Dana Claudat

My name is Dana Claudat and I am the Dana behind The Tao of Dana.  I studied Art History at Stanford University and became a Pyramid School Feng Shui consultant.  I design homes. I design lifestyles. I curate art collections.

Mainly: I help people rewrite their story to give more of themselves to life and  get more of what they want from life.

I should mention that when I started studying feng shui about nine years ago, I was not sure that it “worked.”  I mean, moving furniture to change your life is a crazy concept at first blush, don’t you think?!

Pyramid School is the Western school of feng shui that deals with how individuals personally experience “place” in the modern world. The day I discovered this school in a haphazard Google search to fix my own home was the day I signed on to study.   Instead of reading descriptions of house blessings and transcendental cures like bells and red ribbons that I could never stand behind, I was reading books about psychology, biology and color theory.

Moving forward from those early days, over many years working in many incredible spaces in Los Angeles, New York and around the world, my way of feng shui is evolved to my own way.  I have integrated everything from: quantum physics, holistic healing, management theory, art history, philosophy, mythology, sociology, aromatherapy, art therapy… and much, much more.

We are always evolving.

The way we practice and work in the world needs to evolve, too.

That’s part of why I created this blog- so that we could share in the learning and stretching of boundaries in service of better lives and more happiness and peace in the world.

Ok, now, a bit about me as me:  I am a Modern & Contemporary art freak. Curating is in my DNA.  I can cook all day (somewhat elaborately), usually with my puppy Bob at my feet.  I am a stealth hippie, for sure.  Nature makes me come alive.  I’m from ironically from a colorful family in a very suburban and Nature-free part of New Jersey; one day soon my parent’s memoir will be on paper. Writing is my tangible form of heaven.

My wish for every visitor is to take even a piece of an idea to have a more creative life and own it.

You are all my teachers and my inspiration!   xxxooo Dana

And- My personal side note— This blog is dedicated to my incredible mother Maggie who was- and always will be- a saint. She never ran out of sparkle and time to help everyone who crossed her path. I really wish she got to see this while she was here.