Five Modern Feng Shui Energy Shifts That Can Help You Level Up Your Home + Life!

Upgrades are exciting! New jobs, new relationships, new endeavors, new fitness plans, new technology.

All upgrades call for more energy.

More energy does not, however, mean working harder and harder or adding lots of extra steps. That option may seem perfect, but, past a certain point, there are draining consequences. The upgrades and expansions and new jobs and new opportunities become… unsustainable.

Rather than logging more hours, shifting the quality, focus and frequency of energy that you use in the same 24 hours of each day can be the sustainable game-changer!

There are many Feng Shui ways to shift the energy in your home and life, and today, as The Breakthrough Camp full of home + life alignment to make big breakthroughs approaches, it’s exciting to explore more of them!

Try short sprints.

In his book Spark, John Ratey details the multitude of scientific ways that exercise can make our brains more agile, creative, younger and more brilliant. One of the key ways to start moving yourself from your current fitness level and brain level ( with your physician’s approval, he explains) is to mix short sprints into your workouts.

These short sprints start to expand our upper limits and help us to rev up our system, albeit for short bursts. They result in continual growth and lots of brain benefits.

I’ll be headed to the running shop to get fitted for proper shoes to start sprinting (which in my case at the moment is jogging or running instead of walking fast!) very soon.

That’s physical, and it’s benefits echo through life.

At home, those same short sprints can be used to get organized, to do bits of housecleaning, and to do home maintenance. Doing some inspired bursts of more concentrated energy will move your home forward in awesome ways.

Small things can bring big results!

Take pride.

The energy behind your actions gets filtered through everything you do. I feel the energy behind emails, and often delete things before opening them. You may feel the energy that’s cooked into food, the energy that’s in shops that you like to visit and don’t like to visit. It’s everywhere in our lives.

If you want to make the most of every day, do things with a sense of feeling proud more of the time. That energy is something you can feel.

At home, of course, this energy shift translates into everything you do. From folding clothes to hanging holiday decorations and every moment in between can be more full of your signature artistry!

Break from convention.

One way we can put a lid on our creative power is to try to be conventional rather than being ourselves.

If I get lost in trying to be conventional, I shut the door on expanding my life.

I’m naturally conventional in some ways, but wildly unconventional overall.

Trying to fit myself into the mold of what other people think, do, aspire to and believe is the fast track to cancelling out my power.

At home, I like to toss convention out the window at every point possible. There’s no limits to what you can creatively do in your space. For example, my friend who loves a bedroom but doesn’t entertain in her giant living room decided to make her giant living room into her bedroom, and her bedroom into a “living room.”

It was totally unconventional but the results are perfection!

Bring more people in.

If you want to make a big shift, make it something synergistic.

It’s no fun to paint your house alone, and it takes a longgggg time this way. You can do it. But, with help, it’s so much easier!

When I asked a friend who spent a decade working with the top .00001% of business people, artists and world-changers what the #1 secret to expansion was, he said without hesitation: “Bring more people in.”

More collaborators. More team members. More people to celebrate with. More people to learn from.

Of course, there’s discernment needed– you want people aligned with all you do. But, you want those awesome people, and as many as possible.

Starting the Feng Shui Camps brought thousands of people into my Feng Shui practice and created a extended family that grew my methods faster than I could imagine possible.

At home, entertain more. Bring people over. It will richen the landscape and story of your space!

Acknowledge your genius.

If you want a big shift, remember every day just how powerfully brilliant you are. We all have more to learn, but it’s easier to grow when you start from the premise of all the things that are right.

See your genius at home. See your clever ideas. See your amazing choices. See your intentions, wishes and dreams represented around you.

This is where you’re no longer wanting the next level. With every shift, you’re living the next level more and more.



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