Build Your Intuition By Following The Good Vibes You Feel!


Good vibes and bad vibes are real.

Famed cellular biologist Dr Bruce Lipton tells stories about this, about how he learned to trust his bad vibe reads of people after some very bad experiences, and how he later learned that when we are feeling bad vibes, we need to trust them.  Similarly, we should move toward GOOD VIBES.

Good vibes make us strong.  Bad vibes make us weak.

Lean into what makes you feel strong and your whole life will be more gleaming and abundant!

We all have stories to tell, looking backward, about how awesome our intuition is.  But looking back and saying, ” Ah, I knew this would happen, I should have trusted myself!” is not that awesome if it’s happening often.

Looking forward, can you trust the vibes you feel? This can help you make great decisions in all areas of life!

Center yourself often.  From your center you know more of your truth and less of the swirling thoughts and wonders and other people’s opinions.  Take a break throughout the day, even a few minutes, and close your eyes and breathe.  See if you can feel your “center” inside.  Imagive yourself at the center of your balance, your core.  Feel your feet grounded into the Earth beneath them.  This is really simple.    A walk in Nature or just looking around you can also help bring that balance back.

Create a sanctuary to feel balanced.  The more you feel stable at home, the more you feel like YOU at your best.  This is a very big deal, and it doesn’t involve having a mansion in order to have a sanctuary.  Clean, polish, repair and feel settled in a fluffed-up home space.  HERE are more of my favorite ways to create a sanctuary. 

Imaginary investments. If you want to test your intuition, place a few imaginary investments.  Last time I did this I wished they were real investments as I would have made 900% on my money!  While all investments, whether financial, emotional or creative have risk involved, by practicing placing investments and seeing what happens, you’ll start to hone in on just how much you feel connected in an area of life, and how ready you are to take some safe risks.  The safe risks may be dedicating yourself to the creative adventure of completing a novel or the shopping for a home you can afford or anything else that you have wanted to do that you’ve waved on because you didn’t yet fully trust yourself.

Gather the wisdom to move forward not see afterward…!

While sometimes we still have “misses” we can rack up way more successes if we’re able to move from our center and trust the good and bad vibes we feel!

Practice tuning out of the noise and tapping in to your wisdom!

xoxo Dana

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