Feng Shui 101

Feng Shui “my way” is art and science based on tradition, using feng shui tools supported by modern research to create environments that make you feel better in your place. There are many other “schools” of feng shui that employ spiritual cures and blessings and other superstitious elements that I ardently avoid for a multitude of reasons. My mission is to bring you the gorgeous good stuff- beautiful, artful and effective ways to change your space without any religious or “transcendental” connotations. The feng shui basics you find here will give you a greater sense of how you can personalize your environment to make it feel (and look!) even better! Feng Shui 101 will give you a good concept of feng shui terms like the bagua, yin and yang, the five elements and other “technical” feng shui terms so that you can understand and assimilate them in your life.


Feng Shui in my way is about story rather than just space.  It doesn’t matter if you live in a tiny studio or a 12-bedroom estate,  your home will tell a story about you and every day you will read that story.

We all know what happens when you read something every day…

Consciously or unconsciously it will affect you.

It seeps into your mind, reminding you….

Perhaps in a less-than-great way  your home will remind you of how much you’ve neglected (because the shower still isn’t fixed), of your financial limitations that you can’t seem to shake (as the furniture frays), of your breakups (with old lovers gifts stuff in your house) or your illnesses (with a medicine chest packed with old prescriptions)…

Do you see how this works?

Everything in your space is part of a narrative you absorb daily.  And you are in charge of the script of that story!  Continue Reading…



I am so excited for Labor Day I can’t even begin to tell you!

Not only is it a break from Los Angeles, its a sign that 5 things are coming… 1. fall food and a zillion dinner parties, 2. the best art openings, 3. exciting back-to-school energy, 4. family holidays and, to be self-indulgent, 5. my birthday, too!

Today I am thrilled to share some Pre-Fall feng shui from my very own feng shui master, Dr. Gabriele Van Zon, to help you smoothly transition into an incredible season of action ahead!  Continue Reading…

you matter

(inspiration collages) 

This is is.

You matter.


Not what your parents want, what your friends say, what you imagined in movies or read online, not some silly standards or some societal pressure… YOU matter.

Organize your life so that you matter most.

That’s the fast feng shui that really makes a difference.

If feng shui is all about designing spaces to optimize your life, the key feature in all of this is that your life is important.

Ask yourself:  ” Am I treating my life like I matter?”  Continue Reading…


I just did a little bit of a haul’s worth of shopping at Urban Outfitters to finish several bits of my unfinished place. Yes, Urban Outfitters. It is the untapped land of boho accessories and little bits that really work in the context of a great big home. It’s been my secret for quite a while.  I thought I’d take a moment to share my haul of very affordable finishing home touches that you can easily swap around your house to change the energy. Also, before my big “home tour” reveal in September, I thought I’d share the ways I have learned to deal with challenges like pet hair and noisy neighbors!

Basically, I’m giving you a sneak-peek into my feng shui, in progress… Continue Reading…

rainbow eucalyptus

(omg, nature is so amazing that these rainbow eucalyptus actually grow this way!)

We rush, we run, we do many things at once, we have a big day, come home… and the action of the day feels “stuck” to us.

It’s as though the energy of a day covers you, hanging on you and hovering around you.

You know that feeling, when certain moments of the day play on a loop, you are over-excited (even in a good way) and feeling really unlike yourself.

The temptation is to escape in food, drink, TV, and other was to go numb.

That’s the modern condition. It doesn’t have to be your reality.  Continue Reading…

rocking horse

Motion is something we forget about… until things get blocked up and boring. Today’s fast feng shui is all about elevating rooms… by making them move! Continue Reading…

desert bunny

Wellness. We all want more of it. Balance, too.

At the Mind Body Green Revitalize conference I just got the most profound message about wellness ever.

Everyone- every single person- has been groundbreaking in their own contributions to this big conversation on living well.

From Psychiatrist Dr. Drew Ramsey talking about food… and lots of kale…and creating more happiness, to Charlie Knoles talking about meditation sometimes hilariously and Dr. Sue Johnson making me see that LOVE rules the world for real…

Every single speaker, every moment, has been a lesson in one big thing…


This is soooooooo awesome. I had to run back to my hotel room to share little bits I think you can try for yourself right now!

xoxo Dana


Walking around the camp-grounds of the Mirival Spa for the Mind Body Green #revitalize symposium, I came across this sign and thought, ” I do still like kale, even though I like collard greens much more right now.”

That’s the power of environmental details.  Continue Reading…