Dana Claudat

My name is Dana Claudat and I am the feng shui mind behind The Tao of Dana.  I am a Stanford-educated Art Historian, a certified Pyramid School Feng Shui consultant and an insatiable writer and designer.  My original Tumblr blog, The Tao of Dana, started as an experiment to see if I could teach and share feng shui in a fresh, new way.  Two years later, it is a cult-classic success, which led me to found this major portal of all my best lifestyle-enhancing goodies spanning the spectrum of life. This passion project has become my life’s mission;  bringing balance, beauty, greater happiness and prosperity to the world is my dream.  There is not a space in the world that couldn’t be improved in small or big ways; by changing spaces, lives also change in small and big ways.

I should mention that when I started studying feng shui about six years ago, I was not sure that it “worked.”  I mean, moving furniture to change your life is a crazy concept at first, don’t you think?! I had read lots of feng shui tips and articles about red strings and directions (north, south, east, west) and Chinese astrology and numerology and I thought it all very mystic and yet intriguing in concept; this was an art form that changed lives by changing spaces!  I stumble upon Pyramid School Feng Shui accidentally while shopping for books. Pyramid School is the Western school of feng shui that deals with how individuals personally experience “place” in the modern world. That day, I signed on to study to become a certified consultant.  Instead of reading descriptions of house blessings and transcendental cures, I was reading books on psychology, molecular physics, biology, color theory- science!  I had to be sure I could deliver a product that I could explain when I re-designed a home or office if that was my profession; I got certified and feng shui’d a friends place.  He called me a week later to tell me he had a massive windfall of money, and he was sure it was the feng shui that created the wealth.  That easily could have been coincidence, but it was fun to hear! So I did more friends’ feng shui… and more strangers… Almost a year of endless consultations passed, the whole time in the name of my own personal research, donating my time and services to see the outcome.  Alas, the conclusion of all of my experimentation: this stuff is REALLY incredible!!!  Since I rarely had to add much of anything in the way of furniture or “remodeling” to a clients home to see the successes, this meant that I could really help people who had less expendable cash just as easily as I could feng shui moguls.

While I have had the great honor of feng shui’ing some of the coolest people in Hollywood and many superstars of the art world, I am thrilled to work with the future stars in their universes, creative spirits around the world who I have been able to feng shui thanks to the magic of the Internet.

bobOh yes, and about me: I’m a true Jersey Girl at heart, and Modern & Contemporary art freak. I cook all day (somewhat elaborately), I am obsessed with my puppy Bob, I am toying with advanced aromatherapy, I live for Buddhism and for my friends, I write a ton and live a storied life that only gets better.  I’ve also got a PhD in overcoming major life obstacles (!) and linking up with more and more non-profit awareness groups to empower women is my philanthropic aim.

Artful living is a state of mind; it costs nothing and it rewards you endlessly. My wish for every visitor of The Tao of Dana is to take even a piece of an idea to have a more creative life and own it.  You deserve it!  Thank you for reading. I am grateful to every eye that grazes this electronic page. xxxooo Dana

PS- My personal side note. This blog is dedicated to my incredible mother Maggie who was- and always will be- a saint. She never ran out of sparkle and time to help everyone who crossed her path.