25 Genius Ways To Clean Your House With A Steamer!

Welcome to my home cleaning obsession: steam cleaners.

If you are a fan of instant home transformations with ease and love the feeling of a squeaky clean, allergen free home achieved with zero chemicals, you will love this so much!

Steaming cleaning is very simple in premise: a steam cleaner heats water (purified or best, distilled!) to 240 degrees almost instantly and the pressurized steam is directed out a nozzle to clean and sanitize things brilliantly. A host of attachments on my Nugeni Steampac allowed me to clean everything from tile to windows, clothes, bedding and more with ease. And… with only water! Nugeni sent me the steamer to try— the rave reviews were not part of the deal, and I actually have no deal with them— it’s pure joy of sharing today.  Of course, use whatever steamer grabs you if you’re ready to start steaming… and wow it’s so fun, rewading and feng-shui-amazing…!!!

After my typical hours of scrubbing my vintage home from the 1930’s to achieve what seemed to be very clean, simple ten minute spurts around the house with my handheld steamer revealed a clean that was both simple to achieve and absolutely (I warn you) addictive. Of course, I wound up steaming everything steamable, and everyone I know wants one or has bought one already!

Steaming doesn’t just remove grime and dirt, it also kills 99.9% of allergens, mites, common bathroom mold and mildew all at once.

Here are 25 of my most favorite genius ways to steam things clean!

1. Floor tiles. You can use a steamer on sealed surfaces like sealed tiles and laminated floors.

I’ve never seen these floors this clean, even after using a toothbrush on grout. And it barely used any water (!), saving me the buckets, mops and wringing.

2. The shower tile. I steamed for a friend who had cleaned by hand as well as possible. The difference is profound.

3. Shower doors. Brilliant with a window-cleaning attachment.

4. Bath Mats. Steam them free of germs and mildew.

5. Soap dishes. I think this before and after for a friend (which took a few minutes + no hard work) enlisted her as a steam cleaner forever!

6. Oven Doors. I used the scrubbing attachment to steam the inside of my oven door, avoiding all oven cleaning chemical products.

7. Faucets & Hard to Clean Areas in the bathroom and kitchen. Those hard to reach places around the toilet, the elusive cloudy product buildup around faucets… it all steams out almost instantly.

8. Drains that are slow!   10 seconds of steaming a slow drain can make a big difference. You’d only want to try this if you have metal pipes and only do it briefly.

9. Luggage. I steamed the inside, outside and the wheels of my suitcases, and will from now on after each trip! (*check with the manufacturer of your luggage first…)

10. Dog Bowls. All of them (stainless steel) were completely sanitized in about 90 seconds!

11. Dog Beds. Because not all dog beds are meant to go in the washer, a good steaming regularly keeps them clean and clear of fleas, mites and germs.

12. Your Mirrors. Like windows, they sparkle without streaks.

13. Window Blinds. In lieu of taking them down and washing them in the bathtub (which is often not recommended!) they can be steamed so easily.

14.Windows. Not only is this a simple way to get a streak-free sparkle, I’ve seen that it removes old streaky product residue in the process.

15.Screens. While you’re at it, you can steam your screens quickly to clear them of any buildup in a few seconds!

16. Pillows. All my decorative pillows on the sofa got blasted with steam quickly and left to dry in the sun.

17. Washing machine gunk. A very quick blast of steam inside the gasket of my upright washer killed mold and mildew that was beginning to collect, all without a drop of bleach!

18. Bedding. Not only can you steam your comforter clear of mites and other unwanted stuff with ease, you can also steam your bedding to take out wrinkles and, should you be so inclined, create a professionally styled bed without an iron!

19.Mattresses. Nugeni makes a special wand to move slowly over your mattress to blast it with freshness. Let it dry fully – I give it a full day- before you make the bed.

20. Ceiling Fans. It is so rewarding to get those blades perfectly clean. You’ll notice the shift in energy in the room afterward!

21. Refrigerator Glass. This idea was sparked by Nugeni, as they recommend disassembling your refrigerator to deep clean it and once the glass shelves before more room temperature, cleaning them like steaming windows.

22. Toys. The dog toys – wow- really needed a refresh. Stuffed animals and other toys can often be steamed. Check labels, test a tiny spot and don’t steam plastic or paint as both will melt.

23. The grill. My steamer came with a steel brush attachment to power-wash the grill. What a joy!

24. Curtains. The air quality of my house improves with every steam of the curtains, and you can do it as they hang. Wrinkles will also dissolve as you go!

25. Clothes. A quick steam can save you from over-washing and running up huge dry-cleaning bills. Always test fabrics before steaming the whole, and watch them become polished, refreshed and from crumpled to ready-to-wear in moments.

The only downside to steaming is that it can be addictive! Seriously, though, it’s the most transformational, home detoxifying and beautifying cleaning tool I have ever owned… and if you try one, I hope you love it, too!

xoxo!!! Dana

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