Everyone is creative. All of life is a creative activity.
Studies are proving every day that creative expression makes every aspect of life dynamically better.
Here are the best in curated feng shui tips, creativity exercises, inspiration, science and even some actual art projects to cultivate your genius in gorgeous ways!


Glowing, radiant confidence is irresistable.

It’s the energy of abundance.  It’s a generous, open-hearted, lovely way to live.

Confidence is built.  It’s not instant to become grounded in a sense of certainty and trust.  It’s practiced. It’s a lifestyle.

I’ve searched for insta-cures to create more confience.  No crystals, no psychics, no healers and certainly no one of the outside of me could help me get there.  It was sort of an evolution to trust myself after making some pretty terrible-for-myself decisions that took me down very disempowering paths.

Have you been there, too?

Building confidence is a personal thing in my experience.  There’s no “guide” to get there, but there are ways to consciously move toward and practice this confidence and cultivate it every day.

Our spaces reflect who we are. It can be hard to change your mind all at once… but changing the space around you is very possible and very empowering.

Evolving your space- your home, your environment, your sense of balance in every day, a keener sense of self-awareness-  can help keep you moving into your own glowing greatness! Continue Reading…

tears and your wellbeing


“I encourage crying because it purges negative energy and allows for new postive energy to fill us up”

~ Sharon Martin, Licensed Psychotherapist, San Jose, California

That’s a bold and awesome way to look at tears.  Emotional detox.  Clearing space inside.  Ditching the negativity.

We tend to think of only light and happy and dancing emotions as socially acceptable and “good” but a good cry can be intensely good both physically and emotionally.   Continue Reading…


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Every single person I know wants an amazing life.  Everyone wants peace. Happiness.  Love. Money.

Everyone wants more security.  The feeling that life is more certain.  Stability in a storm.

Every single one of these things is a form of energy. Calm, grounded, flowing, charged particles of energy.

Personal Magic.  

That’s what I call the routes we take to get into a space of spirit where everything pure and right and powerful comes to light.

Personal Magic. 

It’s not abstract.  It’s practical.  It’s free.  And it’s everything amazing.  And it’s waiting for you.
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let go of the past story

If you’re sitting in this puzzling cycle where the same things keep happening to you over and over again even though you’ve really changed… check what you’re saying. Chances are you have a story that could use an update right now.   Continue Reading…

puppy love

We hear all this stuff. We say it. We re-tweet and re-share the memes.  Love yourself.  Be love. Give love.

It’s somewhat abstract if you’re not really in the flow of love to begin with.  It’s just talk. And love is energy.


I don’t have all the answers, but in the world of creating environments that support positive energy, flourishing lives and yes, more love that you can actually feel with all this feng shui, love is experienced a sensory state of feeling at home and feeling connected.

If you can’t feel at home or connected, or you never had that at-home feeling and don’t feel that connected to life, you’ve got a huge opportunity right now to tap into the Tao that makes all things expand and click together in harmony.

You can raise that love-level around you.  That at-home, at-peace feeling.  Right now.  Continue Reading…

let go of what you don't need

I’m not an opinion leader, I’m not a paradigm of how to live, but, professionally, I’m a wellness expert, feng shui master and designer.

In my life there should be no big obstacles right?

I’m a change-maker and I clear space for magic to happen.

My life should be all rainbows, all stunning bouquets of succulents and gorgeous gemstones… all flowers and abundance and love and light.

I’ve been blessed with a lot of that.   I create a lot of that.

But, I created it despite being so blocked in my life that it started to feel like I was rolling a boulder up a mountain every day as it rolled back on me.

I just had what I’m told is major surgery.  I wasn’t going to share it,  then I realized it was the hugest and most unshakeable personal block I’d ever removed from my own life… and the process itself was so sweeping and vast…

If you’re feeling blocked with something terifying or overwhelming or just so stubborn and crushing that you can’t imagine finally letting it go, I know a bit of how you feel.   And, I know you can find your way to your own freedom.

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love feng shui

(I’m so obsessed with @arthome.etc instagram & shop!)

Intuition is a real thing. Those Spidey senses are hard to ignore. Yet we do it all the time!

Every single person I know who has had a partner cheat knew it immediately, but chose to ignore it. People who were going to get fired from their jobs generally know long before it happens.

Lately I’ve been challenged by uncomfortable situations that defy logic, but just feel right. I’ve grown used to making unconventional choices because I knew I had to make them. I’m used to calling myself “weird,” because it’s easier than saying “I feel things and I react accordingly.” I’m certainly not infallible, but when I’m in my intuitive zone, I can take leaps of faith whether or not they seem bizarre to other people. They might not be big risks, but they’re the kind of risks that feel right.

Conversely, when I’m being too pragmatic or get too attached to an outcome, I can get closed down to the truth of things. Often when I start asking my friends for clarity on a situation, it’s because I’m unwilling to confront what I already know about it.

As it turns out, our gut feelings are real. The enteric nervous system acts as a “second brain” in our gut. This second brain influences our emotions, even though they’re sometimes expressed as physical feelings rather than thoughts that are easy to articulate.

There’s also the more ethereal idea that our intuition can come to us in flashes that we “see” with our “third eye,” or the point roughly between our eyebrows. These flashes of inspiration are another way some people tell me that they see their intuitive life unfolding.

Now, to the feng shui of it all! There are a handful of ways I shake up a space to strengthen intuition using feng shui. Clients who are at a crossroads in life or are emerging from a betrayal often try some of these ideas — but feel free to mix them up and try a version that works for you. After all, at its core, intuition is the ability to trust yourself to make the best decisions for you.

Read the rest of this article HERE!  

Let your love change the world

Do you have enough energy right now to light up a room? What about a crowded room where there’s so much confusing energy flying in different directions?

We’re in both of those situations every single day.  You might be in a big office right now, or in traffic, or more… The energy around you might feel bigger than you at the moment.

You can change that.

You can be cause instead of effect.

You can be the generator, the power-source, the energy that moves it all forward…

Those people that seem to always get what they want and float through life happily on an easy breeze aren’t lucky.  They are generators. They make that lucky life flow all around them.

You can reorganize the universe around you to create all the brilliant, loving, creative, exuberant energy you want… and you can gather support from the world around you in the process.

Today’s feng shui floods life with creative, excited love! Continue Reading…