Feng Shui To Live Your Most Creative Life!

I’ve had so many powerful, important and incredibly resonant conversations with brilliant people ready to join in The School of Intention Professional Feng Shui training program this season (details are HERE for those very interested in expanding their Feng Shui horizons in a big way), and one topic has come up across the boards.

Creative awakening.

The Feng Shui method you’ll find here (on the blog, in the online programs, e-books and in the School of Intention) is wholly unique for so many reasons, and the greatest one that will fuel your manifesting power is this.

Creative awakening.

It is simple but hardly basic, it’s powerful but incredibly fun, and it’s the energy that will help you to transform your home and life with incredible ease and flow.

Plus: you can’t get it wrong, and it’s available to all of us!

As with all fresh starts, any time you may be reading this is the ideal time for refueling your creativity.

This is about rest and sensory richness.

I start with salt baths or a creative bath of any kind. If you don’t have a bath, get a lovely soap or sprinkle aromatherapy on the ground in your shower.

Sleep a lot more. Take naps whenever possible. I now feel no guilt for the hour long siesta I’m about to take this afternoon, because it fuels my energy and makes my days feel far more productive and alive.

Gather up supplies. Crayons from the drugstore will suffice. A pencil and paper. Or crafting supplies. Paint. It’s all incredible. Whatever supplies make you more able to produce beautiful things are the ones for you!

Meet challenges with intuition. When you’re faced with an obstacle, take a step back and ask yourself: “How can this serve me? What is this reflecting that can help me to change my life? What would be the most ideal solution (and don’t worry about how “realistic” it is)?

Trust your answers to these questions and see how you can make the most of the problems and the creation of brilliant solutions.

Bring something aesthetically special to every day. Style your salad so it’s pretty enough to photograph. Create your morning routine with a flourish of candlelight. Change the font on the emails you send. Keep on adding your artistry to everything you do— especially the small things!

The most important thing:

Don’t entertain the average daily down-spirals.

If you have a tendency to dive in your vibes when you’re gossiping at work, that’s your habit to quit. If you lose steam after watching the news, that’s a down-spiral you can avoid. If you tend to worry or complain, this is your time to do something new.

Make art instead, take a bath, take a nap or, literally, do anything but allow yourself to hop on that elevator to low vibes.

You’ll see creative ideas popping up more often. You’ll feel more “guided” by your intuition. You’ll start creating inspiration instead of wishing for it. And, you’ll value the magic that’s present in every day.

A lifestyle infused with art is incredibly magnetic. And, it’s waiting for you!



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