Everyone is creative. All of life is a creative activity.
Studies are proving every day that creative expression makes every aspect of life dynamically better.
Here are the best in curated feng shui tips, creativity exercises, inspiration, science and even some actual art projects to cultivate your genius in gorgeous ways!

twinkling light

It’s beautiful sometimes to have hazy thoughts, you know?

But in the long run, it’s a brain that is constantly growing in its sharpness and getting lit up in new ways that will serve us all through life.

If you find yourself getting hazy, lazy or just totally forgetful, it may be time to sharpen your mind a bit! Continue Reading…

let yourself flourish

Do you let yourself have the time and space to flourish? Do you let yourself have fun? Do you invest in yourself in this way?

I know in a fairy tale world someone will appear and say, ” You are so talented, lets make you a huge success.”

That might happen from time to time.  Rarely.  And even when it does, it tends to happen to the people who give themselves the time to practice, the space to grow and the investment of energy andeven money to become exceptional.

Its not really fairy tale magic.  You get what you give. That goes for your life, too!

Catalyst Camp is opening soon for the New Year. Weeks of life de-cluttering on every level to create new routines and fresh space for all your talent to come to life.  If you haven’t signed up to watch the feng shui declutter  videos, you should check them out HERE.  They’ll get you started on making more space to allow much more greatness into your life.  And that’s my wish for you, and I hope it’s yours, too!  xoxo Dana

pantone 2015

(desire to inspire)

Stability may seem like a shabby goal, but its been- in my decade of observation- the most elusive and most wanted emotional state that I have encountered.  Stability- feeling your feet planted on the ground, knowing you are safe, trusting yourself and your life- it is huge!

Today- a little feng shui’d expansive design for you to feel more stable, sure, peaceful… and ready for all the great things coming your way!  Continue Reading…


I’m deeply inspired today by a great teacher- the late, great Al Mancini- an actor, director and teacher of both acting and life.

I never really wanted to be an actor in a professional way. But I deeply wanted to know how to be more self-expressed, and that drive led me into this very transformational acting school in Los Angeles when I first moved here.  The scenes in class were akin to watching theater on Broadway. The notes afterward were like watching someone re-born as themselves, free of the social conventions and habits picked up in life that were obscuring their genius.  Many superstars were born in that room.

Not only did I meet friends I will have for life (and have had for over a decade), I learned one thing that I will never forget, and it echoed in my mind this morning.

What made Al Mancini a wizard was his philosophy on making bold choices.  He pushed everyone to be themselves and to stand in their choices- bold choices- and use them with abandon. When a scene was re-directed with his enouragement to make it personal, astounding chemistry would play out on stage.

His words: “You walk into a room, you walk onto a stage, and you show them:  “It goes like this!”

Today, you can take these words and use them in your job, in your day, how you cook, how you think, how you plan… You say how it goes! Continue Reading…

magic baths

Yesterday I was on a hunt for magic.  I wanted to feel elevated, enchanted… and really, I just needed some otherworldly inspiration.

Should I take a well-marketed magic bath…which is really just sea salt and aromatherapy?

Should I find a magic piece of art and sit near it for a while?

I was halfway out the door to hit the galleries and maybe a museum even though I didn’t really have the time… because when you need inspiration, you sometimes have to go on a quest for it… right?

And then it hit me: what makes my life magical is so simple I was missing it.   And what maybe this will  make your own life feel more magical, too… Continue Reading…

dreamy plants


A few days ago I visited a friend who was dismayed that she had become someone who talks about a lot of things and doesn’t actually DO them.

She hadn’t become that person.  It just felt like it.

She likes to dream.

We all like to dream.

She also works toward her dreams about 14 hours a day!

What’s happened?

Every once in a while it feels like the dreams are piling up higher than the manifestations of the dreams, you know?

Even if you do a ton, you may be stacking up more dreams than “dones.”

Do you feel like you are more dreaming than doing, even though you are working really hard?

If so, you may need a little extra space to dream and be OK with dreaming…. rather than piling up dreams that stress you out.

Here are a few ideas to elevate your piles of dreams to great importance and make them a part of your life in an artful way!!!  Continue Reading…


My experience has been that most people have a solid sense of when they are doing good for themselves…and when they are not.  The tricky part is when things that are not good become a part of a daily routine, or a self-sabotage that pops up and takes over.

After spending another week in Japan at the base of Mt Fuji participating in days of  ancient Nichiren Shoshu ceremonies that I’ve seen transform my own karma for years, I watched myself go trough a series of changes- some subtle and some vibrantly loud- that showed me the way I have been creating my own life in ways that don’t always help me.

Key words here: “creating my own life.”

In Buddhist philosophy that is espoused now far and wide by pop psychology and all sorts of philosophy, we create our life through thoughts, words and actions.  The word used to describe this bank of thoughts words and ations is KARMA.

But, there are those unconscious cravings that seem to hijack the brain.  The bad boy that you know is really not your ideal mate but you date him anyway. The junk food late at night.  The third cocktail.  The binges on TV.  The streak of jealousy that you can’t explain and seemingly can’t control… The over-spending at a big sample sale.  All this and so much more seems to feel so good at the moment yet winds up being subtle self-destruction.

Clarity can go a long way toward making meaningful changes!

Today, I thought it would be awesome to kick off a long weekend with a few ways to live with more cause over your own mind-hijacking cravings, less somewhat unconscious self-demise and a more balanced sense of confidence that you can create a life that you love!  Continue Reading…

succulent terrariums

I can make you a succulent terrarium for about 6 dollars.  It won’t be quite like these beauties that cost nearly $60.00 in Japan. The remarkable design and hyper-eye-catching display  is what adds ten times the price to these upscale mason jar gardens.

Beautiful packaging.  Great design.  It’s always created value.

This isn’t superficial drive- a focus only on the outside- but, rather, aesthetic and a reflection of confidence, artfulness and worth.

Today, a few ideas about design in life can help you to package what matters to you in ways that elevate your products, your environments and even your sense of self-esteem! Continue Reading…