5 Ways To Maintain Your Super-High Vibration Energy!

It’s one thing to get into a super-high-vibration energy state and it’s another to maintain that state as a baseline of normal.

When life has thrown many challenges my way all at once, I was grateful for the ability to feel even a few moments of peace, quiet, love and power. And, by all means, we can appreciate every moment of it.

Lasting change, though, transcends the momentary.

It doesn’t mean you need to feel bliss every moment of every day to transform your life, but… when more of your time is spent in that beautiful energy and less time is spent in the rest it tips the scales of transformation in your favor.

Today, let’s talk about some easy ways to maintain more of a lasting vibrational high!!!

It didn’t take me long to realize that the peace I’d find in my morning walks wouldn’t last for days, it would last for hours, or, less if I started reading and listening to bad news and more negativity.

It started to feel like everything I was doing was a coping mechanism. I was doing walks to cope with the eventual stress that would drag down my energy. I’d take baths, do healing work and homeopathy to elevate my energy, and then fall into conversations that wiped me out energetically.

Not fun. At all.

Sure, I’d feel better than if I hadn’t done all the high vibe practices, but… it wasn’t the super-sparkling results I was hoping for after all my efforts!

To hop off the hamster wheel of coping with negative energy, I needed to get really clear on a few things that allowed me to lift my life higher and keep it there more of the time.

These were my personal realizations. I keep coming back to these basics to keep my life o a steadier high and keep lifting it higher.

1.Eliminate drains.

Isn’t it so funny to spend ninety minutes in a yoga class feeling blissed out and then hop online to watch and listen to upsetting and/or fearful news?

We have all done these paradoxical things in the name of staying informed, knowing what’s going on, feeling entertained at times, satisfying curiosity… and then landing in a low energy place, feeing drained.

If you have habits the are draining your energy, shift them ASAP.

If you feel like sleeping after eating your morning doughnut, eat a different breakfast without the hit of pure sugar. If you feel upset after looking at social media, delete it or limit it to just work use. You get the picture!

2.Shape my days.

That leads me into the next one— making plans for my life and for my days.

When I stopped setting clear intentions for each day, absolute zero got done.

Making life plans shapes life. It’s part of design. Making plans for each day brings those big life plans to life.

I’m not talking about punishing and brutal plans for each day. Being overwhelmed is not going to create high vibes. Instead I started to aim extraordinarily high and plan each day to take steps to get there that were ambitious but exciting.

3. Use Feng Shui tools to keep the energy shining around me— even brighter than I thought I needed it to shine!

I’m napping and them mopping my floors right after I finish writing this. Then I have some planting to do in my garden; lush zucchini plants with blooms getting ready to burst.

Then, I’m doing more space clearing with some Feng Shui tools and herbs. And crystals. And… more!

A clean space with good vibes is a great start. Doing a bit of space clearing each week (like burning sage, incense, etc) is wonderful. To maintain higher energy, though — more joy, more love, more light— I have found that I need an exceptionally high energy home.

Your home mirrors you, so the more it shines, the easier it is for you to shine!

4.Use boundaries effectively.

Oh, the power of saying no, holding firm to your principles and being clear on what you can and can not do! I wish I learned this many many many years before I finally got the lesson, but it’s better late than never!

Personal boundaries keep energy high and glorious, especially if many people rely on you in some (or many) ways!

5. I make sure I’m creating enough!

My vibes tumble when I am not creating enough. Even if I’m not actively making art or doing a project, visualization and meditation are also creative. Books and journalling are creative tools.

If I just sit and think for too long, my mind will create problems that didn’t exist!

I know if I’m worried, I am not “busy” enough making things, and I know that it’s time to get into the flow!!!

These were each a bit of a project to implement, one-by-one. They weren’t instant.

They each created a major result and one built upon the next.

I used many methods to get each one done, but any way you get it done is what I consider to be your very best method!

Staying in this higher space for more of the time is where the tides turn and the momentum shifts. Things flip into high gear in positive ways. And, perhaps most importantly, you feel amazing. The rest of the manifesting power and awesomeness is just extra!



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