Here is where I share everything that is 100% legal for the gluten-free Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) that saved my life from autoimmune illness without medication.

For all I struggled to get started on this diet nearly 10 years ago, the miraculous benefits of SCD made it worth learning all the tricks and food combinations and recipies that really worked!

Food Shui is my way to work with you to create balanced energy and a mindful, happy relationship with real food, even if you aren’t Paleo, gluten-free or SCD… these are dishes that even Omnivores embrace.

Plus: cooking is the most prosperous feng shui activity in a home!

And… oh yes, and there’s lots of cool food science when I find it, too. Love those insider tips, tonics and nutrional breakthroughs!



Blendtec made this clever little chart that reminded me to amp up my smoothie game.  I just returned from Mind Body Green’s Revitalize 2015 where for four days I was drinking at least 4, sometimes 6, Evolution Fresh green juices a day.  That’s on top of food, indeed.  Needless to say, it was a riveting experience of nutrition, and I craved nothing sweeter, not even honey in my tea or wine at dinner.

Coming home, I feel moved to make myself some very exceptional smoothies!

My tricks for superfood smoothies that are ever-ready to go:

*Soak skin-free almonds for at least a few hours in filterd water and blend then in a high speed blender with a lot of water and you can skip the straining almond milk that is exhausting.  (*this works beautifully for cashews and pecans (even with their skin) too!

* Raw coconut flakes are good with just about any smoothie :)

* Citrus (half a lemon or a lime, or, in this case, oranges) makes a bright difference.

* Always keep frozen organic berries on hand at home, even (*especially) in the summer.  (*not as buzzingly perfect as fresh organic berries, but for the sake of keeping your plates piled high with phyonutrients, you can do frozen.

* Freeze your brown bananas in massive amounts.  I buy 20-30 bananas at a time as as soon as they turn spotty they all get peeled, broken into hunks and frozen in big BPA free tupperware in the freezer.  This is ever-ready smoothie 101.

* Mushroom Matrix powdered superfood mushrooms are my superfood addition.  You might want to add a powdered multivtiamin, any kind of green power superfood addition you like… in a pinch when I have only nuts, berries and bananas, a few spoons of superfood mushrooms radically empower a smoothie and they keep in the refrigerator for months and months.

* Add lots of water!!!  Too thick of a smoothie can be really hard to drink and less appealing in the long run.  More water (or almond milk, nut milk, seed milk) makes for an easier-to-drink and more hydrating smoothie.

I’m quite passionate about the fact that what you eat deeply affects your whole body and mind and life.  Even “the energy of your food.” So put love into everything you whip up, give thanks for your food and keep the electricity flowing! xoxo Dana



feng shui 101And, if you want to dive in to your own personalized feng shui in a modern, practical way, Say hello to Feng Shui 101.  Its the guide I made for you to create your own personalized feng shui at home, in the office, wherever you may be… in 8 weeks.  It’s not filled with strict rules or what you “must” do.  Its filled with information, questions, exercises and even videos and classes to help you confidently create amazing spaces with killer feng shui and live with more flow.   Learn more about the 8-week feng shui adventure & grab your copy to get started right HERE…  And, as always, please let me know what happens!

toasted coconut paleo ice cream

Q: What could be better than ice cream in the morning?!

A: Ice cream made with rich coconut milk and toasted coconut.

This “ice cream” has very little sugar, an intensely rich roasted flavor and it takes all of a few minutes to make.

I’m extremely focused these days on not wasting any groceries, so I’m vigilantly watching expiration dates and checking the fridge to see what’s there for experimenting.  The flaked coconut was open for more than a week… and  I’m travelling for the next few weeks… so it was time to make something coconut.  I always have cans of coconut milk as they are so useful.  And the rest… is just so fun and delicious!!! Continue Reading…

superfood ice pops
Full of coconut and vanilla and magical superfood mushroom powder, these ice pops are a glow-enhancing, mood-boosting anytime-of-day bit of deliciousness that will expand your nutritional horizons.

