Are You Looking For A Creative Boost?

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If you feel stuck… creativity is the electricity that changes everything.

If you’re facing obstacles… creativity is the electricity that changes everything.

If you’re waiting more of anything… creativity is the electricity that changes everything.

There are so many ways that creativity can change your life and you don’t even have to make art to harness this electricity!


Seek out new knowledge and topics that thrill you on every level and go deeper. The local library is amazing, beyond the Internet. Swap books with friends. Take workshops. Find mentors. When you dive into the subjects you’ve always wanted to know more about, you might just find ideas that crack open the universe and bring you big breakthroughs.

Make the ordinary more extraordinary. The most basic daily things– taking out the trash, getting groceries, folding laundry– can all have some new energy when you bring your attention to them. What would happen if you learned to make your bed with a little more flourish? It might not change your life, but it makes that daily chore more of an attentive, interesting, artful task and that moment feeds so many other moments that flow from it!

Feed your creative spirit– and feed yourself! The more you eat things that are thoughtfully prepared… or just thoughtfully eating them… the more you’ll feel reverence for mealtimes. Whether you’re peeling a banana and siting quietly to eat it or cooking up a feast, the idea of eating with a feeling of grace infused in it really levels up the experience.

Lists can be a creative wellspring. I get so much from list making– whether I’m making grocery lists, movie lists, lists of books to read or anything else. It brings motivation, energy, freshness and forward looking attention to every day, especially on days where I’m not thinking as broadly as I could. These lists remind me I have a stack of audios on audible to listen to, a ton of inspiring art to see, lots of projects to make… and so much more!

When in doubt, try sleeping a little more. If ever there was a fresh start, it’s a nap, and early bedtime or taking the morning to “sleep in” and fully recharge your batteries.

Energy flows where attention goes, and these little ways to put attention on the things that fuel your magic can have a ripple effect that is monumental!

Have so much fun!



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