Embrace Fresh Flower Energy In Your Feng Shui!


There are SO many things to do with flowers to elevate the energy in your home.  The more elaborate ones are in the Camps because they deserve a live demo (*HERE, in the FREE Love Camp intro videos, you’ll get one awesome flower ritual!) but even the simplest of flower tips are a smashing place to start harnessing flower-power!!!

Flower essences are used for healing (some of my favorite vibrational tuning), flower essential oils are some of the highest in vibration (especially rose!) and flower petals can be the greatest teas and salad additions (as long as they’re edible!).

A whole lot of flower power is coming to the blog this season, but I wanted to start with three ideas that can transform your home in minutes.

Get fresh flowers.  Pick them wild, buy them at the market… and always get what attracts you the most.  Fresh flowers bring loads of magic to your space, and can be a weekly reset to revamp them. Mix them in vases with herbs for extra magic!

Grow edible flowers.  While they’re expensive o buy at some markets, they are simple to grow.  Nasturtium are the easiest ( I have extra sprouts in you’re in Los Angeles and want some!!!), zucchini are on the way,  and I’m getting window boxes set up for pansies, lavender and calendula! (HERE is more on edible flowers) 

Put flower imagery on your walls.  If you don’t have the space to grow tons of blooms, you can always-be-blooming with floral art.  The bigger the better in my mind!  Arielle Vey has some of my favorite affordable and gorgeous prints in her shop!

Simple ways to harness more flower power get the energy glowing around you. Given that I find myself late-night googling seed varieties and growing strategies and tea recipes, this is clearly becoming a passionate part of my space and life… and I hope you join in the flower-power!

xoxo Dana

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Kal May 9, 2018 at 4:14 am

I had never associated edible flowers with Feng Shui! Such a good idea 🌸

danaclaudat May 15, 2018 at 5:20 am

They are so gorgeous and so much fun to grow them!!!

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