Everyone is creative. All of life is a creative activity.
Studies are proving every day that creative expression makes every aspect of life dynamically better.
Here are the best in curated feng shui tips, creativity exercises, inspiration, science and even some actual art projects to cultivate your genius in gorgeous ways!


How much do you stand up in a day?

Or, better question: how much of your day is spent sitting down?

It’s something I hadn’t thought much about until it was unavoidable.

In the last few years, while I’ve done a lot of running around the country, it’s been largely without standing or exercising much.   When my body started to ache in weird ways, including tendonitis and a sore back that manifested out of the blue, I got deeply concerned.   I logged into my iPhone Health app and noticed the number of steps I walked in a day was abysmal.  Frightening, actually.  My body was getting sick from not walking.

Standing may be the #1 most positive health switch you can make.

It’s a night and day difference.   My stuck body sorted itself out with some standing up alone.   My life got instantly lighter.

Whatever you’re doing, you’re likely to stand up and do it now, especially after this! Continue Reading…

happiness is contagious

Happiness is contagious.  That’s science.

All emotions are contagious, in fact.

So, if you surround yourself with anger, it will impinge upon you.  If you have lots of sadness around you, that will seep in. If you’re surrounded by focus and excitement, it will influence you as well.

It’s not that we’re victims of the emotions around us.  We make conscious choices.

Today’s feng shui is all about becoming so radiantly happy that it’s woven into your habits, your home and your energy field.  It’s about becoming effortlessly glowing and excited and free.  It’s some of my favorite feng shui.

On the eve of releasing my new e-guide (!!!)  that takes feng shui to the next level by weaving in love and beauty everywhere you look, I’m super-excited to share some happiness ideas that turn life into a giant, glowing, magnetic dream-come-true!  Continue Reading…

create sacred space
This concept is huge and vital.  We all need sacred space. We need a place we can plug in and let go and feel like ourselves.  My dear friend Lori Bregman really drove home the importance of the idea of sacred in her work with new moms as a doula, impressing upon me the deep need to have this feeling of afetly and peace and a place to retreat into as life grows exponentially bigger.

It’s one thing to create a meditation area (or even a room or a whole guest house, as I’ve seen) or an art studio or a luscious living room…and it’s another to actually use it for it’s prime benefit:  to unplug completely and tune into yourself.

Make a space for you and make sure you can use it fully.  

I’ve seen the most gorgeous meditation rooms go completely un-touched… or so barely used that they are an afterthought.  Or, I’ve seen people try to use these spaces and find them awkward, distracting or otherwise not really working.

It’s like when my own sacred space goes awry, my own Buddhist altar at home, I know I’m in a sort of trouble spot.  I can’t focus properly. I can’t fuse my life roperly. My mind races.  I am not really in my practice.

Today is all about creating sacred space that work for you.  When you tap into this kind of genius, you’ll see why it’s so vital to always live with this much meditative connection to your life.   Continue Reading…

gorgeous bath

(@thecolorfuldot is awesome)

I know this from doing it all wrong.  Raised with perfection as a supposedly attainable state,  I spent much of my life looking at everything wrong and looking out for more wrong…

It springs from a well-meaning place: wanting to be a better person or to improve life in some way.  Fixing problems, expanding, creating… I live for this stuff.   It’s noble and awesome to always want to push the envelope and grow as a person, you know?

That fine idea can get warped when you focus in on what’s wrong in the name of “making it right.”

I’ve been guilty of this way too many times.  It’s like a toxic tornado.

Suddenly, from the place of what’s wrong you just see more wrong.  And if you go down this road, it ends in everything being wrong.  Even things that started out perfectly fine become dreadfully wrong.

Have you done it?

Are you doing it now?

As simplistic as it might sound, I bet you’ll find solutions and you’ll soar and feel fantastic if you stop right now and focus on what’s right. Continue Reading…



If you decide to change your life, for sure you can.

If you deliberately change your space- including new habits and routines that move energy around that space in new ways – you can shift life to make some impossible dreams become real.

This is the feng shui that makes me so excited I can barely sit still! Continue Reading…

art supplies

Mechanics and craftspeople know the vital importance of tools.  Tools are essential to what they do. It’s impossible to access certain parts of a machine without them.  You can’t saw through materials or melt things without the right equipment.

After spending a morning in a craft superstore haze, the precision of materials that are involved in everything from rolling out fondant for a cake to creating the most stunning knit blanket can be mindblowing.

Sure, you can improvise when you’re getting started.  But to perfect your craft, you need the goods.

The goods don’t need to be expensive, but they need to work for you.

If you’ve been idling at one level for a while, or sort of stuck and unable to really start creating what you know you’re meant to create- be it the greatest novel or the most perfect pottery, keeping a more incredible home or building a spectactular relationship- you might need more tools.  And you might be surprised how easy it is to collect what you need in order to excel beyond your wildest dreams.  Continue Reading…

opans from crystal cactus

(@crystalxcactus is a must-follow instagram inspiration!)

These opals struck me like a lightning bolt.

Ever since I was a small child and first admired slivers of this opalescent stone in my mom’s 80’s jewelry, I was hooked on their swirly, holographic magic.

Charms of Light writes about opal brilliantly: “Opal enhances cosmic consciousness and induces psychic and mystical visions. It stimulates originality and creativity. Helps to release anger and claim self-worth, aiding in accessing and expressing one’s true self. Opal strengthens memory. It encourages an interest in the arts.”

I love opal intensely and today it’s message is 100% on point.  I’ve been swimming in art, pouring through reasearch and experimenting like mad… and it’s been all about living a more creative life.  No matter how far I fly in a direction- from the metaphysical to the scientific- I come back to core basics.

We are all creative.  And the more creatively expressed we are, the more likely we are to make our best lives happen in every way imaginable. Chaces are if you’re working hard and not really moving forward, a dose of creativity can be game-changing.

Dramatic. Powerful. Awesome. Fun.


Ready to get to creating?! Continue Reading…

follow your soul

(spiritual gangster instagram)

Here’s a wild bit from Cyndi Dale’s brilliant book, “The Subtle Body Practice Manual,” that can help you cleanse and electrify your personal energy.

“The physical heart, which is the endocrine center of the heart chakra, generates 5,000 times more magnetic energy than does our brain.  It generates the most intense magnetic field produced by our body.”

She goes on to explain that by placing your hand over your heart and resting it there, you can tap into every energy field of your body, cleansing and healing and lighting up your own energy.

That’s simple: put your hand on your heart.  You’ll feel the calm instantly.  I leave it there for a while.

To take it to the next level, do this in a bath of one cup of baking soda and lots of hot water.  Some rose or lavender essential oil is even higher vibe, but just a drop or two!

And make sure you get your cardio exercise in… for your wellness and your vibrant physcal electricity!

Glowing greatness…!

xoxo Dana



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