Energy Clearing Is A Daily Practice Of Self-Love And Abundance!


Energy clearing is everything we do to shake out the negative and create the most positive vibes around us. I know it has a mystical sound—  “clearing energy”— and it can definitely be done on mystical levels, but you are, actually, even if you don’t realize it yet, quite mystical!

Now, lets’s dive into the magic-making of energy clearing that you can start at home today!


These are cedar wands. Along with yerba santa, they are my favorite smudge sticks. They’re fragrant, unique and I feel their power as they burn.

These are not required to clear space of negative energy, but they’re a great tool to keep space clear of the bad vibe stuff.

Every day you are clearing energy, even without a wand of sage, cedar or anything else.  

When you take walks, showers, baths, solve problems, wash the dishes— it is all clearing energy.

We know it when things need to change. We feel it. We feel “off.” We don’t feel abundant. Things don’t go right.

Think of it this way: the natural state of energy is to flow. Abundance is a natural state, not something for just “lucky” people. Obstacles, blocks and hurdles are not our natural state.

It’s important to realize this because many people have come to see themselves as “just this way.” It seems futile to change things. It feels like there’s nothing that can be done.

That is not true— You are 100% meant to feel flow and be connected to that flow in easy ways.

Let’s start with where you’re stuck, and brainstorm some easy ways to get the energy moving.

Where is your space stuck?

I will tell you, wherever you feel lazy, stuck, uninspired or otherwise blah, there’s some space to clear. Pick even one dark corner, neglected closet or stuffed drawer and get started.

Clean it up!

But: beyond just cleaning it up—do it with love. Infuse your energy into this area as you clean. You can also try some incense, a sage wand or a room spray to get the flow going. There are hundreds- maybe thousands- of ways to do this. Reach for the ways that feel good to you.

Where is your life stuck?

There’s something there that can be cleared as well.

When you make decisions you are clearing energy. 

In fact, every creative thing you do is like burning a sage wand. It’s channelling the electricity of creativity into your life and making tons of space in the process.

Even making the simple decision that you are ready to make a change, to heal or to grow is enough to kick off so much energy clearing in an instant!

How about your body? Are you feeling sluggish, achey, slow?

Your body is all energy. If that energy is stuck or depleted, it will show. From dull eyes to exhaustion, illness, emotional upset.

Get back to your radiance in natural ways.

I just read about a man who was diagnosed with a terminal illness and went back to his homeland on a Greek farm to see his family one last time. He started working to plant a garden, drinking herbs from his childhood and connecting to the people he cherished. He lived to be close to or over 100 years old, a solid 40 years past when he was told he would die.

I am not a doctor, but I have heard more than one story like this.

Nature, love, movement and connection are super-powerful forces.

Move more. Eat in ways that feel great. Sleep when you need it. Get outside in nature.

This isn’t a magic pill, but often we can forget how easy it is.

Getting the stuck energy moving is part of the process.

Keeping the energy high and light is an ongoing commitment.

The more you feel joy the more that joy will be reflected all around you. 

Detox the negativity from your life and you’ll be clearing energy everywhere you go!

Remember how powerful you are. And decide, every day, to keep on choosing joy and reaching for more of what makes you feel brighter. This daily practice keeps your arms wide open to manifesting magic. It makes you feel great. It inspires. And with all that ignited energy, you become a magnet for more greatness.

Brighter space, brighter life, brighter you!



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