Feng Shui To Create The Ideal Environment For Manifestation!

This definitely has proven to be a magic formula, even if it seems completely simple:

Stay excited for growth and all that’s ahead while still finding the greatness in the moment.

If only I had stumbled upon this before 8 or 10 years of perpetual dissatisfaction with everything to do with the present moment!

I thought dissatisfaction was motivating. I never realized how damning and backward it was to dive into that lack of satisfaction and try to have it become my biggest motivator.

It’s way easier to be creative, to be motivated, to be excited and engaged when you’re happy and content than when you’re not at all.

Let’s tune our vibes into more contentment and expand our manifesting powers today!

Look at your environment and you’ll see a snapshot of your energy.

If you see what you aren’t thrilled about, it’s easy to make shifts to make it easier to embrace more of the present moment and clear a path to all the magic stuff that’s ahead!

This is one way to create an ideal environment for manifestation!

Make yourself at home.

You can be at home pretty much anywhere. I have found myself learning to make myself at home in airports back when I opted to fly 20 or 30 times a year, in libraries, in hotels and apartments that were super-temporary.

Home is a feeling. It’s being surrounded with what makes you feel safe, grounded and at ease.

It might be that you have favorite pillows, a favorite candle scent or your favorite photos with you. All of it is part of that “home” feeling.

Pile on the comforts.

Feeling at home is the start. Comforts like… delicious food, meditation pillows, soft blankets, all the warmth…

Hygge is what it’s called in some parts of the world and it’s so fun.

Make the most of what you have.

If you have a skincare routine full of products, maybe you can learn to use them all more properly or in a more creative way to maximize their effectiveness before buying more?

Same for furniture: how can you make the most of it?

This sprit of using what you have cuts down on waste while opening you up to the spirit of all the abundance you already have on hand.

Create clear space for more of what you want.

Space to grow. Space to think clearly. Space to relax. Space to enjoy. Space to celebrate. Space to be creative.

All the things you want come far more easily in cleared space.

Whether you eliminate a lot of clutter or just clear a few things that have been in your way, more clear space is always life-changing.

And, all of this can help you to manifest far more of what you want with way more ease.

Feeling awesome is one of the greatest ways to life abundantly!!!



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