Find your inspiration and increase your creativity! Creativity is a huge part of life; some would argue creativity IS life. You do not have to be a professional fine artist or “fuzzy” type to develop your creative capacity. Creative thought and action in daily life brings color, joy and increase capability to any aspect of your life. I am hugely indebted to Julia Cameron and her book The Artists Way for setting me on the path to fulling living my creative life. From her work, my quest has gone far and wide to bring you articles, gadgets, books, films, videos, projects and exercises that can expand your creative arsenal. Here is an arsenal of my most favorite inspiration and creativity boosting goodies; I get excited just thinking about all this cool stuff to do!


From long waks in the bright afternoon with Bob to quantum entanglement theories, here are 5 lifestyle goodies I am absolutely loving this week to embrace a dynamic Spring.

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You see images everywhere. People tell their “life stories” of the miraculous things they have done. We watch fantasy films that seem real. Social media paints pictures of so much riotous fun. Impossibly awesome days with insanely divine experiences.  We are left with a feeling that somehow other people are much luckier than we are.

What you should know is that often times: blemishes are edited, details are omitted, miracles are overstated, fantasy doesn’t meet reality, ones credentials are embellished and their misgivings stuffed in a closet.

I don’t need to tell you that perfection is a myth. You know that.

What I wanted to share today is a bit different.

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beautiful paint (oh my little dears! what a great blog…)

Possibility puts us at cause over life in a way that is dynamic!

When possibilies  in front of you are few, the world feels like a very damning space. Plus, when you only have a few options, is is easy to feel anxious, stuck or weak in any situation.

When you are adept at creative thinking, you will not only be more relaxed… you will make your world far bigger.

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When you are committed to making awesome things happen, this typography really speaks volumes.

A simple, inspired, original, active & enjoyable life: this is the dream!

I have nailed concepts like “inspired”, but man: “simple” was tough for me. “Enjoy” was not familiar in my definition of success. And I overdid the “work hard” part!

Where do you fall in the spectrum of these creative elements?

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bookshelf DIY
When Alexis Hyde (of Hyde or Die art writing infamy) messaged me to say that she buoilt a bookcase, my mind went to the usual places: West Elm? CB2?
A picture followed that blew my mind.
She “built” a bookcase.
For under $50.
That looks extraordinary.
No nails, no glue, just boards and bricks!
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Benefits of Meditation: 10 Science-Based Reasons To Start Meditating Today INFOGRAPHIC - An Infographic from Emma Seppälä, Ph.D.

(via Emma Seppälä, Ph.D.)

I am constatly touting the benefits of just a bit of meditation. 15 minutes a day is a great thing.  15 minutes a few times a day= wow-factor for me. lately, I have been very into the Silva Centrering Exercise.  You can try it for free on You Tube right HERE.  (I fast forward through the first few minutes of talking!)

By the way, its is worth noting that meditation need not be spiritual. It can be a relaxing mindfulness exercise.

It can be a visualization of things that make you feel happy or at peace.  I happen to be a big fan of the classic book Creative Visualization as it unlocks a lot of artistic impulses while helping you to stay calm and feel lighter. 

Stay calm and excited! xoxo Dana

two words of advice

You may struggle to find two words- but the exercise of distilling all the emotions of the past into two words (or a few words) can set a new theme for the year, for the month or for your life.

I thought I would pick two like Forget Everything or Keep Learning.  But upon reflection – forgetting doesn’t work and learning is all that I do, so that would be crappy advice to give to me.

My two words: Risk More.  Simple, but prevades every facet of life,

What are your words? Can you take that advice now?!

(thank you to Marc Herb and the Facebook memes I just have to re-design sometimes!)

natural dye


Nature is abundantly amazing.  Today a friend sent me a film by The Selby featuring the artistry of Audrey Louise Reynolds.  Her intuitive, artistic use of nature to dye fabrics.  She explains thar scientific studies have found that we are intuitively more attracted to colors made with natural dye than synthetic color- even if hte colors are ostensibly the same.  Perhaps we see the energetic patterns of nature in color…

And watching Audrey work on fabric- exquisite fabrics made with everything from turmeric and cauldrons of veggies to seasonal flowers- and her fabrics are even treated with Reiki and sent to healers.

Objects DO have energy.  Audrey Louise Reyonds will open your eyes to the many layers of energy in your everyday fabric and how you can transform your own space with more nature! Get ready to be wowed!

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