Eclectic Boho Decor Ideas For Styling Creativity Into Your Home!


You can accomplish many things at once in a feng shui design sense by adoping some boho inspiration in your home.  Not only is the styling free flowing and fluid, expressive and fun… it’s very difficult to do anything wrong since the ethos of the whole style is that everything – old and new- goes!

Here are some ways to bring more creative layers to your life with boho styling!


While the very top image shows how much you can embrace the wildly punchy with color to add fire to a bedroom, I am most moved by the restrained color pallette here that allows for so much wildness without visual overwhelm.  Stick to a few key soft colors in your patterning and you can go wild with it all!

(tes interiors)

Frames also can be a space of creative freedom, and here, mixing in metallics is a great way to add many frames while highlighting just a golden few for some focus on a gathered-up gallery wall.  Select one color that pops out of your gallery wall to frame just a few choice artworks and you can emphasize the theme of a grouping or the most prized of the images.

(woodnote photography adam lee studio tour)

This artists studio reminded me powerfully that there are no rules to hanging art, including paint streaming down walls! On this note, creative studio space- even a table set aside to make and do artsy things, is an awakening for a space!


I’m gearing up to re-customize chairs in the dining room for a new table, and sofas, and pillows.  It’s so very easy to select amazing fabric, buy just enough for the job (a good reupholstery craftsperson can give you a solid estimate) and make true magic in your home.  This can be both cheaper and more stunning that anything you do!

I’m pondering…pillows with THIS shibori printTHIS added into the mix…  THIS Chinoiserie print for chairs... and yes, I think this deserves it’s own many-many posts in the Fall when it’s cooled off enough to start sewing and moving and selecting and going through the upgrade process!


 Now, if you’ve been needing a floor solution, even for a patio with outdoor space that falls flat, layered rugs are a big hit.  I have a mini version of this on my patio, and it rolls up easily in the rain.  It’s simple to style up great changes with thin rugs that can even tack onto walls as art, or headboards to create a new bed!

The possibilities are endless… but the intention is most vital.  Style a space that looks and feels like you at your very best.  Embrace it, build it deliberately, add lots of care to each choice… and watch it evolve into your greatest sanctuary for inspiration!



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