Take A Sensory Rich Shower To Clear Your Mind!


Taking a shower to clear your mind is always a great idea. A quick shower can refresh your energy, get your circulation charged up and start the good vibes flowing any time of day.

Of course, I like to empower a shower and fill it with magic! Like, adding a copper pyramid to a bathroom full of pink agate (!) or putting some music on… and so much more!

Here’s my season’s best shower for self-love and optimized energy in your own best ways!

Burn some rosemary. It’s my love & money space clearing wand of awesomeness. Rosemary can be bunched together like sage and smudged to create a smoke of herbal delight. A minute or two of clearing the air in the bathroom = perfection!

& Add Aromatherapy. I drop some in the corners of my shower and enter into an incredible diffuser experience as I step in to shower. What revitalizing greatness! Aromatherapy is also mood-shifting and helps with focus and wellness. A blend of rosemary and eucalyptus really clears my head on every level. Peppermint is great for energy, awakeness and focus. Use what you love. It’s quite the charged-up experience!

Salt. I like to sprinkle a bit on the floor away from where I stand in the shower. I imagine it ionizing the air more in the steam, creating more purification!

shower meditation from @peacelovevibes

Your visualization. Like the above! Visualize your energy being cleared in the shower stream!

Eucalyptus. I put bunches everywhere- tied up inside the shower, hung on the door, in vases on the vanity. It’s an energy-opening, mind-clearing, breathe-easy dose of high vibration nature for your bathroom…!

And, try to take quick showers to maximize your water consumption and keep yourself feeling energized. Too long a shower can be draining and a drain of our resources. With all this energy, you won’t need a long shower to feel incredibly well-prepared for an amazing day!

Enjoy… and always, layer on the self-love everywhere!!!



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