8 Feng Shui Ways To Start Fresh And Tune Into Success!


You don’t need a special occasion to create a totally new beginning.

Yet, every new beginning– when it’s fueled with passion and commitment– is a special occasion.

As we get ready to start The Catalyst Camp Feng Shui Home + Life Declutter for the New Year, I’m thinking way beyond clearing negative energy, dumping clutter and lightening up life and diving deep into the success-bringing benefits of a life that’s free of clutter and laser-focused on the NEW.

Today, let’s look at Feng Shui to make the freshest fresh starts and tune into big success!

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First step in change-making: getting focused on the benefits.

Every single time I start organizing, clearing, cleaning, planning– I start by immersing myself in my own visions of the rewards that I know will come in the process of all my clearing. After 10 major life-changing sessions of The Catalyst Camp De-Cluttering program, watching thousands of transformations beyond my own as the clutter gets cleared, I can tell you that the rewards are something akin to practical magic.

While this video includes benefits that are nowhere near a complete list, one thing is clear: De-cluttering = Abundance!

Now, make personal goals more clear on paper– and really commit to this process.

Write it down and it’s far more likely to happen!

Set bigger goals and they’re far more likely to happen, too!

And, really committing yourself to the power of putting pen or pencil to paper and writing these things down mindfully, powerfully and with the awareness that you’re starting the creative process is a next-level of creative fire!

Freshen a beautifying routine!

Whether you start doing a scalp massage before you wash your hair, whip up a new relaxing detox bath, start diffusing essential oils or anything else, a little DIY beauty routine can bring you so much new energy and radiance. Most of the best ones I’ve found– from face masks to hair conditioners (deep conditioner: a little olive oil and a little honey added to your favorite conditioner)– are incredibly inexpensive, too!


Immerse yourself in the messages that support what you want.

All day long, find ways to affirm your goals and dreams. Speak them out loud, put them on your desk and read the list, daydream about them…

It’s all part of the creative process!

Do all your busy work at one time– or multi-task it so it doesn’t interfere with your creative genius.

Your zone of creativity is focused. You’re on a roll. You don’t want to stop.

But, then, you’re interrupted by dishes to wash, an errand to run, emails, notifications and all kinds of things that take you right out of that creative zone.

It’s like have a commercial break in the middle of the best part of a movie.

You lose momentum. It’s not the same afterward. You got tossed out of the dreamscape and into the mundane.

Instead, find a way to gather up those interruptions into a set time of day– chores, messages, emails, etc– all done at once.

Your creativity will soar. Your productivity will soar. And, you can even multi-task (returning friend’s phone calls as you clean the house, listen to a lesson as you shred papers, return emails as you snuggle with your pets.

This makes everything more enjoyable and so much easier.

Do something NEW every single day. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Use a new feature on a Social Media platform. Try a new way to part your hair. Walk in a new direction. Just one small action in a day that’s new leads to 365 experiences that are new in a year.

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Add new music.

Music is energy. Instrumental music on in the background of your life that’s tuned to elevate your mood is one of the most creative shifts to turn your life into more of a multi-sensory adventure.

Use water to keep yourself in flow.

Water is a huge catalyst in life. Whether you take a bath or a more luscious quick shower, drink more water or watch water fall in a fountain or as it rains, all this water is incredibly revitalizing and it will support you in all the new things you’re about to do.

Commit to both making space AND taking epic creative action in the space you create.

Amazing things are always about to happen for you!



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