An Easy Ritual To Clear Your Life Of Draining And Distracting Energy!

Energy is very simple.

Good vibes make us strong. Bad vibes make us weak. It’s one of the greatest scientific breakthrough lessons I learned from Dr. Bruce Lipton who studied this using human cells as a medium of exploration.

They are both pretty straightforward.

Good vibes. Bad vibes.

You and I both know the difference.

It’s when we explain away the bad vibes, feel guilty or obligated to go against our best intentions or get distracted by noise and chaos that the bad vibes persist. When we ruminate on them, talk about them and fear them, they persist.

Instead, you can simply choose to feel much better.

Here’s a little ritual you can do starting today to keep your life clear of anything but the energy you want!

The point of all things is to feel as good as possible. And you don’t need a ritual to do this. You can literally surround yourself by the highest vibes.

When I’m plant shopping or strolling through trees or on a lawn, I’m at my very best. At the Flower Mart, I come to life!

With a giant new snake plant on my desk and another growing on my patio after this morning’s immersion in plant power, I feel the extra strength and sparkle of my environment.

That said, there are days we need a little extra. Or, we may have some clearing to do before we can begin to create a more sparkling space.

First, I write. And I don’t write logic. I write all of it out, all of it. Every single instinct, feeling, sensation, idea, issue… I don’t write it in full sentences. I don’t write it for others to read. I write it to literally release it all. I don’t try to solve it all.

I just let it all out.

I also don’t write it to dwell upon it. Once I have it all out on the page, I don’t go back and read any of it over.

It’s done.

Now, I do some space clearing. Whether it’s washing my dishes, organizing my purse or burning some high-energy herbs, I do whatever strikes me first and do it until I feel even lighter.

Then, I go back to my day, refreshed.

Energy shifts when we don’t bottle it, constrict it, deny it, or think, in my case, that it will “work itself out” while I’m stressed, drained or run down.

Things tend to shift when we release our grip on them. We let go of all that’s been bottled up. We send away whatever’s been in the way.

I do hundreds of versions of this depending on how I feel, but simple is always spectacular!

If you’ve got a lot to deal with, even if it’s all great things but a lot of things, see how you feel if you try it, or your own version of it.

Clearing your life of anything that feels like a “block” is incredibly powerful. You’ll both feel great and supercharge your manifesting powers all at once!!!

xoxo Dana

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