The Question That Can Spark So Much Excitement And Progress In Every Day!

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I am, as I write this, moving to a new home. It was not a planned move. Not a technically-wanted move. But, it’s a move that was inevitable as my duplex is about to become uninhabitable for me. I can’t handle fumigation chemicals. I did all I could to prevent it, but it’s out of my hands and I feel blessed that I was graciously allowed out of my lease without penalty and that, miraculously, the very same home I almost moved to 4 years ago was suddenly available instantly.

All that said, and with all the gratitude in the world… I am not really immune to the wilds of moving.

While I realize the place I’m moving to is actually much more apropos of my life feng shui wise, it requires investment of a good deal of time, thought and love (and I suppose money, too!) to customize it. I couldn’t really customize my present home and, so, it was about making the most of it as it was. Now… I have a canvas to create with and a super-excellent starting point… and…

The move had my whole body and mind in a whirl of temporary short-circuit overwhelm!

I wanted to do it all at once. I felt the forces of change tugging on me. I was spending hours searching for the ideal sconces, the perfect table, the best ergonimic desk chair…

Don’t we all want to blaze through change as quickly as possible?

And last night, up again until 2 am on a hunt for ideal curtain rods…so unusual for me… I realized that my job right now was to move into a totally energetically clear and perfectly prepared space safely and easily, and to let that process evolve in the spirit of serving all of life.

I realized the best way to do this was the way that I have, for years, encouraged clients to look at all changes:

What do you have to look forward to?!

This question can help you to refocus, plan, stay high and light and sweep away the overwhelm as you make the kind of changes that change your life!

(via. …I finally get to have plants in the bathroom…!!!)

What do you have to look forward to when you’re done with this initial time of change?

I asked myself this in times of illness, in times of transition, in times of grief… and every time… this was the thing that helped me to not try to rush through things but, rather, to step-by-step really build a foundation once I was through with the initial challenge and keep my energy flowing toward building my dreams no matter what was happening.

I am in the midst of polishing off The Love Camp after a year of preparation (these take me at least a year to prepare, produce and create, and this one I’ve wanted to create for 2 full years now!) and in the middle of so much other stuff I am so excited about…

But that thrill got lost in the suddenness of all this change.

So, I asked myself: “What do you have to look forward to?”

So so so much!

The Love Camp, a fresh start, incredible creative projects, and so many personal goals that have been on the wayside… that now I will have the space for!!!

Now, my move is being attuned in a sense to encapsulate the principles of the Love Camp that is my first and biggest thing to look forward to right now— having more love in life.

My Love Camp is creating the move! I’m focused on what I am most looking forward to right now as the move happens, and the energy has shifted to so much more calm and focus.


Only what is loved is moving. Other things are being donated, gifted and recycled. Including very big things. This lightened the load and created so much more space.

The bigger projects to do in the new home- which had initially had me in a tailspin- are being used in the Camp itself (turning life into art!) and every change being made has become an opportunity to infuse more energy into the space with greater personalization, step-by-step, every day.

The preparation of the space- energetic clearing, energetic balancing, green detail cleaning, tiny repairs that make a big difference- are all an opportunity to refine my process and connection to space.

Rather than this being a stunning shock to my system, I realize I have so so so much to look forward to. Step by step, doing every step of the process well and it its own time.

Releasing the Love Camp itself, something in the works for so long I can’t wait to get it out into the world… it’s so exciting that this focus is making everything else seem like way more of a breeze.

So, no matter what type of obstacles or processes are ahead of you that seem to be daunting, things that have you perhaps over-thinking, stressed or otherwise mentally taxed…

Could you answer the question:

What do you have to look forward to? 

Could that be the energy that you focus on? The pot of gold at the end of this rainbow that keeps you in a stream of making and doing that feels fantastic?

If you don’t have something to look forward to right now, spend the day or the next few days brainstorming a pot of gold for yourself.

What would be a spectacular goal? What will you be able to celebrate or experience when you are through with the work you are doing?

It can be anything from a vacation to an art project, a business goal, a return to a passion… anything really. Anything that feels so exciting that it magnetizes your life and makes all the steps of the process to get there lighter, more full of promise and utterly divine.

I am so glad I remembered the power of this question to recalibrate my own life.

Now, every box I pack, every step taken, every single decision… it’s all in the service of much higher aims. Personally and professionally and spiritually and in all ways…!

Take this idea, personalize it and run with it.

It can change your perspective, your focus and your attitude while it sharpens your expectations.

Something really big and amazing is about to happen. 

That’s the guiding energy when you’re looking forward to amazing things and you are being guided by all that you have to look forward to creating and experiencing!

xoxo Dana

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