Everyone is creative. All of life is a creative activity.
Studies are proving every day that creative expression makes every aspect of life dynamically better.
Here are the best in curated feng shui tips, creativity exercises, inspiration, science and even some actual art projects to cultivate your genius in gorgeous ways!

spring flowers Its slated to rain on a very important day in my life.

Of course the first response is worry, right?

Typically it would be.  On a day where I need sunlight, have thousands of dollars of equipment moving, have lots of precious things to beatifully display… rain is like the plague.

Or is it?

Today’s expansive design idea is all about worry.  Not just why you shouldn’t do it, because we all know that, but also, ideas to get ahead of it.  Yes, ahead of it!  Continue Reading…

wood spaces


While I’m not sure who can go any kind of work on a barstool, I love the expanse of warm wood here so much, coupled with the Nature screensavers.  Not only does this space look cool… even in a photograph it feels like you can dream up something cool there, too!

Today is a round-up of creative woodsy spaces that are, for the most part, simple.  You can come up with your own great ideas from this inspiration! Continue Reading…

dana claudat

I tell people to detach from their digital lives more. In fact, this selfie above is an outtake from the Digital Detox week of the Catalyst Camp life declutter and its the week of the camp where I admit my own struggles with digital addiction.

We all have struggles to put the things we “know to be best” into action.

The idea of taking your own advice is a huge one.

I think we’ve all had moments where we’ve said, in the midst of giving someone else great advice, “I should be doing this, too!”

As a person who professionally gives advice, recommendations, writes about how to do things better, shares ideas and inspiration, the idea of taking one’s own advice is insanely daunting one at times.  While we’re all human, I can’t really do what I do if I don’t make a conscious effort to be more of what I share every day.

And when I’m up at 2am sending emails, I realize I have gone off my own tracks.  And unless I can take my own best advice and reel things in, I am on a fast road to no good!

Do we all need to take our own advice a little more? Continue Reading…


Oh, wow, this has never been more true for me. I am in deadline month.  Until the month is over my life is a series of deadlines I have no choice but to meet.

Do you set deadlines?

Do you need a deadline?

I do a lot in a typical day.  In times of deadlines I can do twice as much.  When the deadlines matter to me (like right now), I can bend space and time!

Deadlines can make you more creative. 

Deadlines also make you more the master of your own universe, paradoxically.

Set deadlines. Honor them. Reach for them.  You might not be able to live on perpetual deadlines but time to time a deadline will light you up in a big way!!!

I’m off to go fit a week worth of work into two hours!!!   xoxo Dana

water gardens


From water gardens (Martha Stewart will show you how to do the above right HERE)  to strings of air plants and bulbs blooming in mid-air, there are so many creative ways to garden! Continue Reading…


When is the last time you had fun?  Real fun.  Fun that was uplifting, that made you feel wide awake…!

Last night I feel asleep smiling… So energized after an incredible dinner party. These nights are always a vital reminder:

Fun is not something frivolous. I think its something of a superfood.  A mood-enhancer.  A vitamin.

If you want to have much more room for what you love in your busy life, fun is a wonderful way to start.  And here is a bit of feng shui to move you to bring more of the energy of fun to your life…!  Continue Reading…

20 things to start doing


Yes….. yes…. yes 20X over, yes-yes-yes!!!  xoxo Dana


Actions move life along.  You don’t need me to tell you that, but it bears repeating since lots of us get caught in a think-storm where its so easy to sit in analysis and so hard to actually make a move.

In feng shui, everything is about energy moving freely.

If your energy is not moving – in other words, you are lost in contemplation- its time to reconnect to life more and start going.

Today’s feng shui tackles a few of the reasons we get stuck in thought— the times when  actions feels a million miles away from a reality. If you can jump over these stuck-thoughts, everything becomes easier and everything becomes ACTUAL! Continue Reading…