Everyone is creative. All of life is a creative activity.
Studies are proving every day that creative expression makes every aspect of life dynamically better.
Here are the best in curated feng shui tips, creativity exercises, inspiration, science and even some actual art projects to cultivate your genius in gorgeous ways!

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I hear the words “healthy relationship” touted as the gold standard in love and friendship and all of life.  Sure, “healthy” anything sounds perfect to me.  But…is there one way these things look? And can the abstract idea become more personal? What does “healthy” look like?!

Digging in a bit, it seems that some view this “healthy” idea of relationships as a unicorn, something unattainable unless we sit in a fairy tale.  Others have specific qualifying notions of what creates “healthy” that are a little unrealistic (i.e.: “we never fight…” or “I’m 100% always adored.”)

And then, it seems, some people just have great relationships, some that work and some that don’t… but they are typically just great.

In my experience, these people who seem to luck into awesome love situations in every area of life aren’t lucky as much as they are believers in love  in a realistic way.  They are willing to lose.  They are willing to give.  It’s all pretty much in flow.

Since love feng shui is a huge part of what I do with clients, I’ve had lots of time to explore many paradigms that are thought to be “healthy” and “unhealthy.”  After all, in order to feng shui a space for more love, its important to know where love is falling short in life, where its drifted to unicorn fantasy and where, maybe, you’ve accepted less that you deserve and so love seems an elusive disappointment.

Are your relationships healthy?  Are your ideas about relationships healthy?

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tulips in vase


Its Springing Spring very soon, and this powerhouse Spring deserves lots of Spring freshness.

Little projects like forcing bulbs in a vase (you can totally do this, its so simple and stunning… directions right HERE) add a punctuation mark of glorious growth to wake up your days at home.

Today’s simple Spring home projects are bursting with Spring morning freshness! Continue Reading…

art supplies

This was the question of the day at Cafe Gratitude last night:

What inspires you? 

Beyond the coconut milk and almong butter date shake and the wonderful company, I love this place for the single daily question they ask everyone who dines there every day.

Admittedly, I have over-indulged in daily shakes to hear the questions (and because these shakes are sinfully melted-icecream good!) because the questions alone tend to inspire me, even though they’re usually quite simple.

Today’s expansive idea is a something you can do in a minute… but that minute can bring immense greatness rushing into your day!

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dream big

Dream come true day!  People in the Catalyst Camp (my big feng shui’d declutter camp) are having dreams come true like jobs and money and synchronicity that is wild and amazing. Clients are sending me big messages.  And my dream-come-true project with Mind Body Green-  Your Guide To DIY Feng Shui- just launched and is a total dream!

So… if you are looking to make more dreams come true…

Dream big.  Like way bigger.  Dream big for others, too!  I envisioned dreams coming true for friends and we are now collaborators and co-conspirators in art and life adventures.

Work hard. Really.  But if you love it, its not work!!!

Stay focused. 

& Surround yourself with amazing people who you support, who totally support you!  I can say that every single dream come true in my life has been a collaboration on so many levels.  From friends encouraging me to take risks on big love to making big leaps forward with a group of friends I so love and admire… It’s a huge one!  You can’t fly with weights on your ankles! Don’t let anyone drag you down!

And of course, a 4th:  Feng shui your space so it can help you make your dreams come true!

Your Guide To DIY Feng Shui is here!!!, its on a big flash sale, and it’s so exciting I just can’t sit still!

Get started on your own de-cluttered, feng shui’d home and life now… and watch the magic happen!!! xoxo Dana


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Are you ready for a new chapter?

If the same-old is not really inspiring, and the days are feeling wasted on wondering and wishing, its probably time to take action!

If you aren’t sure quite what to do to start a new chapter, the best thing to do is to get ready!!!  After all, preparation makes life so much easier.

Not sure how to prepare for actions you aren’t sure of?

You can. Even if you aren’t sure what you are preparing for… you can.

It all starts with putting an end to the old and getting ready to recieve more of the new… and “the new” includes new ideas.  Perhaps those ideas will lead you to your new chapter if you aren’t quite clear what it is quite yet!?!

It’s often the case!

As I have a new chapter starting now in many ways and I’m deeply immersed in all 8 of these things, I’m thrilled to share these ideas because they are so magnificently inspiring if you try them.   Continue Reading…

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Did I mention I went to a famous healer recently?

It wasn’t something I can articulate fully, as the Hollywood gurus have ways and means that transcend space and time and things that I could actually put in print.  In fact, journalists have gone to see this healing man only to realize, with life altered and mind blown, that there is no way to adequately express or explain what actually happened.

Let’s let that be a mystery….!

But here’s why I’m bringing it up.   I went to him not because I was sick… but because I knew I needed to expand the capacity of what I can handle in terms of energy, creativity…. I’ve produced more writing, film, teaching, art in the last 8 weeks than I have in the two years preceeding it, and for the year ahead I see it unchanging…. growing… It’s the most thrilling thing in the world to watch your creative projects get wider and more glimmering… but it’s also been so exhausting, losing my voice, feeling myself struggling more than excited over time.  My mind was racing, my body was sleeping for the right number of hours but not really sleeping…

I call it the Overwhelmed By Joy syndrome! Do you know what I mean?

The solution to my conundrum, and maybe the answer to being able to live bigger and brighter in general, involved having a greater capacity to freely love.  Weird, perhaps.  Effective: completely!  Continue Reading…

pink forest


I’ve often slammed up against other people’s walls in my pursuit of happiness.

Have you?

It’s that feeling when things are growing and moving and you are doing great in your life and suddenly you see that the people you love just aren’t moving or growing and suddenly as you reach out you meet their anger, fear, trauma, cynicism and limitations.  But you’ve worked through lots of your own heaviness to get to a place where you could expand, feel and live more unlimited… So, you know that they can, too.

It’s sort of a buzz kill to see that other people aren’t as willing to do what you did, breathing through the panic of making those phone calls, spending the marathon days taking ideas and making them real, investing the time into self-love and self-stretching…

So there’s a choice it seems: stop growing or risk losing lots of people.

Lots of people choose the first option.  I did.  It was easier to scale back on my own leaps forward to be sure that as a “good person” I stuck right beside the people I loved who were not moving forward.  I sidelined my plans. I was “practical” and gave up opportunities.  I said no to jobs that could have catapulted me to the top of the art world, I took a back seat in photographs, off to the side, I stayed home rather than staying connected to what moved me…

After all, we have to sacrifice for the people we love, right?

The third option- though- is what I feel real love actually is… And it’s the option that has the potential to transform the people and the places around you.   Inspiring change.   Continue Reading…


There’s nothing I see people struggle with more than an obsessive need for control or a feeling of being out of control.

Both are the same.

Yes, the same.

Both imply that something in life is wrong and the way to fix it lies in one’s own manipulation of the universe.

Having seen both strategies fail miserably- hyper-control and complete surrender of all control- I know that the middle ground is something special.

Having swung on both sides of the pendulum myself I can tell you that the middle ground is so hard to access when you are in the midst of the grip of fear.

But the cool part is that the middle ground seems to be very simple if you dare to have it.

Do you need to let go of your control or step into more positive control?

Show up today, completely, for the day.  Continue Reading…