7 Feng Shui Ways To Empower Yourself To Succeed In Creating Your Dreams!

It’s been a decade this year of designing space to shift lives,  a span of ten awesome years of realizing what works for you to create success and a feeling of being at home may not work for another person, that a feng shui tip is only great if it is customized and that our experiences and creative minds are so deeply individual.

It’s so funny to look back on a decade and realize you’ve only just begun to learn the vastness of what you’re doing. But in the process of creating so far, many themes have emerged for me and for my clients and friends that all lead down a road towards all types of success… and, today, as I embark on a new chapter in so many ways and find myself reaching toward these themes, it seemed the ideal day to share them in one bundle!

Want to creatively set yourself up for success?

Get the tools you need. I just got a power drill as a gift!  I feel as though I can do about 15 things I have dreamed of doing in my home that I couldn’t do before this.  This is a large example of an actual “tool” but there are ther tools we need…  Classes.  Technology.  Phone apps. Therapy.  Books.  I have used all of the above as tools for learning, growing and creating more effectively.

Eliminate the distractions that you don’t need.  Create happiness from within and put some space between you and any distracting drama, people who are draining for no good reason and other sources of emotional stress and turmoil that are easy to avoid.  Shut the TV, shut your phone off… get some space when you are looking to soar!

Create the space that supports you. This guy and his plush toys by my side as I create every day is one of the more supportive things I’ve done in my home.  Think literally about a home that supports you- a desk chair that is super-ergonomic, a clear work or creativity space, a supportive mattress, clean floors under foot. All of this makes a huge difference.

Reflect on your own habits and adjust accordingly. This is a big deal.  We are usually what stands in the way of our own forward motion.  Polish your mirrors and create a clear reflection for yourself of what you can shift in your life to feel better every day.

Find yourself a mentor or great example.  I am not one to follow what other people do, but I am a fan of great examples of sucess that create more possibility.  For example, I’m not suggesting you dress, talk and think like your friend who has been happily married for 10 years so that you can have your own husband (*and I have seen that suggested places!) but I am suggesting you remind yourself of all the people you know like her and many others and think of them when you find yourself doubting whether or not your own marriage is possible.  Also, if you are in a creative field where you’re carving your own path, you might find kindred souls in other diciplines that light you up and remind you that it’s all possible.

Cultivate a vision. How will you know you succeeded? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted something so badly but never dared to get specific enough to name what it was and to find it or create it clearly.  A super-clear vision will help bring life to life, especially if you daydream about it daily and feel it excite you!

essential oils
Use invisible architecture to light your path every day.  Learn some energy techniques for your space, practice space clearing for your home, do some incredible experiments with aromatherapy in beauty (it’s now almost all I use!), in room sprays, in baaths and showers, in housecleaning…

Practice mindfulness.  Practice connecting to Nature.

Every way you can learn to elevate your energy every day is what will guide you most, it will keep the space soaring around you, it will turn on the switches to more creative electricity… and it’s all awesome!!!

There are infinite ways to accomplish any and all of this for yourself.  When I’m creating the new, I find myself in these realms, sweeping away blocks,  shifting routines, tapping into energetic magic and spirit… and when I do, everything rises higher!!!

The key is to have fun with it.  If you make this stuff of dreams into an arduous or self-punishing task, you’ll find yourself in a no-win battle.  If it becomes painful, it ceases to be creative.  If it drags you into self-blame, it ceases to be inspiring.  If it triggers perfectionism, back away and do less.

Flow with fun and this will bring you such better results!  Each new step along the path should be, at the very least, engaging and full of curiosity, and at most- and the aim- totally thrilling!

Wishing you lots of love pouring toward your dreams!



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xoxo Dana


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