If you haven’t heard of the kind of magic mushrooms discussed here, you are in for a treat! As I work my way through the pile in this picture and type as I do it… I really think you’re gonna love this! Continue Reading…

romaine lettuce smoothie

First of all, the thought of romaine lettuce in a smoothie would not have crossed my mind even a year ago… but since reading and re-reading and re-reading  Green For Life I have an elevated sense of romaine lettuce mixed with melon in the summer for a wow-factor refreshing smoothie.  That’s about the extent of my romaine lettuce drinking…

Until I found the Brazil Nut smoothie at Pressed Juicery in Los Angeles.  Its too good.  I mean, its green smoothie candy.  Its light, creamy, fresh, and so so perfectly sweet I just can’t get enough.

Yesterday, as I notice my last head of organic romaine had only a day or two left, and I had some odds and ends straggling in the fridge, I created what is now my favorite smoothie: dreamy coconut & romaine lettuce! Continue Reading…

brittany wright food gradients Brittany Wright seeems to be a  kindred soul as I read her posted bio on her website: “I’m working on my life goal of teaching myself how to cook everything and anything. I enjoy the science behind cooking and experimenting with flavors. I see food as an art, and an opportunity to do something creative.

While she works on her life goal… a real passion-mission… she creates photographs that are eye-poppingly gorgeous ombres and spectrums, rainbows of produce, pasture eggs… Delightful slices of citrus, whole berries and persimmons…

She’s taken a passion and approached it from a completely unique angle that seems totally intuitive… and vibrantly successful.

The result isn’t just art that you’ll want to have around (*you can buy prints of some favorites HERE) to demonstrate abundance.  Her photographs are also an inquiry into the wonder of nature, the infinite variations and the ways in which things ripen, change, develop…

Today, some favorites from Brittany Wright in ombres and spectrums that are garden-fresh! Continue Reading…


At the moment I have fresh thyme, oregano, spearmint, basil and a tray of microgreens growing in my kitchen.  There are lemons, organic oranges and lots of onions and garlic.  Ginger fresh and powdered. The pantry is stocked with more herbs. Salts from the sea.

It feels incredible to walk in and see the blooming, teeming, green and bright energy.

My kitchen is always vertible pharmacy.  My actual medicine cabinet is mainly essential oils and homeopathic remedies. The transition was very fast because I am such a champion of preventative medicine since I can’t take a lot of Western remedies.  I’m not opposed to medicine in a classic sense… I’ve just found that there are so many more ways to stay well than there are ways to cure things like colds and aches and pains.

It costs very little to fully stock and grow and cultivate a healing kitchen.  It feels… supernaturally enlivening.  But, even better: it will empower your home with extremely prosperous feng shui energy!

Ready to do this?!  Today, I’m sharing  my top 10 tips to turn your kitchen into a wellness factory!  Continue Reading…

plant power way

My glowing friends- and role-model couple/family/creators – Julie Piatt & Rich Roll– have created a book that should be in your home and in your kitchen: The Plant Power Way. Long-time champions of plant-based eating, true examples of how eating more plants can revolutionize your life and energy, this is an awesomely crafted invitation to get more actively connected with your food and choose more georgeous plants over anything else you can choose in a day.

I’m whipping myself up a big parsley & mango smoothie (*more to come on this, I’m doing my own experiment in drinking a month of green smoothies, a quart a day, to see how they change my life in a more “scientific” fashion… since I already know they make me feel fantastic!) and settling in to share with you one of the coolest books- and most gorgeous recipes- today! Continue Reading…

bulletproof tea

This trippy little drink doesn’t sound that awesome when you read the what’s in it… but I’m telling you, its actually quite yummy and I’ve been buzzing with clarity and energy for hours!

Bulletproof Coffee is all the rage at the moment.  What started as a small underground movement has gone far and wide.  Coffee makes me crazy, so the idea of coffee plus butter & oil every morning sounds terrible.  The health benefits, though, are pretty incredible.  If you are interesting in the coffee method, you can read more about the “bulletproof” benefits HERE. 

Today’s tea was a white tea brewed super-strong.  If you are using tea bags, add an extra to each of two cups.  Let it steep for a while.

Pour the two cups of tea (minus the tea bags or grounds) in a blender.

Then add a tablespoon each of virgin coconut oil and grass-fed ghee.  If you don’t know what ghee is, its basically clarifed butter, but the grass-fed varieties are super-nourishing. THIS is thought to be the stellar brand in Hollywood at the moment, but any grass-fed source of ghee will do.

Add a teaspoon of raw honey– or more, to taste.

Blend it all up 30 seconds to a minute to super-emulsify everything.

You have a “bulletproof tea.”

Enjoy! xoxo Dana