7 Simple Rituals To Relax More Profoundly Every Day

I have tried, possibly, a few thousands ways to relax over the years!

Never shy to experimenting, I always wanted to learn to do things in deeper and more profound ways.

That said, it’s come to my attention in the last handful of years that committing to a few things to do to relax that personally work well for me is a way more effective way to live that bouncing around from ritual to ritual.

That said, I’ll never stop experimenting for the purposes of sharing the cutting-edge of vibrant life styling with you (!!!) but, I will say that, ultimately, finding your own best rituals for relaxation in your own best ways is totally incredible!

Today, I ‘m excited to share a roundup of my personal favorites of the moment to get the energy flowing in more meditative bliss through my own life!

Relaxing rituals are only worth doing if they feel easy and fun and luxurious and not like chores!   Really ease into a much easier flow of life with your own best rituals…!

1.Ceremonially shut off the electronics. I had a long-standing ritual of closing down all my electronics at a certain hour as I lit my sage wand to sage the house. Now I can close them easily because the ritual worked it’s habit-changing over time for me, and I cherish my tech-free hours!

beauty oils

2.Try some self massage every morning. I am a huge fan of Ayruvedic self-massage with warm, balancing oil (*this is a commitment but meant to work beautifully and transformationally once you get the hang of it).  I rounded up a big how-to right HERE. 

3.Catch yourself when you are talking about stressful or negative subjects in a dark light and re-focus yourself. I’ve stopped mid-sentence and said to friends, ” You know, I am going to view this obstacle as something that will make my life better for confronting it.” Given that this happens to nearly all of us nearly every day, creating your own words to re-focus yourself like a mantra “I am going to see the light in this”, “This is making me a better person,” “This is situation is a gift…” or whatever resonates with you can pull you out of a cycle of stress.

4.Make focus wheels. I just posted this one recently. The exercise really pulls me out of stress moments and into a whole lot more of a solution mindset in a few minutes. You can’t really do it wrong… you just start focusing on what you want and gathering up the positive information around this wish.  Much more is HERE.

5.Beauty rituals work. Even if you don’t do more than wash your face with soap and water and brush your teeth every day, you can do these things with the energy of beauty and self-restoration. Imagine as you do things like applying lotion or brushing your hair that you are infusing yourself with more radiant energy. It really does make a difference!

dana claudat

6. Bless your food. In my own Buddhist practice, we say a prayer over all of our food before all meals. Incidentally, when I am in Japan, those meals take place at nearly the same times every day (another ritual of de-stressing life: *regular mealtimes*)… When I eat this way, my food feels more balancing a nourishing and I am more mindful at each meal. No matter what your religious or spiritual of philosophical beliefs, some form of gratitude before each meal can make it more of a calm, present, rejuvenating experience.

7. Intend peace before everything you do. The more I do this, the more I want to do this! Deciding that the morning with be peaceful, that my meetings, calls, emails will be peaceful… deciding that all experiences will be more peaceful throughout the day… that’s an energy that makes a huge difference. I close my eyes and take a few breaths throughout the day and imagine more peace. I am loving it!

More peace, more spaciousness and more grace in every day is my wish for you today and always!

xoxo Dana

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