Everyone is creative. All of life is a creative activity.
Studies are proving every day that creative expression makes every aspect of life dynamically better.
Here are the best in curated feng shui tips, creativity exercises, inspiration, science and even some actual art projects to cultivate your genius in gorgeous ways!

rag rugs

(you can buy these HERE)

One thing you may not know about me is that I’ve been wearing the same 6 or 7 t-shirts for the past… hm… 10 years.  I’m wearing one I got ten years ago right now, as I type.  It’s a vintage T-Shirt to begin with.  It’s not past its prime quite yet… And for days of raining and typing, its just perfect.

When things have outstayed their welcome in my home, I tend to hit the donation bin frequently.  Not everything is donatable though, as these 10 t-shirts will be not suitable for wear.  But… they will be suitable for a rag rug!

Today, let’s explore ways to turn old fabric into new art!!! Continue Reading…

rare succulents

Robotic sameness is the enemy of appreciating life, you know? My grandma woud say, “It’s a sin to be bored,” and it is, actually, when you think about it.  Boredome is like saying “I’ll let my time on the planet just pass me by…” rather than “I’m so lucky I have today to experience!”

You don’t need to go through life in perfect bliss to still be making the best out of things.

I hope you make more of of things anyway, no matter what is happening.

Here are a five ideas to spark a little more love for today!  Continue Reading…

kirra jamison

(kirra jamison makes such inspiring colorform art!)

Are you open to your creativity… or, does it scare you a bit?

In a zone of creativity, your mind isn’t quite the same.

In fact, your brain literally has to shut off in part (more on this here) to really allow inspiration and the somewhat mystical creative process to flow.

This is why lots of artists are also frequent lovers of all types of escapism and extremes, to enter a zone where that flow of energy moves like a channel for greatness to flow.

There are so many exercises (writing with your non-dominant hand, visualization, etc, etc) to create a situation of a perfect creative storm to ignite this flow…

But, no matter what exercise or lifestyle switch or great adventure you try, there’s a key piece that seems to go missing in people who lapse into shut-down, stuck and “this just doesn’t work for me” creative slumps.

Today’s feng shui is all about allowing inspiration into your life. Continue Reading…

splashy art

(art by my favorite exciting Yago Hortal)

The next few days are so packed with things that make me so excited… Art, friends, plants, parties…  Then the next week… And the next… And the next.

Sure there are non-exciting things mixed in that are essential, but socially, creatively, in business and in adventure I am really loving what’s ahead as well as what is right in front of me right now.

Its not an accident that I’m excited. I made a conscious choice for years to get to a place where I’d do most of what I loved with only a bit of what I don’t mixed in.

Do you love what’s in front of you right now?

Do you have exciting things in the future that pull you toward them?

Today is all about that feeling of excitement… And caputuring more of it for yourself, today. Continue Reading…

this is now

Today, I am taking a day off.

I am writing this at night, actually, the night before it posts in the morning.

While I love what I am doing every day so much its crazy and I’m really happy most of the time, I realized a few hours ago that I have not taken a day off in… well… almost never since I started this adventure in lifestyle.  But, in this level of intensity and all this greatness of the past year and a half, I haven’t taken a day off… actually… ever.

I had a wake up call tonight that sent me to the most freeing conclusions ever.

I need some soulful Spring Cleaning.

Silence. Art. Love. Time off.

Maybe you could use some, too?

Continue Reading…

take risks

Are you takig big enough risks?

Chances are, you will blurt out yes if you know you are, if you really are…

If you are in a place of huge risk, many gambles, lots of challenge… you know it.

If you aren’t in a place of positive risk-taking the malaise can disguise itself as mild depression, boredom, overwhelm, CLUTTER (in all caps because its so prevalent), frequent aches and pains…

Its as though you are keeping your energy pent up in a small box rather than letting it be free, and that energy has a way of getting knotted up, confused and deflated for lack of motion.

If you want to take bigger risks… here are three things to avoid… and one thing you might want to try! Continue Reading…

you can't please everyone

Today I had a revelation.  It actually started last night.  Truly it started about 10 years ago.  But today it all made sense.

It started in an acting class over a decade ago.  I had no aspiration to professionaly act, but this class in Beverly Hills was filled with a magic I can’t explain to transform reality.  I don’t think 80% of the class had a burning desire to be a professional actor, but 99% of the class was there for the growth.

The other 1%… They got removed from the class.

At the time I thought it was brutal to take cynics and give them a chance to break free of their cynicism or else leave.  Why did it matter if they were just sitting there? Did it make a difference if they wanted to do this or not?  As long as they paid shouldn’t they just get to watch even if they didn’t participate?

I had all these doubts about this extreme methodology.

I wanted everyone to be happy. We couldn’t just cast people out, you know?

I spent a long time “chasing waterfalls” trying to prop people up who had no interest in being propped up.  I would go out of my way to show people a better way to do something, a happier side of life… I would bend over backward to take the critic and try to make them the biggest mascot.

My way did not work. Not at all.

Today I wonder: is people pleasing holding you back? Moreover: are you letting dissenting voices drag you off your mission?  Continue Reading…

anna wintour yarn

Are you open to the magic that can happen today, or, are you sort of committed to things being the same-same-same?

Things really changed for me when I stopped saying that I’m open to anything happening and started to actually feel open to anything good happening.

When you really feel that kind of openness to magic, it seems to surprise you everywhere! Continue Reading…