Find your inspiration and increase your creativity! Creativity is a huge part of life; some would argue creativity IS life. You do not have to be a professional fine artist or “fuzzy” type to develop your creative capacity. Creative thought and action in daily life brings color, joy and increase capability to any aspect of your life. I am hugely indebted to Julia Cameron and her book The Artists Way for setting me on the path to fulling living my creative life. From her work, my quest has gone far and wide to bring you articles, gadgets, books, films, videos, projects and exercises that can expand your creative arsenal. Here is an arsenal of my most favorite inspiration and creativity boosting goodies; I get excited just thinking about all this cool stuff to do!

hubble telescope


Are you thinking too much?

If you feel frustrated, exhausted, overwhelmed or otherwise confused the answer in my mind is :YES!

Today I am going to share one of many antidotes to the very rational problem of over thinking!  Continue Reading…

puppy Comfort is undeniably powerful.

Since this piece of pink velvet was unearthed in a box from my grandmother, a piece of the antique Christmas ornament relics, Bob has found a way to make it his own.

This velvet is enormous for an 18-pound dog. It weighs more than half of him. That hasn’t stopped him from pulling it carefully off of high shelves, inching it out of closets, dragging it for feet across floors and painstakingly fashioning it into tents, nests and other elaborate pillows and beds.

I was intent on using it for upholstery, but its Bob’s now, and he loves it.

He knows how to find comfort.

Reaching for comfort is am ultimate life-supporting habit, but its been branded as a luxury more than a necessity lately.  The popular ethos is that it is noble to make sacrifices for glamour and style, but even for survival.

But, comfort is actually a part of self-care and self-love. Having comfort and knowing how to provide comfort to yourself gives you the freedom to stretch into uncomfortable areas and thrive.

I’ve been watching Bob with his newly-minted blanket and on a very basic level its made me re-think the amount of real comfort I design into spaces, and the amount of that self-comforting energy that I have been brining to life and my work… even for myself.

Comfort in this way we are chatting about today is not being on permanent vacation or getting lost in self-indulgence. Comfort is feeling nurtured, supported and surrounded by things that feel good, even when things are less-than-great.  Comfort isn’t leaning all the weight of your problems on another person (*I don’t recommend this, its not recipe for good things) but, rather, knowing that you can share with others and know they are there for you and you for them,  even though you can ultimately find peace within yourself.

A lack of comfort is the catalyst for angst, anxiety, stress and stagnation.

So… comfort is really important!!!

I thought it would be fun to create a comfort cheat-sheet of sorts, some comfort ‘spiration that can help you to design a more of this snuggly, feel-great energy into your days and reach toward more of this energy in your life. Continue Reading…

dreamy home


Dreamers. Don’t you love them?!

I bet you are at least a bit of a dreamer, since this whole cosmos of holistic artful beauty I’ve electronically stitched together seems to be all about dreaming at heart, and this energy seems to collect more like it around itself every day.

And if you are a dreamer like me, you’ve probably been accused more than a few times of being unrealistic, “not practical”, unable to “face the facts”, irresponsible, or, in my case, foolish and delusional (people loved to call me both things, and still do!)…!  I can laugh about all of these fantastically derogatory ways that people have tried to hate on my dreaming sensibility now, feeling compassion for lots of these people since time has proven them to be very sad, angry and ostensibly  trapped in “reasonable”  lives that make them miserable.

The trick is to take your awesome dreams out of your head and make them actual in your life.  Nothing is instant. Everything builds. But it has to be active. It has to be building. This trick of moving your dreams into reality is the feng shui of the day, all about moving from dreaming into doing.  Continue Reading…

jim carrey

Today, I took 10 minutes and watched this video sent to me cued up at the 10 minute mark.

College graduation speeches always have a special uplift to them, you know?

When you see Jim Carrey giving a speech like this- here at Maharishi University- you can’t help but think it is going to be wildly entertaining.

I wasn’t expecting it to make me question my life.

Asking me to dream bigger.

Providing a sort of instruction manual.

Making me want to help more.

Not only does he deeply understand a life of purpose and service, creativity and freedom, he seems to be living it vibrantly.

