Transform Your Mood And Raise The Level Of Your Manifesting Power To Pure Magic!

Immerse yourself in what feels like sparkling glitter of ideas, energy and infinite opportunities every single day.

If you can pull this off, you’ll be wholly and completely unstoppable.

And, you absolutely can do it!

Check your old habits at the door.

Really. Notice where your energy is going. Notice what you’re used to doing.

Do you quit on your to-do list even when you have plenty of energy and things really need to get done? Do you bash yourself as you talk about yourself throughout the day? Do you have habits that sink your energy?

Minimize whatever makes your energy dive and you’ll watch your world expand in lightning-fast ways!

Take your focus off of “reality” in the way it’s presented to you at the moment.

If you feel you can’t be happy or calm or focused in the midst of imperfect conditions, you’ll always have your attention on what’s wrong and that will feed a cycle of more wrong things that you don’t want.

Yes, you can be happy before you get the next client, before you complete the project, before you cross the finish line, even if you were too busy to eat breakfast, even if things are not seeming to go your way.

YOU decide how things go, and if you choose to take this into your hands you’ll follow your instincts, your inspiration and your energy even more. You’ll become even more aware of the ways that your vibes are creating your outcomes. You’ll be… essentially… creating your own destiny moment-by-moment.

Even when things are not perfect on the surface, you’ll know that there’s more to come.

Insist that things are what you see them to be in your mind, ideally, matching your highest visions.

And keep on (even if it feels crazy) affirming that reality.

These energy shifts are immensely potent life-changers.

Actively engage your creative electricity.

I love to paint. I didn’t do it often enough. I don’t have a studio space that seemed big enough so I put conditions around my creativity.

Then, I realized how I was hemming in my self-expression with so many rules.

The paint came out. The brushes. The experimentation. The realization that I could, if I so chose to do this, head outside to paint. I could go to a friend’s studio. I could even paint on rolled out canvas on my floor.

(Fun fact: I once, with my bare hands, unrolled what was later confirmed to be a legitimate Jackson Pollock painting (still blows my mind) that was unframed canvas on the living room floor of a boho man in Topanga Canyon. It was incredible to see, touch and realize that as massive as it was it could have still ben pained in that little living room.)

Take the limits off. You don’t need a studio, a special degree or other conditions to bring masterpieces of all kinds to life.

Also, keep in mind that your life is your greatest masterpiece!

Add more love to everything around you.

Shower your world with love. Especially the things that aren’t 100,000% ideal.

Love transforms things. Those things include problems, daunting projects, lingering animosity, less-than-amazing moods and all kinds of challenges.

Love is an energy you can choose and use all the time!

Expect nothing but greatness. 

See it, feel it, imagine it, touch it, surround yourself with it.

When you’re taking baths in high vibes, wearing high vibes, speaking and thinking and acting in high vibes… there’s really no room for anything else but high vibes.

All that you need and want will come to you.

Enjoy it all. Immensely.



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