Everyone is creative. All of life is a creative activity.
Studies are proving every day that creative expression makes every aspect of life dynamically better.
Here are the best in curated feng shui tips, creativity exercises, inspiration, science and even some actual art projects to cultivate your genius in gorgeous ways!


Do you imagine that when you become all that you can be that you will be nothing but smiles and joy and love for every minute? I hope so, in an ideal universe, but that’s a very high and unrealistic bar to set for anyone, and it typically leads to more frustration than awesomeness.

You may be way closer to living up to your potential than you think!  And… when you wash away the need to be pefect, you may get there much faster than you imagined!  Continue Reading…

handmade pottery

The the rise of the handmade movement is no surprise— the more digitally linked we become the more the actual fades from life. In the digital space we can get so many bytes of information, so much to fill our mind, even lots of video.  What is missing is the element of touch, the viceral scent of real life, the stuff that makes for true connection.

Of course, I lean into Nature when I think of the handmade, because Nature can literally heal your life. (*more on this HERE).  There’s a reason I wish for all of you to get crafty, or to indulge in the crafty on some level, and it has everything to do with energy.  Continue Reading…

joseph campbell


Joseph Campbell, myth expert and creative genius most famous for encouraging the world to “follow their bliss”, has such cool perspecive because his lens on life is created through history.  Historically, the world was created by trailbrazing, literally, blazing trails through undeveloped land and creating civilization.

I have never met a single person that has everything figured out.  You can play it safe with your career path, but there’s no guarantee that the job you have won’t go away. There are no guarantees that safe bets on romance, on family, on health, on life are the right ones because they are commonly thought to be safe.

What would happen if you started doing more things in your way, in a way that made you feel awesome and alive, stronger and healthier and more awake? Do you think the world would reward you for following your bliss?

That’s a big question. As I sit here and type and realize that the only things that happen in my life are things that I create, as I realize I don’t know for certain what comes next and as I watch my puppies sleep on the sofa in front of me while I look at a calendar filling with stuff that makes me excited… I have to say, I think that maybe  going your own way is more of the way that works.  Even in small ways you can make your life your way, and from where I sit I can say it is well worth it to move toward that excitement and energy!  xoxo Dana


If I had a dime for all the people who have come down on me for being happy and thinking the best – even of very dark situations- I would have a zillion dimes.

I learned optimism out of necessity at a very young age, and it is hard-wired into my life.  Now, out in the vast world that seems designed full of pitfalls to crush spirits and convince us that dreams are unrealistic, I have learned to create my own world of optimism.

From boho dreamcatchers to art in stacks, wands of sage to incredible literature, I make my world my own.  When things are light, they just feel much more right.

Today, here’s a bit of very cool science on optimism to help push you toward your own blissed-out universe.

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Someone once told me I live in a vortex.  In a sense I do: I live in a universe fueled by the kind of energy that makes my life happen.  When I try to get into other people’s way of doing things, it just doesn’t work.  Over time I came to know my own energy patterns and this universe I made for myself is what makes me happen every day.

Its a very big fact that is easy to brush off because it sounds so New Age and weird, but every day we create our world.  On a small scale, see what happens to your job if you stop going to work or showing up for your days.  I bet they will ultimately stop existing!

On a grand scale, every single thing we see and experience is an act of creation that we allow every day.  The particles we see as color are only color as they interact with our brain.  The brain is only there because we feed it and we provide it with energy.  If you stop eating or start taking lots of drugs that destroy your brain, you dull your life and ultimately drain it of color.

Everything is a decision and everything is a creation.  This is not me saying so, this is physics and fact.  Given that we are actually so plastic in our construction and so creative in our lives, there are ways to create a world that really makes your own life happen.

Are you ready to have a universe that looks and feels much more like you at your best?  Continue Reading…


If you are craving change, you are not alone.

I bet most of you want in some way to make a change.

There’s a common theme to every feng shui consultation, every conversation, every person who wants to work with me… they all crave change.

Do you really want to change something?

Today’s fast feng shui is all about the idea of change… and the way to start making the changes that really make a difference.  Continue Reading…

alexis smart flower essences

True story: nothing is certain.

If you think there is a certain way to get exactly what you want, precisely the way you want it, the shocking truth is that you are limiting your life, and perhaps fooling yourself.

I called my dear friend and flower essence homeopathic healer Alexis Smart recently in a panic because I had made two huge life shifts, both that I knew were necessarly, and both that left me without the tentative sense of “certainty” that I had about my life in certain ways.  I had given up a work project and a promising relationship ended all in one week.  Suddenly, I had no idea what was happening even though I knew that it all had to happen because both were not right as they were.

I had been doing the weirdest things, very un-Dana things: trying to find tarot readings, looking up astrology, trying to find my old pendulum to swing around and ask questions.  The more I did this stuff the less that life felt good. In fact, I started to feel like a prisoner of Fate.  That’s very un-Dana-like and I realized it was a symptom of an old habit that I had to break.

Have you done this stuff?

For those of you that don’t know, I am a Buddhist and I gave all this stuff up a very long time ago, along with psychics and other stuff that tries to predict the future.  I called Alexis because, well, I was unravelling something much bigger than I realized and I knew that if I could get grounded and calm I could stop the vicious and limiting cycle that had started. I was deeply freaked out by uncertainty because so much of it seemed to happen in the space of a few days.

I’m quite grateful that a little homeopathy, a lot of Buddhism and a healthy dose of gratitude pulled me out of the wilds of “What the hell is happening?”

Are you there right now, sitting in a space where you wish you knew what happens next because everything feels so uncertain and maybe even unfamiliar?

Today, the big question that has been Earth-shattering to my own life and may just stir up your own:

How comfortable are you with uncertainty?

How cool are you with the idea that anything can happen… and how open are you to all the possibilities?  Continue Reading…


Magic. Its not sleight of hand, massive shows or rabbits flying out of hats. Its not a card trick, a stunt or an earth-shattering illusion.

Magic is the ability to create your own reality. Continue Reading…