I watched it from 10 minutes in and rushed to share it with all of you.

Kind of amazing, no?! xoxo Dana

yago hortal

(yaho hortal—love this stuff!!!) 

I love mythology.  In fact, for years I kept Edith Hamilton’s classic Mythology book on my nightstand, flipping through to read the stories that have birthed our modern civilization.  Tales of forlorn lovers, wrathful gods, supernatural powers, and the ferocity as well as generosity of Nature.

From the earliest days of man kind, in cave paintings thousands of years old, there were sorcerers and strange hybrid creatures drawn in ritualistic ways.

Everyone has tried to exact control over Nature. After all, a great Rain God can help you to have crops so that you have food to eat.  Why not call upon all the magic in the universe to gain more control over your life?

Of course, if you look at the ruins of ancient civilizations, these methods didn’t always work!

Many of us want control by our nature.  The want for control is a form of survival instinct.  It’s somewhat bred into our genes, I think:  if you can make it rain, you can eat.

So, following that logic, if you can find a way to fix things and people around you,  you can have the life you want.

Seems reasonable.

But it’s not.

There’s a difference between helping people and surrendering your life to them in harmful ways.

There’s a difference between doing your best and destroying yourself to be an abstract version of what is the best.

And that’s what begs the question: are you trying to control life in some way that isn’t helping you?  Continue Reading…

maya hayuk

(maya hayuk)

Creativity is everything in life.   Living in a space of creative freedom should be so natural to us as creative beings.

If only we could stop trying to control things for long enough to be that natural and free!

I’ve been swimming in creativity for the last few months, especially, and very vibrantly.  Lots of travelling, lots of new projects. Less time at a computer. More time with people and with clients.  More connection, less automation. It is immensely freeing.

There’s no control in creativity. You can structure a story or a piece of art, but you can’t simultaneously create it and control it.  In fact, most people can’t talk and draw at the same time. The two mechanisms- analytical thought and creative living- don’t fire simultaneously in your brain.

I have been quite in love with life in this watery space of artistry.

Lots of people who perhaps unconsciously have been a bit controlling of me have appeared to ask me to rationalize my behavior lately. After all, it is much safer for many of us to lean on the rational.  Over-analyzing, over-thinking, over-doing everything. Its a way of controlling life when it feels out of control.

Being called upon to explain myself lately has been not-fun-at-all. Particularly because I refuse to do it.

The world will give you many reasons to be rational and analytic and structured and safe. People will have your best intentions at heart when they ask you to be logical and to justify your behavior. You might be looking out for yourself when you want to put the breaks on your momentum in life and all you are creating  to shrink back into a place of stuck-ness that masquerades as safety.

What would happen if you indulged in your thoughts much less and created much more?

As my dear friend from Jersey would say, “Analysis equals paralysis.  Don’t think about it, be about it.”

Don’t get paralyzed by good sense and reason.

Are you thinking and trying to control too much and living and creating too little?
Continue Reading…


Walking the dogs with legendary Angelyne is enough to restore your faith in the divine!

Yesterday, Bob and Gordon decided to rush at the famous pink Corvette pulled to the side of our street to pay homage to one of the most iconic women in Los Angeles!  We chatted with neighbors, we had a laugh, she told me about cloning dogs (um, ok…) and I bought little Bob a new tag with her picture on it. (She carries a credit card machine, FYI, in case you see her anywhere and find yourself cashless!)

I kind of floated away from her, in a trance, filled with the magic of Hollywood that eclipses movie stars. She is her own piece of art, and a local (National?) treasure!

It became crystal clear that the lifestyle goodies of this week are all about waking up the starry-eyed wonder that may have fallen out of your life lately.

Inner children: get ready to have fun!  Continue Reading…



Art is never failure.

Even if you don’t like it. If you made it, you are creating.

We like the measure how creative we are by how much we sell or get recognized for what we create.

That’s like saying something exists only if it can be flaunted. And that kind of thinking will stop you from creating anything at all.

If you are going to get the Oscar, you have to make the movie.

And maybe 100 movies before that one.

Measure your creativity by how it makes you feel and you will have a way more open channel to creating the kind of work that really moves people.  xoxo Dana