who you are, where you are, as you are.  I’m so excited to read this on the plane to Japan tomorrow!!!  Let me know what you think! Do you make your own rules with food? With life? Would you dare to do it??? xoxo Dana



feng shui 101And, if you want to dive in to your own personalized feng shui in a modern, practical way, Say hello to Feng Shui 101.  Its the guide I made for you to create your own personalized feng shui at home, in the office, wherever you may be… in 8 weeks.  It’s not filled with strict rules or what you “must” do.  Its filled with information, questions, exercises and even videos and classes to help you confidently create amazing spaces with killer feng shui and live with more flow.   Learn more about the 8-week feng shui adventure & grab your copy to get started right HERE…   And, as always, please let me know what happens!

chakra foods

(dahn yoga)

This clever chart of chakra colors and foods is a very fun way to see what colors you might want to eat more of this season.  Stick to local and seasonal food as much as you can.

If you are looking at this and thinking, “What is a chakra?” THIS big round up & introduction to chakras will help you to understand and test out a little chakra energy adjusting for yourself!    xoxo Dana

pumpkin pie  Pumpkin Pie is not just a holiday thing, its a Fall thing in my life.  Growing up, our pumpkin pie came from the apple orchards at the shore.  With fields of pumpkin as extensive as the apple trees, they took the pumpkin very seriously.  With an overtone of nutmeg that

I never had any other time of the year, orchard pumpkin pie  was something I could even convince my grandma to let me have for breakfast.  I still do it, today, but in a new version without grain, sugar or dairy…!

You can make this with butternut squash or kabocha squash that is peeled, seeded, roasted in coconut oil, cooled  and then pureed. But I stick to pumpkin… and its awesome! Continue Reading…

sunflower smoothie

Today, I needed to start an energy-smoothie-streak.

Not only do I have a pile of very fun stuff to finish, I have a bunch of parties to visit…and of course that’s really my motivation to get energized!

Did you know that your brain alone- just thinking critically and not even moving from a chair- requires a massive amount of calories and nutrients to be brilliant?! Continue Reading…

Stay-Well Tonic!

cider vinegar tonic

This is an easy one to keep in your repertoire of stay-well goodies as the seasons change.

Stay Well Tonic

  • 1 TB Cider Vinegar (*I do raw, the unpasturized one, but any will do)
  • 1 TB Honey (*can be raw or regular, just make sure its real honey, there have been reports about some honey not actually being honey lately, but mixed with corn syrup, etc)
  • a few strong shakes of cayenne pepper
  • 1 lemon, juiced.

Mix it all up in a mug and add near-boiling water.

If you are a fan of drinking hot water and lemon in the morning, this is a nice switch that harkens back to the master cleanse but with much more potent kick of the apple cider vinegar.  Surprisingly, though, I find it very drinkable.

Tip: if you drink it slowly, keep a spoon nearby to keep stirring or your last sips with be all cayenne pepper!

Every time I drink it, especially if I feel allergic or a sore throat,  I feel 100%  better!!!  I hope you do, too! Enjoy!  xoxo Dana