Worry Much Less & Create More Abundant Days!

Worry is a multifaceted thing, you know?

I think we can all agree there’s something positive about worry… but not that much positive past the first few minutes of making you aware of something that needs to be addressed.  Worry about the fact that you might not have shut off the oven before leaving home and that may lead you to realize you didn’t (!) and be able to correct a situation that needs correcting.  Worry about a detail missed and within a few minutes you can focus in and get that detail sorted out. Our ability to flash on a worry is a survival instict of sorts in my mind… for a minute or two, that is, until there’s a solution or action to take…

And then, there’s the worry that casts a shadow on the day, month, year or a whole lifetime.  I love the quote that worry is “praying for what you don’t want” because it perfectly sums up the passion that we can, when worried chronically, invest in the outcomes that we don’t want to see.  In essence, we’re energizing those outcomes.

Even if it’s not the worry itself that creates something unfavorable, think of all the time wasted and energy diverted away from the things you really want to do.  Big, right?

I know for me that worry has not been the greatest way to spend my time.

While there are many techniques to transform worries and break worry habits, I like things that are tangible, visible and a great way of taking things out of my head where they simmer and grow.  That’s why worry-free jars are so much fun…!

The free Cash Camp feng shui wealth-building videos are all about amplifying the thoughts, energies and actions you DO want to focus on (!)…and you can sign on HERE to get started!!!  

xoxo Dana



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