Feng Shui 101

Feng Shui “my way” is art and science based on tradition, using feng shui tools supported by modern research to create environments that make you feel better in your place. There are many other “schools” of feng shui that employ spiritual cures and blessings and other superstitious elements that I ardently avoid for a multitude of reasons. My mission is to bring you the gorgeous good stuff- beautiful, artful and effective ways to change your space without any religious or “transcendental” connotations. The feng shui basics you find here will give you a greater sense of how you can personalize your environment to make it feel (and look!) even better! Feng Shui 101 will give you a good concept of feng shui terms like the bagua, yin and yang, the five elements and other “technical” feng shui terms so that you can understand and assimilate them in your life.

parrot tulips


Springtime is the great awakening of Nature and all its fervent spirit. The collision of opposing forces – restlessness meeting optimism, fresh starts that come along with long-overdue endings- can create a particular kind of energy we call Spring Fever!  Today I am thrilled to share the wisdom of my teacher and mentor Dr. Gabriele Van Zon of Feng Shui Universal, as she gives us a roadmap to creating balance in this exciting time! Continue Reading…

spring clean


Fresh starts happen any time you want them, yet seasonally the whole planet is in a cycle of starting fresh. To make the most of each season, a thorough cleaning and reorganization of your home and office makes lots of room for the new and the wonderful to enter.

Today,I am thrilled to share some amazing tips from Carol M. Olmstead to Spring Clean in a feng shui way as you may never have before!  Continue Reading…

sequin dresses


Fashion is a big part of life.  Wear something you love and your confidence will soar. Science has proven that you are percieved differently by others based on the colors, fabrics and accessories you combine and wear.  While it seems that feng shui only deals with space, how you dress is another part of your life design… and feng shui principles apply.  Carol M. Olmstead wrote a brilliant guide to feng shui’ing your Spring wardrobe based on color psychology and the Five Elements in feng shui- simple, practical and a cinch to apply to your life!- so I am excited to share it today!  Continue Reading…


(style me pretty)

Today’s feng shui tip is all about becoming super confident! Continue Reading…

small space office



Nearly everyone needs an office space at home these days.  Whether you are joining the ranks of telecommuters, running your own side business, have a full-time company run out of your house or just need a space to organize bills and plans, an office space- even a small one- will keep your life far more organized.

Here are some feng shui-based design ideas to take even a small space and make it function for you in a vibrant way! Continue Reading…

bold decor(stylist splash)

Trusting yourself to make decisions can be a big hurdle to climb.

After all: what if you pick the wrong things?

In the lapse of decision, there is something strange that happens, though.

Clutter piles up. 

Confusion ensues. 

Messes are made.

Life stops being created and starts running on automatic.

In the 20 minutes last week when I was not sure what was happening to my plane in an emergency landing, I had time to do a little life review while clutching my Buddhist beads and chanting somewhat quietly if not feverishly as the plane bounced around toward rugged terrain.

In my mind’s eye…it was a movie. People stood out.  Dreams unrealized appeared as pictures in my mind. I have not made a whole lot of decisions that could- and will-  dramatically shape my destiny. I have not told enough people that I love them. I have not taken the kind of risks that I thought I did before that moment…and realized  as the flashing lights went off in my mind that a whole lot would be new once I got home… if I got home.

With gratitude, I can say I am now home. And ready!

No one should have regret.  Not me, not you, not anyone.  So, let’s start making more stunning decisions!

Continue Reading…

Kelim 2



Today’s fast feng shui is all about mining the riches you have already.

That’s right, you already have everything you need to have a fantastic home & life!

Everything else will fall into place if you start from this premise! Continue Reading…

happy bubbles


Bad moods strike even the happiest people.  We all have a day that is less than rosy, but that doesn’t need to spell disaster.  When your thoughts, body and soul are sort of sinking, there are a ton of sensory ways to stimulate some positive juju.

In fact, the dark days may be a catalyst for the best days ever, if you can open yourself to the possibility. Bad moods have a tendency to help us excavate our fears, see things from a different perspective, and potentially soar with this new awareness.  Plus, mood-brightening is always…fun!  Continue Reading…