Everyone is creative. All of life is a creative activity.
Studies are proving every day that creative expression makes every aspect of life dynamically better.
Here are the best in curated feng shui tips, creativity exercises, inspiration, science and even some actual art projects to cultivate your genius in gorgeous ways!



This is a big question: are you in a flowing state of life?

Are you?

In feng shui, flow is what happens when you have no obstacles in your space.  When you feel connected to life, things sort of fall into place.  We sometimes see it as an accident or a bit of luck.  Some people never get there, always sort of pushing their way through everything, every day.

I’ve been reading a ton about the trillions of complex and elastic computations that the brain can make.  Did you know hat we can generate new brain cells, new “flexibility” in our thinking and new habit patterns for our entire life?

This is neuroscience.  It gives me chills in a great way.

This means that even on a physical level, you can flow much more. On a cellular level you can flow much more.  This is wildly cool.

Here are a few ways to know if you could use a bit (or a lot) more flow in your life…. along with a few ideas to get you flowing today.  Continue Reading…

dali lama morning

(grab this on Etsy)

I am a big believer in morning routines that make the day better.

I’m also a huge believer that what you think about becomes what you create.

Both ideas have a whole lot of science behind them as well as a whole lot of anecdotal evidence.

Just because I am aware of these things doesn’t mean I always get them right!

You might also be aware of these things… and not quite know how to make them a reality.

If you started your day:  by waking up to an alarm clock begrudgingly (or just sleeping through it, exhausted), crawling out of bed with a slight feeling of dread and then started ruminating on all the things wrong with your house, with your life or with circumstances, you are not alone.

My schedule got shattered recently by lots of good things (*they can also screw up a grat routine!) and along with it my morning habits flew out the door.  Let me tell you, there’s nothing good that has come of my “new morning improvisation.”

I’ve been thinking all morning, ” I am so behind…I should be at yoga… I should have done this thing sooner… Maybe I should skip it because I’m so behind…”   

What this leads to is very simple:   Nothing gets done.  And everything is unnecessarily stressful. 

Have you been there?

Are you there now?

What was on your mind this morning?

Here’s a little feng shui to make it a brighter and earlier and more purposeful morning every day!  Continue Reading…

dana claudat

Sneaking around in bathrooms to take this photo was a bit of a stealth risk in the name of playing with color.  This is about as risky as my life gets in Hollywood these days!

But, when I first arived here almost 15 years ago I was filled with cinematic adventure… and determined to never “need” to have a day job again.  You see, I’ve always been a writer but I wasn’t always a writer who writes.

I was a writer that talks about writing.

Are you one of those?

Or an actor who can recount the best moments on stage or on film but doesn’t study or practice…. Or a painter with paintings from decades ago and no paint anywhere nearby to be found…


Of course, the brilliance of this situation is that we all tend to think that the elimination of a problem will set us free.

Can you finish this sentence:  “As soon as I have…………, then I can pursue my dreams of …………..” 

I shared this story today on my personal note that I send to all of you each week  (you can join up HERE if you aren’t already) and rarely do I ever re-share things here, but this story feels worthy of sharing…!  Continue Reading…



Caring about things just can’t be bad.

After all, the life of passion and pride and purpose requires that we are deeply connected to everything we do, right?

But… I have seen something weird happen when I’ve become really deeply involved in a project I care about and then sort of freeze or become panicked at bringing it to life.  After all, this is no longer an art project or design or writing… this is now a part of me.  And I want to be sure that this part of me goes in the best way I can possibly imagine it can go.

Weirdly, the more I cared about something the more difficult it became to actually do things!

Do you get really deeply attached to projects, to your work or to anything or anyone to the point where your passion and desire to succeed starts to make you panic, worry or otherwise freeze-up or even want to quit because the stakes are so high?

Apparently, this is very common. It’s not just me… or you… that has this happen! And,  this doesn’t have to be a problem. Continue Reading…

art supplies


Creativity is all of life.   Every single action you take all day is creative.

Massive businesses invest in programs to amplify the creativity of their employees.  Consultants are hired to come up with creative solutions to big problems that “logic” alone will not fix.  Stanford University famously has d-school (design school) to allow graduate students from every discipline to immerse themselves in creativity-expanding exercises and group challenges.

Yearly now, I run a free online group that experiences the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron together.  This year nearly 400 people are deep  in The Artist’s Way process of creative unblocking.  Each year, I do it with the group.  I seem to be exhaustively creative- a maker and designer by trade- and each year I think I need The Artists’s Way more than anyone else that joins the group!

We’ve all sat down to make something and come up empty-handed.  We’ve all procrastinated out of a strange feeling of stuck-ness that is a mixture of fear and absolute blank-mindedness.

Even if you can’t plunge into the depths of your psyche and understand precisely why thins is happening to you right this minute, endless blank-minded days, endless creativity exercises and 10 times through The Artist’s Way have given me a cheat sheet of sorts that takes away the common sources of my own stuck-ness.

Today, I’m sharing the top ten ways I have seen myself and hundreds of others get themselves into a creative blockade.  If you are there right now, empty-handed and staring with no motivation at your unfinished projects, this may help you to jump-start your creative life right now! Continue Reading…

rules of reality making

Each and every bulletpoint of these rules written by Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi in the book Superbrain give me chills and light up my mind!   In fact, the whole book Superbrain lights up my life.

What would your days be like if you were clearly the creator of reality?

Well, this is a scientific review of exactly how you ARE the creator of reality.

Own this.  Live it.  You will never feel like a victim again.  You’ll never be bored.  This is light!  xoxo Dana



Some people firmly believe that the rational mind holds the answer to all problems.  But, yet, these problems stick around like glue.

I’m not a doctor of any kind, but I can tell you that 90% of the hundreds of clients I have worked with over the years have a very strong awareness of their problems, an awareness that is rational.  What they don’t know how to do is actually SOLVE them.

That’s where ART comes in.   Continue Reading…

flower  close up

Close up, everything is magnificent and specific.  You can see all the intense geometry of this flower, the petals inside petals inside architecture that creates what, from a distance, looks like a simple, shining daisy.  But up close, the daisy is much more intricate.  In the close up you see that part of why this daisy is so compelling is that it has a music and a modeling that is precise, ordered and wondrous.

If you have been looking for more confidence, for more creative prowess, for more certainty and sparkle in your life, chances are that you’ve been advised to go bolder.  Bolder color.  Speak with a louder voice.  “Go out there and kick some ass!” or “Cause a spectacle,” are two bits of advice I have been perpetually given, neither leading to anything really good.

Here’s a idea, instead, that is far more compelling and, dare I say it, transformational.   Continue Reading…