Feng Shui 101

Feng Shui in my way is about designing your dream life.
These feng shui basics and tips will help you to personalize your environment and make it feel fantastic while ithey bring your intentions to life!
Here we break down feng shui terms like the bagua, yin and yang, the five elements and other “technical” feng shui lingo so that you can understand and assimilate these big concepts in your life with grace and style.


New Year Feng Shui is often a mix of ritual and superstition all grounded in the singular wish to create the best year ever.

Loading each new year with promise, expectation and hope is my way.

I bet it may be your way as well.

Who doesn’t love a New Year?

That said, I have found there are a few actions to clear some mental (and physical) space in life to make a New Year more extraordinary that haven’t failed me in years…. so I’ve rounded them all up for you! Continue Reading…

outdoor shower


Showers are like giant, natural fountains.

They move energy. They create change.

Today, here’s a bit of feng shui about moving water- from your home shower to rain storms- that can get you thinking freshly about  water and your life! Continue Reading…

olatz schnabel bedroom

(I love everything about Olatz Schabel’s design.  Linen masterpieces. Check out her house HERE!)

Have you ever used feng shui in your life before? If it seems mystical or weird, this is the “starter guide” for you.

Feng shui is the art and science of creating environments that are balanced and optimal for flourishing.  Some people feng shui their spaces for more money, love, health or happiness.  Some feng shui is complicated and twisty and full of arcane rules.  My methods are thoroughly modern while respecting the past, and my emphasis is on making your life wider and brighter.

Great design elevates my life. In fact, great design is what is shaping our lives.  Even digital space needs great design for us to want to engage with it, you know?

In my mind, if your home looks blah or feels like a stranger lives there, no matter how “nice” the stuff in the space may be, no matter how “perfect” the feng shui, it will fall flat. Bringing it to  dazzling life can be as basic as bringing more of your personality and style to the space!

Here are three ways to start using modern, stylish, Expansive Design today to create a home & life you love! Continue Reading…

wrapped gift


It’s time to gear up for the holidays and before you plunk down lots of $$$ you might want to check this awesome guide to gift giving with maximum good juju!

The best gifts are meaningful and invested with their own story.  Some of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received: a gift certificate to lend money at Kiva, handmade cards and art, green beauty products and yes, crystals!  All such good energy, all feel so good, you know?!

Today I am so psyched to share Carol Olmstead’s feng shui gift giving Do & Don’t list!  Its an excellent way to plan unforgettable holiday gifts for your friends and family…!  Continue Reading…

better sleep

(signature md)

While these are basic tips for better sleep, I can tell you that most people I encounter don’t do most of these!

Sleep is sooooooo important!

You may be thinking ” Well, I sleep at least 7 hours, I’m good with sleep.”

And, if you wake up feeling energized, excited and ready for the day you are good with sleep.

Even if you sleep a certain number of hours doesn’t mean you sleep well!

Try just one or two tips from this basic list and see if it helps you sleep deeper and wake up brighter.

I can tell you from years of experience that #3- Turn off the computer or television- is life-changing for your sleep and your mental wellbeing!

Enjoy deeper, more refreshing sleep.  Your genetics will change fir the better! You will glow! You’ll be smarter, happier and healthier!

All this, just from sleep. Give it a go!  xoxo Dana

elle decor

(elle decor) 

The simplest feng shui ever starts with connecting to your space. TAO means CONNECTION.  And whether you connect to objects from your actual home or to objects that remind you of the place you feel most at home (i.e.- bookshelves if you are at home in the library, the beach if your most fond memories were at the shore, etc, etc) you have more TAO.  And that means more power, abundance and creative self-actualization.

Cool, right?

Today I pulled together some inspiration that looks a lot like my childhood house in New Jersey and more is to come! I am so excited to share pictures soon of my actual childhood home, mixed with how I’ve created that feeling in my home in many ways today.  It’s a 70’s remix!  Like the giant antique rug with white sofas- the classic look of my Jersey living room.

Do you know what reminds you of home? Continue Reading…

you have the power


I love this quote.

I love this image.

Have you seen The Wizard Of Oz?   In this classic fantasy, Dorothy winds up in a far-away fantasy land after a tornado and goes on a quest to find a way to get back home.  She thinks that she needs to speak to the Wizard of Oz who ultimately, through trials and tribulations, she seeks and finds.

It is only at the end of the story that she realizes that, without ruining the story for all of you, she could have used her ruby slippers to go back  home to Kansas.  She actually had the power to do it all along the journey, but her guardian angel, the good witch Glinda, didn’t tell her that at first that she had the power to go home whenever she wanted to.  She didn’t think Dorothy was ready to hear it.  Dorothy seemed convinced she had to work her way out of this magical fantasy land.  So, she went on her heroic quest.

We all seem to have ruby slippers.

We all have the power to do things that are incredible…  but lots of times we just don’t believe it.  At least, I don’t.

Instead, I’ve constructed twisty, turny, awesomely heroic quests for myself.  Have you?  have you made things hard because you thought it should be hard?

But, when you finally break through, isn’t it funny how you can look back and see how much easier it could have been if you believed you could so long ago?

Typically, talents and gifts flow easily from people. I have always known my strengths and because they come easy I felt almost guilty about having them.  You are supposed to work hard to be heroic, right?

That’s what I thought.

The hero’s journey isn’t a waste of time.  Its awesome. Its primal. It creates character.  It makes life exciting…

But, if you think you might be able to be more direct in your business or any part of your life, more simple, more free of confusion… try it.  Use your power.  It’s always stunning to me when simple ideas (the ones that I think are too simple) turn out to be huge successes!!!

xoxo Dana

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I am a champion of your being amazing to yourself.  When I wasn’t amazing to myself I kicked off an illness so severe it nearly devestated my life.  All I needed were more breaks, better food, some time alone, a great de-clutter and some sleep to prevent what was nearly a catastrophy.  So, I have promoted this idea of you have to take care of you with fervor.

That’s not enough, just to share ideas.   Science is usually the thing that switches people on.  It’s what switched me on.

I know that kale is healthy, but when I learned from doctors that it was a powerful antidepressant, I paid much more attention.  We all know sleep is great, but when you realize that sleep affects your genetics… well, its a bit of a push into bed earlier!

I’m collecting more and more facts to help you “switch on” to more self-care.  These facts help me switch on more, too… so consider it a way that we can all become more glowy and dynamic together!

That said, if you haven’t started the free Life Detox Jump Start Course yet, its a great way to switch on to much more self care right now! It’s weeks worth of facts, exercises and inspiration to get you going!  If you have not done it yet, HERE is where you can get started!  xoxo Dana