Find your inspiration and increase your creativity! Creativity is a huge part of life; some would argue creativity IS life. You do not have to be a professional fine artist or “fuzzy” type to develop your creative capacity. Creative thought and action in daily life brings color, joy and increase capability to any aspect of your life. I am hugely indebted to Julia Cameron and her book The Artists Way for setting me on the path to fulling living my creative life. From her work, my quest has gone far and wide to bring you articles, gadgets, books, films, videos, projects and exercises that can expand your creative arsenal. Here is an arsenal of my most favorite inspiration and creativity boosting goodies; I get excited just thinking about all this cool stuff to do!

door knobs anthro

This week, as I prepare to complete (!!!) my big move, it was all about simple transformation.

A whole beautiful mess of dreamy knobs greeted me at the Anthropologie store at the Grove in LA this week.  The geodes- perfect for an antique dresser in need of a lift. The sparkling- for a kitchen makeover.  On and on, I matched knobs with the furniture they would best harmonize with in my mind.  This can create a total space makeover!  We found so many magical makeover goodies as my friend Ariel and I explored the latest bounties in the store.

Glamorous door knobs are the first on my list of 5 simple things this week that really made a massive difference in transforming experiences!

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andy gilmore digital art

(andy gilmore rocks) 

Making dreams come true is what I am all about, and part of that creative process requires that you grab hold of your special talents and let them lead you.  While it seems very fluid and fabulous to say, often it is the actual “grabbing hold” process that is most slippery. And, it doesn’t need to be!

Imagine you are a giant computer.  In many ways we all are- giant magical computers. At least for the purposes of today, this analogy is going to be our guide.

If you want to give the very best of your talent to the world, you need lots of bandwidth in your mind and you also need to keep yourself “reset”, “updated” and ready to produce things seamlessly.

To maximize your talents- your gifts, your genius- there is a need to acknowledge the concepts of bandwidth and stramlined simplicity.

Let’s put it this way: try to open six brower screens on your computer right now, and ten programs you have on your desktop. Now do a search on every screen open at once.   Now: try running a program on an outdated browser.

I bet your computer slows down quite a bit!

Same goes for your mind and your life.

Your outdated ideas, your too-many-things-at-once, exhaustion, clutter… all stop the best ideas in their tracks.

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creative kitchen

(Elle Decor South Africa) 

You can plan and plot and map and strategize the most awesome home interiors, but the real lusciousness of a memorable home shines through when you add your creative spin on your space!  These hyper-creative interiors can inspire you to be far more dreamy and daring! Continue Reading…

go for the great

Jobs, homes, friendships, relationships- when these things are not ideal, the temptation is to just “check out” and sort of tolerate things with minimal investment is very strong.

The problem: when you do this, things tend to get far worse very quickly.

If you stop “creating” things, they cease to exist.

What would happen if you left everything you touched in your life far better than when you found it?!

xoxo Dana



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From long waks in the bright afternoon with Bob to quantum entanglement theories, here are 5 lifestyle goodies I am absolutely loving this week to embrace a dynamic Spring.

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You see images everywhere. People tell their “life stories” of the miraculous things they have done. We watch fantasy films that seem real. Social media paints pictures of so much riotous fun. Impossibly awesome days with insanely divine experiences.  We are left with a feeling that somehow other people are much luckier than we are.

What you should know is that often times: blemishes are edited, details are omitted, miracles are overstated, fantasy doesn’t meet reality, ones credentials are embellished and their misgivings stuffed in a closet.

I don’t need to tell you that perfection is a myth. You know that.

What I wanted to share today is a bit different.

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beautiful paint (oh my little dears! what a great blog…)

Possibility puts us at cause over life in a way that is dynamic!

When possibilies  in front of you are few, the world feels like a very damning space. Plus, when you only have a few options, is is easy to feel anxious, stuck or weak in any situation.

When you are adept at creative thinking, you will not only be more relaxed… you will make your world far bigger.

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When you are committed to making awesome things happen, this typography really speaks volumes.

A simple, inspired, original, active & enjoyable life: this is the dream!

I have nailed concepts like “inspired”, but man: “simple” was tough for me. “Enjoy” was not familiar in my definition of success. And I overdid the “work hard” part!

Where do you fall in the spectrum of these creative elements?

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