7 Ideas To Create Your Life With The Power Of Your Imagination

I can’t say enough about creativity and it’s restorative powers.

Creativity is therapy, it’s solutions, it’s the road to wealth in every way… and it’s actual love in the best ways.

Today, let’s look at fun ways to infuse your life with more productive imagination! Make your own gifts.  Welcome to my days of painting thank you notes for people, by hand, focused on love.   There’s something so deeply rewarding about making these cards, I can’t stop making them for everyone I can possibly get a note to for any reason…!

Art is an infusion of energy and that energy is available everywhere to you!

Visualize your day before you start it.  Take a few minutes to see the day flowing before you even hop out of bed.  Let it be the most fantastical outcomes, divorced of what’s “reasonable” and full of greatness.

Take breaks to daydream.  Even science has proven that daydreams are deeply positive and productive!

Draw pictures of ideal scenarios (even with stick figures).  I have made ideal scenarios in clay, I have used crayons and markers and even paints… and I always see the details I am missing and the things that matter most when I turn ideal scenes into art.

Shift from thinking about what’s wrong to focusing on what’s right.  Use your creative imagination and it’s powers for good.

Let yourself play with creative goodies. Play is extraordinarily productive.  And when you get lost in everything from crafts to music making, paints to dance, you are deeply tapping into your greatness.

Imagine Clear Space.

Before I launched the Catalyst Camp Home & Life De-Clutter my idea was that this creative-awakening camp would be full of art supplies, crafts and creative writing.  All of these things are my saving-graces, my life-changing therapies and my magic toolbox of making dreams come true.

What I realized when I sat down to create the Catalyst Camp to re-ignite lives with a sense of limitlessness and purpose was that I was about 10 steps ahead of myself in terms of this being a success.  After all, not a single client in a decade had creative success when living in a mess of turmoil and feng shui “cures” don’t have that great of an impact if they’re being layered upon a life full of chaos and toxins of all kinds (from toxic friends to toxic home chemicals)…

So, the actual Catalyst Camp that’s sparked major life turn-arounds of all kinds became a Life De-clutter. When you start clearing space, your creativity floods back to life in beautiful ways.

If you can imagine what your life feels like without limits, blocks, needless drama and clutter, you are on a super-charged path!

In time for Spring Cleaning (!) the Catalyst Camp FREE video series is coming to walk you through my feng shui’d de-cluttering methods that have sparked many’s a life revolution! You can sign up HERE to watch them as soon as they arrive!

Think clear thoughts in clear space, create with pure fun, imagine with no limits and expand your life in gorgeous ways!!!

xoxo Dana



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