The Energy That Fuels Your Expansion And Abundance!

There are a bunch of things about growth of all kinds that intrigue me, whether it’s growing plants, growing creatively, growing spiritually, growing wiser, growing wealth or growing anything else.

The biggest one:

Things are either expanding or contracting, growing or declining.


We need to choose to grow because growth is active, it’s not just a lucky break.


It’s important to expand the container or our lives, letting go of the stuck or outmoded stuff so there’s space for more to arrive.

It’s like deleting files on a computer that’s pretty full, or old pictures on a phone. You won’t be able to capture new moments and save new data unless you either 1. let go of the old onces you don’t need and/or 2. possibly even add new memory (space) to your device.

Both ideas serve us tremendously in the spirit of expansion— letting go of the outdated  + expanding our capacity to contain more in our lives.

One not-so-secret energy that fuels this growth?


I’m a big fan of JOY because it’s energy so high and resounding that it can clear away the cobwebs, brings laughter to teary days and it also infuses every day with more creative possibility.

Plus… it elevates everything that surrounds it.

Joy. Is. Awesome.

Today, I wanted to share a talk that was shared by a Feng Shui Camp member that stuck with me for two days. It’s so simple, but it also hits some resoundingly profound notes about designing more joy into your days. And how that joy can transform society is pretty incredible.

It’s also full of the feng shui ideas I’ve shared for years:

  • More curved lines are pleasing to the mind.
  • More rainbow colors are a visual celebration.
  • More round shapes are active and stimulating.
  • And more patterns are full of more energy and ABUNDANCE!!!

It’s a really great one. It will have you thinking about rainbows in minutes…!

Here’s to more and more joy and all the prosperity it brings!



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