Feng Shui 101

Feng Shui “my way” is art and science based on tradition, using feng shui tools supported by modern research to create environments that make you feel better in your place. There are many other “schools” of feng shui that employ spiritual cures and blessings and other superstitious elements that I ardently avoid for a multitude of reasons. My mission is to bring you the gorgeous good stuff- beautiful, artful and effective ways to change your space without any religious or “transcendental” connotations. The feng shui basics you find here will give you a greater sense of how you can personalize your environment to make it feel (and look!) even better! Feng Shui 101 will give you a good concept of feng shui terms like the bagua, yin and yang, the five elements and other “technical” feng shui terms so that you can understand and assimilate them in your life.

rainbow eucalyptus

(omg, nature is so amazing that these rainbow eucalyptus actually grow this way!)

We rush, we run, we do many things at once, we have a big day, come home… and the action of the day feels “stuck” to us.

It’s as though the energy of a day covers you, hanging on you and hovering around you.

You know that feeling, when certain moments of the day play on a loop, you are over-excited (even in a good way) and feeling really unlike yourself.

The temptation is to escape in food, drink, TV, and other was to go numb.

That’s the modern condition. It doesn’t have to be your reality.  Continue Reading…

rocking horse

Motion is something we forget about… until things get blocked up and boring. Today’s fast feng shui is all about elevating rooms… by making them move! Continue Reading…

desert bunny

Wellness. We all want more of it. Balance, too.

At the Mind Body Green Revitalize conference I just got the most profound message about wellness ever.

Everyone- every single person- has been groundbreaking in their own contributions to this big conversation on living well.

From Psychiatrist Dr. Drew Ramsey talking about food… and lots of kale…and creating more happiness, to Charlie Knoles talking about meditation sometimes hilariously and Dr. Sue Johnson making me see that LOVE rules the world for real…

Every single speaker, every moment, has been a lesson in one big thing…


This is soooooooo awesome. I had to run back to my hotel room to share little bits I think you can try for yourself right now!

xoxo Dana


Walking around the camp-grounds of the Mirival Spa for the Mind Body Green #revitalize symposium, I came across this sign and thought, ” I do still like kale, even though I like collard greens much more right now.”

That’s the power of environmental details.  Continue Reading…

ferris wheel

(I love the photos on fizzle out!)

Summer’s heat is when the action happens… and in feng shui, when you have tons of active energy, it needs to be balanced with a healthy dose of the cooling and quiet so that you don’t burn out!  Today, Carol M. Olmstead’s Summer feng shui tips have me thinking of ways to lighten up so that this summer is strong as well as so much fun!  Continue Reading…

boho chic

If you aren’t quite sure what feng shui is, in a nutshell it is creating the absolute best space for you to make your dreams come true. Feng shui is all about how your environment affects your life.

And it can be confusing depending on what you read… but it does not have to be!!

Here is the ultimate exercise that can get you feng shui’ing with ZERO knowledge of feng shui… right now. Today! Continue Reading…

love yourself

(inspirational collages)

And… I might add… create a home that shows you and everyone who visits how much you love yourself!  Your diet, your words, your thoughts, your actions, your dance through life is all one big expression of you.

This is mirrored in your home!

If you want to love yourself moe and more, add some uplift to your space. There are literally thousands of ideas to spark your imagination on the blog… or you can dive straight into the DIY feng shui e-guide, Feng Shui 101,  and fashion a whole home that reflects your best you in 8 weeks!

Whatever you do… make sure it makes you happy! xoxo Dana

gold mirror

Golden mirrors were everywhere in my childhood home.  They were the 1970′s answer to electrifying glamour.

Thing about it: the already energized mirror with the power to double everything thatit sees seems to be super-charged with golden color.

After moving recently, I realized I now have a gold mirror surplus. Three EXTRA golden mirrors. Big ones! How is that even possible?!

That’s how much I love them.

Today’s design’spiration is all about the golden mirror, and essential mirror tips for your home, too! I would love to hang every gold mirror I have, but, alas, mirrors are meant to be used with care, not splashed up everywhere!  Continue Reading…