8 Things That Have Dramatically Raised The Bar In My Creative Life!

Every year I look back on what’s changed since September of the year before. It’s birthday month, birthday week, birthday day type self-reflection. Sometimes I need to mediate on this a bit before the post is done spontaneously. This year I could write it in my sleep, as the messages are so clear they come through in my dreams.

Creativity is all of life. Like breathing, eating, sleeping… all of these core things central to life are all creative. Everything is creative. Everything.

Everything that made the last year its own unforgettable year had all to do with creative everything.

Not all of it was unicorns and rainbows, but all so incredible necessary and fantastic.

I share these things because we are all in this creative up-leveling together, rising up to more of our potential made manifest.

This year, I had my ass kicked in a creative sense, my self-reflection hit a point of tempest and, then, suddenly… it was all an enormous breakthrough that felt very worth it.

Now, to the creative reckoning of this year.  It was all creative reckoning.

First, my friend let me know that my work was devoid of all my brilliance.

Best. Thing. Ever.

There was nothing better than to hear very clearly and see very easily that she was 100% right.

Being so “busy” the robot writer stated to show up to write this blog instead of me.  I can write well in robot mode and maybe you can, too.  The thing is… there’s just no energy behind it that makes it fulfilling.

The data is great. The knowledge, sure, all good.

But that’s not why I do this. And that’s not why many of you are here.

Hitting a moment in the New Year where I literally threw my hands up and said, “Why am I not in love with the blog any more…?”

I heard that response,” It’s just not full of your brilliance. Your brilliance isn’t coming through in your work.”

What a moment. Turning fork moment.  Moment that made me say…

I am dedicating this year to going all in.

The next events that followed were nothing short of fire. Rooms cheering.  Tears. Hugs.  That insane magic flowing freely.

Listen to constructive (even brutal) criticism if it rings true.

The energy you do things with is way more important than what you do.

Yep. You can do less and succeed more of want you do is done with the force of lightning.

Life matters more than achievement.

If you look at your life and it’s resembling a hamster wheel, it is time for a change.  I know plenty of people who THRIVE in lots of work, but it’s a flow.  It’s not a struggle. Connect more to what you do and you won’t have that feeling of dread and force.  You can live more and feel less burdened by artificial achievement standards.  Your happy, fulfilled and awesome life is an achievement.


Medical Medium has rocked my world.

I quit (for the most part) dairy, starting drinking celery juice and eating tons and tons of wild blueberries, among other things.

All these things–  easy and amazing– were prompted by the work of Anthony William.  They’ve have been incredible for my life in ways (emotional… mental… energetic) that I could not have anticipated.

Yes, his work is channeled by spirit in some intuitive way, a fact that prompts many people I know to let me know they think he’s crazy.

All creativity is channeled in some intuitive way, and because he’s talking about eating blueberries and herbs and not suggesting he knows all the mysteries of life, I was on board to see what happens.

For me— energy happened. I can’t wait to read his book “Healing Foods” that I got for my birthday; his channeled thoughts on the emotional properties of fruits and vegetables turns up the volume on Nature Power.

Forgive yourself.

It is so freeing and important.

Speaking of alignment… it is so outstandingly important. 

From ergonomic charts to standing desks, stretching to long walks, checking posture… this is all of primary importance to me now.

You are an intuitive. 

Yes you are.  Yes I am. Follow how you feel.

Do the stuff that moves your body into a state of thrill.

If I am not dramatically moved by a creative project, event, or anything else…

If there’s no core “pull” toward it…

I don’t bother.

It doesn’t work.  It becomes too much work.  It loses meaning.  It isn’t the goal or the path.

Where to focus and what to work towards isn’t intellectual. It is all a felt-sense. Every part of your body comes to life in the forward motion when you are enchanted by an idea.

You know, I have driven around the farthest points in Los Angeles collecting the ingredients for an exciting new recipe or getting the ideal vegan ice cream beachside, 10 miles from my house… but you can barely get me to put my shoes on to get any groceries al all when there’s nothing left but ice in the freezer.

Big difference, you know?

Cross it off your list if it isn’t inspiring you to action and add in something that does.


After this trip down memory lane to revisit the highlights and low points deep personal reflection, exhaustion, rebirth and innovation since last September I have to thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Whether you’ve read one post or have been a part of the Camps and communities, whether you’ve just arrived here or you’ve spent years dropping by to read,  it all still meets me in awe and gratitude every single day.

With so much love, let’s make it an unforgettable season ahead…!




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