10 Life-Changing Reasons To Clear Clutter!

While you know already that when you clear clutter you’ll have a cleaner home, you’ll probably feel very accomplished and want to have more people over, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the benefits and rewards.

Clutter clearing has been the foundation of total life revolutions for thousands of people I’ve Feng Shui’d with over the years, and the very first of these revolutions I’ve witnessed was my very own.

As I remove every single shred of clutter from my home to start a New Year, I’m lit up from all this radical cleansing, clearing and energizing.

There are infinite benefits to clutter clearing, and the less-talked-about but most-commonly-experienced ones are here for you today, to fuel your own de-cluttering adventures!

Step confidently into a New Year, new project, new relationship or new level of life by clearing everything that’s in the way.

Some of the lesser-recognized benefits of all this clutter clearing are my absolute favorites!

Renewed energy.

If you’re recovering from burnout, a stressful time, illness or anything else that’s sapped your energy, clearing clutter can support you in your revitalization. Objects have energy, and those unwanted energy objects (even digitally) are in your energy field when they’re stored away as clutter. Lightening those piles creates tons of freshness!

Higher vibes that stay high.

If you are looking to get to a new frequency in life where you are more “above it all” or calm or collected, out of fear and worry or simply just soaring higher, clear space is invaluable!

Healthier boundaries.

When you clear clutter, you strengthen your “auric field” in so many ways that make it easier to maintain your healthy boundaries. No more giving away your power without even realizing it!


When you start clearing clutter, you will make room for new things in your energy field. Your mind will be more clear. You’ll be more open to receive, and, chances are, you will receive much more!

More wealth.

Blocks in money are a form of clutter. Clear them and you’ll prosper. But, to be clear, I know plenty of extremely wealthy and very cluttered people. The clutter isn’t affecting their money, but it’s affecting many other aspects of life.

Deeper Sleep.

When you’re surrounded by free-flowing energy it’s easier to sleep soundly and feel fully refreshed.

Breaking long-standing habits.

Habits are a part of your energy field. Breaking long-standing habits often involves removing those habit triggers from your environment. Clear the things that remind you of your old habits and it’s far easier to make lasting changes.

Closing the door on old chapters.

When the clutter goes out the door, you get far more immediate fresh starts!

Major life upgrades are easy and intuitive.

When I know I’m ready for a big upgrade in life and I don’t know where to begin, I start with what’s cluttered, disorganized or not-well-maintained in this are of my life and get it sorted. In the process, the next steps to a big life-upgrade unfold.

For example, my upgraded fitness included clearing out old fitness gear that I don’t use, sneakers with holes in them that I love but are no longer functional and a gum membership I don’t enjoy. In the process I realized where I want to go, what I want to get and the things I want to do moving forward!

Focus, focus, focus!!!

Your focus is your greatest magical manifesting tool. Even if the clearing in the garage that you’re doing seems unrelated to your work focus, there’s a very good chance from all I’ve seen that your garage clearing will enhance your focus in ALL ways.

You’ll do more, better, in less time… and that’s incredible!

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