Declutter Your Manifesting Process & Make Awesome Things Happen!

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Manifesting a dream. Bringing things to life. Seeing things, wanting them, imagining them and then having them. It’s so awesome!!!

We all want to bring in the abundance, love, wellness, wealth, creativity… and we all want to do it seamlessly with ease and grace, you know?

I mean, no one wishes to struggle to get what they need or want…right?

So, manifesting magic is really exciting.  When it works!  And if it isn’t working for you to manifest with ease, today let’s talk about making it a far simpler process.


If you’ve done a lot to manifest an outcome you want, perhaps a whole lot to the point of exhaustion (!), and you’ve come up empty handed,  today’s feng shui is all about sharpening your intention so that you’re moving more directly in the direction you want to go, making your dreams come true!


Declutter your manifesting process.  Let go of some counterintention, pressure and a whole lot of the complications.

I was raised with a steady stream of self help material on visualizing and manifesting streamed into my life from age 12 on: in the car, recorded TV mediations, seminars…

It all worked so well that my world was rocked when it didn’t work.  It was rocked even more when despite trying harder and learning more, it still didn’t work.  I had crystals, oracles, famous psychics, ancient mediations, affirmations, visualizations, baths, candles, classes, therapies… and still, nothing happened.

I was in a clutter of self-help.  And in the process, I became so focused on what I didn’t have that I seemed to push those things I wanted even further away.

Then… I started to simplify. And relax more.  And it made all the difference in the world.

Here is the most simple thing to declutter from your life to manifest far more powerfully:

Get rid of Counter-Intention! 

Your intention shapes life in a large part.  If you want a powerful example, watch this video:

But it’s more than just rice and water… it’s every day in every way that we’re shaping life guided by our intention. Intention is the force that kick starts creating anything.

We intend to turn on the lights and then flip the switch.  We want things and intend to experience or bring them into our lives.

Doubt, worry, fear and anything else you think, feel or dwell upon creates counterintention.

Do sentences like this sound familiar?

“I want this so badly I’m determined to have it…. but, I know it might not work out so I am OK either way.”

The first part of the sentence moves things forward with intention. 

The second part pretty much kills the momentum if not the forward motion. It’s counterintention. 

So, check your intentions.  Are you hedging your bets by saying, “Oh, I really want this but I’m fine with something else, too, even if I don’t know what that is…” ?  Are you winding back your creative mojo by sitting down to write your book and telling yourself silently that it sucks even before you get through a few sentences?

The highest-intentioned people I know have caught themselves unravelling their progress by doubting, fearing, hedging their bets to avoid disappointment and not committing to avoid heartbreak.

The result?

Whatever is in this web of uncertainty makes little progress, or, if there’s progress, it’s painstakingly hard to do. Manifestation is hard to do if you’re creating and un-creating at the same time.


What if you fail anyway? What if you don’t get what you want even if you give it 100%? What if you are still empty-handed?

You gave it 100%.  And if you did, you have nothing to regret. And there’s more of the right things to come because you’re making the whole-hearted causes that create powerfully great effects.

And…that’s the second part of the decluttering of a manifesting process!

Stay open to the outcomes.

If you just want what you want in only one way… what kind of terrible stress and pressure is that?! And, how sure are you that there isn’t a better way for things to go, one that maybe you’ve never heard of before…?

If you can stay open to the outcomes, you’ll possibly be surprised by how much you can learn and grow and keep the pressure off.

Pressure and stress are more counterintention.

And finally, what about all the crystals, magic baths, processes, symbols, visualizations and rituals to manifest things? 

All as awesome… as needed!  All as awesome as they feel fun.  All as awesome as they are exciting.

It’s not awesome when you’re doing all these things frantically because you’re in a panic or a huge need.  It’s not awesome when you’re using crystals in the hopes of bringing your dreams to life when you feel they’re more powerful than you are.  They’re a reinforcement, not a substitute for your mind, body, soul and all your action.

Basically, manifesting is magic in part because it exposes just how creatively magical we are in ways that require no bells or whistles— just a whole lot of confidence and belief, excitement and fun.

To review:

Declutter your manifesting process:  let go of some counterintention, pressure and a whole lot of the complications.


Get up, dive in, and keep on moving every single day toward what you want in your own best ways!!!

xoxo Dana

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