Why A Giant Blanket (And Other Softness) Is Essential To My High Vibe Home!


Nothing beats a soft blanket when it comes to raising the energy in my home. All softness raises the energy in my home.

More softness can be epic for helping you feel at home, and that feeling of home is powerful.


Hygge is really powerful. It’s the Danish art of cozy, warm, comfy, comforting and connected living.

While it’s usually thought of as a great strategy to take away the Fall and Winter chill, I use softness year round to make every day feel more receptive, open-hearted and creative.

Plush blankets in all but the hottest part of summer are the key for me. They travel from my office to my sofa to my bed without fail. They instantly change a room. They are luscious and inviting. When it’s warmer, I’m not wrapped in them with the dogs. When its colder, I am immersed in them, and so are the fur kids.

Why is this softness such a high vibe addition to a home?

Hygge. It actually helps you to declutter your life. It’s such a connected way to live and it feels so fantastic.


Softness is welcoming. You see a hard bench and you aren’t as thrilled to sit as when you see a big soft sofa. It’s an instinct. We “see” textures and “feel” them even before we experience them. Soft is welcoming.


Yin is receptive energy. It’s the meditative, deep breaths, open arms energy that feels like a big hug.

Fun in its flexibility.

You can move blankets, pillows, soft baskets, tapestries…

With softness you can restyle your space easily.


A sense of closeness and warmth is super-important. A blanket can be the ultimate in the warm cozy.

Whether you have faux fur (a favorite in my house) or chunky knit (the dogs get stuck in it, but epic if you don’t have fur kids), lush quilts like kantha or cashmere throws, all of this draping softness creates more ease.

You can sink into life more.

You can sink into your thoughts more.

You can feel more grounded and connected.

All of this is tremendous for happiness and high vibes, all year round.




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