Multiply Your Abundance In The Easiest Way Possible

I love this question because it’s so revealing. It asks you to look at a big personal truth.

Where have you been hiding?

We’re heading into a season of wealth feng shui if you’re reading this around the time that I’m writing it, so this question burns bright in my mind.

If you’re not fully expressed in life, chances are you’ll struggle with abundance.

Fully expessed in life is a force of magnetic wealth–  not holding back, not giving less because you don’t want to be too bold or rock too many boats, not self-censoring, not shut down in certain big, important ways.

It’s— sure-footed, confident, empathetic, passionate and also not concerned with being judged, not worried about what will happen if you’re rejected, not really thinking about anything besides creating something awesome out of every day.

That is the place of true alchemy.  It’s that Midas Touch, the unstoppable momentum, all of it.

If I don’t feel it, I ask myself:  “Where am I hiding?”

People have also asked me, in a confrontational moment where I was forced to see a mirror held up to my imbalanced life, “WHY are you hiding?”

Yes.  “Where & why aren’t you able to be yourself?”

Those are some deep questions.

I’ve hid beneath hyper-productivity, too “busy” to write the way I was born to write when I feel like I’m channeling other dimensions to tell the greatest stories I could tell.  I’ve hid beneath inertia, finding all sorts of reasons to stay home or stay stuck and not moving myself enough out into the world.  I’ve manifested lots of unnecessary financial challenges to stay in a workaholic haze in my past, too. I’ve hid in plain sight in sweatpants, glasses and my head down every day, shrouded in a wavy mess of hair, to keep people at what I percieved to be a safe enough distance at many times, even in my recent life.

And each and every time I did it, it felt justified, safe, responsible and even noble in a martyred type of way.

I’d fight with you if you suggesed I should come out into my own more.  “You don’t understand….I have responsibilities… This is what I have to do… I don’t have a choice…I don’t want to be seen… I can’t be bothered… It feels wrong…”

And the list goes on and on.

Yes, it’s pretty spectacular the ways we can hide and be perfectly excited about preserving ourselves in this way.  If you’ve been doing this— or you’re doing it now— you likely know a whole lot of reasons why what you’re doing is what you MUST do, right?

So, when I hear that someone’s really stuck financially, the very last thing I care about is “money blocks” and “programming” while all that is real and valid.  The first thing I wonder is, “Where are you stuck and hiding…?”

Do you think that every self-made billionaire went through mind re-programming to become super-rich?

Absolutely not.

Based on my “mental programming” I should be in bankrupsy, maybe in jail, given that I grew up surrounded by criminals, instability, povery and lots of ill-gotten cash…

Yes, that’s really a dark place and that’s not a part of my life.

Of course, I do work on my “mindset” in my life… but not in complex ways.

Instead, it’s more simple.

Do not hide from life.

Every time I’ve hid out and then come out of hiding, I’ve found that the world literally mutiplies in opportunity, abundance of all kinds, love and power.

But, also, it multiplies in the potential to be criticized, rejected, hated on, and more.

That’s why it’s tempting to hide, you know?  You can’t be rejected in ways that mean something.  Your heart isn’t on the line.  You won’t be heartbroken, you won’t be crushed, you won’t lose…

You have the ultimate excuse for having less, “Of course I didn’t win, I never even tried. I know if I did try I could do everything.”

We all know, if we believed that fully, that we could do everything, we’d never hide. We would have tried. We’d try right now.

It’s worth the risk to live in ways that bring 100% of you to your days, even if you aren’t supremely confident, totally “ready” or anything else.

There’s no process or tricks involved.  Just you, deciding it’s worth it to be you.  Way more with it that to hide parts of yourself from life.

Don’t hide.  Go out and live.

It’s the starting block to record-setting abundance.  It’s the foundation of your life on your own terms. It’s absoutely free to do it.  And, if you haven’t been seeing all your hard work pay off— it’s the ultimate payoff.

xoxo Dana


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