5 Ways To Keep Yourself In The Flow Of Your Creative Genius!

Flow is simple- it’s motion without resistance.

That’s easy.

What’s less easy for nearly all of us at some point is coming up against things standing in the way of flow and… then… what do you do next?

And… once you’re in the flow of things… how do you keep things flowing?

In the space of gathering up magic and collecting ideas and making so many new things for the season ahead, my mind is like glitter, and that’s how I know I’m on the right path.  It feels awesome to write, to experiment, to move, to daydream, to make art… even to clean the house and clear up administration and chores and stuff.  That’s the kind of space of genius I think we all love to play in.  Free, alive, exciting, easy…

It’s actually possible to live in this glitter zone a whole lot of the time- I’m observing, experiencing and realizing- with a mind toward creating every day in our own flowing ways! 

I don’t have answers to how to specifically navigate life (I’m here in the stream every day, seeing to flow more, too…) but I am super-grateful to lots I’ve learned in the mining of feng shui principles and exprimenting with new ways to get things done.

Every situation is a new one, but all seem to boil down to, in a broad stroke of generalization: we want to feel great, and to have the most love, abundance, wellness and joy that we can.

That’s what my clients want, what you tell me you’re looking for when you write notes, what people post about, make movies about, write about, sing about…

Motion.  Flow is motion.

I just took three rare hours to walk at the beach before the city woke up, and when I do this, the best ideas come simply to me.  When Bob and I walk throughout the day, things become easier.  When my clients start to move more, they find all kinds of energy where it used to be lacking, and all sorts of synergy that drops into the day.

Flow has no “finish line.” 

If you’re trying to get into a space of lots of creativity and abundance and magic, goals are great to help you steer yourself in a right direction… but they are just fun things to create along the path that should mostly be fun and enjoyable.  When things feel like a battle, a race or a need to get to just one specific place every day- the one single job, the one event that has to happen, the one achievement- and it’s really intense, it tends to become forceful, efforted and not that creatively awesome.

There are lots of ways to increase flow and momentum.  Most involve substraction. 

Subtraction was the very first thing I talk with my very first unpaid client in LA about in my very first in person consultation with a stranger who shortly after went on to huge success in entertainment.  She needed flow and I needed to be able to help create that flow… but verywhere I looked, there was stuff.  Eliminate stuff and you’ll find so much more space to think without sensory overload. (The free feng shui videos of decluttering are HERE for you if you want to dive into this subtraction much more!!! )

When you build up enough momentum in a positive creative way, any obstacles that pop up tend to seem smaller and less daunting…!

Flow isn’t a thought process to intellectualize.  Creativity is flow. 

When I am thinking too much I know I am subtly (and reasonably) sabotaging myself.  Watch out for overthinking.  Analysis really can lead to a form of creative paralysis.

Flow is water element. 

Water element is the engine, the stream, the flow of things.  I think it’s why I take so many baths and why I feel stifled without a lot of water.  Water element also is about alone time, silence and relaxation.  New ideas, fresh starts and all kinds of emotional wellbeing are found in the water element.

And… with all this… you can grab yourself a glass of water, start doodling and making lists, clear away stuckness and tuning in to your own feelings… or… at the very least… thinking less and relaxing more!

Enjoy the flow!!! xoxo Dana

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