Make Some Moon Water!

The Moon is full of heightened energy. It also affects all the water on the planet. We are made of lots of water. Also, water itself can be “imprinted” with energies, programmed, if you will, to a new frequency.

If you want to capture all the energy of the Full Moon (or a New Moon, if you’d like!) make some Moon Water.

It’s incredibly simple.

Grab a glass jar (I prefer old fashioned Mason jars) and clean it well.

Fill it with purified water.

Put the lid on and place it outside before or during the Moon cycle so it can soak up the Moon’s energy.

If you’d like, you can set an intention for the ways you want to use this moon-infused water to elevate the energy in your life.

Leave it outside undisturbed for a day.

When you’re ready, bring it in and use it!

I add a splash of this waster to cleaning sprays. I add some to baths. I use it to water plants.

Each moon has its own characteristics so I tend to use each Moon Water based on where this energy will best suit my life.

I send out Moon Notes every other week for the Full and New Moons full of free Feng Shui rituals and lots of ideas to make the most of these cycles. You’ll know where each batch of Moon Water can best serve you (!!!), and so much more. You can sign up HERE if you haven’t already!

Enjoy all the highest vibes!



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