Everyone is creative. All of life is a creative activity.
Studies are proving every day that creative expression makes every aspect of life dynamically better.
Here are the best in curated feng shui tips, creativity exercises, inspiration, science and even some actual art projects to cultivate your genius in gorgeous ways!


Welcome to morning flowers at their best: deep color, fresh texture and perhaps even a bit of unusual moodiness.  The shining happy daisies that sit on the side of this stand aren’t quite as beautiful alone as this mix of wildness.

These greens and flowers have an edge to them, you know?   Some rich darkness is wed with almost-fireworks of furry fuzzy blooms.   They have an edge of greatness.

Many painters I know hold tight to their emotional darkness because they believe it fuels their work.  Becoming happy- or sober- would be the end of their art.  Actor friends of mine that are long lost from my life stay on the brink of something catastrophic (financial disaster, emotional melt down, relationship fury) and proudly flaunt their darkness to have their special bit of dramaric intrigue.  I know loads of professionals who party like they are in The Wolf Of Wall Street even though they’ve  long outgrown the all-night parties of teen years but yearn to stay socially controversial and… interesting.

Do you hold onto problems, angst and even bad habits because they are some sort of motivation or catalyst for you?

Are you afraid that if you change too much for the better that you will lose your own edge?  Continue Reading…



This is a fast track to a more artful life: love it more.  Love your days more.  If you just don’t love your life, its time to change that before you beat yourself up and think you have no talent or intrinsic motivation to make cool things happen. Chances are, you are just stuck.  That stuck comes from not liking a lot of things around you.

If you feel ready for a big life de-clutter, you may be due for a Life Detox.  HERE is where you can sign up for my free Life Detox Jump Start course.  It can help you clear away some of the toxic cobwebs to create a life that is much more open and flowing! xoxo Dana

ornament wreath

(aunt peaches)

Welcome to my obsession: Aunt Peaches.

Her craft projects are off the charts.  I can’t keep up with everything I want to make!

I am actually headed to the craft store for extra baubles to make these wreaths… And, thanks to her, my refrigerator is getting wallpapered, my light switches are getting customized and my centerpieces will be bananas this season!!!

While these wreaths alone are show-stopping, here are a few of my favorite Aunt Peaches home upgrades that will get your even long-abandoned craft-loving nature flowing!!! Continue Reading…



If you are feeling creatively stuck or blocked, energy balls up and gets trapped in one place.

Mentally that looks like a fixation on a problem or a fixation on the past.

Physically you might get a stuff neck, feel achey or even have a headache.

Emotionally, its an underpinning of sadness.  It’s very hard to hit a wall in life and be thrilled about it all the time.

And… it’s easier than you think to start getting un-stuck!

It can be as easy as taking a walk.

xoxo Dana

coffee table

While a wide open field of limitless possibilities is my Nirvana in the land of feng shui’d expansive design that I love, it is a funny thing that happens when you walk through the day always focused on endless options.  Nothing gets done.  After all, its impressively difficult to make a decision when you have a zillion options to consider and, well, if you choose, then you are limiting your options, right?

One of the coolest ways that I have learned to become more creative, productive and decisive while still remembering that there are an infinite number of options: DEADLINES.  Continue Reading…

color meanings


Today, another color chart, this one more simple, based on color psychology.

One note on this is that all colors affect people in unique ways based on personal associations as well.  For example, my yellow bedroom as a child that I just hated has me swayed against some shades on yellow that are awesome to other people.

So, you may never have the 100% perfect color chart… but you can use this as a powerhouse guideline to strenthen your intention in design, decor, entertaining, fashion and even your food choices!!!

Enjoy!  xoxo Dana

paint chip art

The day doesn’t just “happen” you know? The days when there are breakthroughs, big things get done, some sort of synchronicity or coincidence has your phone ringing, people showing up and good news coming in…. And in those days, there is so much inspiration and motivation, the sky’s the limit.

If you don’t somehow latch on to the magic of a day, though, it does ” just happen” and how it happens is in this feeling that you are sort of just walking through the day, watching a clock, wondering when things will change cosmically, not really moved to move around much.

Sadly, tons of people are in the camp of people who think that every day “just happens” and that you don’t have a hand in how it turns out.

My own life has convinced me that we have far more influence over the inspired and motivated energy that makes magic happen.

You definitively have the power to create far more inspiration and motivation for yourself right now.

Here are a few ideas to take this day that is “just happening” and start making it happen!!! Continue Reading…

color outsde the lines


If you’re looking to make a splash, put your dent in the universe as Steve Jobs might say, there are all kinds of ways to get there.

Of course, the only real way to get there is your own way.

Meaning: you have to dare to color outside the lines, get really grounded in your own voice and be unapologetically yourself. I’m pretty sure every single teacher of the “follow your bliss” message agrees in many ways.


Well, I know a lot of daredevil outside-the-lines coloring rebellion-driven people with mountains of talent that are not doing much of anything. In fact, they are in so much confusion and chaos most of the time that its hard to admire the cool things that they do.


Today’s idea of the day for an expansive life is all about the value in knowing the basics before you go off and create breathrough creative rebellion.  Continue Reading…